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David Wilcock Update 7-4-12

Neil Keenan: Alive and Well and Moving Forward on the Lawsuits! A fake Facebook page from someone claiming to be Drake said that Neil Keenan had been attacked, ostensibly from the same bio-weapon that hit our insider and had died from it. I just got done speaking with Neil on Skype for over a half hour, and can assure you he is alive and well. Others have pointed out that his lawsuit was withdrawn. This is true but it has only been done so as to defeat a strong attack mounted against it, and re-file it with much more damning information. This lawsuit does form the legal grounds for mass arrests. Literally, the liens we posted on this website against the Federal Reserve and its cohorts serve as legally valid arrest warrants against the Cabal. In case you havent been tracking the story, heres a brief synopsis. BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF KEENAN AND FULFORD Benjamin Fulford formerly worked as the Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes, the worlds top business magazine meaning that he was essentially their top coordinator in that region of the world for several years. This created a remarkable wealth of insider connections at top levels including finance ministers for basically every country in Southeast Asia, as well as prime ministers and presidents in some cases. Fulford got brought into a world of intrigue when he did the numbers and found out that the Japanese economy was creating a massive financial surplus, but it was all disappearing somewhere. The path traced back to the Cabal and when they realized what he was doing, they tried to buy his loyalty with a high-level position. When he refused, he was contacted by Asian secret socieities and offered protection. A FINANCIAL WAR BETWEEN EAST AND WEST Fulford got brought into a raging war between East and West in which the Federal Reserve cabal had tricked the Asians into giving up a very decisive financial advantage in exchange for worthless bonds. 85 percent of the worlds gold was in Asia most of it undocumented. They willfully surrendered it all in the 1920s and 1930s, after high-level meetings invited them to study a massive treatise by Adam Smith from 1776 entitled The Wealth of Nations. Smiths treatise argued that no nation could hold gold in its central bank without being a major threat to global security. The Asians did not want to repeat the horrors of World War I, and were told that gold was the main reason why so many people died. Giving up their gold was the only way to insure world peace and to usher in a marvelous new age of prosperity and development for all. This proved to be a blatant lie covering for what was most definitely the biggest robbery in human history. The bonds were loaded with deliberate mistakes to make them impossible to be cashed. They would automatically be labeled as fraudulent. Anyone who tried to cash them would be threatened or killed. This has gone on for many years now and Fulford became directly involved in it. ENTER NEIL KEENAN Fulford telegraphed that a lawsuit was coming to reclaim the Asian gold for the good of humanity. The Asians wanted to use this gold to end poverty and environmental destruction, and release classified free energy technologies. Furthermore, Fulford made it clear that the lawsuit would be used as legal grounds to arrest thousands of key conspirators in the Federal Reserve cabal so as to ensure that peace could prevail. Eventually, after well over a year of buildup, the lawsuit actually appeared in November 2011 albeit more than a week after it was promised. It was at this time that we first heard the name Neil Keenan the plaintiff in the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that the Asians did indeed surrender an enormous amount of gold to the Federal Reserve cabal, in exchange for worthless bonds. Furthermore, the lawsuit alleged that the Asians never once were paid back for any of the gold and treasure they surrendered only receiving more and more bonds as the price of gold increased. THE HISTORIC RIGHTS TO THE GOLD The historic rights to the gold were assigned to the Soekarno family in Indonesia. The Asian countries consented to having their chain of title linked to the Soekarno Trust. Much of the gold was stored in underground bunkers in Southeast Asia. Indonesia, a nation of many islands, has a majority of these Federal Reserve bunkers housed within their own nation. Neil Keenan was given signatory control over the Asian gold by the Soekarno Trust, after they had been frustrated in every possible attempt they made to reclaim their gold in any way. Even though the gold is on their own land, it is guarded with deadly force and cannot be brought out into the open world at this time. Neil was assigned signatory control 1

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due to his extensive connections, trustworthiness, and ability to engage the West on their own turf speaking their own language. The Asians felt as if this was their best chance for success as otherwise the bonds were completely worthless. I WENT IN AND QUESTIONED EVERYTHING I went in, read the entire 111-page legal document from Keenans team, and found that the description for the Davos World Economic Forum had been taken and modified from a Wikipedia entry. This led to me publishing a rather harshly-worded critique of the lawsuit in Fulfords forum, after my initial excitement. The people who filed the lawsuit were admittedly astonished that I had gone through it and published such a detailed hit piece just days after it came out. I was directly contacted by Neil Keenan and others who were involved, and was given an incredible wealth of information proving that the story was true. This included extensive photographs of gold hoards, Federal Reserve bonds, bond boxes and bond chests and well over 100 highly sensitive, signed documents. Some of this information was publicized but a great deal of it is still too sensitive to use at this point. Nonetheless, I can say it was extremely convincing and of far greater volume than ever would be expected, even for an elaborate hoax. I BECAME DIRECTLY INVOLVED AT THIS POINT This is where my career took a sharp turn, beginning in November 2011. I effectively put all my other projects on hold at this point. I was given a serious death threat if I continued to pursue this investigation. Then David Hutzler and his son Mackie died of gunshot wounds and their home was then burned down. We were supposed to believe that David shot his beloved son, lit his house on fire, and then shot himself after it was already burning even though his posts showed he was very excited about the lawsuit. Their deaths occurred less than a

week after Fulford asked David to send me a link to Unwanted Publicity Intelligence the top website in the world exposing the hidden gold hoard. FINANCIAL TYRANNY WAS PUBLISHED In a matter of approximately three months, working under terrible pressure from a variety of insider groups, I had written a full-length book detailing the results of my investigation entitled Financial Tyranny. I was originally told that arrests would occur in mid-February but regrettably I didnt quite finish my investigation fast enough, and events took place that forced the timetable to be delayed. Nonetheless, over 450 top CEOs and bankers resigned during this same timeframe possibly due to their knowledge that major changes were imminent. The Financial Tyranny document is loaded with hundreds of references, and makes a very effective case that this gold does still exist. The gold is being held at gunpoint in highly secure bunkers in Southeast Asia, and guarded, in most cases, by Federal Reserve cabal agents or their Asian stand-ins. Even if someone successfully steals some of it, all the gold is traceable and is still considered to be on deposit with the Federal Reserve. Lethal means have been used to wipe out anyone who attempts to steal this gold. THE OCCULT ECONOMY OR SECONDARY MARKET The most dangerous thing I did in Financial Tyranny was to blow the lid off of where all the real money is hidden in the insider world. I called it the occult economy. A new insider recently surfaced and told me when he was involved, they called it the secondary market. This is very confusing at first blush. The secondary market is outside of the official world economy, which they call the primary market. The secondary market is very real within its own insider, elite world. The money created in the secondary market is backed by the seized gold of the world held on deposit with the

Federal Reserve as collateral. For this reason, the money created in the secondary market is called the Global Collateral Accounts. The Asians have been systematically and totally locked out of the secondary market even though they have the historic rights to 85 percent of its collateral. THE SUPER-RICH GET RICHER For the most part, you need at least 100 million dollars in order to enter into the secondary market as an investor but once you do, you can earn anywhere between 20 to 50 percent interest on your principal, per week. Its very simple logic. The super-rich get much, much richer by playing this game. The rules are highly complex. There is tons of jargon. Trades come and go at lightning speed, and you have to be fast to earn the highest gains. This has created an outrageous situation in which the players in the secondary market have balances that are dramatically higher than the wealthiest billionaires on Earth in the primary market. In order for money from the secondary market to be spendable in the primary market, Cabal-owned banks have to add zeroes into a primary market bank account where none before had existed. This is a total Ponzi scheme, if you havent already figured that out by now. Money is being spontaneously created by the banks where none existed. This dramatically weakens the value of real money, earned by honest means causing inflation to spiral out of control. THE FEDERAL RESERVE CONTROLS THE SECONDARY MARKET The big secret about the secondary market is that private individuals must facilitate all trading between central banks of various countries all owned and run by the Federal Reserve. The Treaty of Versailles, and later the Bretton Woods Agreement, created a system by which huge amounts of money could be generated out of thin air to rebuild Europe in the aftermath of World War II. Insiders who trade in the secondary

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market, but do not know the full scope of the story, simply believe that the money it generated was so nice that once Europe was rebuilt, no one wanted the fun to stop. The deeper reality is that this was intended all along to create a global economic collapse by utterly destroying the value of real money in the various nations of the world, through hyper-inflation. 2008 COULD HAVE BEEN IT The Asian countries formed an alliance to try to bring down the Federal Reserve cabal. It was thought that by locking them out of the world economy, outside their own countries, they would eventually collapse. This came very close to actually happening in 2008. Their greed is so high that banks can gamble up to 100 dollars with only 1 dollar held as collateral. If these bets ever actually fail, the bank becomes liable for the 100 dollars even though they only actually hold the 1 dollar as collateral. Bear in mind that this one dollar is your dollar, or my dollar. Its the peoples money theyre gambling with. Your money. My money. Our money. What the Asian countries could never have anticipated was that the Federal Reserve would declare these banks Too Big to Fail, and print astonishing amounts of money out of thin air as bailouts. UP TO 29 TRILLION DOLLARS The actual amount of bailout money that was printed by the Federal Reserve, as I revealed in Financial Tyranny from Congressional investigations, was between 26 and 29 Trillion dollars. This is a spectacular, ridiculous amount of money. It literally adds up to nearly half of all the worlds Gross Domestic Product. There was never a question of letting these banks fail. If this money was invested on behalf of the people, it would have radically transformed our planet for the positive. Even still, the greed is so high that this was only a drop in the bucket just enough to keep everything on life support. The bailouts of 2008 angered almost everyone, and were probably the key

tipping-point in the US Presidential election that swung it in favor of the Democrats. The squeeze from non-Cabal countries has continued ever since and it has taken another four years to again bring the world economy to the tipping point, so the Federal Reserve cabal can actually be defeated. THE MASS ARRESTS AND INSIDER CONNECTIONS Benjamin Fulford has been talking about the impending mass arrests for years now. They obviously have not happened yet but that doesnt mean they wont. There are multiple videos in which I appear with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot including a live conference in Zurich, Switzerland, and another live event in Los Angeles. It is an easily-proven fact that Camelot has interviewed dozens of highranking insiders, involved in highly classified programs. Just go visit the site, watch the videos and see for yourself. As a collaborator with Camelot, practically from the beginning, I have been able to gain access to almost every insider theyve ever interviewed. Some of these contacts were filmed and made into videos. Additionally, I have had other insiders approach me who did not want to speak to anyone else even if I told them it would be better if they did. Thats the position I now find myself in. INSIDERS REVEAL THE PLAN Once I began interviewing Keenan, I knew more of the right questions to ask my insiders such as involving the mass arrests and the secondary market. Everyone above a certain level knows about the seized gold. However, this is considered much more classified than even the UFO subject and the technologies that were recovered. Hardly anyone had ever written about it and those who did have something to say were missing some very important puzzle pieces. By talking to insiders from both within and outside of the Camelot circle, I soon found out the plan for the mass arrests was very real and had been in high gear ever since 9/11.

ELABORATE SURVEILLANCE Much of the military was not on a need to know basis about what really happened that day but they could see that it was not as simple as Arabs with Box Cutters. The military responded by conducting elaborate, clandestine surveillance of Cabal members on their home turf. The cameras now appearing in Iphones are nowhere near as good as those that have been available for many years in the black-ops world. A hi-res video camera can be concealed into something as tiny as a mechanical screw. The video feed can be transmitted using undetectable, nonelectromagnetic energy fields. Massive amounts of high-resolution surveillance videos, of the most heinous stuff you can possibly imagine, have been captured. These videos have been sorted through and turned into documentaries that will air once the arrests take place. IT MAY SEEM HARD TO BELIEVE I know its hard to believe that this could really happen. Every day that goes by since we first heard about this, without action, makes it even harder to wait. I get that. I wish it had already happened. I wish they had done it on February 15th, as I had originally heard. Nonetheless, here we are. Drakes announcement may or may not amount to anything. It reeks of a DDT campaign and thats why I rushed to post. Everyone wants and expects this to all magically resolve in a few days. It probably wont even once arrests begin. Nor do I feel we should just sit back and wait. Im out here putting my life on the line for freedom. Thats the very best I can do. I am acting on what I believe to be trustworthy information. At the same time, the voices of derision grow louder and more condescending with each passing day. A SUPRRISINGLY HARSH ATTACK FROM DAVID ICKE I was quite surprised to receive an astonishingly mean-spirited attack from none other than David Icke yesterday, on his public website a man

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whose work I respect. Within the government conspiracy conference circuit, it is well known that David Icke is the top-selling speaker out there having transitioned over from working as a top TV sportscaster. Over the years, several conference organizers who worked with him told me stories of him routinely drawing crowds that numbered between 2000 and 4000 people. These are admittedly fantastic numbers ten times higher than anything Ive ever achieved for a private event. No one else, in any related alternative field, can even come close to that. This is a testament to the extraordinary sacrifices and hard work this man has dedicated over the years to informing the public. It did not happen by accident. Many of my readers have highly benefitted from Ickes analyses and message and I have never once said anything negative about him. He is certainly entitled to his opinion, and I do thank him for all the work he has done to enlighten people over the years. A BIT ON THE POINTS BROUGHT UP BY ICKE So yes I know the results of this investigation are hard to believe. Nonetheless, the information Ive received about it is quite extensive. I have a policy to never respond to personal attacks. This is the one and only case where I have decided to alter that policy. Ickes attack has shocked many people. This comment was left on an article Icke linked to in his hit piece, and is consistent with the volume of messages I have been receiving: July 3, 2012 at 2:49 pm (8) Dr.F says: Really disappointed with Icke and team for going to such lengths to taunt Wilcocks, Drake and Fulford. Childish, to say the least. Has Icke forgot his treatment over the last 20 years, especially when he was wearing teal jumpers and proclaiming himself Jesus??? Is this him acting out? If sir David disagrees with this whole green light for mass arrests thing, then

fine, say so and respectfully explain why. Icke used to take the high-road with some class, but not so much now. Him and Rense suddenly appear much more alike than I would have previously liked to have admitted. Wilcocks et al are easy targets for the lazy minded, but with so much BS out there, why not sit back and wait to see what shakes out? I would say the recent power outage of Washington DC is a pretty powerful sign that something is under-foot. Further, why is Icke so opposed to what is essentially good and positive info: mainly, some people on the inside of the Cabal are good and are acting to remove the bad. Hey, Im all for it and will give positive energy to it, but it doesnt mean that I will completely surrender my life and lay in my backyard waiting for aliens or white knights to beam me up to their ships!! Lets carry on with some class and help our brothers work toward real change in small ways, and if some people in high places are working towards big changes, then great. If not, well get there eventually anyways. Pick yourself up Icke. A FEW BRIEF POINTS Whether or not I claim to have performed psychic readings as Icke himself once claimed to have done has nothing to do with this investigation. It therefore surprised me that Icke used the exact same strategy as the ugliest Cabal counter-intelligence guys linking to a video called David Wilcock Channels Ra. We have removed this video several times from YouTube by copyright complaints, as it is an illegal bootleg that was taken completely out of context, without any introduction speech but it keeps popping up anyway. Yes, it does scare some people at first particularly Fundamentalist Christians but the material itself is quite inspiring if you can get past the slow, monotonous speed of the delivery and the bad recording equipment. Either way, I am not ashamed of what I do. We all have a Higher Self and we all have the ability to communicate with it in various ways, such as through synchronicity.

There is a massive section of this website entitled Readings in which many hundreds of pages of transcripts have been posted so you can see for yourself what you think about the results. It is true that I have had dreams that have urged me to continue, and predicted success but this investigation has been strictly a combination of trusted insider testimony and extensive realworld fact-checking. REGARDING MY PRIOR SUPPORT OF OBAMA Icke also linked to an article I once wrote in 2009, entitled The Power Elite Do Not Control Obama. I did hear from trusted insiders that Obama had no idea what he had gotten himself into until the day all the presidents met before his inauguration. This was when all the threats were issued and he was told what the President of the United States really was little more than a paid shill for the Federal Reserve. I was shown a picture of a manila envelope left on his desk that had all the briefing documents in it telling him what his real job would be. I can say, quite confidently, that extraordinary death threats have been given to Obama and his entire family. I have documented some of them in the past. Under such pressure, it would be almost impossible for anyone to have handled it differently. I had high hopes for Obama to overcome these vested interests. In the early days of 2009, he really did push for the change he had promised but it simply did not happen. I do deeply regret that. I think an opportunity existed but Obama did not choose to take the same path John F. Kennedy had taken in the past. A POSSIBLE DISCLOSURE EVENT We also received very high-level intel that a Disclosure event was indeed planned for November 2009. Obama would have taken the lead on this one, by introducing us to five different groups of human ETs who were here to help. This too was foiled apparently by five different insider opposition groups.

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However, the following year, NBC came out with a television series, The Event, that almost perfectly duplicated the intel that had aired exclusively on this website. Although Disclosure did not happen at this time, the story itself is still quite interesting. THE NORWAY SPIRAL Apparently, Obama had decided to go ahead with a Disclosure announcement in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech in Norway, in early December even though his original two-hour TV special in late November had been thwarted. HAARP was fired up the day before and a giant spiral was created in the air causing a huge buzz on the Internet. The location was directly next to where Obama would receive his Nobel prize. The Norway Spiral event moved us closer to Disclosure. I extensively investigated it at the time, and clearly proved that HAARP was being used at the time it occurred. The pattern, contour and shape was utterly consistent with the use of HAARP based on their own documented materials. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT I have since found out, from very reliable sources, that if Obama said anything during his Nobel speech, the Cabal told him they would create one of these HAARP microwave spirals in front of his plane. He would not survive. Everyone would assume it was a tragic accident. The bodies, burned inside out by microwaves, would have been consumed in the fire of the plane crash. The Norway Spiral was a last-minute desperation move by the Cabal, in which they had to do something public and grandiose to scare Obama into submission. It worked like a charm and no one figured out, at the time, why it was really done. LACK OF ACCESS I do understand why some investigators simply cannot wrap their heads around this story. Part of it is lack of access. Tonight, Neil Keenan told me he was contacted by David Icke, Jeff Rense and

others, each of whom asked for exclusive interviews but were not granted any. I havent had one either. The lawyers have advised Keenan to keep his mouth shut, so as not to accidentally say anything that could damage such an important case. Personally, I think the more coverage there is, the better. I am not trying to hoard access to Keenan in any way. Its a bit embarrassing that Ive ended up in this position. Nonetheless, the reason why Keenan is in touch with me is that I sacrificed months of my life, as well as my financial stability in the process, to ignore work that would pay the bills in favor of this investigation. I just finished up two grueling months of conferences to help make up the difference that was created by doing this. THE BAIT AND SWITCH ARGUMENT DOESNT MAKE SENSE EITHER One common argument against the mass arrests scenario would be the idea of a bait and switch takeover. The basic idea is that the Cabal is being defeated, so they have to make it look like theyve been destroyed, and sacrifice a bunch of mid-level people, in order to regain control. However, it should be fairly obvious that once the public knows what has been going on, it is truly Game Over for the cabal regardless of what level of rank they have in the Order. No one will ever allow Luciferian / Satanic rituals to continue nor those who support them. There is no halfway solution. The insiders know this. Exposure is not survivable. The public will be betrayed and horrified on an unimaginable level. The real challenge, once this all comes out, will be how to stop great, genocidal atrocities from occurring in which anyone who can be remotely associated with the Cabal is hunted, tortured and killed. THIS IS A RISKY JOB This is a risky job. The first insider ever interviewed by Camelot, Mr. X, died of a sudden, massive stroke right when he was about to go public with a wealth of new information. Now, one of my own insiders was

nearly murdered this past week by a sophisticated bio-weapon. The validity of this story was endorsed in an article on Veterans Today, one of the top military publications in the world. Fulford was then stabbed with a needle by a conference attendee, barely a week after our own high-level insider was almost killed by an injectable weapon. For this same reason, I was quite surprised that David Icke would say the following on his website: I think I just died and entered another diminsion. Or someone else has... Whether he meant it this way or not, this is, at the very least, an insensitive gesture, considering the threats both Fulford and I have endured. Of course, there is plausible deniability in something like this. Anyone can say we are overreacting and he did not mean it in a threatening way. Nonetheless, it surprises me that there is so much division and discord amongst those who are all ultimately working on the same goal to defeat the Cabal, and enlighten and free humanity in the process. [bold emphasis added] If we want to create a healthier, happier, more peaceful world, it begins by acting and speaking with impeccability towards others even if we disagree with them. [Amen, Amen]

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