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The Famous Shrine of Mazaar

Sheberghan- Mazar line Terrain Description: This is a wide area behind the existing (kod-ebarq) building; no new intervention is made yet in this area. AP16: AP1 in the photo is in fact AP16, it is written so because we started from Mazar and in the beginning we thought if we write it from one then

it is may be easy and regular to start the board from 1 to 16 although the decision was changed after AP12 and again all from 12 to the 1st are written as it is in the given terrain (AP1 from Sheberghan to Mazar).

From AP16 to AP15 it has been barren land until it passes the river, although there is a the existing line from came from Mazar small power plant to the (kod-e-Barq) complex the new line should pass that one.

AP15:is beside the river and is located in a place which is agriculture land just the place where the tower comes is agriculture land which has not been cultivated for the past three years. Wheat is the main product of this land, for installation of a new tower you need just 100m2 land that can produce 50kg wheat which cost 1100 Afs (22$) current prices. This is the only cost you need to pay for compensation of agriculture products. If you need to purchase land for the tower then the cost is 3000$ although there is not owner who has the official documents, the one who owe has occupied it years before.

AP15-AP14: in between those two points there is no agriculture land just in. in some places there were some interventions made by people as they has occupied the land but the local people said except the houses the rest of land belongs to government nobody has objection if there government or any project do any kind of intervention.

AP 14: AP14 in picture bellow is the last tower of the same direction towers the new substation while in the previous terrain the direction had changed from this tower to the northeast, where families are located. The written board is not correct in fact the revers writing was somehow completed while you are under the pressure of other problems like security and social constraints but the location is exactly the same is given in GPS coordinate.

AP14-AP13: Neither agriculture land nor settlement exist. in coordinate N: 36 38 16.07 E: 66 54 10.18there is a plot marked, according to consultation with a local person this land had been occupied by someone from the local community, who was prevented by government for doing more work since this land is belong to government.

AP13 (AP4): the photo bellow is from AP13 while written AP4, this land is governmental but in spring most of years this places is used as orchard but not for a special group or it is not a community grazing land it is a governmental land that everybody has access to it in case government want to do any intervention nobody has any objection.

AP13-AP12:neither agriculture nor settlement do exist in between these two points all the terrain is government land so there is no objection of any for any intervention.

AP12: AP12 the photo bellow shows AP12, this tower is locating in barren land and is belong to government.

AP11: The AP11 is located in a hill where just 100 m towards the AP10 there is a police check post is located in a lower area they do not let us to make photo in which the check post should not be visible.The land is belonging to

government.Intervention has been observed, neither for agriculture land nor for settlement.

Between the AP11 and AP10: Along all the terrain between these two points there is not agriculture land ad no settlement this is an orchard for public no special belonging for special use to any community was reported during the consultation with local people. AP10:

AP10 is located in Balkh belonged area, the land belong to government and where no agriculture or settlement exists.

Between AP10-AP9: In all the terrain between AP 10 and AP 9 there is no agriculture properties at all neither cultivate area nor orchard.

AP9: AP9 is located in Balkh province belonged area a government land not agriculture land and settlement exit there.

Between the AP 10 and AP9: Only in N: 36 39 28.15 E: 66 24 35.67 there is agriculture irrigated land. Wheat and sesame are the main products Maize and Corn are also produced here but according to a farmer wheat melon, water melon and sesame are the main products because there is market for it and in case water is less than these two can sustain longer. People count on Jirib (2000m2) one Jirib of this land produce 560 kg wheat and 350 kg sesame and around 1000 kg melon or water melon. So the average cost per 2000m2 is 17300 AFs which makes 340 USD. Only 5 towers come in the agriculture field if one tower is totally needs 4000m2 which cost 678$ in maximum. Agriculture products Products KG/2000m2 cost/kg wheat 560 25 Sesame 350 72 Melon 1000 15 Water melon 1000 15 cost of 2000 sqm 14000 25200 15000 15000

Passing this agriculture plot there not cultivated land until AP8. AP8: is located in barred land belong to government

Between AP8 and AP7: Between these two points there is not agriculture land, it is an orchard for public. To the north of terrain singes have been observed that there has been rain fed land, but is not along the exact line corridor.


Between AP7 and AP6: there not agriculture land in between these two points passing 3 towers after AP7 there is down and which finally end in a hill where AP6 is located. AP6:

Starting from AP6 there has been agriculture rain fed land that product just wheat. From AP6 to an extent beyond the AP 4 before AP4 this area is all agriculture land but belong to government. Government gives this land to some people mostly to the employees of Khojacogardak factory as contract this land is productive based on rain if there is enough rain then in produce more if no rain then even they do not try to collect the harvest since it cannot recover the investment. It produce only wheat in average 245 kg that cost 6250 AFs(122$) market price.

Three towers from AP6 to AP5 and 5 towers from AP5 to AP4 totally 8 towers come in agriculture land if we count one tower 800m2(land type 1 and 420m2 land type 2) total eight towers needs 6400m2 land around 3.2 jirib(2000m2) each Jirib costs 122$ so totally 390 $ in maximum.

Between AP6 and AP5: There is agriculture land belong to government. This land goes on contract between government and some local farmers. But is totally governmental

land here we recommend that the project announce through agriculture department to the farmers as following: Once the timeframe for implementing the project has become clear the project can announce to the contractor farmer that they have to leave open 50 m long in and 3 m wide corridor to each tower in average this is very easy comparing to documenting and estimating compensation because if the farmer take the impression that he is getting compensation he will try to count higher cost that can at least give you headache or postpone the project for a while.


Between the AP4 and AP3: There is not agriculture between these two points just barren land beside of it to the west there is agriculture land but the exact line corridor passes barren land only.

Between AP3 and AP2: Starting from AP3 there is barren land towards AP2 6 towers come in agriculture irrigated land which total need 4800 m2 land which in average the product per this amount of land costs 873$ Agriculture products cost cost of 2000 Products KG/2000m2 cost/kg sqm wheat 560 25 14000 Sesame 420 72 30240 Melon 1000 15 15000

Water melon




Along all the terrain from AP2 to AP1 we say only two things the sesame and wheat see bellow pictures:

There are other agriculture used as fodder but if you ask them for compensation then they give you costs of the four products. The reason why they count this is that they sale this most of the time. So they know the cost. In SalmazalAfghania there is only one building that the line should pass it although tower is in beside of the building but for safety reason the project may require to compensate it change in the terrain will defiantly bring too much trouble sine it has to pass more agriculture land or change in the location of AP2.

To make it clear no tower come in house but the line passes just one newly constructed building partially. The building is located in N: 36 36 54.59 and E: 65 50 09.78.

AP2: AP2 is located in agriculture land and in counted in the estimation above.

Between AP2 and AP1: Totally 31 towers come in agriculture land until the line passes Safid river. The cost and estimation per tower is as bellow:

According to the local farmers there is lots of agriculture products produce here but if we count for all then the average cost reduces see below: Agriculture products cost cost of 2000 Products KG/2000m2 cost/kg sqm wheat 560 25 14000 Sesame 420 72 30240 Melon 1000 15 15000 Water melon 1000 15 15000 Zagher 140 28 3920 Arzan 170 30 5100 total 83260

average in Afs Cost in USD

13876.67 272.0915

Our understanding is that you count for only wheat, sesame, Melon and water melon which cost more but reduces headaches as bellow: Agriculture products cost cost of 2000 Products KG/2000m2 cost/kg sqm wheat 560 25 14000 Sesame 420 72 30240 Melon 1000 15 15000 Water melon 1000 15 15000 total 74240 Average in AFS 18560 average in in USD 363.9216 If we count it for 31 towers that come in agriculture land since it need 24800m2lands that makes 12.4 Jiribs so in cost given above totally compensation between AP2 and AP1 makes 4513 USD. We who made the real experience are sure that these costs are the good maximum cost but do not guarantee not change in it. Because when you ask the farmer they give you the information based in their experiences if they expect grant then they give you lower amount of products but if they know

that it is for compensation then they give you high production.