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828A Heavy duty length cutting machine for lifting and tie-down belts (hot) 828B Heavy duty

industrial cutting machine for Synthetic Fiber Rope (heat cutter)

Instructions Manual & Illustrated Parts Catalogue

This catalog has been prepared to guide you while operating 828 class hot cutting machine and arranged to simplify ordering spare parts. Before putting the machines described in this manual into service, carefully read the instructions. The starting of each machine is only permitted after taking notice of the instructions and by qualified operators.

Edition No.: English 2.0 Rights Reserved In All Countries Printed in China


Company Introduction
HIGHTEX Company is a specialist machine maker, specializing in electronic cutting machines. Micro computer belt cutting machines, Might Adhesivegluing machines,Milky-white gluegluing machines, And other leather bags mechanical design and manufacturing.

Out machines are widely used for making handbags, suitcases, leather articles, insulating wares, HIGHTEX has a strong research and development ability. It has a complete quality management system and good services for per-sale and after-sale, it can provide customers with best services.

HIGHTEX Company persists in a notion ofman is fumdamental and Customer is first, it regards honesty, technology, progress and responsibility as enterprise spirit, it provides customers with stable characters, good quality, humanized operation, bigh efficiency and speed professional output, these machine are the products which can create high profit.



Preface Chapter 1 Machine Structure 1 .Install the material loader 2. Control Panel 3. Install and adjust the cold knives 4. Install and adjust the hot knives 5. Install the tension gear Chapter Maintain the Machine and its hints Chapter3SimpleTroubleshooting Chapter 4 After Sale Service Chapter 5 Wire Diagrams Chapter6Explosive Drawing of the parts 3 4 4 4-10 10-11 12 12 13 13-14 14 15 16



Thank you for your wise selection to buy our products. We provide you not only quality machine, but also a reliable after-sale service. For operators body safety, and for protecting the machine, it is absolutely necessary to read this operational manual very carefully before you operate this machine. Please pay attention to the usage hints. This manual introduces in detail the machine structure, operational regulations, maintenance, the troubleshooting for the possible troubles and the wire diagrams. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives who will be glad to serve you.

*Any claims cannot be lodged based on the contents of this operational manual. *Our company has the absolute right to explain the meaning of this operational manual. All the explanation on this operational manual must be subject to our explanation.




1. Install the material loader (FIG. A) (1) After you tighten the screw (5), the material weight will be increased. (2) Do not allow the movable metal discs (6) to clamp the materials too tight. Leave a gap.
material material 1 2 6 4 3 5


* HIGHTEX Auto Strip Cutting Machine * Knife A = 0 Mode = normal Length A = 0000.0 Speed = 00 Total: 00000 Finish= 000:00000




(1) FUNCTIONS FWD+: Press this button, and the roller clockwise turns. For setting length, this button can be used for setting the figures after the decimal. REVERSE-: Press this button, and the roller will counterclockwise turns. For setting length, this button can be used for setting the figures after the decimal. / CLR/CUT: Press this button, and the knife will cut once. It can be used to clear the error values on the setting footage. A LENGTH A: Press this button, then press figure buttons to set the LEN length A. SPD: Press this button, then press figure buttons to set speed within a range from 00 to 99.the bigger the figure is, the fast the speed is. UNIT: Press this button, then press figure buttons to set the number of the cutting lots. If the setting is 0,the knife wont cut. TOL: Press this button, then press figure buttons to set total cutting quantity. A CUT A Press this button, then press figure buttons to set the number of cutting times for knife A. After you finish each of the above setting, you must press SET button once so as to save the setting value. If you finish the setting, and want to return to the main menu, just press STOP


button. CMP: Press this button to clear the number of the finished cutting times. RUN: Press this button to start the machine. FUN: Before you selectFeeding mode, following setting is invald. F00Time delay for cutting F01Cutting interval F02Hold cutting for each lot: If the setting is 0, the knife will keep on cutting till the total cutting quantity is completed. You must press CMP button again, then press RUN button so as to restart. F03Point search speed: 1~5x100 Hz F04Point length searching: the range of the point search length is from 0 to 255mm. If the setting is 0, the sensor cannot the point. The length B, the Knife B, the length C and the knife C will immediately carry out the cutting action. F05Knife B: Press this button to set the number of knife B cutting times. If the setting is 0, the knife has no action. F06Length B: Press this button to set the size of Length B. if the setting is 0, there will be no action. F07Knife C: Press this button to set the number of knife C cutting times. If the setting is 0, the knife has no action. F08Length C: Press this button to set the size of Length C. If the setting is 0, there will be no action. After you finish each of the above setting, you must press SET


button once to save the parameter. Then, press SET button again so as to shift to next function setting. After all the settings are completed, press STOP button to return the main menu. <FUNCTION CODES>

0=1P, 1=2P Setting 1 0=CW, 1=CCW Setting 1 099 Setting2 4 99=9.9khz Setting99 10=1.0khz Setting00 0 Knife of motor 1 Knife A of cylinder 2 Knife B of cylinder 3 Knife of flywheel 6. Feeding mode 0=normal 1=searching the point 7. Acceleration 04 Setting 4 8. Multiplied by length 1~99 Setting 1 9. Divided by length 1~99 Setting 1 (2) Setting a certain cutting length ExampleThe cutting length desired is 150.4mm. The total cutting quantity are 1200 strips. 12 strips are packed in one box. Turn on the power switch to enter the operational footage. Set the cutting length 150.4.

0. Pulse 1. Feeding Mode 2. Jog speed 3. Top limit of speed 4. Bottom limit of speed 5. Cutting mode






2 0

If the pressed figure is bigger than4, you may press CCW button [-] to return to 4.




Select your desire speed. The speed from slow [00] to fast [99], total 100 speeds. If the material is flexible, or the material wed is heavier without the support of the feeding device, please select a slower speed. 1 2
1 2 SET






Set the hold time for each lot depending on the actual need, but the holding time cannot be 0.

exit. Then, the footage will display each of you set parameters.

After you complete above settings, please press STOP button to

If an error setting is found for example, the length setting becomes 250.6mm, the other settings are correct, then you may repeat the step 1 for correction.

**HIGHTEX Auto Strip Cutting Machine** F02 SETTING Knife A=0 Mode=cut Length A=0150.4 Speed=10 Hold time of lot=0 19 5

Place the material: Adjust the material spacers. Fix the material by the spacers so that the material wont slant, but do not clamp the material, or the cutting length wont be accurate. Feed the material between the upper roller and the lower roller. Press CW [+] button till the front end of the strip over the knife position. Press START button [RUN]. Then, you have completed auto cutting.

Should you have any questions, please contact our sales representative.


This machine can cut 3 different lengths in one cycle. This function is often used in electronic industry to cut conduction or insulation material. The Cutting process is shown below:
LEN A Knife LEN B Knife LEN C Knife

Turn on the power switch. When the footage a appears, press FUN button to enter the setting mode.

enter parameter code ****. Then, press SET button. After above step is completed, you can enter footage c. Press FUN button, and the cursor will jump to the position of the parameter number. Then, press 8 to enter the feeding mode.

After above step is completed, you can enter footage b. Please





After entering the feeding mode, there are 2 selections 0 and 1. 0 is


normal mode. 1 is point search mode. Now you select 1 to enter point search mode. Then, press SET button. Press STOP button to exit the set mode. After above setting is completed, you can HIGHTEX enter footage e, and find Mode = point search. Thus, the point search function is stated.


<RETURN TO NORMAL MODE AND CANCEL POINT SEARCH FUNCTION> Operate the procedure from step 1 to step 4 of the point-search the point-search function. Select 0 for the function is cancelled. feeding mode. Then, follow the following step to return the normal mode. After that, the footage f appears Mode =normal. It means that After point-search function is started, the machine can cut 3 different lengths, such as 126.1mm, 448.0mm and 168.8mm. CUTTING METHOD

- 10 -





Please press SET button two times more. Enter F3 footage, and set the point search speed 0 S Fi C












Enter F5 to set 1 for

4 4 8



Enter F6. Set 448 for length




If you press the one more button, and get a bigger figure than you want, you may press CCW [-] button to return to the figure which you want.

Enter F7. Set 1 for

1 6 8



Enter F8. Set 168.8 for

After above setting is completed, press STOP button to exit the setting mode.

- 11 -

If you just need to cut two different lengths, please set 0 for both length C and knife C. thats all. After exiting the setting mode, set 126.1 for length A according to the procedure mentioned in above [2. Setting a certain cutting length]. 3. Install and Adjust the Cold Knives (Fig. D)
Slide plate Connecting plate Be very careful when you replace Lower cold knife the knives so as not to damage Upper cold knife the knife edge! REMOVE THE KNIVES (1). Use one 5mm hex wrench to removeM6*15 M6*15 the 3 set screws of the upper cold knife. M6*12 screw M6x12 M6*12 Round cross-head Then, remove the upper cold knife. Fig. D (2). Use a Philips screwdriver to remove 3 set screws of the lower cold knife. Then, remove the lower cold knife.

INSTALL THE KNIVES (1). Use one piece of clean cotton cloth or gauze to clean the knives and the knife contact areas of the machine. (2). Install the lower cold knife to the machine. Verify that the upper cold knife and the lower cold knife Knife manual perfect contact the connecting plate. Then, tighten adjustment the 3 set screws to the lower cold knife. Fig. E (3). For the convenience of installing the upper cold knife, please make knife adjustment manually. Adjust the slide to the highest position. Then, install the upper cold knife. At this time, do not tightened the set screws of the upper cold knife. See Fig. E.

- 12 -

(4). Manually adjust the slide to the lowest position. Then, tighten the set screws of the upper cold knife. Please tighten the set screw at the central posit first. Then, tighten the rest 2 set screws on both sides. (5). Make a manual adjustment so that the edge of the upper cold knife moves slowly off the edge of the lower cold knife, but do not let the edges completely off. Repeat this action several times to remove the burrs adhered to the edges of the knives. Then, adjust the slide to the highest position. ADJUST THE KNIVES AFTER INSTALLATION (Fig. F) (1). Before adjust the machine, please turn off the power switch for safety purpose. (2). After installing the knives, tighten the nuts (N). Firmly touch the screw (P) by a philips screwdriver so that the screw wont follow the nut to turn, but do not tighten the screw (P) too deep (too tight), or the screw will touch the slide (M), and jam the slide. (3). Use one L8 wrench to move the slide so that the slide can slowly grind the upper and lower cold knives. This action helps the contact of the knives. When the slide is moved to the highest position, use the knife manual adjustment to test cutting. Fig. F L8 wrench L8 (4). After cutting test, if the left-hand side material cannot be completely cut off, or has cutting burrs, please tighten a little the left-hand side nut, and loosen a little the right-hand side nut (N). Then, test the cutting again. If the material is still cannot be perfectly cut off, repeat the above action till the cutting result is perfect. If you still cannot completely cut off the material, please add one piece of paper to the back of the knife blade at the place where the material cannot be cut off. This paper can increase the contact area between the upper and lower knives at the

- 13 -

material-not-off place. If the right-hand side material cannot be completely cut off, please tighten a little the right-hand side nut and loosened a little the left-hand side nut, and make the same manual adjustments as above. 4. INSTALL AND ADJUST HOT KNIVES For tighten the hot knives, please tighten the lower knife seat (88) first. Then, tighten the heat insulation plate (91), hot knives (92) and the copper heating elements (93) accordingly. Note! The lower knife pad (85) is not allowed to be higher than the upper plane of the lower knife seat (88), or the material feeding wont be smooth. Remove or replace the knives in the reverse order. Please use manual mode to cut once. If the operation is normal, then you can start cutting. See Fig. G.

Fig. G Fig. H 5. INSTALL THE TENSION GEAR (Fig. H) It is necessary to install a tension gear (11) when the material wed is heavier so as to reduce the loading of the feeding motor, and keep the cutting precision.

- 14 -

1. Please input correct correct voltage with a tolerance of 10V. Practically ground the machine to avoid the damage caused by electricity leakage. 2. Be sure to switch off the power, and pull out the plug before you make any adjustment with the machine. It is for your body safety. Do not allow children or non-authorized operators to be close to the machine so as to avoid danger. 3. When you blow off the dust from the computer box by air gun, the air must not contain moisture. If there is moisture, please drain the water in the air compressor. 4. Please use lubricant #40 for the machine. The lubricating positions are marked on the lateral covers of the machine. 5. In cold place the grease inside the machine might be frozen. Please insert one L8 wrench into the knife manual adjustment hole. Turn the wrench according to the turning direction shown on the cover, and also feed the normal-temperatured lubricant into the lubricating positions. Turn the wrench slowly till the knife blades are not jammed. Then, you can start the machine. 6. The back of the machine must be 40mm off the wall. Reserve repair space on both sides of the machine. 7. Be very carefully when you replace the knives so as to avoid finger/boby injure canused by the knives. Besides, be sure to pull out the plug.

- 15 -



1. Turn on the power switch. If the control panel displays nothing, and no lamp lights, the fuse might blow. Please replace it with a correct fuse. 2. The knife keeps on cutting when there is no material: Please adjust the position of the proximity switch to a proper place where it can properly detect the induction screw, but it cannot touch the induction screw. If the problem still exists, the proximity switch or the computer box might be down.

3. The cutting length is incorrect: (1). The upper roller doesnt have Pressure nut of enough 111 pressure. Adjust the Upper roller pressure nut to 11 1 increase the pressure. See Fig. I. (2). The set screws of the feeding motor are loose. Tighten the screws. Fig. I (3). The screws of the belt wheel of the lower roller are loose, or the screws of the belt wheel of the feeding motor are loose. Tighten all of these screws. (4). The machine cuts two strips at the same time, and the two cut pieces have different lengths: Adjust the pressures on both sides of the upper roller till the two cut pieces have the same length. (5). The feeding motors shakes while feeding, and cannot operate smoothly: The driving box is down. Please replace it with a new one. 4. Press START BUTTON, but the machine has no action: (1). The preset cutting length or the preset cutting quantity is zero,

- 16 -

therefore the machine wont work. Please enter a correct setting figure. (2). The preset cutting quantity is equal to the quantity which has been cut already. Please press RESET BUTTON. (3). If all above measures are invalid, the computer box is down. 5. The hot cutting cannot cut off the belt: (1). The knife edge is indented or dull. Please regrind or sharpen it. (2). The lower knife pad has deep cuts. Replace the pad. (3). The copper heating elements are aged. Whose power shown in the meter is low. Replace the copper heating elements. (4). The setting temperature is too low. Please raise the setting temperature. (5). The material is too thick. Please make a new setting, and increase the number of cutting.

6. The cold cutting cannot cut off the material: (1). The knife edge is indented or dull. Regrind or replace it. (2). The material is partially cut off: please add one pieced of paper on the back of the lower knife. (3). Adjust the gap screw of the knife. Loosen the nuts. Then, tighten the screws. After that, tighten the nuts.

Note! Do not turn the screws to the bottom, or the screws might firmly touch the gap board, and jam the slide.

- 17 -




We offer one (1) year guarantee for free maintenance and repair of the machine from the delivery date, but we are not responsible for following events: a. The machine is damaged during the transportion arranged by yourselves. b. Do not install a voltage stabilizer when you install the machine at an unstable voltage place, thus the machine is damaged. c. Use incorrect voltage which results in machine damage. d. Modify the machine without our prior written permission, and damage the machine. e. The machine is not sold directly from us to you, but through a middle man or other seller. f. The machine is not repaired or disassembled by our authorized persons (or technicians), thus the machine is damaged. g. Natural disasters or under force majeure. h. The consuming parts, such as cold knife, copper heating elements, knife pad, rubber roller, proximity switch, button switch, hot knife and heat insulation board.

- 18 -


Step motor
DX-B23HB DX B23 Flat cable For buttons

LCDflat cable LCD LCD shade

LC D cont rast


LCD cabl Fl shade at e

AC11 A C 110V Knife of cylinder

1Air blow valve interval) (cutting

Step pulse signal

Sensor A of Sensor B of cylinder knife Cylinder knife M ode of cyl nder kni B i fe Sensor B Sensor A Sensor A of Safety Point search top start point valve sensor of cylinder knife

Output voltage AC 220V

Mode of Cylinder Knife A Sensor A

A C 220V

- 19 -




- 20 -

N0. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 NAMES OF PARTS Machine main frame Slide seat Lower cold knife Socket head hex screw M6x12 Pad of lower knife Flat head Philips screw M5x12 Slide rule Pillar of slide rule Fixed seat for knife adjustment Socket head hex screw M6x45 Spring: wire dia.10, inner dia.4.0 and length 22 Spring: wire dia.10, inner dia.4.0 and length 27 Spring: wire dia.10, inner dia.4.0 and length 34 Fixed plate for knife adjustment M6 nut Round head Philips M6x30 Unloading board for cold cut Socket head hex screw M6x10 Bearing 6004 Shaft of cam Key 6x30 Key 6x30 NO. 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

NAMES OF PARTS Belt wheel of cam shaft Top screw M6x10 Inducing ring Socket head hex screw M10x20 Hex head screw M6x25 Copper lever Cam Gasket of cam Flat head Philips screw M6x8 Socket head hex screw M6x12 Bolt for copper lever M6 washer Fixed board of proximity switch
Big flat head Philips screw M4x6

Philips screw M3x20 Proximity switch M3 nut Lower roller Key 6x15 Fixed sleeve of lower roller Bearing 6202 Bearing seat

- 21 -

45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 Left/right arm of upper roller
Set screw for left/right arm of upper roller

69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92

Socked head hex screw M6x100

Fan front cover Fan front cover

Big flat head philips screw M5x6 Transmitting gear of upper roller

Big flat head Philips M4x8 Lever of upper roller Upper roller Pressure bolt for upper roller
Pressure spring of upper roller, wire dia.1.4, inner dia.6.5 and length 45

Belt wheel of upper roller Motor for knife Fixed board of knife motor Hex head screw M6x20 Belt wheel of knife motor Belt wheel of knife motor Step motor Fixed board of step motor Belt wheel of step motor Belt wheel of step motor Control box Lower knife pad Pillar of lower knife pad
Spring f lower knife pad: wire dia. 1.6, inner dia. 8.5 and length 32

Pressure nut of upper roller

Fix block for feeding Socket head hex screw M6x25 Fixed bar for feeding Material separating board Top screw M4x10
Set screw of material separating board

Set nut of material separating board

Connecting plate Flat head Philips screw M4x8 Material pressing board
Spring wire of material pressing board: wire dia. 0.6, inner dia.6.0 and length 34

Fixed sleeve of material pressing board

Pad seat of lower knife

Pillar fixed sleeve for lower knife pad

Round head philips M4x8 Socket head hex screw M6x100 Upper cold knife

Socket head hex screw M6x35 Heat insulation board Hot knife

- 22 -

93 94 95 96 Copper heating block PW 6.5x19x2 Socket head hex screw M6x50 Unloading board for hot cut 97 98 99 Rear baffle Left cover Safety cover

No. 1 2 3 4 NAMES Hex head wrench L3 Hex head wrench L8 Hex head wrench T4 Hex head wrench T5 (for hot cut) No. 5 6 7 8 NAMES Open end wrench 10-12 Long, Philips screw knife Oil pot Short, Philips screw knife (for hot cut)

- 23 -