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RUGGED Corrosion proofed inside and out All mechanical controls Spring steel undercarriage (No Oleos) ECONOMICAL

Easy and inexpensive to maintain High retained value Lowest Cruise Economy factor of 13 SAFE Certified to FAR 23 at Amendment 55 ensuring the highest standard of structural integrity and flight handling characteristics Highest cabin safety standard VERSATILE Large cabin with centre aisle Seats 8 adult sized passengers Cargo pod Excellent access through large sliding door ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Low Noise footprint Airvan is Noise Certificated to ICAO Annex 16 Volume 1 Chapter 10. Low carbon emission per passenger - Airvan achieves the IATA fuel benchmark of 3.5 liters per 100 Passenger Kilometers.

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Our most popular and versatile aircraft is the GA8 Airvan. Wide ranging in its capabilities and versatile in its design, the GA8 has many advantages over other aircraft: The GA8 has superior economics due to low operational costs, easy maintenance and a high-retained value. Versatile with quick and easy configuration changes, the Airvan provides new revenue opportunities for your business. The GA8 is a high performance aircraft that has short take off and landing capabilities, particularly useful for places with short, semi-prepared runways. The GA8 is engineered to be an environmentally friendly aircraft with low emissions and low noise. The GA8 Airvan is designed and certified to the latest safety standards, providing your staff and clients with an extremely safe transport platform.

Passenger Transport Seven individual forward-facing passenger seats and up to 32 cu. ft. of baggage space. Large, comfortable, cabin with centre aisle and easy access.

Freight Large square section cabin with flat floor and large cargo door that allows loading of large or irregular shaped items

Scenic Flights Panoramic windows provide an outstanding view Comfortable cabin with an individual seat for each passenger. Easy to load, facilitating quick turn around times.

Skydiving Airvan cabin maintains a comfortable ambience and provides a very social environment for up to nine comfortably seated parachutists. The large in-flight opening, sliding door, provides an excellent exit for all types of Skydive missions.

Special Missions/Law Enforcement The Airvan is perfectly suited as a standoff; all-weather surveillance, reconnaissance, and patrol platform. Certified installations of High Resolution Imaging systems are in daily use on Airvan aircraft. Humanitarian Aid Due to its multi role, quick change features and its ability to operate from short semi prepared airstrips the Airvan has found a place in humanitarian aid work in many countries Search & Rescue Exceptional visibility from all seats, ease of operation at reduced flight speeds and long loiter endurance makes the Airvan an excellent vehicle for search and rescue missions. Ambulance/Medivac The Airvan cabin can accommodate patients and life support equipment with plenty of room for medical personnel to tend patients in flight. Stretchers can be quickly loaded and unloaded through the large cargo door. Survey The Airvan can accommodate fuselage or pod-based equipment used in high-resolution mapping, surveying and geological exploration.