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My Friends - part Three of four

THE REPUBLIC AGAIN We are born free and born in the Republic, but when we were helpless babies but a few days old, agents of this ancient evil came to our mother and deceitfully obtained her signature as an informant informing the government that her baby has been born but making no claim of ownership of her child. The government then seized the child as abandoned and takes title to the child as a ward of the state. This is the status most of us remain in all of our lives. No competent individual steps forward to claim us, and we fail to understand the need to claim ourselves when we become of age, so the government lays permanent claim to us instead. By then, weve been declared legally dead and the necessity of re-instating our status as living women and men has been added to the list of legal obstacles that stand between freedom and ourselves. Since most of us are unaware of these actions used to control, enslave, and silence us, we are helpless if we are summoned into a court of law. We walk into the court believing that we are alive and representing ourselves; that we are Americans that we are protected by the agreements and guarantees of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but in reality, we are entirely at the mercy of the priests of Molloch wearing black robes. We cannot be heard as a living woman or man because weve been predeclared legally dead, without legal standing, because weve been stripped of our citizenship and have no ability to stand on the protections and guarantees of the Constitution. Its a classic coup detat against us. Weve been kept in the dark. We can take no action to defend ourselves against the fraud being worked upon our interests and ourselves. Over time, people have discovered bits and pieces of the puzzle, and figured out their part in the Matrix of presumption and deceit. But without the Big Picture, they constantly come up short, getting the cart before the horse, leaving themselves vulnerable to attack because of the magnitude and complexity of the fraud they are attempting to understand. Our status as living women and men needs to be reclaimed. Until that is done, nothing that we can do, no claim we can make, has any teeth. Legally dead people, like physically dead people, have no voice, no motive, no power, no standing to do anything. Most of us were born members of the Republic. Most of us have never really been U.S. citizens so it isnt a matter of joining something. Its a matter of reclaiming our natural status and original jurisdiction on the land. Its a matter of repudiating any presumptive claim that we are a U.S. citizen and stating that we are an American National under original jurisdiction instead. Except that is for Negroes, who were never granted true citizenship in the first place after the Civil War. Negroes must self-declare that they are members of the Republic, for since 1948, by the U.N. Treaty guaranteeing the Universal Right of Self-Declaration, they have been free to declare that to claim full citizenship and rights. So what is original jurisdiction? ORIGINAL JURISDICTION Original jurisdiction is based on the holding of land by the states. Ownership of land is vested in the states, so the states have jurisdiction over the land of the American Republic. The Constitution did not repeal the Articles of Confederation. It created a new level of government that was meant to be derived from the existing state-based government, but in the intervening years the federal government escaped and became a rogue, living parasite on its own. The flow of power and sovereignty in the Republic was directly from the People to their counties and to their states under the Articles of Confederation which established the original jurisdiction on the land. The states then contracted for federal services and established a federal jurisdiction via the Constitution. Why is this important? Because the second cestui que vie trust, the Blue global trust established by the Roman Cult, stripped us of our national Citizenship and left us stateless, as nonresident aliens in and of our own Country. If you are NOT a U.S. citizen a Federal citizen under federal jurisdiction what ARE you? The courts assume that you are a non-resident alien with no standing or rights. Without a claim to original jurisdiction under the Articles of Confederation, there is no Republic and no Republic citizenship at hand; there is only the District of Columbia and its foreign enemy jurisdiction to us. Now, there are two ways to overcome this obstacle to legal standing, and in either case we have to establish our standing in our original jurisdiction, which only exists under the Articles of Confederation and original State Constitutions. Non-citizen, American National status is recognized by the federal government and codified at 8 USC 1101 (a)(21). This is the form of original jurisdiction citizenship available under the Articles of Confederation which puts you in the original national jurisdiction that allows you to travel freely to other countries, etc. 1

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State citizenship allows you to claim original state jurisdiction which is fine if you plan to stay at home, for without this original state jurisdiction being possessed by the people, counties, and the states, the Constitution by itself creates a totally separate and rogue federal entity having a life of its own apart from the people, counties, and states. Power-hungry members of Congress seized upon this interpretation of the Constitution that has caused so much corruption, misery, destruction and pain. In 1901, the U.S. Supreme Court (the galli, again) allowed Congress to rule the District of Columbia, the Territories and any federal jurisdiction as an Oligarchy without respect to the Constitution in three landmark cases. The first two are DeLima v. BidweIl, and Downs v. BidweIl, (1903) known as the Insular Tariff cases wherein the Supreme Court pointed out that: ...with respect to the possessions, the United States government is at liberty to impose laws that are totally inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution, just as any sovereign may so place laws over its subjects. It is therefore understandable that although bound by the Constitution with respect to its dealings with the several fifty (50) States, the United States Congress is at liberty to enact totally unconstitutional laws with respect to Washington DC, its terretories and possessions, and its federal land. Over these areas the United States is Supreme. (The third case, in support of the first two is Hooven and Allison Company v. Evatt, 324 U.S. 652 (1945)). Shortly after Bidwell, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States from 19011909, redefined the phrase United States of America to mean the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and other Insular States and the GAME began. Congress and the 15 year-long administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States from 1933-1945, relentlessly created and sought means to flesh out this new version of the

United States by creating more and more excuses to claim federal jurisdictions throughout America, thereby increasing the power of the federal government over the states, counties, and the people exactly reversing the flow of ownership, sovereignty, and power. Since the federal government has no legitimate claims to land, it was given admiralty/maritime power in keeping with its international functions. Since then, the federal government has sought various means to bring its admiralty/maritime jurisdiction onto the land. This is why U.S. District courts have only Civil Admiralty/Maritime and Equity jurisdictions and no authority on the land, and interpret everything presumptively as if they were dealing with maritime contracts. The Roosevelt New Deal finished the creation of a new form of government along with the new definition of the United States of America. Democracy, otherwise known as majority rule, replaced the Republic, and a new code of law was instituted based on martial law. The Common Law required by original jurisdiction, which operates on the assumption that if something is not specifically forbidden it is allowed was gradually replaced by the Napoleonic Code, which operates on the exact opposite presumption that if something is not allowed it is denied. The flow of finances was also reversed. Instead of money being meted out by the people, and flowing from the people, to the counties, to the states and thence to the federal government, the NEW Dealers stole the money from the people by the gold confiscation of 1933 and by reinterpretingthe federal income tax codes and doled out money, from the federal government, to the states, to the counties and to the people. In addition, the private property and labor of the people was taken as collateral for the federal debt, making us tenants on our land. Then the Buck Act (1940) made all U.S. citizens franchises slaves literally owned by the federal United States. Remember; living People, who would otherwise be called Americans, have

no identity, no standing, in this system at all. They are classified as nonresident aliens (stateless beings presumed to be legally dead; replaced by compliant U.S. citizens; corporate persons) transmitting utilities and trusts; operating under the living peoples CAPITAL NAMES as franchises of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico not of the United States Treasury, as believed. Thus, there are no American Citizens today, unless you know how to re-instate your status as a living woman or man and declare your residency in the original jurisdiction under the Constitution. Except, that is, for federal Agents and Employees, members of the Military, Negroes, and persons willfully claiming United States citizenship. ALL other U.S. citizens are corporate entities cestui que vie trusts used as transmitting utilities to pledge federal ownership of their bank accounts, of their land, homes, and other property. They are simply allowed to act as Trustees of their own Estate Trusts as stateless pawns. When you realize that youve been declared dead and all your property interests have been transferred into a cestui que vie trust operating in your capitalized name, this makes more sense. You continue to live in your house and write checks on your bank account, but you are seen as being a trustee agent of the trust, and as a tenant of the trust paying rent, and not as the OWNER of your property that is held in trust for the state and by the state. You dont even get credit for the sacrifice youve voluntarily unknowingly made by donating your land, private property, and labor as collateral for the governments endless borrowing. Everything you think you own was pre-pledged in 1933 by the Governors Conference as your full faith and credit when the original States were entered into bankruptcy under conditions of fraud. This creates yet another obstacles between us and our claim to original jurisdiction.

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