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Training Development
The Training and Development effort at Colgate-Palmolive is a direct outcome of the Individual Development Plan and the Business need. The business critical and individual specific needs are identified every year and a training needs inventory is drawn up. Colgate's leadership position in the global marketplace is directly linked to the skill of our employees. Practical learning and professional growth are critical to our continued success. We invest generously in the training and education of Colgate people. Our commitment to skill development includes:

Formal classroom study Sharing best practices, globally Developing practical work applications based on real-world learnings.

Grooming Talent
Career Planning One of the most important tools for grooming talent at Colgate is the 'Individual Development Plan'. Here an employee assumes responsibility for his/her own career, identifies the competencies that indicate strength/areas for development, discusses it with the manager and finally chalks the roadmap for the future career path. Here is the summary of the Individual Development Plan. INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN : Today's business world is changing faster than ever. Organizations are rethinking, restructuring and reshaping the way they do business. If there's ever been a time an employee needs to stay current, evaluate and sharpen his/her skills, take steps to improve job performance, and map out the plans for the future, this certainly is it. By taking responsibility for managing his/her own career, employees are in a much better position to achieve job satisfaction. Plus, Colgate believes in Development Planning and fully supports individuals' efforts to achieve professional growth, improved job performance and personal satisfaction. Colagte has a Development Planning Toolkit which is designed to help the employee do all of these things. It is a step-by-step guide that will take the employee through the process of identifying the key competencies, assessing strengths and development needs, and determining specific actions to help him / her achieve career goals. EMPLOYEES ROLE IN DEVELOPMENT PLANNING: It is the employee's responsibility to take ownership of his / her career development. This means it is the employee's job to initiate and implement their own Development Planning efforts by successfully completing the Development Planning process.

MANAGER'S ROLE IN DEVELOPMENT PLANNING: It is an employees' manager's responsibility to actively support employees efforts. This means that the manager should carefully review this process, discuss them with his/her superior, and give employee accurate, honest feedback in all areas. THE ORGANISATION'S ROLE IN DEVELOPMENT PLANNING: It is Colgate's responsibility to provide the framework, tools and resources that the employee needs. Senior Management is ultimately accountable for effective development throughout the Company and it is their responsibility to encourage employee participation while remaining focused on achieving business results. The above process is centered around:

Managing with Respect Behaviors & Colgate Competencies

Managing with Respect Colgate's values are the foundation for individual, team, and company success. Only by respecting others and living the Colgate values can we hope to achieve outstanding business results. By living the Colgate values of Caring, Global Teamwork, and Continuous Improvement, people develop a sense that they are part of the Colgate team, working together toward a common goal. 'Managing with Respect' is one important way in which we put these values into action. Even if an employee does not have direct management responsibility, they are responsible for managing a relationship with others. Managing With Respect creates an environment where people work well together, genuinely care about each other, and help people to reach their full potential. Managing With Respect Behaviors

Communicate Effectively Give and Seek Feedback Value Unique Contributions Promote Teamwork Set the Example

Colgate Competencies "Competencies" is a term used to describe the skills and behaviors that contribute to outstanding job performance. At Colgate, these competencies are grouped into two areas: Leadership and Functional/Technical Competencies. Leadership Competencies include those skills which align and inspire people to achieve business objectives. The Leadership Competencies also consist of those skills and behaviors required to create strategies, motivate people, and get results. Colgate's Leadership Competencies are common across functions and geographies, throughout the Colgate world. In other words, regardless of location, job, position, or functional area, these Leadership Competencies are strategically essential for executing the business strategy and delivering business results. Functional/Technical Competencies represent important areas of functional and technical expertise and differ from one job/department to another. In addition to the Leadership Competencies and Managing with Respect, Functional/Technical Competencies also play an important role in defining performance excellence and delivering superior results. The responsibility to define Functional/Technical Competencies is owned by the functional departments.

Rewarding Talent

Colgate has a "pay for performance" compensation philosophy. That means that we pay for results and reward excellence through programs that reflect the value you bring to the organization. Benefit Plans Colgate Palmolive cares about its people. That's why we provide employees with a Benefits Program - a valuable part of an employee's overall compensation. The Benefits Program comprises a wide range of benefits to ensure that financial assistance is available when employee and his/her family need it most during active employment and in retirement years. It gives the employee peace of mind, knowing that the employee and his/her family have the necessary protection in case of illness, disability or other events and that they are building a secure financial future.

Business Leadership Program - Overview

The Business Leadership Program [BLP] is a 1-year, cross-functional training program. The BLP is a very important process for inducting fresh talent into the organization. Many of our Management Trainees who went through this structured program have grown in the organization and have assumed positions of significant responsibility. This programme is aimed at getting fresh students from premier B-Schools and providing them with structured inputs which prepare them to take the plunge into the corporate world The Business Leadership Program offers Management Trainee specialization in : Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Human Resources The MT stint is so designed that it gives you an opportunity to:

Learn about the power of the brand Colgate and the systems and processes that go to support it Experiment with new ideas Suggest and implement changes in systems Learn from your mistakes Understand the impact of the human element on business and to positively channelise energy

During this one year period, you will be provided with several opportunities to interact with Senior Management and share your views and opinions with them. After completion of every assignment, you will be given detailed feedback and performance counseling. This will capture strengths that were displayed and your areas of development.