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(Established in 2000)

Founders Message
We are always with you for your welfare.

Vision Statement
The founding board gave us the following vision that has guided us all through the last ten years of our existence Establishment of an organized health care and educational system based on equality regardless of cast and creed.

Mission Statement
We are here, with our Selfless Devotion, exceptional skills and extra ordinary care for your corporeal and intellectual health, without discrimination of racial and socio-economic status i.e. Strengthening capacity for self-help Delivering relief in daily life and emergencies A lot is being done but a lot more can be done

A word from Dr. I.Q. Khan

Over the years, my faith in the goodness of mankind has increased greatly. Khan kidney hospital foundation & DR.IQ.Khan school of anatomy (IQSA) is a living tribute to your kindness and generosity. I am personally thankful to all those men, women, children and my students who have made a contribution to launch KHF and who have continued to support us in alleviating the sufferings of the victims of kidney diseases. We needed your support then and we need your support ever more now. I sincerely hope that I can look forward to your continued support to help keep the Hospital running and providing hope to those victims of kidney diseases who have no other hope for treatment. Yours faithfully,

Dr. I.Q. Khan MBBS, M.Phil, Founder Chairman Associate Professor

About us Who we are

The founder of the KKH & KHF, Dr. I.Q. Khan was born in 1974 in a remote area of Taunsa Sharif, also known as Unan-e-Saghir of Punjab, Pakistan. Dr. Khan belongs to a Nobel saint family, whose ancestor Khawaja Shah Suleman also did a lot of social work in that deprived area of Koh-Suleman range. From a young age his mother taught him to be kind towards others and to help the poor. After his graduation from Nishtar Medical College Multan in 1999, Dr. Khan became involved in social work in accordance with his mothers advice and started his own welfare dispensary with the name of Fatima clinic in Guldashat town Ghazi road Lahore in order to provide medical aid to the poor. Since 2000, Dr. Khan is serving in Fatima Memorial Trust Hospital Lahore till date. In the regards of his services to a Nobel cause the management assigned him the duty of Assistant Professor in 2010.

The dawn of KHF

Along with social work at Fatima Memorial Trust, Dr. Khan also established his own charitable organization in 2000, with the name of Khan Kidney Hospital (KKH), a sister organization of Khan Foundation (KHF), which is serving as a non-profit, acute care medical and surgical hospital, geared towards provision of diagnostic and therapeutic medical services to the residents of Lahore and the nearby communities of greater Punjab, with a vision to reach out to all such communities across Pakistan. It houses state of the art laser lithotripsy and well being services, in addition to special interest in teaching and research.

What we do Patient care services

Where ever possible, we provide health education and awareness programs regarding kidney diseases and Hepatitis. In free medical camps our dedicated team provides free screening, medical advice and medicines to high risk patients in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and the donors in socially deprived areas. We work on three levels i.e. individual, group and community. The main objective of the counseling centre is to clarify the doubts pertaining to kidney diseases, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and to provide support to these individuals and their families. Hot line counseling is also accessible for the beneficiaries not wanting to disclose their identity. Disabled persons especially those with amputated hand or feet are helped out to get their prosthetic parts. Our team is guided by our values, heritage and commitment. Our work at static field dispensaries and KKH is made possible by our supporters who share our passion in helping the poor.

Educational services
DR.IQ.Khan school of anatomy (IQSA); for under graduate and post graduate students We conduct, participate and encourage research in order to disseminate technical knowledge. Educational relief packages can include technical advice, training and scholarships for the deserving.