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RELIABILITY OPERATION: Relibility test is to be conducted only after successful completion of the initial operation and to be successfully completed prior to Unit Charecteristic test. PURPOSE OF RELIABILITY TEST: To demonstrate that each item of the plant is capable of reliable operation in the forseen automatic operating mode from central control room and in accordance with the design intention. All the auxiliary systems have the capability and capacity to support continuously such performance under normal and transient operating conditions. During reliability run period, there shall not be any incident of stabdby equipment operating with the main equipment. The redundant systems shall be tested during the second week of the Reliability period. SPECIFIC TESTS AND THEIR DURATION: The reliability of the Plant shall be established by allowing the plant to run continuously on day and night, 24 hours per day operation basis on automation system for 15 days at different load regimes (greater than 30 % TG MCR). Continuous operation for at least ninty six (96) hours at full load or any other load as agreed by EMPLOYER on gas fuel. Continuous operation for twenty four (24) hours each on automatic mode at mutually agreed part loads (80% MCR, 60% MCR, and 30% MCR). At full load of the Gas Turbine with Steam Turbine at zero load and 100% steam dumping for a continuous period of twelve (12) hours. At the minimum load when the Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine can operate at a stable condition, for a continuous period of twelve (12) hours. Atleast once (1) episode of operating at Full Speed No Load (FSNL) for gas turbine and steam turbine for one (1) continuous hour subject to the manufacturers confirmation and acceptance. Load rejection / throw off from full load to house load and operation at house load with HP-LP bypass in operation for one (1) continuous hour. Load cycling as per grid conditions. One episode of successful online GT compressor washing. At full load or such other load as required by the Employer for the balance period on a continuous basis.

INTERRUPTIONS DURING RELIABILITY TEST: For the period of Reliability Test, the time of actual operation shall be counted. If for reasons beyond the CONTRACTORs responsibilities (including Force Major events), a fault develops during the Reliability Test that necessitates the interruption or limiting of Reliabilty Test, then the Reliabilty Test shall be suspended for the duration of the fault. If the Reliability Test is so suspended, then the test shall be prolonged by the equivalent number of interrupted hours and the unit completion date shall be extended accordingly. If the Reliability Test is so suspended for more than two (2) consecutive days, then Employer shall decide as to when and how the Reliability Test will be conducted. The maximum number of interruption attributable to CONTRACTOR shall be of four (4) numbers each not exceeding four (4) hours duration. In the event of the number of interruptions and / or duration of each interruption exceeding the limit set forth herein, the Relibility Test shall be re-started from the beginning. Should any failure other than of an entirely minor nature due to or arising out of faulty design, materials, or workmanship or omissions, incorrect erection, or inadequate instructions by the CONTRACTORs supervisions, occur in any item of the plant, sufficient to prevent safe commercial use of the plant, the Reliability Test period of fifteen (15) days shall recommence after the defect has been remedied by the CONTRACTOR. The bonus of providing that any failure is not due to faulty design, material and workmanship will lie with the CONTRACTOR and the decision of the EMPLOYER on this matter will be final.

RELIABILITY TEST PROCEDURE: The Test procedure shall include the following: Test Condition. Methodology for Testing. Instrumentation schematic for test measurements. Formats for test logs. List of codes and standard applicable. Full set of correction curve applicable. Acceptance criteria for the test. RELIABILITY TEST REPORT: Reliability Test report comprising the following. Observations and recordings of various parameters measured in respect of the Reliability Test. Also include the dates of start and finish of the Reliabilty Test and shall be signed by the Representatives of both the parties. Report also covers of all details of interruptions that occurred, reasons for interruptions, adjustments made to the control settings and any repairs done during the Reliability Test. Report should clearly indicate the conclusion whether the acceptance criteria has been fulfilled or not.

COMPLETION OF THE RELIABILTY TEST: The Reliability Test shall be considered successful if all the above aspects has been fulfilled and each item of plant can meet the all requirements. It is to be allowed for minor adjusments as may required, provided that such adjustments do not interfere with or prevent the commercial use of the Plant at its rated conditions or affect the life of the Plant.