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Jeffery M Smith Monsanto's Crimes Against Humanity THE GMO THREAT Genetically modified foods, are foods where

the gene from one speices, say viruses or bacteria, are forced into the DNA of plants such as soy, corn, cotton, conola, sugar beats, those are the 5 major GM crops, and the deriverties from those crops, unfortunatly are in the vast majority of processed foods, so when you look and see soy lecefin, or soy protein, high fructose corn syrup, even sugar, unless it says cane sugar, will have genetically enginnered sugar beet derivaties. The reason why genetically modified foods got on the market in the first place, was because an FDA policy claimed that the agency was not aware of any information, showing that the foods were significantly different, on that basis they said, abosolutly no safety testing was necessary, if the biotech companies like Mosanto, Dowe and Dupoint, tell us that the foods are safe then the FDA has no further questions. The concept of the agency was not aware of differences between GM and non GM foods was pure fiction, documents made public from a law suit, seven years after the policy was created proved the agency was very well aware, of the fact the overwhelming concencus among the FDAs own scientists, where genetically modified foods could create allergies, toxins, new diseases, or nutritional problems, they had urgued their superiors to aquire long term studies, but you see the first Bush administration, had ordered the FDA to promote the biotechnology industry, so the FDA recruited, for a position they had created for him, they recruited Michael Taylor, Mosantos attourney, which later became Mosantos president, while he was in charge, the policy was created, that over rulled the science, and the scientists. Now Michael Taylor, who I may belive may be responsible for more food related illnesses and deaths, then anyone in human history, for fast tracting GMOs to our food supply, is not the food safety tsar, under the obama administration.

While obama was campagning in Iowa, he promised us that he would require manditory labeling of genetically enginnereed foods. Weve been asking for this for years, 9 out of 10 Americans want genetically modified foods to be labled, but because the FDA is ordered to promote the biotechnology industry, they ignore the desire of 9 out of 10 Americans inorder to protect the economic interests of 5 GMO companies, we had hopes Obama would forfil his campaign pledge, but so far, no luck, istead Obama has recurited and put into positions of authority both in the USDA and FDA people with very close ties to Mosanto and the BioTech industry, so hes been a very big dissapointment, from the side of those of us who are looking for a reasonable rational and safe policy regarding GMOs. In 2009 the American acedemy of Enviromental Medicine, urged all doctors to prescribe non GM diets to everyone, they said, that animal feeding studies, have linked GMOs causely to things like reproductive problems, immune system problems, acceletrated ageing, disfunctional regulation, inculin and cholestoral, organ damage and gastrointentinal problems, they asked for doctors around the country to prescribe non GM diets, and give out educational materials to help people understand the risks and the alternatives, There are 2 main reason why people genetically modify foods, they either drink poison, or they produce poison. The poison drinkers, are called herbicide tollerant, most popular variety is roundup ready. Mosanto scientists found bacteria growing in a chemical waste dump, near their factory, surviving in their presence of their herbicide called roundup, so they had the brilliant idea, lets put it in the food supply, so they took the gene from the bacterium, that allowed it to survive applications of roundup, and put it into soy bean, corn, cotton, conola ect, so now you can spray the field with roundup, and it kills all of the othe plant bio diversity in the field, but not the roundup ready soy, and the round up ready corn, The other variety of genetically modified crops produces a poison, they take a gene from a soil

bacterium, that produces a natural incecticide and put it into the DNA of the plant, so that every single cell of every single plant, and millions of acres, has its own little spray bottle, that can kill and insect, by destroying its digestive system, because of the herbicide tollerant crops, particularily the round up ready crop there is so much more round up being used in the united states, just drentching our fields with it, in fact in the first 13 years since GMOs were introduced, its estimated that 383 millions pounds more of herbicide were sprayed in the United States, because of the GMOs. The pesticide producing crops are called Bt for the soil bacterium Bacillus Thuringiensis, now there is about a 68 million pound decrease of the use of insecticide on these fields over the first 13 years, but the actual amount of insecticide thats produced within every plant, when you add that all up, its actually more than the insecticide that it displaces, so the overall impact, is greater insecticide uses aswell. What these changes mean, is that the plant might produce more allergens, more toxins, more anti nutrients, more carcinogens, or even less of these we dont know, its genetic roulette. In fact the process of approval of these GM crops, do not evaluate these type of changes. In Monsantos own studies, which they conveniently left out of their published paper, which we recovered later, they found that in cooked GM soy, there is at much as 7 times more of a known allergen called tripsan inhibitor, and a doubling of an anti nutrient called soy lectin Which blocks the absorption of certain nutrients, in genetically modified corn a gene which is normally switched off, was switched on to produce an allergen and other proteins were truncated, or changed in shape, which can change a harmless protein into a potentially deadly one, in fact when they looked at that corn variety they found 43 different proteins that had significantly changed in levels of expression, because of the genetic insertion, so these could be wreaking havoc with our health, or the environment but no one has evaluated it.

One of the most consistent features of the animal feeding studies, is immune responses, immune responses are the bodies reaction to something it considers foreign and may be harmful, by definition genetically modified crops have something foreign which may be harmful, now the immune system problem is been seen consistently, in rats, in mice, any time they test for GMOs, what we are seeing in the human population, since GMOs were introduced, is an increase in auto immune disease, inflammation and allergies and these are the kind of things we would predict if the animal feeding studies, were carry out into human experience, 2 different categories of things that could go wrong, one is the Bt crops the biotech industry, feels confident in putting an insecticide a toxin called Bt into our corn and cotton plants and their excuse is we have history safe use, using bt in agriculture, its a soil bacterium when its gathered up the spores of the bacterium are sprayed on plants to kill insects and it bio degrades or washes off, but what the biotech engineers do, is they take the gene that produces that toxin, out of that bacterium, and put it into the crop, but the crop produces that bacterium at thousand the times of the concentration of the natural spray form, it doesnt wash off, it bio degrade, in fact its designed molecularly to be more toxic than the natural form, it even has properties of a know allergen, the natural form itself however is not that safe. In fact pier reviewed studies, showed that natural bt toxin is feed to mice causes tissue damage, and an immune response which is as powerful, as if they were feed cholera toxin, according to peer review published studies, when Bt toxin was sprayed by plane, for gypsy moth infestation in the pacific northwest, about 500 hundred people complained of allergic or flu like symptoms, some had to go to the hospital, now thousands of farm workers in India who are picking the cotton, engineered to produce that same Bt in higher concentrations, are complaining of the same allergic flu like symptoms, and some have to go to the hospital, when they allow animals to graze on the cotton plants after harvest, thousands of sheep, buffalo and goats have died, I visited one

village, where they had allowed their buffalo to graze without harm for years on natural cotton plants after harvest, they allowed 13 buffalo to graze on bt cotton plants for 1 day, January 3rd 2008 within 3 days all 13 buffalo were dead, they also lost 26 goats and sheep, I asked the villagers personally, how many of you have had itching, from working in the Bt cotton fields, most of the raised their hands, in the state of harianna India they feed cotton seed cake to buffalo, most buffalo actually refused to eat the cotton seed cake, but those who eat it , most have reproductive problems including sterility, premature delivery, abortions, and many of the calves die and adults die, we have also seen about two dozen farmers in the Midwest, claim their cows or pigs, became sterile from a certain variety of Bt corn a farmer in Germany said 12 of his cows died, when feed exclusively a variety of Bt corn, and in the Philippines when people were living next to a particular Bt corn variety during the time of pollination the people in the village experienced fever, skin, respiratory and intestinal reactions. The same seeds were planted in 4 more villages, the same symptoms returned. They also reported deaths among; water buffalos, chickens, horses and unexplained human deaths. When the Italian government conducted a study and feed Monsantos Bt corn to mice, the mice had massive immune responses, When the Austrian government feed both corn both Bt and Round up ready, the animals had less babies and smaller babies. Now these are the problems resulting in the Bt toxin itself, or they may be resulting from the massive collateral damage, that results from the process of insertion. We dont know because no one is looking. In the case of round up ready Soy, we see a lot of serious problems, soon after the GM soy was introduced to the UK, soy allergies sky rocketed by 50%, we know that there are many reasons why GM soy might be associated with high levels of allergies, in fact a skin prick test shows that people can react to the GM soy but no to a wild variety of soy, also found a new protein, had allergenic properties, that was in the GM soy, but not in the wild variety, when they feed GM soy to mice, there was a reduction in digestive

enzymes by as much as 77%, when you impair digestion it might increase the ability for allergens. This was a grave concern for the FDA scientists who said it would be a serious health hazard to introduce, antibiotic resistant marker gene, they were concerned that the gene might transfer to pathogenic bacteria and create super diseases, knowing that soy genes transfer, we know that the anti biotic resistant genes might also transfer and create super diseases, when they feed genetically modified soy to female rats, before they got pregnant, half of their babies died, within 3 weeks, babies were much smaller on average, and in a subsequent study could not reproduce, when they feed genetically modified soy to male rats, the testicles actually changed from the normal pink to a blue, when they feed genetically modified soy to male mice, the testicles also changed and also damaged the young sperm cells, and when they looked at the offspring at embryo stage, of parent mice that were feed genetically modified soy, their DNA functioned differently compared to when parent mice ate non GM soy, when they fed hamsters genetically modified soy for 2 years, over 3 generations, by the third generation, most of the parent hamsters that were eating genetically modified soy, lost the ability to have babies, the GM soy group also developed more slowly, and matured sexually more slowly aswell. It turns out that round up, which is being sprayed, on millions of acres primarily because of the round up ready crops, has a tremendous impact on health, now its designed actually to damage the health of plants, thats how its a herbicide, when you stray a plant with round up, what it does is it goes into the plant, and accumulates into the parts of the plant that we eat, it also gets pushed out the roots and into the soil, where it destroys beneficial microorganisms and enhances the harmful microorganisms like Fusarium which can produce micro toxins which themselves can be harmful to humans and mammals. Now glyphosate which is the main ingredient or the active ingredient in round up, was actually

originally patented as a keylator, meaning that it binds with or kidnaps, and holds hostage certain mineral nutrients like copper and zinc and manganese, magnesium and iron And so when you spray the glyphosate on the crop it bounds up the nutrients in the soil, making them less, available for the plant, so thats another way that helps kill the plant. But when we eat the Glyphosate, either in the plant or because of the contaminated ground water, we also end up keylating some of the nutrients in our bodies, making it less available for our health, and protection, and there is a lot of diseases that are associated with mineral deficiencies, now the round up itself is also toxic to humans and mammals, in fact it interferes with entocrin development, It can cause in certain rat studies, lower sperm counts, abnormal or dead sperm, lower testosterone levels, so when we see the genetically modified round up soy being feed to animals and causing reproductive problems, we dont know if its the GMO component or the high residue of round up. In addition the Glyphosate in round up, doesnt just dissipate, in fact 2 quarts one in United States, and one in France told Monsanto stop saying that their round up was bio degradable, it actually accumulates in the soil, and can last up to 3 years or longer, so the more we spray with round up, it has an accumulating effect, so that anything thats planted in that same field, after round up, can also uptake the round up, and it can be reactivated, when you put in fertilizers, they have even found Glyphosate in the manure of chickens, now if you spray chicken manure on a field to increase nutrients, the Glyphosate might tie up the nutrients, making it harder to nourish the plants. We are flooding our country with this Glyphosate, in fact the weeds are developing resistance, so people are pouring on more and more Glyphosate (which is the active ingredient in round up) One of the interesting aspects of genetic engineering is that any time a scientist discovers a problem, they are attacked, doesnt matter how much credibility they have, what level of publication they put in, there are attacked,

sometimes they lose their funding, sometimes their fired or lose tenior. Ill give you and example the UK Government wanted to prove to a sceptical public, that GMOs were safe, so they put out a grant proposal, trying to find someone who can design, testing to show that GMOs were safe, 28 different scientists applied they gave it to Dr R Pod PUSTINE, the worlds leading researcher in his field, he worked at one of the top nutritional research institutes in the country or in the world, and was leading about 20 or 30 people, on this grant, he feed genetically modified potatoes to rats, as part of the protocol, the potatoes were engineered to produce an insecticide, now he knew this insecticide was harmless to rats, he had feed huge amounts of the insecticide to rats in previous experiments. In fact for this experiment one group of rats was feed, the GM potato that produced its own insecticide, one group of rats were feed natural potatoes, and the 3rd group, natural potatoes, plus the insecticide spiked directly into their diet, only those which ate the GM potatoes got sick. So what was the cause? It was not the insecticide; it was somehow the process of genetic engineering, which caused the massive damage to the rats, including potentially pre cancerous cell growth in their digestive tract, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partial aritrophy of the liver and damaged immune system after only 10 days. He went public with his concerns, and was a hero for about 2 days at his prestigious institute, then 2 phone calls were allegedly placed from the UK prime minister office forwarded through the receptionist to the director of the institute, the next day Dr pustai was fired from his job, after 35 years, and silenced with threats of a lawsuit, his team was disbanded, they never implemented his protocols and his institute plus the UK government launched a campaign to destroy his reputation, inorder to protect the reputation of Bio technology. After 7 months, and an order of parliament, his gag oder was lifted, he got his data back, and its now published. It remains the most in-depth feeding study yet published, on GMOs implicating the process itself as causing harm. In Moscow, when the scientists discovered that round up ready soy feed to female rats, caused

more than half of their babies to die within 3 weeks, she was told by her boss, who was being pressured by his boss, no more studies on GMOs. In fact the documents were burned on her desk, samples were stolen, one of her colleagues to comfort her by saying maybe the GM soy will solve the population problem. One of the criticisms that was levelled at the Russian scientist which has merit, is that she never conducted a bio chemical analysis of the feed, so maybe there was some toxin mixed with the GMO soy, that caused this astounding death rate, but after she had done the research 3 times with similar results, coincidentally the rat chow, which was being feed, to all of the rats in the Russian facility switched to be based to GM soy. So she couldnt do any more studies, because she had no controls, but after 2 months she had the brilliant idea to ask her colleagues, whats the infact mortality rate of your rat studies, and it had sky rocketed to over 55% suggesting it was not a particular toxin in her batch, but a more generic aspect of genetically modified soy. When Dr Kurasco in Argentina linked round up to birth defects, both in amphibians and possibly in humans. He was immediately attacked, and 4 people showed up at his place of business, and tired to interrogate him, in an aggressive manor, Time and time again, scientists discover adverse findings about GMOs they are attacked viciously, in the press, through their colleagues, it happens so often, that many scientists just give up, and they refuse to do any more research about GMOs. One of the myths of bio technology, is that GMOs are going to feed the world, actually they work against feeding a hungry world. If something is to feed the world, first of all it has to increase yields, it has to be reliable, and yield increase actually has to be a way of solving the hunger problem, it also has to be healthy, and better than competing technologies. GMOs fail on every count, First of all the average GM crop, reduces yield, it does not increase yield, second increased yield

actually is not the solution to hunger today, we have more food per person than any time in human history, but a billion people go to bed hungry or malnourished, its a question of distribution, and economic access, also GMOs are not reliable; take the case of Bt cotton in India, Monsanto had convinced millions of farmers, to plant Bt cotton, and unfortunately it does not always perform, in fact the UK daily mail, estimates that more than 125,000 farmers who planted Bt cotton, and were unable to even to repay the high interest debts they took out for these expensive seeds and the associated chemicals, committed suicide. This is a catastrophe, some people put number closer to 200,000. So this is an example of what is happening in developing country, they are trying to convince us that GMOs are going to help the developing world, GMOs also are not better than competing technologies if your trying to increase yields, In fact studies on millions and millions of farmers show that sustainable techniques can increase yields by and average of 79%. Some studies show that organic agriculture can increase yields by between 100%-300% in developing countries, if you look at the Rodale institute, they did a side by side study with organic soy and corn, VS non organic and they found that they actually have comparable yields, but the organic is better in during times of adverse weather, and also has less inputs. In January 1999, bio technology conference in San Francisco. Arthur Anderson a company that had consulted Monsanto they also Enrons consultants, revealed how they had worked with their executives to create their plan. They asked Monsantos executives to describe their ideal future in 15 to 20 year, and the Monsantos executives described the world, in which 100% of all the commercial seeds are genetically engineered and patented, and Anderson worked backwards from that goal to create a strategy and tactics to archive it, at the same conference another bio technology company was projecting

that within 5 years, by 2004 they would have a 94% replacement of all natural seeds. So the bio technology industry is planning to replace nature, fortunately consumer concern has stopped that moving train. About 3 weeks after this conference the gag order on Dr pustai, was lifted, within 1 week 159 column feed of articles were written in Europe, within a month 750 articles were written, one editor said it divided society into to 2 warring blocks. Within 10 weeks the point of consumer rejection, had been archived, within a single week at the end of April 1999 virtually every major food company committed to stop using GM ingredients for their European brands, but not the US, because it was not reported in the US. According to project censored, the Arpod Pustai story was one of the 10 most unreported events of the year. In the United States, if you would have asked the average American Have you ever eaten a genetically modified food in your life? 60% say No, 15% say I dont know, so 3 quarters of Americans do not realise that they are eating GMOs in nearly every meal. The fact that GMOs flurrish on the basis of consumer ignorance, leaves the bio technology industry extremely vulnerable, if some event or campaign were to increase the visibility of GMOs, especially the health dangers, we could see tipping point in the United States like we have seen in Europe. In fact Bovine growth hormone, the genetically engineered drug, thats injected into cows, to increase milk supply, thats been ushered out, because of consumer concern, you see when you inject cows with bovine growth hormone it changes the milk, there is more puss, antibiotics used, more bovine growth hormone, and of greatest concern, more IGF1, Insulin-like growth factor 1.