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On-line learning trough virtual classroom

On-line learning trough virtual classroom Teacher Dobri Jovevski, Primary school Ilinden Kriva Palanka, Macedonia
Introduction: With advanced internet technology available everywhere around us e-learning reaches expansion. Virtual classroom means a form of learning using online communication between students, teachers, students-teachers as well as various personalities that can impart knowledge, to represent learning resources from different profession, experience and social function. Because of the dynamic life and rapid work schedule learning has to be efficient, effective and cheap. Through project activities the contents of curriculum is implemented in such a way convenient, fast and affordable way through the programs of the Microsoft platform. Online learning and virtual classroom are creating a higher dimension in the learning process or obtaining applicable, useful and lasting knowledge. This kind of learning enables communication and collaboration in real time from anywhere in the world with more participants using a computer and Internet connection. Curriculum that is implemented via a simple learning method can be realized with integrated instruction. Description of a good practice: With the integrated teaching of subjects Society, Macedonian language and Art education provides learning project that relates to familiarize students with various types of symbols. Through creative workshops, using computers, the teacher instructs students, guide them through the process of work, one student and one computer, which acquire the knowledge they use to create a design solution for the symbol-logo on their class. Finally, by valuing their papers and papers of classmates choose their logo.

Microsoft tools Computer, Microsoft Internet explorer, Skype, Paint, Microsoft Live Meeting, Microsoft Office, LCD Projector, Microphone, Speakers, Flip camera, digital camera, Microsoft Movie maker. Result: Through the using technology students are familiar with the importance and necessity of symbols which have to represent individuals or groups to the broader public. By motivating approach to teaching students to acquire knowledge and enhancing the process of creative and critical thinking. As a product of this kind of teaching, using ICT, students design their own symbol-logo of the class and build a positive attitude towards their grade and school.

Description: Students learn about the symbols of the Republic of Macedonia, and generally for symbols, by gathering information from Internet Explore. Their knowledge the teacher assessed by a test of knowledge in electronic form. Based on the evaluation of the tests the teacher instructs students to expand knowledge acquired through the Virtual Classroom (Virtual Classroom on this project means a form of learning using on-line communication with heraldichar, (heraldichar is an expert in heraldry.
Primary teacher Dobri Jovevski 1

On-line learning trough virtual classroom

The essence of heraldry is in symbols, This communication previously is agreed by the teacher. On the class all students through the LCD projector has heard reports of the heraldichar and ask questions of the topic. At the same time get answers. Teacher guide notes that questions posed by students, and students themselves perceive responses by the heraldichar), using Skype I PROGRAM Microsoft Live Meeting (Students had previously acquired skill to use this program and it means creating an account with username and password). With the acquired knowledge and ideas, using the skill for drawing in Paint, each student individually designed symbol for their class. The students by electronic way evaluated the works with scoring charts and thus chose the most successful design solution for the symbol-logo. The teacher assesses students through an analytical list. Task: The teacher gives a task the students to work individually on the computers, to make their own designs for a symbol of the class, using the acquired knowledge and choose a symbol of the class.

Process: 1.The Students to adhere to the criteria of making a symbol of 2.Every student designs an image in Paint that symbolizes class.

the class.

3.Converse with the teacher and classmates for the success of their images. 4.Deleting and adding elements in the drawings and finishing of manufactured symbols. 5.Students choose the best symbol of all students works.

Conclusion: Summing up the results of the students project is rated with the highest level of success. Of the total number of points that could achieve the evaluation pupils using previously established criteria are achieved scores in the range till 75% to 100%. Namely, in the category knowledge students have achieved the highest level of success. In the category of skills for using ICT students at level 2 (second level), and in the category of students works, students evaluate each other's symbols designed with the highest number of points and reached a level of success 1 (first level). The symbol that we chose to work out with canvas material will make badges will thus promote wider audience and we can use on our flyers, books, projects, presentations, sports competitions, participation in the competitions department, school celebrations and other public appearances. Our way of making a symbol of our class serve as an example of making a symbol of other classes departments in the school and for making the school famous. Students with a Flip camera record all activities of the collected materials made in Movie maker short film.

Primary teacher Dobri Jovevski