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September 2012

President Gene Walker 5531 Lardon Rd NE Salem, OR 97305-3248 (503) 428-6641 (503) 371-4363 Vice President Gary Kelley 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694 (503) 537-0802 (503) 860-6442 garyk@amcaotc.org Treasurer Tom Ruttan 3761 SW Olson Ct Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (503) 638-1746 tgruttan@earthlink.net Secretary Shannon Kelley 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694 (503) 537-0802 (503) 784-0760 shannonk@wildriders.org

August Meeting Minutes

Gene called the meeting to order and recorded the minutes. Attendees: Paul Wright, Don Woodard, Scott Nelson, Tom Ruttan, Gene Walker Treasurers Report: No extra charge for banquet at Village Green. Announcements: Tenino WA Swap Meet Old Business: President Gene extends high gratitude to all members for their extra time and effort devoted to our 20th Annual successful road run. Special thanks go to Jim and Rosie Singhose for coordinating outstanding road routes and area history lessons. Memorial Bricks: All agreed to purchase 2 bricks at this time 1: Ken Edmiston, Roy Burke, 2: Lydian Accenzi. New Business: 2013 Road Run location suggestions: DonW suggested Corvallis = Mary's Peak, Coast routes GeneW suggested Albany = Historic Brownsville, Sweet Home Sept 8th meeting CANCELLED. Instead, well take a scenic 70-mile road ride. Well get lunch at the Marquam Inn. Gather at Iggy's parking lot - NW Corner Hwy 99 at Brooks Traffic light Meet at 10:30. No Rain Ride

Northern Rockies National Road Run

Don, Gail, their daughter LeAnne, Shannon and I represented OTC at the National Road Run hosted by members of the Northern Rockies Chapter in Kaslo BC. Don hauled my Chief up which allowed Shannon and I ride our Harleys. Needless to say, it was a nice ride.

Afternoon on Main Street, Kaslo BC

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Oregon Trail Chapter September 2012 Shannon and I arrived Thursday evening, checked in and enjoyed lunch at the Brew Pub located downstairs in the Kaslo Hotel. The view of Kootenay Lake from the hotel was extraordinary.

Kootenay Lake

Thursday evening we enjoyed Greek food catered in the park by the lake. The food was wonderful and gave everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves and catch up on old times.

One of several waterfalls along HWY 31

After our return to Kaslo, we met up with Don, Gail and LeAnne. We were enjoying local beverages on the patio when storm clouds began to roll in from the south. After a short while, the storm arrived and we retreated into our room. Lots of lighting, thunder and rain followed. In the end, the bikes were all wet and several towns along the lake had lost power, Kaslo included.

Greek food at the park

Friday morning we assembled at a nearby park for a southern loop following the roads Shannon and I rode in on. Instead of retracing our ride from the day before, we decided to run the route in reverse to see new country. We headed northwest to New Denver. We were able to avoid the showers Friday and had an enjoyable days ride on an excellent road following a stream with no traffic. Along the way we saw several falls like the one pictured next. We were told the area had received record rainfall over the spring. All the lakes, rivers and streams were running high and fast.

Evening bike wash. Bring your own rags.

The staff at the Kaslo Hotel was somewhat prepared and was able to power the cash registers, taps and serve a limited menu for dinner with power generated by a car parked out back. We ate our fill and all survived the night with the help of LED lanterns provided in each room.

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Oregon Trail Chapter September 2012 Come Saturday morning, the Sun was out, but unfortunately, so was the power. Zombies walked the streets in search of coffee. Most discovered the service station had a generator and was running their coffee machine full out. The line was peaceful. I did run into the hotel manager getting her cup. I bet theyll be better prepared next time. Saturdays 160-mile ride made a big loop north and east through New Denver, Nakusp and Upper Arrow Lake, around Trout Lake, then south back to Kaslo. Shannon and I decided breakfast in New Denver sounded like a good idea, so off we went. We enjoyed a second chance to ride through the canyon and soak up the scenery. The water in the stream was still very cold and the difference in air temperature produced a fog that hung just a few feet above the stream. . Along the way, Joe Stark lay in wait at a stream crossing. All the photos in this story were shot by Joe. Id like to thank him for letting me share them with you. Joe thought wed all like a picture of ourselves riding. Here are Shannon and I on our way to New Denver.
Don heading out for a day in the wind

Joe also caught us in the parking lot as we left on Friday. Heres Don as he left:

Following the ride, we all returned to the hotel for Saturdays awards banquet. The oldest rider award was handed out, but the winner decided since he had rode a modern bike, Don should receive the award. So Don got a quart of oil and the well wishes of all in attendance. The hotel staff had prepared dinner on BBQs as power wasnt restored until we had lined up to fill our plates with excellent BBQ. Great work under difficult circumstances.

The riders assemble for a group photo

Again, Id like to thank Joe Stark for sharing his photos with us and all the Northern Rockies Chapter members who volunteered their time to make this event memorable.
Gary and Shannon in route to new Denver

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Oregon Trail Chapter September 2012

Antique Motorcycle Cannonball

Listed below are the riders, their home state/country and the motorcycle theyll ride.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 32 33 34 36 37 38 39 40

41 42 43 47 48 49 50 52 53 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 64 65 66 68 69 70 71 74 75 77 80 83 85 88 89 93 98 99

Mike Bell Jim Crain Roger Kramer Richard Correia Art Farley Frank Westfall Gerald Tims Darryl Richman Brent Johnson Jim Petty Victor Boocock Gary Wright Kris Thompson Jimmy Allison Hans Coertse Mark Wiebens Joseph Gimpel

Texas New Mexico Ohio

23 Harley Davidson J 27 BSA 29 Harley Davidson JD

Brad Wilmarth Erik Dunk Buck Carson Mark Hill Jeff Tiernan Steve Simpson Steven Rinker Claudio Femiano Brian Schraver Dean Bordigioni Jeff Decker Mike Vils Joe Gardella Buzz Kanter Chris Knoop Rick Salisbury Doug Feinsod

Virginia New York Texas New York New York Kansas West Virginia Italy Arizona California Utah California Michigan Connecticut Australia Utah California

13 Excelsior Twin 29 Harley Davidson JD 27 BSA 500 single 29 Henderson KJ 29 Henderson KJ 28 Harley Davidson JD 29 Indian 101 Scout 26 Sunbeam 27 Harley Davidson JD 23 Harley Davidson JS 29 Harley Davidson JD 29 Harley Davidson JD 14 Harley Davidson 29 Harley Davidson JDH 25 Invincible Jap 27 Henderson 20 Henderson Deluxe 28 Henderson Deluxe 29 Harley Davidson JD 29 Henderson KJ 28 Indian 101 Scout 29 BMW R11 29 Harley Davidson JD 24 Rudge 25 Rudge 4 valve 500 21 Harley Davidson J 28 Harley Davidson JD 28 Harley Davidson JD 29 Henderson KJ 29 Henderson KJ 24 Henderson Deluxe 29 Harley Davidson JD 24 Henderson 22 Harley Davidson J 28 Velocette 29 Harley Davidson JD 27 Harley Davidson JD

Massachusetts 25 Henderson Deluxe Michigan New York Oklahoma California Ohio 28 Harley Davidson JD 28 Henderson Deluxe 29 Harley Davidson JD 28 BMW R52 27 Harley Davidson J

South Carolina 27 Indian Chief California Colorado Nebraska New Mexico South Africa California Florida 14 Harley Davidson 29 Harley Davidson JD 29 Henderson KJ 26 BSA 21 Harley Davidson J 27 Harley Davidson JD 28 BMW R62 28 Henderson Deluxe 29 Henderson KJ 23 Harley Davidson F 26 Harley Davidson JD 25 Harley Davidson JD 25 Triumph Model P 25 Harley Davidson JD 15 Harley Davidson J 25 Henderson Deluxe 24 Harley Davidson JE 15 Indian Twin 25 Harley Davidson JE 28 Harley Davidson JD 28 Indian 101 Scout 29 Indian 101 Scout 26 Harley Davidson JD 29 Indian 101 Scout 29 Henderson KJ 29 Indian 101 scout

Steve Macdonald New York Mike Fockler Tom Hayes Randy Hassler Dave Kafton Jimmy Bradley Jerry Wieland Steve Barber Dan Emerson Brent Mayfield Shinya Kimura Paul Ousey Matt Olsen Doug Wothke Josh Wilson Scott Jacobs Marcin Grela Dale Stoner New York Ireland Missouri California Wisconsin Wisconsin New York Connecticut Ohio California New York South Dakota Alabama Virginia California Poland Ohio Florida

Chuck Armstrong New York Jim Dennie Paul Bessade Ian Patton Norm Nelson Kelly Modlin Mike Wild Ken Ashton David Cava Randy Aron Chris Price Clyde Crouch Byrne Bramwell Andreas Kaindl Peter Reeves Tanner Whitton Tom McBride Paul D'Orleans Sean Duggan Bill Buckingham New York France UK Florida Kansas UK UK California California Michigan Texas Canada Germany UK New York California California California California

101 Jeff Alperin

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Oregon Trail Chapter September 2012 The antique motorcycle cannonball run departs Newburg NY on September 7th. Again, the checkpoints are:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rest 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Sept. 7 Sept. 8 Sept. 9 Sept. 10 Sept. 11 Sept. 12 Sept. 13 Sept. 14 Sept. 15 Sept. 16 Sept. 17 Sept. 18 Sept. 19 Sept. 20 Sept. 21 Sept. 22 Sept. 23

Newburgh, NY to Wellsboro, PA Wellsboro, PA to Sandusky, OH Sandusky, OH to Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI. to Anamosa, IA Anamosa, IA to Spirit Lake, IA Spirit Lake, IA to Murdo, SD Murdo, SD to Sturgis, SD Rest Day; Sturgis, SD Sturgis, SD to Sheridan, WY Sheridan, WY. to Yellowstone, WY Yellowstone WY to Jackson Hole, WY Jackson Hole, WY. to Mountain Home, ID Mountain Home, ID to Hines, OR Hines, OR to Klamath Falls, OR Klamath Falls, OR to Fortuna, CA Fortuna, CA to Cotati, CA Cotati, CA to San Francisco CA

209 Miles 330 Miles 310 Miles 210 Miles 280 Miles 280 Miles 300 Miles

250 Miles 235 Miles 155 Miles 300 Miles 275 Miles 230 Miles 286 Miles 245 Miles 93 Miles
You know, thatd be a great hill climb.

If youre meeting the ride, send me a story to share. See the Cannonball Run website for more information. Lets wish the riders the best of luck.

Upcoming Events
Check out these upcoming antique and vintage motorcycle events.
Date Event

September 7 Cannonball Run Newburgh, NY September 8 OTC Ride 10:30 AM from Iggys in Brooks, OR October 13 OTC Business meeting Brooks, OR

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Oregon Trail Chapter September 2012

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Oregon Trail Chapter September 2012

OTC Forum Classifieds

By Our Members 1951 FL, 3 speed and reverse with 1941 sidecar. Very nice outfit, runs great, fresh rebuilt Linkert, interior of sidecar in nice shape, spare tire on the sidecar. Email gene@roguehawg.com for more information and pictures or call 541-944-7641. 2 Scouts for sale. 45-inch in a 741 frame. Needs finishing with wiring and misc stuff to get it running. Painted a beautiful, $1500.00, 2-tone blue. 52-inch in a 741 frame. Has vertical twin front forks and wheel, TT warrior rear wheel and Jr. Scout tanks. Contact Ben Beberness, bbeberness@aol.com Shannon and I spent some time earlier this month in White Bird Idaho. While there, our host introduced us to a recently widowed woman who wanted to sell the motorcycles her husband rode. Two bikes are being sold. A 1996 HD Dyna Glide, and a 1962 HD Duo Glide. Here are some specifics: '96 Dyna Glide - 28,550 miles, 80ci Evo, original owner '62 Duo Glide - 39,106 original miles, fully restored, 2nd owner
1962 Duo Glide

Both are in running condition. I do not know the specifics of the '62 restoration or pricing. If interested, contact garyk@amcaotc.org and I'll give you her number. Feel free to forward this to anyone who may be interested.

Editors Note:
OTC Forum Classifieds are available to all AMCA members registered on the OTC Forum. Advertisements posted on the forum are listed here when space is available. Please remove your ads as soon as possible following the sale. Deadline for articles, advertisements or other submissions to the Trail Gazette is the 20th of the month. Send submissions to garyk@amcaotc.org

1996 Dyna Glide

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Oregon Trail Chapter, AMCA 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694

Just one of the many mountain peaks surrounding Kootenay Lake

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