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What you need:(Serves 2) -300g ripe strawberries -4 tablespoons plain yoghurt -2 teaspoons finely chopped mint -1-2 teaspoons honey

2. Serve chilled, with a straw and enjoy!

1. Put everything in a blender and whiz at top speed.

What to do:

Dear Readers, Top-Mag is back with another fun issue to enjoy during the Summer. We've included loads of summery treats such as Summer Drinks, Top 5 Places to go on Holiday and some holiday arts and crafts. As well as this, catch up on the latest music charts, discover 5 must-try exotic fruits and bring the beach to your back yard with our latest Party Planner. Of course, don't forget this month's Culture Page featuring Greece ! Enjoy...at the beach!

What you need:(serves 1) -1 lemon -1 pint of sparkling water -Caster sugar (to taste) 1 cup mixed berry juice (strawberry, cranberry, grape etc...) -few drops blue food colouring (optional) -6 blackberries* and skewer Method: 1. Squeeze the lemon into a tall glass. Mix in the berry juice followed by sparkling water and sugar. 2. Add a few drops of food colouring to the cocktail.

3. Next, carefully thread the berries onto a long wooden skewer. 4. Put the skewer and some ice cubes into the glass and enjoy! *If you don't have blackberries, you can use any other type of berries available (So long as they're not poisonous)!

5 LA (Los Angeles), United States of America: LA is in California and is one of the biggest cities in America. It is le home to about 3 million peop y in and is the most populated cit a California. LA is also home to ous place called Hollywood, fam its worldwide for its movies and large 'Hollywood' sign.

that hosts the magnificent is Sydney opera house. Sydney the most populated city in Australia with around 4 and a half million people. It can be uth found in the state of New So Wales. Sydney also held the Olympic Games in 2000.

4 Egypt: Egypt is a great spot for people who like sunny holidays.... very sunny holidays!!! Egypt, apart from and being home to the Pyramids the Sphinx is also the place to find the valley of Luxor where gs someof the great Egyptian kin for were buried. Egypt is great t ancient things but if this is no what you're into why not take a boat trip down the river Nile.

d 2 Dubai: Dubai is in the Unite Arab Emirates and is the home to the tallest building in the the world. If you want a hotel in world that has more then five in stars go there. There is a hotel Dubai that is so good it has 7 stars!. There is a tennis court on the roof and a helicopter ly landing point. It is also extreme tall.

3 Sydney, Australia: Sydney has been mistaken by many people to be the capital of pital Australia. Canberra is the ca of the country but Sydney is nevertheless a great city. It is ur home to one amazing harbo

a is 1 Barcelona, Spain: Barcelon al a great city. It is not the capit of Spain but it is the capital of Catalonia. It is the second drid. largest city in Spain after Ma It may be the home to the also Camp Nou but basketball is r. In played here as well as socce llion Barcelona there is about 5 mi people. By Ryan Curly

In this article youll find out about 5 amazing fruits that Im pretty sure youve never heard of. Once youve seen their rainbow of tropical colours, alien-like spiky, hairy and scaly skin and bizarre pulp, youll be dying to try them!
Pitaya or Dragon Fruit: I personally think this amazing fruit looks just like any real-life dragon egg! There are different varieties of Pitaya (or Pithaya), which are the fruit of several cactus species, but the one commonly known as Dragon Fruit is the fruit of the Hylocereusundatus plant. This plant blossoms only at night to reveal beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers. Unlike the flowers you might be used to, these flowers are pollinated by nocturnal animals such as bats and moths instead of bees. The cactus is native to Central America. This amazing fruit has an unusual bright pink and green scaly skin and a sweet, white or red pulp, dotted with tiny black seeds. The flesh has a sweet and refreshing flavour and can be consumed in many ways including smoothies, jam, fruit salads or eaten raw. Durian: Ever heard of Durian? Known for its unusual (to say the least)odour, this tree born fruit is native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. The fruit has a greenish-brown thorny skin and a red or yellow flesh. This pulp has a unique odour that some say smells like almonds, others (dont laugh) like sweaty socks, stale vomit and skunk spray. I knowew!! It has even been band from certain hotels. However, surprisingly the fruit is loved by several animals such as elephants, squirrels and orangutans, even though some of them can detect the smell from half a mile away. The fruit can grow as high as 40cm long and 30cm wide! It is used to flavour many sweet foods such as cakes, ice-cream, rose biscuits and even cappuccinos.

Horned Melon:This exotic fruit, native to southern Africa, has many names this being one of the most common. It has an orangey-yellow skin covered with horn-like spikes and a lime green flesh with a jelly-like texture actually resembling jelly! The fruit has soft edible seeds and the sour flavor of the flesh is described as a cross between melon and cucumber with a hint of banana. It can be eaten raw, in salads, sauces or blended in drinks.

Sugar Apple or Custard Apple: For those who arent a big fan of apples, maybe this sweetened version might sound a bit more appealing! This plant is native to the tropical Americas and its fruit is round, about 6-10cm wide with a green, pine cone-like scaly skin. The fruit has several seeds, coated with the edible part of the flesh. The white or pale yellow pulp is sweet, juicy and resembles the taste of custard. The fruit is eaten fresh, never cooked. In some places the pulp is pressed through a sieve, to get rid of the seeds, then made into delicious icecream or added to drinks. The seeds can be made into a paste and applied to hair to kill lice but must be kept away from eyes as they could cause irritation or even blindness.

Rambutan: And last but not leastRambutan! This incredible fruit has a red, leathery skin with bendy spines that can only be described as,wellhairy (hence it names derived from the Malay word for hair)! Native to Malay Archipelago, SoutheastAsia, the fruit are oval and about 3-6cm long and 3-4cm wide. They grow in clusters of about 10-20 fruit. The skin is easily peeled revealing a slightly translucent, white and juicy flesh and a single glossy seed. The flesh has a delicious, sweet and slightly sour flavour and is often made into lovely jams. By Maya Brennan

5 This issue's Culture Page features Greece. FUN FACTS This amazing country has many facinating Greek Mythology is ABOUT GREECE facts from ancient times as well as current what makes up Ancient info. We have also included some Greek Greece. Did you know? mythology and a tasty recipe so that Zeus was the king of the gods. His you can get a little taste of powers were almost endless. His best one, 1. Greek has been spoken since Greek Culture. hurdling thunderbolts at anyone he disliked. ancient times, for about 3,000 years. TM editor Zeus had many sons and daughters. One of Its one of the oldest languages in Europe. them was Dionysus. He is the god of the grape harvest/ god of wine. Another was Athena, goddess 2. Greece is surrounded by over 2,000 of war and wisdom. The capital of Greece, Athens is islands about 170 of them are populated. named after her. The child of a god and a mortal was called a Hero. 3. Though its own population is only of about They normally had special powers, for example the 10 million inhabitants, about 16 million tourists son of Zeus, Hercules, who had super-human strength. visit Greece each year. When a god or human was punished, they were sent to the Underworld, ruled by the god Hades, to be 4. The only actors in Ancient Greek plays tortured for all eternity. were men so they all wore large masks for In Greek Mythology there are also many creatures their characters to be recognisedweird. such as Cyclopes, these are basically one-eyed monsters. There have been many books written 5. The first Olympic Games were about Greek Mythology. One of them is The held in Greece, in 776 BC in the Odyssey by Homer ( not the Simpsons' honour of their god Zeus. version). The Odyssey is about a famous Greek King, Odysseus, By Maya Brennan and his adventures. By Ryan Curley

t nival tha re e k c a r th e G a n ua r y . Patras is 17 th o f J n th e carnivals s ta r ts o e largest o f th ere is a It is one P a tr a s th . In Opening in Europe n ts , T h e f e ve variety o ildren's y, The Ch ay Night Ce re m o n e S a t ur d nival, Th Ca r ing The Clos d a de a nd a l s ta r te Pa r he Carniv y. T a g o fr o m Ce re m o n 00 y e a r s d er 1 n y s us ( g o a b o ut o v rating Dio h eleb p a g a ns c rvest) wit an g ra p e h a c o f th e ay people s To this d ilar thing f e a s ts . ts and sim s during loa witness f e s tr e e t r o ug h t h p a s s th Curley P a tr a s . By Ry a n

Preparation: 1. Preheatovento390F(200C). 2.Combine all dough ingredients and kneed for 20min, set aside until oven is preheated and prepare toppings. Roll out into a thickness of 1/4 inch and brush with olive oil. 3. Cover with toppings and sprinkle with your choice of cheese. 4. Cook for 30 minutes and Enjoy! Eva Maguire

Ingredients: For the pizza dough: 4 cups of self-raising flour 1 teaspoon of salt 1/4 cup of butter, softened 1 1/4 cups of milk oliveoilforbrushing For the toppings: 1red or yellowpepper,cutinthinrings 4tomatoes,cutinthinslices cup olives 300gofham,cutinthinslices 100gofthinlysliced smokedbacon (streaky rashers) gratedcheese

The Leafy Sea Dragon has earned its name because it resembles a piece of seaweed. It uses this tactic as a camouflage against predators and divers. It can be found only off the southern and western coast of Australia. The Leafy Sea Dragon is a relative of the seahorse and can sometimes grow to 45 centimetres in leng th. They are similar to Seahorses because the male has to carry the egg and give birth. by Ryan Curley

INVITATION PREPARATIO N : For the beach theme Ive ch osen message-in-bottle invite s! To make them, just role up your invitations and put them into bottles (you can eve n put some shells, seaweed and sand in them).M ake sure you remind everyone to bring a pair of sunglasses, a swimsuit and sun tan lotion!
osphere. sea-side atm is to get the g a The first thin ur house into tips to turn yo Here are five paradise! tropical island

Summer and beach go hand in hand so why not celebrate it by having a beach party! If your birthdays during the sum mer months even better! Tr ust me, follow these 5 simple steps and the grass in your back yard will turn into the sizzling sands of the golden coast!




shells. oles in some dult to drill h 1. G e t a n a er using ouple togeth en, string a c em up on the Th ad and hang th thre transparent o ut o f walls. surf-boards ome life-size em 2 . C ut o ut s em and lean th t for . Decorate th cardboard l supermarke (ask your loca alls against the w xes). llow balloons cardboard bo h blue and ye om wit 3. Fill the ro h balls. Also, d d s o m e be a c ve n a flower a nd yo u c a n e waiian-style . a ke s o m e H a b uy o r m und the room ang them aro h cloth on the garlands and r yellow table lue o nd 4. Spread a b and, glitter a atter some s nd s c party table a it. sea shells on mery, beachlaylist of sum ere! 5 . M a ke a p the atmosph gs to add to themed son

Simple but extremely fun, here are a few games to get this party started!

Water Fight! Get your water guns, hoses and buckets guys, cos a water fight is a beach party classic! Just make sure youre armed and wearing a bathing suit, thenFIRE! Coconut Bowling: Here is a Hawaiian twist to the wellknown game bowling. Following the same rules as the original game, just replace the ball with a coconut and use plastic bottles instead of pins. Water Bomb: Form a circle with your friends and toss a water balloon to eachother, but careful, if you miss...SPLAT!

BEACH BUCKET PARTY BAGS: To thank and say goodbye to all your friends who came to celebrate, give everyone a plastic bucket and spade filled with sea-side goodies!

L em o n a d e Aquarium! A centrepiece p e r fe c t for the table of fishy goo add a bit of dies just blue food co louring to so lemonade an me d poor it int o a tr a n s p a r Umbrellas, f ent jug. ish-shaped ic e c ub e s a n d s e a we e d s t u paper c k to th e b o ttom (outsid jug add a nic e ) o f th e e t o uc h . Fish Food : Use a fish shape d co o k c ut t e r t o c u ie t slices of b read into fis Sandwich th h shape s. e m to g e th e r with a tuna-s filling! alad Treats-in - a - b uc k e t : Fill a couple plastic beac h b uc k e t s w of ith crisps, p s we e t s a n d o p c o rn a nd place them a r o un d t h e t a small plastic ble. Use spades inste a d o f s p o o ns tr e a ts . to s e r v e Sa ndy St arfish: Usin g a star-sha cookie cutte ped r, cut out li ttle starfish s p o n g e c a ke from a thin . Sm a s h s o m e biscuits in b a g to f o r m a plastic sand-like cr umbs. Dip th melted choc e stars into olate and th en cover wit c r um b s . M m h biscuit mm BBQ & S un d a e s : B a r b e c ue d b ur g h o td o g s a n d e rs , chips are pe r fe c t fo r a delicious pa simple and rty lunch plu s , y o ur s ur e be enjoyed that it will by e ve r y o n e ! A s fo r d e s c r e a m S un d e r t, I c e a e s a re a de finite must-h a ve !

Here are so me perfect party treats With ice-cre . am sundaes, icy-cold cocktails an d a burger who needs to go on holida y?