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Winter 2008 Special Edition

Multicultural Gazette

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Multicultural Marketing Division

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We are delighted to share with you information and marketing products focusing on the fastest growing population of home buyers;
primarily but not limited to, the Hispanic, Asian and African American communities, traditionally known as “minorities.”

By the year 2050, one in four Americans will be Hispanic. In several states, “minorities” are the majority of the population. More
importantly for us in the Real Estate industry is that the home ownership rate for households in these population segments are 15 to
22% below the White population segment. Moreover, from 1990 to 2001, the purchasing power of African Americans, Asians, and
Latinos increased 237%, 434% and 457% respectively; for Whites, it increased 175% during this period. Last but not least, did you
know that women make up the fastest growing segment of small business owners and they represent 20% of all first time home
buyers? You get the picture.

In this changing real estate market and economy, many professionals want to expand their market reach. Our goal is to raise your
awareness of the opportunities and to inform you of the resources we have available to successfully market to these communities.

We hope you find this Multicultural Gazette of interest and that you include some of our products and programs in your tool box.


The Multicultural Marketing Team

Tools For Your Tool Box

• One of our key resources are educational seminars, in-language and in-culture brochures and websites to help educate the
fastest growing population of home buyers.
• Our seminars introduce you to basic information on how to understand marketing and selling to these emerging population
groups. Some of the trainings we have focus on the Hispanic, Asian, Russian and African American cultures. We also have other
trainings such as, “A Place to Call Her Own,” which highlights the opportunities in looking at single and professional women as
a target market to purchase real estate.
• To help you explain to your customers the process of buying a home and of securing a home mortgage, we have developed Power
Point presentations. These presentations are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, and Russian.
• “Your Journey to Home Ownership” and “Title and Escrow” are two brochures that are available in English, Spanish, Chinese,
Vietnamese, Russian, Korean and two Indian languages (Hindi and Punjabi).
• Our company has translated their national websites to Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean. Our “”
website educates the consumer about title insurance and the escrow process. is in English, Spanish, Chinese,
Vietnamese, Korean and Russian.
• Additionally, we have a Spanish-English educational website: Mi Casa en California (
• We also produced an English-Spanish CD that translates and explains the most important Real Estate terms.
• Most importantly, we have the best business development and escrow teams.

VIP Spotlight

“Because of my large Spanish speaking "The professional services, along with the
clientele, I have been able to benefit by educational materials are informative &
using some of FNF Spanish language supportive in helping explain to my clients
brochures and websites to help my clients the home buying process, especially the
understand the process of buying a home. I benefits of title & escrow for both sellers and
applaud FNF for creating brochures that are buyers. It strengthens my clients' confidence
both in-language and in-culture. ” level when closing the deal."

Jorge Carcamo, Broker/Owner, Gold Key Tony Lai, Horizon Enterprise Real Estate,
Realty, San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA

Did You Know?

• Black History Month. Dr. Carter G. Woodson launched Negro History Week in 1926, chosen in the second week of February because
it marked the birthdays of two Americans who greatly influenced the lives and social conditions of African Americans; esteemed
abolitionist Fredrick Douglas and Pres. Abraham Lincoln. It is now celebrated during the entire month of February.
• The homeownership rate for African Americans and Latinos is about 48% and for Asians about 60%. For White Households the rate
is about 75%.
• helps Real Estate Associations and the MLS make their listings international by translating their listings into 13
languages: English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, German, French and Japanese to name a few