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Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to the Harry Potter series, and as of yet no ne of the characters, while having their roles slightly changed. All characters are the property of J. K. Rowling A/N This is my first shot at writing a fanfic, so I hope you will be lenient tow ards me. I realise that my characters could have a bit more description and be m ore lively, but I am bad with romance at the moment. An unbelievable truth Hermione Jean Weasley had been quite content with her life, or so she thought. A t the age of 80, still middle-aged by wizarding standards, she was still looking beautiful and she had been to more adventures than she'd bargained for when she accepted her Hogwarts letter that day, so many years ago. But there was this un derlying current of emotions that she felt, but couldn't really place. As she la y on the bed at St Mungos hospital after a rather embarrassing incident while pr actising some of her ideas on new spells, she found out a quite unsettling revel ation... "You found what?" Hermione obviously thought that she'd heard wrong. "Mum, I found that you are under a compulsion charm, though I do not know for ho w long." "I heard that, but exactly what did you just say it was to make me think?" "It is supposed to give you an intuition about Harry..." Hermione rolled her eye s at her healer/daughter, Rose had clearly inherited Hermiones inability to show a neutral face, clearly something was wrong, really wrong. "And WHAT feeling would I have about him that you are trying to hide from me?" R ose flinched, she'd not been expecting to having her mother being her first pati ent at her new job, just as she'd finished her training as a healer, oh well, tr ying something new after 30 years as an auror, and obviously change isn't going to bring just advantages. Her voice cracked a bit when revealing her discovery. "I-i-it was designed to convince you that your feelings for him was only s-s-sis terly love and not romantic, and that your friendship would be at a too high ris k if you'd ever ask him out."

Hermione did a slow, really slow inhale, trying to completely absorb the message . Considering the weight of this information, she thought she was taking it rela tively well. Or not, scratch that. Actually, her vision seemed to be blurring. S

he saw her horror being reflecting in Rose's eyes before passing out and welcomi ng the calmness of unconsciousness. That went well, Rose thought. She was naturally awfully shocked herself. It is n ot everyday you find out that your mother was supposed to be in love with someon e else. Although everyone already considered her father Ron and her brother Hugo gits and was happily living alone after she and Hermione moved out of their hou se at Ottery St. Catchpole, she had never imagined that the family was completel y fake, no real love at all. Well, the charm didn't say that, but she had her su spicions. Still recovering, she decided to check some old journals out in her mothers atti c. A book. That was the first thing Hermione saw. She mentally smiled. She was stil l upset about the charm, but it was quite fitting that the first in her mind was a book. Humorous enough to warrant an imaginary smile, soothing the hurt. As he r vision became clearer, the walls of St. Mungos returned and she realized that the book was, in fact, real. Besides, hadn't she seen this book before? Rose was sitting on the chair next to her bed. Judging by the clothing, not as her heale r, but as her family. Rose displayed traces of tears on her face. "I-I-I read it. You should, t-t-too." She wiped off the remaining tears and hand ed her mother the book. A wave of nostalgia hit Hermione as she took the book. Memories of Hogwarts, she thought, as she opened her old diary. The dust was alr eady gone from the pages, Rose must have had time to read all of it before Hermi one awoke. As she progressed through the years she felt the tension in the room rise. Rose was anxious about something. A newly added bookmark fell out as she r eached her sixth year. She looked at Rose questioningly. Her daughter opened her mouth to explain. "I-i-if you are thinking along the same lines as I am, you should read t-t-this. " At the end of the sentence, her voice failed her and she broke down. When Herm ione leaned to soothe her, Rose held up a hand, stopping her. "No... you should go on... we both need it." Hermiones attention went back to the diary and she forced herself to read about the dreadful year of her headmaster's death. Sunday, September 1 1996 We are finally back at Hogwarts! I can't describe how good it feels to see every one again. The summer seems to have been dreadful to all of us, especially Harry . Although he is smiling, I can see that he is in pain. He hasn't gotten over Si rius yet. I should probably talk to him, but I am afraid he will get angry with me for mentioning it. We've got a new professor in potions, Professor Slughorn! Snape finally got his hands on the defence position. What a dreadful start! Well , with the legendary curse of the DADA position, we might be rid of him by our N EWT year... Lets keep hoping! Hermione looked in confusion at her daughter. She couldn't understand how this w as of any importance. Rose seemed to have calmed down, at least enough to roll h er eyes at her mother. "Continue, by the end of the month you will get my point." Hermione quickly decided not to object.

Tuesday, September 10 1996 Harry has begun his lessons with Professor Dumbledore. He came back looking rath er tired. I am so worried! He is still uneasy even in our presence. He needs to stop feeling guilty, I mean, it is not as if Ron and I got THAT injured at the m inistry. He has at least stopped to wake his room mates during the nights. I can 't even imagine the pain he is going through right now. Harry also seems to have either gotten a lot better at cheating during potions, or there's something to that old book of his. I need to warn him soon. Hermione decided to skip a few pages which seemed uninteresting enough. Her eyes urged her to stop when she noticed something odd on the pages. Hearts. She coul dn't recall drawing those. Not just a little distressed she began reading the no tes. Thursday, October 31 1996 This pain is tearing me apart. Why can't Ron see how I feel for him? Why must he go around snogging Lavender all around the castle? Harry has been a bit of cons olation, but it still hurts so much. During the party this evening we all starte d fighting! I feel so bad. Ron probably won't even look me in the eyes after thi s. I can understand how Harry feels every time he looks at Ginny and Dean. Speak ing about the devil, as the younger Weasley walked past in the corridors today, he lightened up in a very strange way, as if... She stopped reading. Her heart was definitely not beating at a normal rate. Ther e was something very, VERY wrong about this. She knew she had just begun to crus h on Ron at this time, but why... Then it hit her. She looked at the date once more to confirm it. Halloween. Harr y's reaction. Harry was never happy on Halloween. It was the anniversary of the deaths of his parents after all. And why for the love of Merlin had she writing these things in her diary? She knew how the girls in Gryffindor loved to read ot hers' journals. She glanced at Rose in search of confirmation. Rose just nodded. "Look on the next page." Friday, November 1 1996 Ron forgave me! I feel hopeful again. We sat together eating, Ron, Harry and I a t breakfast, for the first time since their blasted quidditch training sessions began again. Ron seems to have a new, lovely perfume. It smells of newly cut gra ss and fresh parch... Hermione choked. Rose jumped up immediately, helping her sit up straight. Seemin gly, her horrors was true. Hermione began crying uncontrollably. Why had she bee n so blind? The obvious truth that she and Ron did not fit together had been set even before they became friends. Hermione had a nigh on perfect memory of every thing she had ever read or heard, but what she herself had done in sixth year wa s strangely blurry. Now she knew why. There was only one thing that smelled like that mix. And it was not a perfume. It was a potion. Amortentia. If anyone had walked into the department at St Mungos hospital which handled inj uries by unknown spells, they would've seen the two closest witches in history w ith anguished look on their faces, tears in their eyes and both shivering, wonde ring if they should initiate the conversation. Luckily, they were next to alone, had it not been due to a small raven sitting on the window sill.

The pair of witches, oblivious to this particular raven were both struggling to get a grip on their emotions. Her life had been a lie. She'd been married to the biggest git she'd ever known during her childhood, her son, which wouldn't have been born if she hadn't been dosed with that blasted curse of a potion, had even taken after him and left her and her daughter alone. Then it hit her. Her daughter. Rose hadn't understood why fresh grass and parchment would be of any importance, but the moment her mother had dropped the diary and begun choking uncontrollabl y, she'd realize something was wrong. It didn't take long time for the third blo w to her emotions that day to strike. A love potion. She was the result of a lov e potion. Her legs failed her as the bitter truth was digested. Hermione was the first one to calm down. Hugging her daughter, her mind was work ing faster, or maybe just in other ways, than at any other time in her life. Try ing to calm the fellow woman down, an idea formed in her mind. Slowly, phrasing her words carefully, she spoke: "Rose Elizabeth! Snap out of it, we might be here today because of a forceful in fatuation, but that would not change our standing! Amortentia might have had me falling for that git of a redhead, but it would not produce my love for you" Rose slowly stopped sobbing, realizing that her mother had used her 'full' name. At least the part of it which did not include anything relating to her father. Still, that did nothing to help her feeling of pity for her mother. "But you didn't deserve this! You had to forget your one true love just to be in cluded to that poor excuse of money hungry so-called purebloods. Don't give me t hat look! You also know that we are both ashamed to bear our last name, and woul d change sooner rather than later, had the ministry just agreed to annul the mar riage. I wish we could do something about it." Upon hearing this, Hermione merely nodded. She then stepped out of her bed, disp laying a strength she shouldn't have after her injury. She walked to the char wh ere Rose had put her belongings. "Are you absolutely sure about that, Rosie dear?" Not anticipating her mother's solution, Rose nodded. "I might have one way out of this, but it would require us to give up our curren t lives, are you okay with that?" Rose pondered the question, her eyes widening when Hermione pulled out an old da gger from her bag. "Mum, if you are saying you are going to take-" She was interrupted by a small chuckle from her mother. "No dear, but the solution requires my blood to take place. Say, did I ever tell you about how I used a time turner." "You didn't, but Merlin knows how many people who are whispering stories to thei r children about how they saw Hermione Granger appear instantly without apparati ng. Why?" "Do you know why time turners are allowed to be used under certain restrictions? "

"Because they are the safest method for time travel of course! Since it has alre ady happened, time turners does not in fact change time!" "Good girl, if you had still been at school, you would have gotten a point." Her mione teased. "So what's it got to do with-" Rose's eyes widened even more. "I see we are so much in tune with each others thoughts that I'd have no need to explain. However, before we go on, I'd like Harry to stop listening and join in to our little attempt to change history." At these words, the raven took flight into the room, before turning into a man d ressed black, his hair the same colour as his animagus form. His trademark light ning bolt scar on his forehead almost being overshadowed by the newer scars on h is face, results of a fifty year long career as head auror. His sadness mirrored in his eyes as he hugged the one woman he should have marri ed, all those years ago. Hermione gave him a kiss on the cheek before continuing with her explanation, so that the no-longer-eavesdropper would understand. "Harry, I believe you have our experiences from third year still in mind when I suggested this, but you must understand, that this magic is nowhere like it. We will not be travelling back in time, rather, we will create another time line wh ere we will be taken into a certain point in the caster's life, and the others w ill have their bodies changed as to match with the caster's age. We'd be trading our entire universe for a new one." Harry looked a little confused about this explanation. "If this is such a travel, how would you know exactly how this spell works?" He asked, earning him a shrug. "Simple, me inventing it is what made me end up here, only that I cancelled the spell before actually travelling." The only reply was two pairs of really wide e yes. Hermione still seemed clueless as to why. "What?" Harry had since long suspected that his relationship with his two best friends w as somewhat strange, namely after his break-up with Ginny. However, by the time they had parted, Ron and Hermione had already been married irrevocably. As he be gan feeling an attraction towards Hermione, but was unable to approach her due t o the ancient magic being involved in a marriage contract, he'd spent the last 4 5 years without a partner, while watching his best friend in his discovered anim agus form, a raven which, unbelievable enough, did not bear his scar. So, when he heard that said friend had ended up injured, he naturally went to vi sit, leading to the reunion. But he'd not expected her to feel the same way abou t him. He had, as second in command of his department, taken a look in the recor ds of the ministry regarding him, and discovered that they would have ended up s oul bonded, had she not married. These news was a blessing. That the girl-who-al ways-followed-the-rules had created a time travelling spell was as alien as Dumb ledore telling you the truth though. And that she didn't even think that this wa s something out of her character was... definitely a first. "What?" Hermione repeated.

"You being willing to meddle with time?" Harry smirked at the thought. "Actually, it's going to a different universe, so we wouldn't be messing with an y events that has happened here, which means that it's risk free for Rose." "And what if this spell was leaked, wouldn't it be quite easy to follow us, stop us, and achieve world domination quite easily?" Hermione grinned. "If they tried, they would end up in another universe, parallel to the one we ar e going to change. You can only go to a certain universe with this spell once." Harry rolled his eyes. As if going to an alternate universe was not worse. Her p riorities still haven't gotten any better. Considering this matter though... "Well 'Mione, I'm all in if you are going." He gave her a hug. He then heard a c ough. They both snapped up to a more-than-little red Rose. She didn't seem to en joy their private moment. She did not, however, seem angry at all. Harry realize d she embarrassed that someone was seeing her mother, as Rose hadn't a real fath er figure growing up, Ron living in a different house and all. They split when R ose went into Slytherin. The Weasley prejudice against the snake house was never going to fade, the boy-who-lived realized. Rose proceeded by giving her mother a smile. "Well, mum, what are you waiting for? Let's go!" A/N I Hoped you like it! Please review! If anyone wants, I will post up the rest of my finished chapters. Edit 1: While seeing some comments about the lack of emotions displayed between Harry and Hermione, I first gave some personal replies. But to add into the stor y I think I should state that in this story, A wizarding marriage can not be bro ken, unless anulled by the head of their house. While under the contract of a ma rriage, Hermione could do no romantic action with any other wizard. Hence the ne ed to time travel. Seriously - if they could have sorted it out as it were, why force themselves to re-live a war, and spend 7 years with the Arch-Git again? Th e romance will pick up in a few chapters, simply because they can't do it until then. Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Harry Potter. It's universe and characters a re all owned by J. K. Rowling Wow! Thanks everyone for the fast response, you are making a new fanfiction auth or very, very happy. So Happy that I will provide you with the next chapter. I t hink I have read it through enough times, but I wrote this and chapter three wit

hout a break, so it might be a little hasty. I know that someone else has alread y taken the very same names to Hermiones parents, but I figured that it would ma ke readers more comfortable and the read a lot less confusing if the same charac ters had the same names, regardless of author. I, for one, would have been reall y confused otherwise. The nineties, here we come again They were all set. In the basement of Potter manor, which Harry had inherited wh en he finally was able to get his father's will read to him, there was now a big circle, written in Hermione's blood. She'd wisely brought a couple of replenish ing potions. When asked about it, she had merely shrugged and said that no potio ns was needed for a circle when she had done the spell alone. "'Mione, just how many times have you done this before?" She seemed to ponder th e question for a moment. The numbers of alternative universes were infinite, aft er all. "Honestly? I lost count. What? Oh Harry, I didn't go back and change the past th at far before because I was sure I was going to end up living a lifetime alone. The compulsion charm, remember?" Harry couldn't find a valid argument against th at. It made him uneasy though, that while they were above their seventies, Hermi one could have lived her past years as a separated witch so many times over that she'd be mentally older than the founders. "So how far will we be returning?" They hadn't discussed this at all. "At first, when I felt I was ready, I thought about going to the point where I w as cured of the petrification in second year, but with Rose coming with us the p ast will not be changed to have her existence magically explained, no pun intend ed I think that it will be best if we return to a few days before we get our Hog warts letters, if you can put up with the Dursleys while we give my parents enou gh time to settle with our story." Rose agreed. "Which people should we tell the truth?" "I want to let Sirius in on the matter, since he might be my guardian once we fr ee him. Your parents will need to know as well 'Mione. I would like to tell Remu s, but I don't know if he would run of to the old goat." Hermione snickered at H arry's nickname for their headmaster. "Ready?" Rose and Harry both nodded. "We will be back in our pre-teen bodies, and while we possess the spirits and th e powers of our current selves, our hormones and emotions will fit with our phys ical age, so try to control yourself at the Dursleys, understand?" Harry rolled his eyes, but he had thought that he'd never again would have to endure one of H ermiones mood swings. Well, nothing in this world had no downsides. "I will be starting the incantation now then. Oh Lords of time. Let me go to events of the past. To turn tragedy into prime. As I my mistakes discovered at last. Take this sacrifice of mine in blood spilled.

So that we will face the fate that got unfulfilled." Hermione then pulled her dagger and made a small cut in her hand. The blood drip ped onto the floor and the circle began to glow. "Well 'Mione, couldn't you have come up with something better. I mean, that rhym e was just sill-" He didn't have time for more than that. He could feel the room, no the space aro und him spinning around. Before he knew it, everything was black. When he came to, he was on the floor, covered in dust. He was looking around. Th e rain was pouring loudly outside. The wind wailing and lightning illuminating t he sky through the windows. He looked at his small hand and noticed that all his scars, except his lightning bolt one, had disappeared. As the sound of the thunder reached his ears, the doors to the room were blasted open. A giant, very familiar figure was standing outside. Harry spun around to see his uncle's pale face, the rifle in his hands made Harry realize where he wa s. Or when he was. Just great. Eleven again. I will just play along until I get to Diagon Alley. Meanwhile, Hermione and Rose had ended up at Hermione's old house, a few days ea rlier than Harry. Of course, they hadn't known that particular detail, but it wa s of no great importance, after all, they had worse things to handle. They had a rrived in the middle of a breakfast. Hermione wished that she had a camera at ha nd so that she could had taken a photograph at her parents faces when a red-head ed, soon-to-be twelve year old girl, with a striking resemblance to Hermione had appeared at the guest chair out of nowhere. Hermione mentally giggled while bra cing herself for the talk that was soon to come. Her father had dropped his fork in surprise. Well, that could have gone worse. "Who in the bloody-" "Dan! Language!" Hermione's mother quickly reprimanded from the bathroom. Appare ntly his surprised yell had been quite loud. "Sorry dear! Anyway, who do you think you are? And how did you-" This time, he was interrupted by the sound of an owl crashing. Apparently, this one was not trained to be aware of muggle windows. The letter was, of course, hi ghly expected, by half of the people in the room, at least. Hermione decided to improvise a little. "Dad, what was that bird doing? Oh, look! It has got an envelope! 'Hermione Gran ger, fourth house on the right, the kitchen.' What a strange way to address a le tter. Who can the sender be? Let's see. Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have never heard of it, have you, Dad?" Dan Granger had choked at the name. That was a new prank he'd not heard before. Hermione judged that it couldn't hurt to go on. "'Hermione Granger We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts' Strange, I can't recall having applied for that. Well...It says that if I sign here, the y will send a representative to prove their statement." Before her father could

object, she pulled out a pencil (which, before she'd been introduced to quills, always carried around) and written her signature. The paper magically disappeare d, leaving a shocked Dan staring. At the same time, Emma Granger walked into the kitchen to see what had caused the strange conversation she'd heard while takin g her shower. "Dan Granger, what on earth were you swear-" With a loud pop, which signified an apparation, any rant turned into a yelp. People seems to be interrupted a lot l ately, the time-travelling girls both thought while giving each other subtle smi les. The memorable face of Professor Minerva McGonnagal, ready to introduce anot her pair of muggle parents had turned up. Her destination of apparating being on top of the food table didn't lessen the hilarity of the day. Had they not been forced to act along the lines of being surprised, the two girls would be on the floor, trying to catch their breaths from laughing by now. But they had to keep to the plan. Rose sent a silent, wandless disarming spell in an attempt to imitate accidental magic. It caught the profess or off-guard, but she still managed to shield herself. A slight look of loss was on her face when she removed the shield. "It seems that there has been a slight...miss in our protocol. I did not know th at there was not just one, but two witches in this family. And at least one of t hem seems to be quite talented at that." Before any of her parents could reply, Hermione quickly took action. "My sister here would be happy to receive such a compliment, had it not been fol lowing such an insult. Me and my sister, witches? What are you talking about. Yo u better explain yourself, if you do not wish to be blasted by my strange talent s" She had to admit, it was not the best way to hint that, she too, possessed ma gic of that calibre, but, she justified, a twelve year old would be speaking alo ng these lines. "Forgive me, miss Granger, but in our world, which I soon hope to introduce to t he both of you, all women with magical abilities are known as witches, and it is not in any way an insult. And for the other part, we had only recorded that you , miss Granger, was a magical child. Speaking of which, how old is your sister? She seems to be in your age too." "We are twins, ma'am, Hermione here is my older sis. My name is Rose, ma'am. Now , would you please introduce yourself, before you begin introduce us to your, wh at was it? Ah, world." The professor tried to regain her composure, but quite ob viously failed. "Again, forgive me, I am Professor McGonnagal, Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts S chool of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is my duty during the summer holidays to in troduce the families of muggleborn that is children of a non-magical heritage to the magical world, provided that they accept to be enrolled. We advice it stron gly, since it is necessary to get all young witches' magic under control, to pre vent any incidents related to muggles, we have a huge need of secrecy, you see." By this moment, it seemed that Dan Granger had finally calmed down enough to add ress the professor. Please play along with our cover story. Please play along wi th our cover story. Hermione silently begged. "We understand, Professor. If the girls accept, we would be delighted to hear mo re." Hermione and Rose both nodded to display their eagerness to attend this 'mysteri ous' school.

"I, too, am delighted to hear this. Now, I will have to tell the Headmaster that we have another student to add to the list, if you will excuse me. If it is oka y, we could set a date when I can come back, so that we could go and buy your da ughters their new equipment." "Yes, yes, that would be all fine. Is it okay with the 31th for you?" Hermione i ntervened before her dad could reply. She needed to get to Harry before Hogwarts this time around. If he hadn't arrived, she had to prevent any accidental encou nters between him and any... meddlers. McGonnagal seemed to have taken the bait, she lifted her wand and apparated away. This time, Dan's shock didn't last as l ong. He and Emma both turned to the two girls, demanding an explanation. "Well, we will handle that on the 31th , now what is this I hear about this unkn own twin sister of yours?" Uh oh... Hermione's day had just begun, and the good start might have turned this day into a really long one.

"So, let me get this straight. You are Hermione, now again Granger, you knew tha t the letter, along with this proclaimed new member of our family, would arrive today. And the reason that you knew is because you are from the future and this girl here is, as we already know, not your sister but, preposterous enough, your daughter with a man you did not even love. And that the two of you have gone ba ck in time so that you could be with the man that you truly wanted, because you know he loved you back. Have I gotten everything right?" Hermione was quite surprised that they had so far taken everything this well, an d could only nod in return. "Prove it." "What?" "I repeat, prove it." Rose raised an eyebrow. "How, Grandpa, do you want us to show that we are serious?" The question itself took Dan Granger aback about as much as the way she had addr essed him. He'd not been ready for this. "Well, I guess you could, you know, disappear, like that professor, and-" With a small pop, both of the girls apparated behind him. They had their arms cr ossed, and were both smiling towards him. Dan sighed. "Intending to make me a grandfather when you're just eleven? I hoped that I had raised you better." "Dad! If you had listened properly, you'd realize that not only due to a series of travelling like this which probably would make me the oldest woman alive, eve n counting Perenell Flamel, who is, at least believed, to be more than 600 years old but also that my natural age when we went back is, in fact, senior to yours . Actually, you should be relieved that Rose was still single and did not bring

children and/or grandchildren of hers with us. She, by the way, was 54 years old in our old time line." Rose nodded in affirmation. A moment of silence passed. Emma Granger was still shocked from the first revelations, and being handed new ones on a regular basis of more often than every fifth minute was not going to h elp. Minutes, that felt like hours, later, she was the first one to speak. "Hermione, we are glad that you want to be, well, honest with us, and we want to give you our support, although you might not need it." Hermione gave her mother a smile. "Actually, with this body of mine, there is plenty of help that I could use. Her e, you are still my legal guardians. Anything that I decide to do in the non-mag ical world would require your permission." "So, we are teased. at least here still partly able to be in charge. Good to know." Emma

"But what how are we going to cover up a story about Rose?" As Hermione explained their plans, the expression of shock once again decorated both of the 'elder' Grangers' faces. When told about the wizarding law however, they had to reluctantly accept their daughters' decision, however much it pained them. 31th of July would prove to be a quite eventful day. Emma had one last qu estion though. "But sweetheart, if you are mentally hundreds of years old, how come you still a ct like a girl just entering her puberty?" Hermione rolled her eyes (perhaps ove r exaggerating the action). "Because, mum, in this reality, I still am a girl entering puberty. My body is j ust beginning to mature, and thus, my emotional state is still of this age. Hope fully though, the past experiences that I've acquired will make my entrance into adulthood a lot milder than you would have to handle the first time around." Dan and Emma were beginning to like this change more and more. A/n Okay, while I know that it's kind of mean and such, I have decided to update the story with one chapter every week. I am gonna do this so that I will have a good routine and a fixed schedule. Chapters 1 through 4 were all written in the span of three days, but I do not think that I will be able to get that much tim e to write the next week. Thus, I will add this chapter and have a good chance t o stay ahead updating. I promise, though, that if I in any point in time get 5 c hapters ahead, I will give extra updates. :) Thanks for all the positive feedback! Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301

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Disclaimer: All rights to the Harry Potter Universe and characters belong to J. K. Rowling A/n Wow, the ammounts of people reading sure increases so fast, that I decided t hat I could as well upload the next chapter a bit early. A token of gratitude, y ou might call it! Reunion and Bonding in Diagon Alley Professor McGonagall arrived as appointed shortly after the Grangers' regular br eakfast time. She was quite surprised to see the whole family ready to go and ex plore. Although she had not been there with them to the Alley in the original ti me line, the family had all, with no objections, agreed that it would be more ef fective with more witnesses. Dan and Emma had begun to accept that their daughte r was telling the truth about them being from the future. Actually, they were glad that they were let in on such secretive matters, and th ey admitted that they would be more scared if they had seen the change without b eing told. Well, anyone would have been shocked to see the-girl-who-only-thinksabout-books cooking, and cleaning, and tending to the flowers in the garden perf ectly, and with wandless magic nonetheless. This, of course, had to be a secret, a secret which they were happy to keep, since it removed all the chores. That w andless magic was untraceable by the ministry only seemed to help. "We will first go to visit Gringotts, the goblin bank, so we can change muggle m oney into galleons." McGonagall was getting nervous. It probably had to do with Dan and Emmas lack of acting ability. McGonagall was not to be blamed though, an yone would be nervous if four people, completely unaware of the magic world, had just entered Diagon Alley through The Leaking Cauldron if these four people was not surprised when the wall moved and revealed the famous area. Hermione looked at the clock. The timing was perfect. She and Rose exchanged hap py smirks. "Harry!" Hermione caught the small boy who was standing beside a giant man just inside the bank. He looked up. The smile on his face told her that he was indeed back in this tim e and that the spell had been a success. Dan and Emma gulped. This would be the moment of truth. Harry gave Hermione a hug. Followed by a kiss. On the lips. A w ave of released energy could be felt originating from them. The magic invoked ga ve everyone in the hall a surprise. Well, everyone except Rose and the kissing c ouple, of course. McGonagall was looking like her eyes would fall out of their s ockets, and her mouth wide open. Here was not only the Boy-Who-Lived, but also a n act of ancient powers at hand. After the surge, the children dropped down unco nscious, both caught by Hermione's parents. The professor quickly took action. "Hagrid, would you mind taking the pair of them somewhere where they are not sub ject to any staring?" As they giant nodded and began carrying them somewhere pri vate, Minerva tried to shoo the curious witnesses away. She could feel the memories of Harry pouring into her, filling in any gaps of he r knowledge about him, and killing every doubt that they were intended to be tog ether. As Hermione woke up, she felt that the entire Diagon Alley was watching her. Whi ch might not have been over exaggerating. As she opened her eyes, a mass of peop le was whispering.

"Harry?" She thought. The reply confirmed her suspicions. "It seems like the soul bond is a mental link, much like the twin bond." Well, t hat explained the Weasley twins never-ending trick of finishing each others sent ences. Then, another thought struck her. "Harry, what did you see in my past?" "I understand most of the actions from my timeline, although it hurt to see our shared childhood. I can also swear that I am happy to be the male in this relati onship. I am not jealous, even if you will grow up to be the most beautiful woma n I have had the pleasure to know." "...Prat. " They were soon interrupted by a quite concerned Griphook, who had, at the time o f their bonding, just returned with Harry's trust vault key. He was currently ey eing through the documents regarding their bond, which, as the couple already kn ew, appeared the instant they kissed. "Mr. Potter, I am quite surprised, while delighted, to have witnessed the act of your soul bond forming. It is the first time in centuries that such an action h as happened, and to a girl you have just met nonetheless." Harry and Hermione had to fake expressions of surprise, which was quite successf ul, their acting skills, as opposed to Hermione's parents, were quite honed. "Sir, would you mind explain to me further what a soul bond is?" "Well, of course Mr. Potter. A soul bond can only be formed between you and your fated partner. It is a sacred bond which can not be removed by any means." Here , the goblin seemed to be hesitating. Harry gave him an questioning look, acknow ledging that he knew the goblin tried to hide something. "And...?" "Forgive me, Mr. Potter, it might just come as a shock for you. But the fact sta nds that a soul bond is regarded by wizarding law as equivalent of a marriage. T he girl next to you is the new Mrs. Potter." Gasps was heard throughout the room . The goblin continued. "May I be the first one to congratulate you for getting your hands on such a...c ute wife?" "You may." Harry couldn't think of another answer fast enough. "Well then Mr. Potter, I believe that this has quite a big effect on your financ ial situation. If you and your family would please come with me." "Well, I guess that went well. Did you tell them? I see that your parents have a lack of reaction." "Of course I did, did you think that my dad would not have tried to stop me from running up to you in the first place, had he not knew of the plan?" " Point taken..." They entered a another room. Harry had been there when he claimed his inheritanc e the first time around, so he knew it was one of the high secure rooms for V.I.

P guests that were on the high priority status. Griphook waved his hand at the c ouches, gesturing that they could sit down. He and Rose took their place on the biggest couch, with Hermione in between. Griphook started. "We are obliged to tell you that the marriage has also made you emancipated, in other words, you are now legally an adult." Griphook made a grin, apparently he liked the next part. "It also means that the so-called wards on your Aunts house are now worthless, w hich means that the chief meddler (the three children on the couch snickering, M cGonagall's face being turned into a colour resembling that of a tomato, Hagrid looking quite lost) can no longer argue for a prolonged stay, even if you did no t have the right to decide yourself." He waited for a reply. "Please, Mr. Griphook, while we are at it, would you mind reading me my parents will?" Harry smiled mentally, knowing exactly the contents. The bond seemed to g ive him Hermione's photographic could hear her laughing inside his head. "Seeing as Professor McGonnagal is still quite trusting of the chief meddler (an other snicker) I can't help but think that you are evil in requesting it in fron t of her." "I have never denied my evil side. Besides, you can't say that you didn't also l ike this turn of events" "'Course not love, I have waited almost a thousand years in order to be together with you. The rest of this is just a minor act of celebration." She subtly stuc k her tongue out at him, trying to not get noticed by the Hogwarts staff or the goblin. I, James Potter, Lord and Head of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potte r. By being sound in both mind and body, hereby declare my son, Harry James Pott er, My sole Heir to my estate. In the event that I may no longer consider myself among the living before Harry James Potter is declared an adult by Wizarding La w he is to be in custody and his guardian will have all rights to access his fin ances. Harry is to be placed with his godfather, Sirius Black (Gasps from Hagrid and Mc Gonnagal), Head to the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black. In the event that his godfather is unable to provide a home for him, he is to go to the follo wing people in this order: His unknowing godmother, Professor Minerva McGonagall (whose cheeks turned into a slight shade of pink). Remus Lupin, a dear friend of our family. Alice and Frank Longbottom, who by alliance are obliged to take any orphan of th e Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter in. Arthur and Molly Weasley, who have my full trust to provide love and home for an y child in dire need. Amelia Bones, A trust able and long time friend. Under NO circumstances should he be placed with a non-magical relative of Lily's (more than outrageous angry reactions). I would also like to will Remus Lupin a total of Ten Thousand Galleons. Everyone deserves a little happiness, especially those with small furry problems.

That Concludes my Will.

"So, why was I placed with my Aunt and Uncle, who I firmly believe to be non-mag ical relatives of my mother?" Harry didn't need to fake anger, the old feelings came up pretty easily. "Albus said-" "Excuse me, Professor, but who is Albus." Griphook pulled out a parchment. Now was a good time as any. "Albus Percival Brian Dumbledore, while I might have forgotten one of his silly middle names (innocent look, followed by smiles and thumbs up from all three of the children), Headmaster of Hogwarts, Supreme Mugswump of the International Con federation of Wizards and Chief Warlock of Wizengamot, is hereby accused of igno ring the will of a Lord and Head of a Most Ancient and Most Noble house, and als o charged with the actions of illegally withdrawing a total of 53,438 Galleons, 10 Sickles and 3 knuts from the Vault of Potter over the course of 9 years, 8 Mo nths and 26 days, under the guise of being Harry James Potters magical guardian. We at Gringotts hereby express our deepest apologies for falling for such a dec eption, and will press these charges even if Harry James Potter does not." "Finally some action against the Chief Meddler, maybe we will have our revenge s ooner rather than later." Harry thought joyfully. The reply was rather short. "Indeed we will, Indeed we will my love."

"Is there anything else you would like to do, Lord and Lady Potter?" Griphook as ked with a grin. "Sir, please, just call us Harry and Hermione." Harry replied, Hermione nodding in confirmation. "But, I would want to perform a Blood Adoption on my wife's sister here, taking her under the protection of my house." Griphook raised his eyebrows yet again. T his couple was full of surprises. "Of course, Harry, we can carry that out. But tell me, how does it feel to becom e a father at the age of eleven, and to a daughter almost a full year older than you?" Everyone shared a laugh. "I wouldn't do this if I did not feel it was fully necessary to her safety. Also , with Hermione as my wife, she would be the mother of her sister." "Except that she actually is Rose's mother." "Harry, stop, you make me feel old." Hermione giggled. "Says the more-than-thousand-year-old time traveller." Harry teased. " I am still eleven right now, git."

Harry made a small cut in his left palm. Rose repeated after him. They were in a private room, as they did not want anyone else to hear their ritual. They neede d Rose's full name after all. They put the cuts together and began. "I, Harry James Potter, Lord and Head to the Most Ancient And Most Noble House o f Potter, offer you, Rose Elisabeth Weasley, to enter my House by Blood and beco me my daughter in all by past. Do you accept?" "I, Rose Elisabeth Weasley, accept to become a member of your house and wish to bear the name of Potter. I accept to become your daughter in all but past and re linquish any connection to the Ancient House of Weasley. Will you heed my reques t of taking your name?" "I heed your request. You are now Rose Elisabeth Potter, heir to the Most Ancien t and Most Noble House of Potter. So mote it be." "So mote it be." The change was immediate, as soon as she uttered the last word, a small glow hit her from the tip of Harrys wand. Rose then went through a minor change, her hai r turning black instead of the Weasley red. They embraced each other by a hug. While walking to the others, Harry said: "It does feel weird though, having an girl older than me as my daughter... at le ast now we don't have to use formalities." Rose just stuck her tongue out at him . "I hope we made the right choice." "Don't worry dear, it was what she wished for, you can be the father she never h ad." Hermione justified. "That's right, dad. It is too late for you to have second thoughts now, because you won't get rid of me!" Upon hearing this, both husband and wife began to star e at their daughter, asking merlin how they would get any privacy now. Rose just shrugged. "What? I could hear you, so I just decided to try to say something myself. Don't worry, I will find myself a way to tune it out when you have your wedding night ." Rose giggled. Strangely enough, her parents did not find it amusing at all. A/n As I completed the fifth chapter today, I came to the realization that this story is progressing way too fast, and I do not how to stop it, really :( I blam e it on my inexperience. You might see me updating more frequent than I might ha ve planned. Sorry guys, but this story will be a bit shorter than expected. It w ill probably total just about 15-20 chapters. I covered up way to many points in way too little space. I think I might have about 4 chapters for the first schoo l year and continue at the same rate. To make it up for you, I will be starting on another project right after this story has finished, which I hope will be bot h longer and an improvement in my writing. Again, you have my deepest apologies. Now for some happier thoughts. I need some ideas on who to pair up Rose with. An y suggestions? Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination

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they one galleon is the equivalent of five pounds? (Another nod) Having two twi n witches seems to be very expensive, if we have to do this shopping every year. " Emma exclaimed, frowning at the required items for first years. Harry just smi led at her. He held up his money pouch. "This bag can contain enough money for us to get our equipment many times over, do not worry, Mrs. Granger." Emma gaped horrified. "Please Harry, call me Emma. But we don't need you to pay for us, it wouldn't be right." Harry rolled his eyes. He took a firm grip on Emma's arm. He led her to Griphook . "Griphook, sir, would you please let my (cough) mother-in-law accompany us to my trust vault?" Griphook grinned. He made a bow, even if goblins did not care about human polite ness, he knew that it would only bring extra work of he had an offended muggle c ustomer. He led the way. The cart down into the underground was just as exciting as Harry had remembered it. Emma had a sudden feeling that she would never like a muggle roller coaster again. They arrived at the vault after few minutes. Harry placed his key into th e vault door. He did a dramatic gesture, while secretly pulling the door with wa ndless magic. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you... the Potter trust vault." A s the door opened, Emma's eyes became wider and wider. "If you had all this money, why would you work as the ministry?" Rose asked in h is mind. "I had to do something to not get bored, it is not as if it was more dangerous b eing head auror than The Chosen One." "Bring me a bag for the shopping too!" Harry chuckled. Emma turned to face him, assuming he had laughed at her reaction. "And you said this was your trust vault? How much does it actually contain?" Har ry shrugged. "Actually, I have never counted it, it is my first time here today (winking). Gr iphook, could you, as my account manager, tell me how much that this vault conta ins?" Griphook pulled out a parchment. "The Potter trust Vault is established for funding the Potter heirs before they are of age. It is set to be filled with ten thousand galleons..." He waited for Emma's reaction. She gasped. "Fifty Thousand pounds? To a minor?" Griphook grinned even wider. "Ten thousand galleons... A year." Emma couldn't handle the revelation, luckily, Harry used his magic to catch her before she passed out. "I still have one place to visit before we are done." Harry thought after they'd bought the items on the list, along with three comfortable bags and some new pr ivate additions to Rose's own collection of books. "You sure that you don't want any books of your own?" Harry thought out to his wife. "Well, I'd like to think I've read them all, actually. Besides, We will feel tha t we are reading the books when Rose is." Hermione replied with a shrug.

"I never thought the day would come where mum would say no to a book, but everyt hing has a first, doesn't it?" Rose teased, resulting in a laugh from her father and a glare from her mother. "So, Harry, what is it you have left?" Images began flashing to the two girls. "We still need to free an old friend of ours." Harry said while walking to the p et shop. "It is nice to see you again, Hedwig. I've missed you." The white owl just hoote d, as if being aware of their past life together. "Harry, we insist, as we only have two bedrooms for the three of you, you will h ave to sleep in Hermione's." Emma repeated with a smirk. Dan was grumbling in an other room and the other two females did nothing to stop the (biologically) elde st woman of the family. "But Emma, I can take the couch. I am sure Mr. Grang... I mean Dan, will be much happier that way." A dampened "You bet" was heard from the second floor. Emma c rossed her arms. "No one will sleep on the couch as long as I have a say in this house. After all , you are still minors in this world." "And you are not afraid I will do anything inappropriate to your daughter?" Harr y asked, clearly worried about both Hermione's, but especially Dans feelings as the father of a girl not even in her teens. Emma just glanced over to Hermione a nd Rose, who both were still smiling, approvingly. "Harry, in case you didn't notice what happened today, she is your wife. There's hardly anything that would be inappropriate from according to your world's stan dards. Unless you beat her, of course. (Harry choking) But from what I've unders tood about your bond, you can't avoid loving her, so I don't think that is a pro blem. Besides..." She added, using the final blow. "Besides, should any of that happen, you will share each others' feelings. You wouldn't hit yourself, would y ou?" Harry gave up. Having any argument with a born Granger would always result in a loss. The rest of the holiday went past pretty smoothly. Due to "accidentally" forgett ing to notify the Dursleys that Harry was not returning after the Diagon Alley v isit, they had stayed invisible to the public eye. And perhaps due to a few gobl in wards. Apparently, protection from pretty much everything could be bought, if you just gave the Goblins enough money. Besides showing the elder Grangers a co uple of wandless spells, they mostly did house chores, since the bond did most o f the catchup for the years they'd lost as a family. Since they did not want to risk getting Hermione pregnant before at least having gotten rid of the halfblood-who-is-too-arrogant-to-use-his-own-name, and did no t want to risk an overeager Rose messing with the preventive methods, since they could see her wanting a sibling, they decided to sleep with Harry on the floor and Hermione in the bed. Surely, being an eleven and twelve year old and being a fraid of pregnacies where perhaps a bit overkill, but they would not take any ri sk where there could be spells involved. Rose had pouted the whole first week. They also cursed their early puberty hormones, they couldn't help but be embarra ssed by holding hands, let alone giving each other more kisses. Sometimes, they wondered how they managed the first time. Luckily, Occlumency shields could at l east prevent them from seeing things in each others perpective, giving them the

possibility of at least being able to have a bath in private. "'Mione" Harry whined. "The amount of extra training you have gotten compared to us is not really fair. " Hermione smiled smugly. She could probably best half of the Hogwarts staff at th e same time, without a wand. When re-living her adult, separated life, she figur ed that improving her magic was the one way to kill time. "Well, the more experience that I've got, the more you will receive, and through the bond, you are actually catching up quite fast." "She's right dad, even without the bond she had an easy time teaching me the las t time around." "You decided to teach our daughter to duel to a point where she exceeded me, her boss at the time, but you never called for practise? Sometimes I wonder if you like seeing me lose embarrassingly." "Or simply enjoy knowing that I wasn't the one left out." First, Harry glared, b ut when his glare turned into a grin and then a smirk, Hermione's feeling of tri umph turned into something best described as unsettling. "So, you absolutely does not want to get left out of anything this time around?" "Precisely..." "Promise?" "What's this all about Harry? Well fine then. Yes, I promise." The moment she ag reed she knew it was a mistake, as both father and daughter was having huge grin s plastered at their faces. "So, I gather that there is no problem with you joining us in and seeking out fo r the quidditch team in second year and onwards?" "You wouldn't dare-" "What? I just asked, and you promised us not to be left out of anything, and qui dditch practise is certainly included." Harry tried to look as innocent as possi ble, which horribly failed. The Dursleys were happy. They had not seen the freak since he went to freak-town to buy books for the freak institute. They hoped they would never see him again either. Well, they would have been happy. Until a curious Mrs. Figg knocked on the door, asking if he could come over for tea. Vernon had happily exclaimed tha t Harry had not been with them for weeks. That did not seem to have the same eff ect on the old lady. She actually went quite pale. Before any of the Dursleys ha d a chance to reply, Mrs. Figg had turned around and begun walking back into her house. It would be necessary to alert Dumbledore. But since it was the last day of summer, she figured that he would turn up at Hogwarts. The Dursley matter, o n the other hand, could be a matter to be dealt with soon enough. The three Potters waved goodbye to the Grangers as they walked into the big trai n station known as King's Cross. They had taken the extra safety measure of thro wing up some Glamour charms, to not attract any unwanted attention. The muggle c lothing that Emma had insisted they would buy for Harry also helped, of course. Half of an hour before the departure, they walked up to the barrier between the

9th and 10th platform, pretending to be a little bit lost. It was by then they h eard the muttering of an all too familiar woman. "...crowded with Muggles, of course...what was the number to the platform again? " "They said the same thing the first time around, when I was about to be late to the train." Hermione and Rose gave him disbelieving glances. "I think that is confirming how much they were in on it all. I mean, honestly, h ave the train ever been visiting another platform?" "I am afraid I am not quite caching your trail of thoughts, my dear girls." "C'mon Harry! What is the chance of someone who'd been taking her children, to t his platform, each year since before we were born, and even having grown up seei ng her other relatives off at this very platform, to forget the location? And ta lking about that and muggles out loud while on the muggle side? They are outward ly known as the biggest muggle supporter there is next to Dumbledore! You meetin g them was probably a set-up right from the very start." While Hermione was ranting, a thought formed in Rose's head. "Perhaps, we could confide in the twins, George was never that bad, even after t he split." "Are you SERIOUS?" Hermione and Harry almost both yelled out loud. "No, he's still in Azkaban...sorry, couldn't help it... well, what I mean is, th at they would probably be good allies if we told them, with a push from our Mara uder knowledge... And it will look better if we tell them before they see the tr uth with that nasty map." Neither of her parents found any valid argument agains t that. And frankly, they too had missed the twins. "Hey Forge, did you see-" "That trio of first years that was staring"At us?" The twins talked in their usual manners while boarding the train. "Well, maybe they have heard about-" "The famous Weasley twins-" "The best pranksters since-" "The Marauders!" Fred finished. They did like their new presentation. This year was looking good. They had gotten onto the team last years as the best beaters o f the school. Harry Potter, the most famous Wizard alive, would begin this year. A golden target... They couldn't really think further than that, before they we re unexpectedly pulled into one of the compartments. Oddly enough, it seemed to be a compartment which couldn't be seen from the outside. They found themselves facing the trio. There was one first year boy, they assumed, that probably was t heir leader. Grinning, he said: "So you are the famous Weasley twins, huh? Fooled by a simple second level Fidel

us-" "Harry! That was one of my secret inventions! You can't just go of boasting it t o the first pair of guys you see!" The brown haired girl next to him pouted. The twins were trying to process the information. 1: They boy had been called Harry , so he might be Potter, 2: They seemed to have used an newly invented improved version of a master level charm. 3: The boy had called the charm simple. Conclus ion: The twins were in trouble. "Dad!" Wait, what? Did the black haired girl just called that smaller brat Dad? "Don't scare them away! And stop revealing Mum's secrets!" "Sorry dear, I forgot myself a bit, but don't you agree that revenge is best ser ved cold?" The twins forgot to do their usual mixing, and began speaking simultaneously. "Sorry, young master of pranks, we are sorry for whatever we did to incur your w rath." At this, the black girl giggled and waved her hand, the charms were removed, and they could recognize the boy. "Bloody Hell! You are-" "The boy-who-lived" Harry nodded. He extended his hand. "Nice to meet you, while formal, you need to call me 'chosen one' 'Lord Potter' 'The boy-who-won' or as I earned lately 'The boy-who-hitch-hiked-back-in-time-to -marry-his-best-friend', while informal, which is pretty much always, you can ca ll me Harry, or 'The-lucky-guy-who-got-married-at-his-eleventh-birthday." By sta ting this, he earned a small punch to his shoulder from the brown haired girl. "Harry, can't I at least introduce myself before you give them the wrong thought s?" "What 'Mione? Can't I be proud of my cute wife for once?" The twins just stared, knowing that the boy-who-lived was not a good target, he outmatched them. And he seemed to have claimed a girl his age to be married to. They could both only think one thing. Bloody Hell. Mum and Gin will not be happy. Did he just mention time-travel? "Just so you know..." Harry began explaining to the twins. "You are not the only ones..." Hermione continued. "That can finish each others' sentences!" Rose finished, giggling. The twins stared in awe at the performance. They had never imagined that anyone else knew of their secret bond. "All right Harry, we will will not try to coax you with our mixing, since you se em to know how to avoid it already." "So spill Harry, we know that you know that we were set up to see you at the sta tion. We also know that you know that we did not want to be Dumbledore's lapdogs

." The trio smirked. They all held out their hands. "Welcome to the new era of Hogwarts, let me re-introduce myself as the son of Pr ongs." Harry cheerfully laughed. The girls introduced themselves as Hermione and Rose Potter. At the mentioning of the Marauders, the twins both went down on th eir knees and pleaded to be part of their group. "Now, as you might have figured, we already know all about you." The twins nodde d. "May we guess that it has something to do with your hint of time travel?" Harry winked. "Yes, George and don't try, I know that Fred has a freckle below his left eye wh ere you haven't." The three Potters began telling them of their story. The two Weasleys were reall y upset by the end. "We can't believe that Ron could have been such a-" Fred blurted out. "Actually, Gred, we can, him being a jealous git after how we have treated him i s no suprise." "Hmm, Forge, do you think we should give him a chance and treat him better this time around?" They seemed to ponder the question for a moment. Then all five said synchronised : "Nah!" And they shared a laugh. A/n: I hoped you liked it! As you are reading this, I have finished writing chap ter 6. It will be quite short, but I didn't want to merge it and the future chap ter 6. I know that some of you wanted to have me giving Hermione, Rose and Harry all those extra inheritances and so on, but I feel like it both belongs to the "Been there, done that" and that it really is not necessary. First off, the Pott er Family is wealthy enough as it is. Second: The Black Family, for example, sti ll very much belongs to Sirius. Small spoiler alert There has also been a few questions regarding how I will handle Dumbledore and t he Dursleys. You might get dissapointed at Dumbledore in the following chapter, BUT DO NOT WORRY, I will get to that later, I just feel like he will be harder t o touch by the normal means to start off with, so I don't want to go with the di rect approach of crushing him by confronting him with his past deeds. Also, sinc e the Dumbledore that mistreated Harry in his first life died for his plans, I t hink He actually deserves SOME pity, for now. As for the Dursleys, I think that there is little the three Potters can do befor e at least the christmas break. I haven't finished the story about them yet, but I promise you that we haven't seen the last of them. Thanks for all your support I have gotten this week since I decided to post my v ery first chapter. If I did not want to write the continuation, as well as read some of my own, I would send personal thanks to everyone who have reviewed or pu t it on favorites. For now, I will respond only to the direct questions asked. H ope no one is feeling left out or Ignored, I am reading what each one of you say , and I am taking the messages seriously.

V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything related to that universe. All rights belong to J. K. Rowling. I am releasing this chapter a bit early, but I believe that with the way I want the story to progress, while having around the same pace (I am trying to slow do wn, mind you, but I think that the change is best made bit by bit). I am sorry in advance if anyone isn't satisfied with the way that the things are going, but I will explain more at the end of the chapter. The Sorting and Meeting the Headmaster As the Weasley twins, rather astonished, and with a lot on their mind, left the compartment to leave the Potters to have some privacy before the arrival. After giving Harry a small peck on his cheek, Hermione sat down, looking out the windo w thoughtfully. Now used to the link between them, they could chose not to think 'loud'. Internally, they called the bond their private 'chat channel', for when they didn't want anyone to hear. Thus, Harry and Rose could not hear her concer ns. "'Mione? Is something wrong?" She looked up, she'd lost track of the time. How l ong had she been lost in her own little world? Judging by Harry's 'Hero complex' , it could be anywhere between 30 seconds to hours. Hermione sighed. "No, nothing. You could just say I was having second thoughts. What if our actio ns have caused a butterfly effect? What if someone moves the Horcruxes?" Harry g ave her a sad smile. "Personally, I don't care, we have fought our war, let this world handle theirs. I am happy as long as I have this lovely family, as soon as we have gotten Siri us out and perhaps we could make Remus and Tonks get together again. Other than that, the wizarding world led by Dumbledore can go and rot." "Harry!" Hermione gave him a horrified look. "It's true. I've gotten my revenge on he-who-can't-learn-when-to-stop-chasing-te enage-boys and all I had in return was abuse and solitude, I could live without that." Before the matter could escalate into a fight, Rose interrupted. "Speaking of Sirius, do you think we should free him right away, or is it any ev ent you need to wait for? If we catch Pettigrew, this lying halfblood bast-"

"Rose! Language! And do I remind you that there are two halfbloods in this room, along with me who is muggleborn, not the best environment to scorn purity." Ros e rolled her eyes, that trait did not seem to go away no matter how many times h er mother had travelled. "Back to the point, shall we just get the rat after the sorting?" At this, Harry jumped up and snapped a finger. "That's it! I knew it was something we had forgot to discuss. The sorting! What house would be the ideal to end up for our plans?" With a small glimmer in her eyes, Hermione thought of the private library she'd seen during the search for the diadem. "I want to see Ravenclaw...stop smirking! I know what you are thinking Harry, an d you and me both know who would win if we debated this." Rose tried to remember her time at Hogwarts. "I thought that Slytherin wasn't that bad..." Both of her parents snapped out of their silent conversation and turned to face her. "Out of the question." They said simultaneously. "Slytherin was a lot different before the war than after, this one has Malfoy." "What's wrong with him? I know Scorpious was rather nice to me, he was a good ki sser too-" She reminisced. Harry cringed at her words. "We will pretend that we didn't hear that. Back to Bigot senior... or rather Jun ior, since he haven't had a chance to get any offspring, during his school years before he realized that his father was wrong, he was a spoiled brat that though t he could get anything he wanted by looking at it." "So, you would rather be with a backstabbing git who only want to be your friend to share the spotlight? Please, that would just be hypocritical. We both know t hat you will not end up in Hufflepuff, you are not concerned enough with studyin g, since we now the courses already. That leaves the two worst houses, of which I would prefer Slytherin." Rose stated, arms crossed. "Besides" She winked. "It would give us something to do during these seven years , playing turning-the-Slytherin." With a wave of their hands, Hermione and Rose turned their casual muggle clothin g into their fresh robes, saving them the trouble of separating for changing. Ha rry pouted for the rest of the trip, clearly, he had wanted a shot at acting lik e a normal naughty teenage boy. When they exited their compartment, they cancelled their Fidelus, which was a mi x of a notice-me-not charm, a privacy charm and the original Fidelus. The improv ement in fact was that they could use it on any room, instead of needing a whole house. Hagrid was doing his tradition of calling the first years down to the bo ats. On the way down, Harry was stopped by an all-too-familiar ferret. "So it's true, Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts." A number of heads turned to t ake a look. Harry rolled his eyes. Daddy's Boy had used the same line last time. Harry wondered if Fate wanted all versions of everyone in all universes to be e xactly the same. It must have looked like he was a slow boy, since Draco was cle

arly pissed at being ignored. "I'm talking to you, Scarhead." The two grunts who was standing next to him, sni ckered stupidly. What were their names again? Crap and Soil? Mentally, Harry smi led. Draco, looking more and more furious, grabbed Harry's right shoulder. The n ext thing he knew, a beam of yellow hit the young Malfoy Heir, sending him into the lake. Rose lowered her wand. Hermione had already made ghoul 1 and 2 accompa ny their leader. Harry gave her a kiss on the cheek, which made her blush. Hagri d seemed to not have noticed. "All right Harry." She said, practising to avoid calling him her father. For now . "You were right, Gryffindor might sound a bit more pleasant, after all." Hermion e then handed Harry a galleon. Rose frowned. Harry tried to look innocent. After all, betting was not a laughing matter. They sat down in the boat, instantly afterwards they regretted not taking the bo at with Hagrid. A certain red-head hurried to take the fourth spot. He fumbled t o keep his rat outside of the water. When he finally had rather ungracefully put it into one of his pockets (the girls sharing a glance, had it not been the tra itor, they had felt very sorry for the pet. Never mind that, they almost felt so rry that someone had spent ten years with such a brat. Had it not been for Siriu s, they would had let the rat slip of the boat.) He clumsily extended his hand t owards Harry, feigning obliviousness. "Hey, nice to meet you, I am Ron Weasley..." Without shaking his hand, Harry rep lied dryly: "Harry Potter, and these lovely girls are Hermione and Rose Granger." "Keep calm, keep calm, no blasting curses." Harry chanted to himself. "Poor Harry, he might have it the worst, don't you think, Rose?" "Like he always has, like he always has, mum. I just want Ron as far away from m e as possible, Dad will have to sleep in the same room as him for the next seven years." "Girls! I can still hear you." "Well, stop tuning in then, it looks suspicious." With that, Harry felt his thou ghts running into a mental wall. The two 'sisters' were looking smug now. He loo ked at Ron. "Weasley...of course! I met your brothers earlier, the twins. They were quite in teresting guys. Seems like they are quite the famous duo. Gryffindor sounds like the place to be at while attending Hogwarts." Oh, how he loved seeing that boy squirm due to inferiority complexes. Subtle Legimency from Hermione confirmed th at this was the case. "It also seem that he is somewhat attracted to Rose..." Needless to say, that st atement made Rose want to puke. Preferably over Ron. Fortunately, the trip acros s the lake is a rather short one, so they found some consolation in that. Rose s pent her time distracted, slowly, but safely, obliviating the recent incident aw ay from Malfoy and his two servants. They entered the great hall quite unconcerned, after all those years, it was hon estly not that exciting.

Hermione had considered herself to be cured of her know-it-all complex when she' d been around the age of 40 or so, and thus wanted to play another role in her n ew school life. The result? No reference to Hogwarts: A History as soon as the o ther first years stared in awe at the ceiling. Harry, Rose and Hermione sat down next to the twins. "First year students, when I call your name, please make your way up here and pu t on the sorting hat. You will be sorted between the four houses according to it 's will." A small nod in the direction of the Gryffindor table from McGonagall a ssured Harry that their cover was not yet blown. The sorting proceeded. Needless to say, they could have done like the twins, bet ting on who that went where, but with the Potter vault already containing quite a fortune, though they had not time to check as long as the Hogwarts professors were present it could be anywhere between 'enough to get by for three people bef ore they got their NEWT grades' and 'more than sufficient to be able to laugh at Malfoy', Harry had not really cared since he was quite happy with being Head Au ror in his last life. "Hermione Granger" If Harry's eyes did not fail him, he just saw McGonagall wink at them. Hermione made her way up to the hat. Harry and Rose decided to tune in so that t hey did not need to do it later. "Ah, quite an interesting spell that you have invented there, Mrs. Potter. Truly flawless for your purpose. Now, I assume that you will want a more fair sorting than the last time, without the Headmaster meddling?" "Oh, no, sir... I was quite content with Gryffindor and would prefer to keep it that way instead of going to Ravenclaw." "My, my, in whatever universe would I sort you into Ravenclaw? You and your husb and were both looking like strong candidates for Slytherin." At this, Hermione c ould feel the presence of a very surprised Rose. "Mum in Slytherin? What has the universe come to?" "Slytherin used to be a house for ambitions, something Mrs. Potter here possesse s in a fair quantity. Now where was I... Yes... I feel that there is something u nsettling for you in Gryffindor... There are also bad memories... Let me tell yo u right now that with one certain boy's ambitions to surpass his brothers, you w ill not be bothered." "Thank you, sir." All three thought to him at the same time. "No, thank you for giving us a chance to a better future. Now, lets get you back to GRYFFINDOR" The rest of the sorting proceeded as expected... until your-all-time-favourite-g it-and-red-head got his name called. The hat seemed to ponder the situation for a while. The final result: "Slytherin."

Then the outrage began. The youngest Weasley male refused to go down from the po dium, Rose handing George two galleons, Fred's face shifting from astonished to smirking. They would have a prime pranking target. Percy's face had given 'pale'

a new definition. He would have to write to the Weasley matriarch and report th e news of his little brother. Dumbledore went forward to hold his normal welcome speech, which all three time travellers ignored. There was nothing interesting to hear, after all. "Now, I wish you a good evening, first years, follow the prefects to your houses . Mr. Potter and both Misses Granger, if you would please come with me to my Off ice." The headmaster announced after the dinner. The Potters gave each other enc ouraging looks, they might be able to to turn this to their advantage. They stoo d up and followed the headmaster. "Lemon Drops." The three students watched the gargoyle move, giving room for a s et of stairs. They were quite nervous at the lack of reaction from their Headmas ter as they walked into his office. It was something wrong with this meeting. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was sitting in front of his desk. His ey es twinkling with their trademark effect. He put a lemon drop in his mouth, gest uring the others to take one too. All three of them refused. He smiled. "Welcome, now, if you would state your business." "But, sir, you called for us to come up with you." Harry replied. "Yes, yes, Mr. Potter, but I was not the one travelling in time, was I?" The three Potters gaped. They quickly put their occlumency shields up. "Frankly, you have nothing to fear. Your acts did not slip even once. But you ma y have forgotten during all your years after Hogwarts that as Headmaster, I got access onto actions both in the Express, and also what the sorting hat chooses t o tell me." "Sir, before we came back. We noticed that we had been manipulated our entire li ves. I was kept in darkness until both you and Voldemort (Dumbledore's eyebrow r ose, but he said nothing) were dead. We were treated with love potion, charmed, and Hermione was even hoaxed into a marriage, following the end of the war. This time, we want to live a life without these lies, a life where we could attain t he future we were supposed to have, and no one shall try to use us." By the end, he was so agitated, that both Hermione and Rose had to hold him back . "Peace. Being the headmaster gives me the perks of hearing the Express. Perhaps it is news for you that the Hogwarts Express, along with the castle, are two ver y sentient beings. I beg of your forgiveness for what I have done (looking at Ha rry, who shrugged, sixty years or so was enough to forget), or what I would do i n the future. If I may say that I know myself well enough, I had lost sight on t he individual and just eyes for the Greater good. Now, after all that you have b een through, I do believe that there is little to no chance of you turning dark on me." He winked, before continuing. "As a token of my apologizes, I, as chief warlock of Wizengamot, will file for a lifting of your under-age magic restraint, while (he winked again) I do think y ou have a way around it, some secrets does give a few advantages, surely, if you can use your wand outside of the school, no one will suspect that you have wand less magic. Also, I think that would apppreciate if you would no longer have to go back to your Aunt after this year, but I would recommend that you go to one o f the warded Potter residences, or ward the house of your girlfriend's (He hadn' t noticed their marriage in the current time yet, Harry deduced, he made a menta l note to thank McGonagall)."

"Thank you sir, we will keep that in mind while we discuss how to continue after we are out of this office." At this, Dumbledore smiled gently. Harry named this as the trademark Grandfather smile. "No, thank you, my dear friends, for saving an old man's future life. Oh, and I must apologize for enforcing this to begin with, I doubt that the Weasley siblin gs could have slipped love potions into Hogwarts without drawing anyone's attent ion." Harry, Hermione and Rose all considered this confusing, Dumbledore had pra ctically laid all his cards on the table, asking for getting beaten. Dumbledore, on the other hand, was thinking he was off the hook. For now. He decided to att empt to strike a pact with them. "My dear friends, from one meddler to another, I acknowledge that I am standing before a force far superior to mine (In their minds, the three first years were quite surprised, Dumbledore did not strike them as one fast to judge), and as we are all looking towards the same goal, we are better as allies than enemies, do n't you think?" Everyone nodded. They could not see any loophole which Dumbledor e could exploit. "How about a deal then? I, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, solemnly swe ar upon my life that I will not stand in the way of the Most Ancient and Most No ble House of Potter, as long as they remain true to the side of the Light and wo w to assist in the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort." A light was emerging from the tip of his wand. "Now, I would like you to swear that you will stay on our side and bring down a common enemy." Harry glanced at his family, before agreeing. This would be a golden chance to b e able to fight the war at only one front. Or two, but the ministry had never pr oven a challenge, a lot of death eaters were the living proof of that. "I, Harry James Potter, Head of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter, solemnly swear that the House of Potter will do everything in our might to brin g down Tom Marvolo Riddle, as long as it does not threaten the lives of our frie nds." "This way, we have parried any last manipulations." "And it is not as if it is written anywhere that being allied to the light means being allied to Dumbledore. He needs to be more careful with his phrasing. Or p erhaps he thinks that he can do nothing of the dark sort." "As to quote himself against our dear Tom, 'Your Arrogance will be your downfall '" "Good thing the only details he was able to overhear were what we told the twins , not exactly the hugest amount of ammunition to handle from him, yet he was ind eed very eager to swear the Oath." The only thing that the Potters had really told the twins was how they had been from the distant future, that Hermione had married Ron, that Rose was originally their daughter, that Harry had been the head auror and was considered one of th e best duellers of his time (not that Hermione secretly was better, but that was beside the point) and how miserable they had been after the second war. Of cour se, they knew that there was a risk of Dumbledore listening, but who were they t o argue about the outcome? It looked like the Potters had gained more than one v aluable ally this day. They had also gotten to an agreement with the most potent ial threat that they could have. A work well done, by any means.

But it was then they realized, that no matter how long they lived, some people c ould never cease to surprise them. Still, they had one last card to play, almost a prank of some sort. Dumbledore was probably also quite aware, as his eyes wer e looking around all over the office, wondering where to start. Harry burst out into a quite evil grin. "Now, there is just this matter about some certain withdrawals from the Potter v ault..." A/n: To my defence, I want to say that I very much believe that since Harry have gotten his revenge once, he does not exactly crave the revenge. A lot of people asked me questions, and I will try to answer some of them here. In this story, Harry did NOT get together with Ginny for long enough time to hav e any children. I am also aware that Amortentia does not create true love. It wa s more of a case that Hermione believed Harry to think of her as a sister due to the charm. She proceeded to get together with her second best friend in the cha os of the war, and simply couldn't get out afterwards. I hope you understand, I mean, c'mon, they WERE all three best friends, after all. And anyone with an oun ce of common sense can see from canon that they should not, in fact, be able to survive a happy marriage, they are too much of opposites. As for telling the twins so early, It was a kind of safety measure because the t wins were the only ones who could find out. If they spread rumors, it could be v ery hurting. Better to befriend the threats than to fight them, no? Some asked why I made Hermione so old. I refer to chapter two where she said "I lost count" I believe that the magic goes with the body, so she is NOT, and I re peat NOT any more powerful than she was in her first year, only more knowledgeab le. The reason that I wanted her to have had so much more experience was to give me a way to explain how she could know/invent a lot of more spells than she cou ld have done otherwise. As for how people believed them so fast. The first pair was Muggles, right? For someone who does not know magic, I think that levitating things, apparating and timetravel would all be equally marvelous and unbelievable. Hmm, as for Molly Weasley though, I have nothing planned yet. I don't buy the "w e were paid to do this by Dumbledore and we do not regret anything" that some even some of my favorite fanfics - go with. I think that they simply was encoura ged by Dumbledore because everyone at the time had the worst fears that the boywho-lived would be influenced by the dark. Of course, Molly was tempted by the c hance to introduce Harry to Ginny, but so was every mother of a witch at the tim e. EDIT 1: For the record, as someone pointed out shortly after this release. Dumbl edore tried to file for the listing of their underage magic while both Hermione and Harry are already emanicitipated. Yes, I know. It is no mistake nor a typo. It is simply because Dumbledore is not aware yet. He did not overhear anything r elated to their current time-line. Sorry for the missunderstanding. And no! I am not trying to overly antagonize Ron, I am just separating them the way it shoul d have been. He himself, according to The mirror of Erised, had dreams of being better than all his brothers. That, too is in canon. Yes, Ron will not be their friend initially, and no, I do not know how he will turn out, but he is NOT goin g to be overly bashed, just pictured as the overshadowed, insensetive guy that h e have acted in all the books. I hope you stay tuned for chapter 6!

Spoilers We will get a small shot of our favorite Dogfather! :D Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or his world. Any rights goes to J. K. Row ling Alright, I know that the last chapter was a dissapointment to many. But I had wr itten it and based the following chapter on it, and didn't want to re-do everyth ing. Call me lazy, yea, I understand. I want to atone by putting up the next cha pter early, it also gives me a chance to explain. Truly starting a new life. "Harry my boy, forgive me, I was going to pay it back, you would now that I, des pite my shortcomings, do honour debts..." He was having a pleading look in his e yes. An economical crisis could jeopardize his other projects. Harry smiled calm ly. "Oh, you will have to sort that with goblins, not me. I am not really concerned. But, if it makes you feel better, I will not be pressing charges. However (Harr y doing an amusingly successful attempt at imitating the Headmaster's eye twinkl e), if you think it will calm them, and ease your mind, I can claim ownership of the contents of a certain place in Hogwarts called the Chamber of Secrets, and then tell them that we have cleared your debts, we could surely come to an agree ment. After all, only I know the location of the Chamber." Dumbledore sunk back into his chair and sighed in relief. He was off the hook, f or now. "I agree that it would be a most calming deal to an old man with a rather low sa lary, despite what you think a Headmaster gains, it could be more satisfying. Di d you know I need to live at the school even during the summer? (A sad, yet also amused chuckled came from him). However, I would like to have any books in the chamber to stay at Hogwarts until the professors have gotten a chance to study a nything left by one of the Founders." Harry extended his hand to his new-found f orgiven ally. With a small grin. "Deal, but now vows this time. Maybe, after we have cleared the area of artefact s, we could use it as part of a tour during the lessons of History of Magic?" Du mbledore seemed to like the idea. "That sounds like an excellent suggestion, if you could later perhaps enchant an object to give the proper passwords, we could have a key down to this chamber a

nd use it even after you have graduated." Harry stood up and made a bow. "I am sure that could be fixed, now, we should get to our dorms, we don't want t o stay out after curfew now, do we?" The two girls was now standing, too. Dumbledore motioned them to wait. "There is now one last thing I should give you. From what I have understood, you are aware of the Hallows, are you not? (A nod from Harry and Hermione came as a reply) As you might be aware of from your past life, your cloak is here in my p ossession, would you like to have it back?" "I would be grateful if I could, sir, but I think that Rose here could find more uses for it, if you do not mind." Rose eyes were beaming, she had been quite je alous when Teddy Lupin had gotten it, he had shared it with her cousin Victoire, and not her, of course. Dumbledore nodded and opened a cabinet with a wandless motion. Rose went (almost skipping) over and fetched it. She truly felt like the twelve year old girl she now looked like. The bodies they possessed would truly prove to be having an influence on their minds, as proven by the issues Harry a nd Hermione were having in their relationship. They exchanged a friendly 'Good n ight' and took off towards the Gryffindor house. As they they went down the stai rs, they were having a mental conversation. "Should we tell him that the basilisk parts alone, both the living basilisk and the shred skins are probably worth hundreds of thousand, or even million of gall eons, split between only us three?" "Why? I think he is fully aware that the parts of a thousand year old monster wo uld be valuable, no matter what kind of monster it is. After all, the legends ha ve told everyone that there is at least something down there." How about telling him that the only money he withdrew were from my trust vault, which was only intended to be mine until I became of age?" "No, lets not burst the happy little bubble he is now in, he can have that one." "But I wanted to see his face!" "Get over it..." Harry pouted. As they walked down the corridor, they met a distraught red-head with eyes havin g almost the same colour. As he stopped, the three raised their eyebrows. He smi led at them, trying to make a good impression, but anyone with an ounce of Legim ency could tell that he was in an emotional turmoil. They almost pitied him, had he not been a total git during Rose's childhood, and refused to cancel his marr iage with Hermione, simply because as the blood puritans got fewer her popularit y went higher as a war heroine. If Bill, as the Weasley Head of House, had disso lved their marriage, the very foundations of the Weasley reputation would be que stioned. All three of them knew the reason he was trying to get to talk to the h eadmaster, yet asked just to keep up appearances. Harry spoke, as he knew that w hen you forced Ron to act like his true self, Ron did not have any lingering res pect for muggleborns. "Hello...umm...Weasley was it? (Ron nodded) What brings you up this late?" Ron s norted. "I am going to get re-sorted, of course. There's no way I can be a bloody..."

"Language!" Both Hermione and Rose yelled as an old habit, not because they real ly minded. Ron just continued, oblivious to the girls. "...Snake. I think my mum will officially disown me if she knew. That's why I am going to go to the Headmaster right now and get it over with." Trying to hide t heir smiles, Rose spoke, trying to save him from more embarrassment. She decided to be acting as the group's know-it-all, to cover up for her mother. Hermione d eserved to have a more social childhood, and someone had to be answering before she did so unconsciously "Ronald, I don't think that is such a good idea. No one has ever been re-sorted, according to..." "I am sure the hat will make an exception, all Weasleys have been to Gryffindor, and that's where I am going too. My brothers would never let me hear the end of it otherwise." Hermione rolled her eyes and took the hands of her husband and h er daughter and began pulling them, urging them to go. Harry, fond of pranking R on, just encouraged him. "Well, sure mate, I will let them now that they will need to get another bed to our room." "As if he would ever succeed with that." "Want to bet that there's going to be a Howler from Mrs. Weasley tomorrow?" "No, but I am willing to place bet on how many lines it is going to contain." Ron, being the untactful boy he's always been, gave him a smirk. "You better! I will meet you there soon." With that, he continued up the stairs to the Headmaster while the three time tra vellers went to their dorms. They got to The Fat Lady moments before the curfew began. With a loud "Caput Dra conis", which they remembered was the password during their first year, they wok e her up. They went through the portrait, leaving her muttering about rude first years. When they got into the common room, they were met with what seemed like the entire house. At first they thought it would be to ask why three people had to go to the headmaster on the very first day, but soon had to scratch that theo ry. With the exception of the twins, who were standing on the table, trying to sell some of their new inventions, pretty much everyone was trying to get a look from the boy-who-lived. Harry resigned to the attention, knowing how some things wou ld never change, no matter in which universe he went to. When the boys, which he already knew were Seamus and Dean, introduced themselves to Hermione and Rose, he oddly enough did not feel jealousy. Rather, he was full of pride on the way t he girls handled their new admirers. They responded very tactfully, shaking hand s, before they excused themselves and went up the stairs to the girls' dorms. Kn owing that the two womanisers-to-be would not give up just by their first failur e, he tried to imagine ten scenes of them being heartbroken. When the all the no t-so-unfamiliar faces got too annoying, he too excused himself and made his way up to his room. Counting the beds in the first year boys' bedroom, he happily noted that the you ngest Weasley male had failed in convincing the hat for a re-sorting. In his min

d he thanked Hogwarts for the favour. On the bed next to his, a familiar, nervou s boy was sitting. Harry sat down on his own bed, holding out a hand towards his former-and now-yet-again clamsmate. "Hello, I am Harry, Harry Potter, nice to meet you." The poor lad stammered in r esponse. "N-n-neville Longbottom." His eyes were quickly eyeing the scar, like everyone e lse. Noting Harry's annoyance. He hurried to apologize, unwilling to provoke him . "S-s-sorry, I assume it must be unpleasant, being the object for so much attenti on for something you do not remember." Harry nodded, happy that there was at lea st someone in the first year who wasn't completely dim-witted. Before he replied , he gave a small chuckle, as to calm Neville. "None offence taken, everyone does it and one more does not make 'already uncoun table' high enough to have me snap at you. We will be spending seven years toget her in the same room, so it's best to just get along, no? Tell me about yourself ." As a now more eager Neville introduced himself, Harry noted that at least par t of the shyness of the boy had gone away. Maybe Harry could accelerate the grow th from the nervous, clumsy boy to the more confident Gryffindor that would be t he best Herbology teacher in the history of Hogwarts. Listening, showing interes t, he pushed Neville to tell him a bit about the wizarding world, nothing new of course, the life of the last (as Neville lied, trying to not mention his parent s) male descendant of a pureblooded line and his hobbies in general. In return, Neville asked him about the muggle world, and Harry avoided the quest ion by telling him how he had been locked up in the cupboard, abused, malnourish ed and bullied. The young Longbottom could not comprehend that the saviour of th e wizarding Britain could have been treated that bad, almost yelled out in fury. Perhaps Harry's scheme to raise the confidence of the boy would be easier than he thought. Before the rest of the boys came up to the dorm, he exchanged 'Good Night' with Neville and put a Silencing charm on his bed. Trying to repeat the g esture with the girls over the bond, he noticed himself being shut out again. Ro lling his eyes at their girl talk, he threw himself on his pillow and went to sl eep. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles from Hogwarts, Sirius Black was sitting in his cell . He had been in Azkaban for almost ten years now. The rat had gotten away, and Harry was now out of Sirius reach, probably with Dumbledore. Sirius tried to cou nt the time. He had a hard time remembering, the dementors constant presence mad e it hard for any man to stay sane. If his memory was not wrong, though, Harry w ould have started his first year at Hogwarts today. A sting of pain struck Siriu s as the thought of Harry entered his mind. Oh, James, I really failed you. I un derstand if you will make our stay on the other side miserable. Providing I will be sent to you at all, that is. While Sirius knew he was innocent legally, he h ad committed a far worse sin by leaving Harry. "Not so proud of your actions now, are you, Black?" Fudge's gloating voice made Sirius snap up at him. When Sirius did not respond verbally, his throat dry and without motivation, Fud ge saw this as a chance to torment the prisoner's conscience. "Can you imagine it? Only 10 years, and our society is once again working! Thank s to the ministry, no one will ever have to fear the Death Eaters." At this, Sir ius chuckled, no barked out loud. "You? Thanks to you? Spare me the jokes, minister. You wouldn't want me to die e

arly, choking myself to death by your humour, would you?" Fudge gave him a look full of fury. "SILENCE! Your lord is gone, now, the boy-who-lived has returned to our world an d there's nothing you can do about it. The light side has won, you filthy traito r." Fudge tried to look superior, but Sirius held up his hands. "Yea, yeah, I get it, you caught me, Voldyshorts is gone and I am here, spare me the talk, we both know you wouldn't gain anything by standing there. By the by, are you finished with that newspaper of yours, news of what I am missing will m ake me happy, you will see me pained because I see what I am missing, win-win, r ight?" Fudge considered it a bit, but he couldn't find how it would be dangerous to give Sirius the copy of Witch Weekly, which he was going to give his wife, h e could always get a new one. Being the minister gave you quite the pay. He thre w it in the face of his favourite prisoner and walked away, chuckling. Sirius to ok the newspapers up. His eyes went wide at the first article. Sure, a magazine would usually not have been interesting, but these news changed the opinion comp letely. Red-head in Slytherin? For the first time since the founding of Hogwarts, a Weasley have entered the Ho use of the Snakes. The sixth son, Ronald Bilius Weasley, the youngest male in a family of nine, was sorted today into the dark house. What could have made the s on of such a light family turn to be the black sheep? Speaking of Black, this is the biggest upset made during the sorting since that of Sirius Orion Black, who got sorted into Gryffindor. This man was the man who betrayed James and Lily Po tter to his master. Can we expect evil to once again taint the halls of Hogwarts , when a Weasley have turned to the dark? For more information on Sirius Black, turn to page 5 For more information on the Weasley family, turn to page 7 Sirius found it hard to be insulted by the article. Instead, he chuckled at the mess the red-head had gotten into. He wished he could be at the sorting to see t he faces in the Great Hall. If naught else, the sorting hat had just played a bi gger prank than he'd ever manage to do. His thoughts once again shifted to Harry . He let a tear fall. He then looked at the picture who someone had took of the young Weasley. Apparently someone, judging from the angle, perhaps a Gryffindor, had taken it secretly. Even if he could just see the back of the boy, he could see a rat hiding in his pockets. A rat that had a deformed paw. He's at Hogwarts. A/n So many did not like me involving Dumbledore to knowledge this early. Yes, I think it is understandable, but No, I do not regret doing so. I did it because I thought that it would only be logical for Dumbledore, as he could share some i nformation with the Hat, to know something about them. Let's have a bit of reaso ning. We know that Dumbledore might know that they were from the future, I chose to le t him. Dumbledore knows, from Harrys rant, that they were from after the war.

Dumbledore also, as the mastermind he is, needs to have Harry on his side, no ma tter the price. Therefore, It is not that unlogical that Dumbledore would want an Oath from them . Now, before all the fans of Dumbledore bashing turn on me, re-read the wording o f the vows. I can have very much fun exploiting the loop-holes. As I am writing these notes, I am still working on chapter 7. As soon as I think of a good way to write Mrs. Weasley's Howler, it will be done and ready for upl oad in no time! Cheers, and many apologizes. V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. All credit goes to J. K. Rowling Alright, I stalled for two days before releasing the chapter, when everything I could think of for this chapter was almost finished. I apologize for taking a fu ll three days to write something this simple. Not a normal hero When Rose awakened, she was feeling a little disoriented. She found herself look ing at a stone ceiling. She blinked a few times before she looked to the right a nd remembered the last day's incidents. It was strange, being back after almost 40 years. She glanced over to her mother's bed. Hermione already awake, dressing . Rose could not even imagine how strange it would feel for her. She took a look at her watch, wisely enough a mechanical one (the digital ones couldn't handle the magic disturbance). The time was about 5:00. She rolled her eyes. Hermione m ust be up for some real mischief, or perhaps just sneaking down to have some pri vate time with Harry. Rose made a point of suppressing the trail of her thoughts , as to not notify them of that she was awake. As soon as Hermione had left the dorm, Rose quickly dressed. This was a good time for some good eavesdropping. Hermione did not stop at the common room. She could not feel that Harry was awak e yet, so instead she decided to spend the morning experimenting a bit. She went the familiar way from the Gryffindor tower and walked down the corridors to the Room of Requirement. As she walked back and forth, she felt that someone was wa tching her. And not from around a wall. The 'spy' was disillusioned. She smiled and went into the room. As soon as she pretended to close the door, she sent a s ilent, wandless disarming spell. As she saw which wand that went flying, and at

the speed it was summoned back, she chuckled and pulled a pouting Rose into the room. Rose hadn't dared to use the cloak, because she was afraid of making a sou nd. "What brings you here so early in the morning?" "I was following you! You don't have the right of reprimanding me for being up e arly!" "Sorry? I did not catch that. Did my twelve year old daughter just say that her mother could not have a say about her health?" Rose stuck out her tongue and Her mione smirked. "Well, I could use an extra hand. I was thinking of trying to copy that blasted useful piece of paper that Harry and the twins are so fond of. Not giving the sa me silly password, mind you, but that's the gist of it. Perhaps I can charm it t o show the passwords of the three other houses too." They were not as successful as Rose had hoped them to be, but by the end, they h ad managed to get a prototype that could give them the whole layout of the castl e, though not with the names. The marauders had been more talented than they'd g ot credit for. "Of course, it was my father who made it, after all." "Harry? How long have you been up?" "Oh, I went to the kitchen shortly before you went to try and copy my map. It wa s quite fun to look at, seeing how you didn't notice." "You prat! You could have helped us." "I'd rather not, I would like to have one of the last heirlooms from my parents remain unique." Both Rose and Hermione felt the need to shut out the Potter male until it was ti me for breakfast. As Harry joined them on the way to the great hall, they met a certain blonde fer ret who did not know how to give up, in either time-line. As always, he had Dumb and Dumber covering his back. Most of the pupils in the corridor froze when the y saw the two trios encounter each other. To the surprise of many, except for Ro se, Draco not remembering yesterday's meeting, extended his hand towards Harry, initiating the speech he had learned from his father quite obviously, since it w as exactly the same for a third time. "So it's true..." Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes, Malfoy, I am here. How observant of you. And yes, I know who you are. And no, I do not give a knut about who your father is. And for the question you are intending to ask, whether we will be friends or not is dependant on your actions , and not your contacts. For your information, I would not touch your Death eati ng family with a ten foot pole." Draco's eyes widened. Although you could see ho w fast he was losing his composure, and temper. "You filthy half-blood. Who do you think you are? Thinking you are something, be ing the bloody boy-who-just-could-not-die? I tell you, there are people you do n ot want to get on the wrong side of. And I can help you stay on the right side o

f them." While the observers gasped, Harry sighed. No one could have expected what Harry would do next. He turned to professor McGo nagall, who had just arrived at the scene. "Excuse me, professor, but I just wanted to inform you that this fight here coul d turn out to have some offending, yet harmless consequences." Minerva just blin ked, surprised. When Harry made no attempt to attack Draco, she urged him to con tinue. Hermione and Rose both yelled at the same time. "No Harry! Don't! He is not worth it." But Harry did nothing that the professor thought was wrong until it was too late. Harry began yanking of the upper half o f his robe. Imagine the shock the professor, and most other females in the corri dor was having when he took it off. Before anyone could stop him, in front of th e anguished faces of his family, he took of his shirt. But he was not stripping, he was making a point.

The silence that was followed was more intense than the one during the sorting t he day before. And then the whispers began. McGonagall was looking like her eyes would leave her sockets. But it was not at the exposed body of the boy-who-live d. Well, technically it was, but it was not the fact that it was undressed, rath er what was decorating it. The back was filled by scars, almost forming a patter n, like a tattoo, which covered him from his shoulders down to where his remaini ng clothing began. There was no one, save for Hermione and Rose, who was staring . The two girls were having tears in their eyes. In their heads, the images of V ernon beating their beloved husband/adoptive father was being replayed. They cou ld swear they could feel the pain. Had it not been for the effect and the need t o continue the conversation with the shocked professor and the now still staring Slytherin, they would have hugged him and covered his face with kisses, as to c alm him down. Harry opened his mouth to speak. The time seemed to stand still. T here was no one in the room who did not await his reply. "You think it's being a pleasure cruise being the only one to survive a massacre ? Being sent to your only remaining relatives, who just happens to know about ma gic and just as incidentally hates it so much they think they can beat it out of you?" Gasps could be heard from all directions. "How people wanted to chase you, crush you and get rid of you, just because you were different? That is how I grew up. In my house, I was below how you treat yo ur house elves. They do at least get to eat sometime, don't they?" McGonagall's face was turning from pale to red, as she recounted how she had seen the Dursley s, and how she had urged Dumbledore to place Harry somewhere else. "I don't know how you do it here in the magical world, but sure you don't leave orphaned children outside of people's doors with just a note? If that's what peo ple think their so-called celebrities should be treated, I wish I never was able to stop Voldemort (flinches, as always...). The next time someone wants their b lasted dark lord handled, they will have to do something themselves. Oh wait, th ey won't, because perhaps then they would be thrown into prison for murdering th e bloody sod-" He couldn't say more, as a shock of pain interrupted him. Of course, the pain ca me from the scar. Harry clutched his forehead. He tried to see where it came fro m. He found himself looking up at Quirrell. Oh Merlin, I'd forgotten about him. And the pain from the scar is just as bad as it used to be. I'd better get out o f here. Rose and Hermione helped him up. He put the robes back on.

"That being said, Draco Malfoy, I do not reject, nor accept your offer. Come bac k when you are willing to consort with my friends, and maybe I will reconsider i t." Leaving the rest of the student body still staring, they went to the Great Hall, without looking at anyone else. They sat down next to Neville, who was already eating, to spend some time in sil ence. They knew that the old Neville did not ask any questions. However, with th e new-found confidence that Neville had acquired the evening before, they would unfortunately be proven wrong. He took a glance at the arrivals of the majority of the students, before he turned to Harry and asked. "I get why they were staring yesterday, I mean, you're big news and so on, but w hat are they staring about now?" A glance at Harry's eyes, which were showing th at he did not want to know, made Neville nod in sympathy, but before he turned a way, a famous pair turned up to tell the story. "Harry just made a-" "Ruckus one the way here-" "By taking of his shirt!" The twins summarized, before sitting down next to the quad of first years. The p air then engaged into a silent, unspoken competition against the three Potters i n trying to show the best cooperation. Both groups of people began showing off t heir ability to help each other without communicating (out loud). Fred picked th e bread for George who at the same time got Fred's juice, all passed over the ta ble without messing up. Harry, on the other hand, threw a fried egg over to Rose , who caught it on her plate. The other Gryffindors were quite surprised that so meone else could manage to do the same 'trick' as the twins. Of course, it didn' t take a lot of time until they were spotted by an arriving professor McGonagall . She didn't look very pleased with the actions. Before she could punish them, the owls arrived. Her voice got lost in the squeal s of first years, wanting to open the letters from their parents. Naturally, the reason she, and soon pretty much all the Gryffindors actually, suddenly went qu iet was because of the Howler that was sent to Ron. "Ronald Bilius Weasley! I am terribly disappointed in you! How dare you get sort ed into that... (obviously Molly had realized that it might not be wise to insul t the entire house in front of all residents in Hogwarts). I can not believe tha t you did not opt for a re-sorting! (The letter turned to the Head Table) I dema nd that my youngest son is re-sorted right now. I will not tolerate that Ronald will spend his time at Hogwarts inside any house affiliated with anything Dark." Ron just stared. The rest of Slytherin was all laughing at him, obviously singli ng him out for their following year of first year bullying. The Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws went on with their breakfast, seemingly unconcerned. Gryffindor, on t he other hand, was very split. Percy looked like his glare could compete with a basilisk. The twins were... well, as they always were. Harry, was facing a dilem ma. "Don't bother 'dad', Ron is not worth making an enemy of the entire house of Sna kes." "But this Ron hasn't actually done anything to warrant a childhood being bullied ."

"And neither have you. Stop it. Please." "Sorry Rose, but he was my best friend." "Hey!" "Sorry 'Mione, but 'best friend' and 'close as a sister, but would-be girlfriend ' does need to be separated here." " That just isn't fair..." "What? Thinking that you and Ron can't be compared because I only love one of yo u, how is that wrong?" "How long?" "How long what?" "I thought we were all seeing each other as best friends until at least fourth y ear." "Probably I began seeing you this way when you were Petrified. Sadly, you don't really know what you want until it is out of your reach." "So, now you two have gotten that sorted, now spill! Do we want to get involved with Ron or not?" "Rose! He is your father, not mine." "HE STOPPED BEING MY FATHER FOURTY YEARS AGO." "Fine. You don't want to have anything to do with him. I just think for a fact t hat I don't want to see people getting hurt for what they haven't done." "And here Rose, is when Harry goes into his saving people mode." Harry decided to stop discussing with the two of them. He took a deep breath. Th en he stood up and walked over to the end of the Slytherin table. He looked Drac o in his eyes. In the young Malfoy heir's face, a quick sequence of expressions were displayed. First confusion, followed by realization and in the end, Draco j ust nodded. Harry nodded back. At least there is something we can agree to. He p ut his hand on the shoulder of the still shocked red-head. "What's the matter? It can't be that bad." "Not bad? I am going to be hexed the moment I get of the train at Christmas. It was nice meeting you, but I got to plan my funeral." "Oh, nothing to worry about then. We will just see to that you are not hexed." H arry said cheerfully, earning him stares not only from the Slytherin, Gryffindor and the nearest bunch of Hufflepuffs, but the teachers as well. Molly Weasley's hexes were famous at Hogwarts. You just didn't mess with a Weasley female. "Are you serious mate?" "No, Sirius is in Azkaban." At the reference to the famous convict, not just a few people were found shudder ing. The name of Sirius Black was feared only second to Tom Riddle himself. Not

forgetting that Tom did not want to be called Tom, but that was just trivia. "Well, I will hold you responsible if I am hit at December 20th then." Harry extended his hand. Ron shook it. "It's a deal." Harry left Ron thinking that maybe his stay at Hogwarts would not be that bad, a fter all. Of course, no one had yet to learn of the 'Potter curse and how all pr oblems, no matter how small, always find the way to Harry'. From that way onwards. No first year, Slytherin or otherwise, tried to mess with neither Harry nor Ron. Draco Malfoy did see to that. Dumbledore was celebrating. Harry had made a step towards forgiving, rather than punishing. As the way things were progressing, Dumbledore would once again emer ge victorious, and a Tom Marvolo Riddle would not get the chance of a resurrecti on. His happy mood faded quickly when an urgent Floo call from Minister Fudge ca me to his office. "Albus Dumbledore. We have just received a high priority emergency call from Azk aban. Sirius Black has escaped." A/n So, I decided to pull Ron in for a brief 'We might be friends in the future" conversation. It was not what I first intended, or well, while I might have, I thought of doing it later, perhaps after the first year had passed, but it seeme d to fit into the chapter space-wise. I don't want to go from ~3k word chapters to either shorter or much longer chapters, so I pulled in here in advance to fil l in. It might give me more possibilities to create events in anyways. For now, it also seems that my releases have caught up with my writing. Silly me , breaking my deadlines and putting up so many early chapters. Well, I hope some one is happy with it. I have the following week off, so I might be writing a whole lot more (yay, more releases, where is my cheers... or rants...) or I might be strolling of forgett ing, we all hope it is the former, no? Until next time. I think it will be by wednesday or so. V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any character that has yet to be intr

oduced into this story. All rights goes to J. K .Rowling I know, this chapter is shorter that normal, but I couldn't quite find anything to fill in the missing space, if I didn't want to stray from the pace - and the matter - on which I am currently writing. This chapter is supposed to be mainly on Sirius perspective, and some few things in between in which could imply some of the events. The innocent man Sirius Black was serious. No question about it. And this time, it wasn't only by the pun definition. If I stay and rot here the rest of my days or if I get to h ave a final hug with my personal dementor is not that much of a difference. Now, if a certain rat will accompany me, the second alternative does sound awfully t empting. Sirius examined the cell. He knew. Somehow he just knew. The bars were not tight enough to keep Padfoot in. He began focusing on his inner animal. One of the things the dementors never were able to remove, and thank Merlin for that . Soon, in place of the prisoner who had been sitting on the floor for nigh on ten years, there was a black dog. It was obviously underfed, and as such, could eas ily slip through the bars. And this is how the first successful escape from Azka ban was conducted. Sirius was panting, he needed food, but fast. He did not really know anyone that would help him. He remained as Padfoot, sneaking near houses and trying to get left-overs. It was a slow process, but he did starve. He was without a wand and with no contacts. Slowly, but surely, he travelled his way to Hogwarts by foot. Just great. Harry groaned. Not only would he have to handle Quirrell this year. But now he had to clear Sirius' name too. And he had not gotten his hands on the rat yet. Well, the later would prove to be a quite easy task. As the Trio asley heir. out of the cidentally' were sitting in the library, they were approached by the youngest We It had been two weeks since their arrival at the school, and nothing ordinary had happened. Well, save for the first day and how Rose 'ac let some ideas slip to the twins.

The whole first week, students from all years had been victims of the mayhem. Wh at mayhem? Well, assume that dropped notebooks were lying in the hall. Someone w as bound to pick it up sooner or later. If that book just happened to be charmed to release some removable paint upon being touched, people were in for a nasty experience. Some refused to pick up dropped books in fear even now. Of course, F ilch, the caretaker, had been furious. He'd even asked Snape to interrogate the prime suspects. Little did they know that some anonymous friend had given the twins an useful ad vice; to not look any teacher in the eyes. Back to the library. Ron was stuttering. He, while he wasn't mocked by his fello w snakes, was not really spoken to either. Ron did not associate that with being the only Slytherin not to speak with Draco Malfoy, but the Trio had made that c onclusion. So, here he was, trying to make friends with Hogwarts biggest celebri ty. Just as his mother had originally told him to. He figured it had to do with him trying to set Harry up with his little sister Ginny, but he couldn't be sure . The girl was very smitten with the boy-whom-she-had-never-met and Ron could have made an Oath that she would be throwing fits at the Burrow when the fact that s he had seen him, yet not talked to him, at Kings Cross, had been revealed. But t

hat was not Ron's intention today. He was genuinely looking for company. And per haps a little bit of help with his Essay in Potions... Harry saw the rat crawling around on the shoulder of the red-head. He looked at the traitor for a while, before he interrupted Rose's tutoring. "Hey Ron, may I take a look at your pet? He seems to be distracting you. I mean, I would know how hard it is to focus when something is sitting on your shoulder . I tried to do my essay near the owls..." Ron gave him a confused look, before handing him the rat. "Well, sure mate. Just don't lose him. And thanks." Harry took the rat in his ha nd. Now, he would need an excuse to get away. Hermione came to the rescue. Since she didn't want to be disturbed reading (at lack of material, she had secretly taken some books from the restricted section), she had used a notice-me-not char m and a privacy charm. Hearing Harry's ordeal through the bond, she cancelled bo th. Ron flinched, he of course assumed she had either appeared out of thin air, or walked very, very quietly. "Harry, I think the Headmaster wants to speak with you." She signalled to a port rait nearby with a hand behind her back. The woman in the portrait nodded, and s pread the word. Harry thanked her. "Well, I will be going then. Catch you three at dinner." "Err, Harry? Where's Scabb-" Rose quickly interrupted him. "And now you add..." Harry excused himself and made his way to the Headmaster's office. The rat in hi s hands, of course, tried to get away, but as soon as no one was looking, Harry cast a silent body bind. No running for Peter. Dumbledore was sitting by his desk as one of the portraits announced that he wou ld be expecting Harry soon. Curiously, he restocked on his Lemon Drops. Not that he thought that Harry would eat one, but considering he had been sent up here, he might need it. Harry arrived with a big smile on his face. Making Dumbledore a little anxious. Harry was, after all, a son of a marauder. "Headmaster, what would you say, if I could prove that Sirius Black is not a thr eat to me?" "I would either deem you a dangerous student, whom I would need to keep a good w atch on, just like a certain Tom Riddle, or I would compliment your duelling cap ability." "And if I did not need to duel him?" Harry's smile became even bigger. "I am afraid, Harry dear, that I can't keep up with your argument." "What if I, say, could prove that Sirius Black is innocent, well, a little bit i nsane perhaps, but still innocent?" "Harry, there is more than enough proof that Sirius would be guilty." "Can I check his trial record then? No, because he was never proven guilty eithe r." Dumbledore frowned. Now that Harry mentioned it, there was no trial. Dumbledore was sure there was a reason why he never petitioned for one...ah, yes, how he wa

nted Harry to be with his relatives. He knew that Harry knew. Better to not brin g it up. "So, how do you propose that you can show Sirius' innocence?" Harry held up the rat. "Simple, I hand in the man who was supposed to be dead. The real secret keeper t o Godric's Hollow. Peter Pettigrew. Coincidentally, this rat has lived for more than ten years, is missing one toe, and was picked up pretty much the same day t hat Sirius got arrested. He is also an unregistered animagus. We can skip mentio ning the last one, I don't want the ministry to do a search for illegal shapeshi fters at the moment, but it's always something handy to have. Additional ammunit ion, that is." Dumbledore scowled at the rat. "So, this is our dear Peter, hm?" "In the flesh. Or fur. I don't really care." "This calls for a Floo to the ministry, no pun intended." Fudge was sitting in his office, gritting his teeth. The most dangerous man in B ritain, save for he-who-must-not-be-named himself, had escaped from the impenetr able Azkaban, just one day after Harry Potter had made a reappearance. No doubt he was after the boy. Fudge was almost pitying the boy, he would have if the boy wasn't more popular than him at least. It was when he walked to his fireplace to order the dementors to go to Hogwarts that he got an urgent call from it's headmaster. I wonder what could bring the a lmighty Dumbledore to be concerned with ministry business. He'd certainly never needed help before. He was about to answer when the headmaster and the boy-who-l ived came personally. The boy was holding a rat in his hand. Fudge was really no t one for animals. "Albus Dumbledore! What can I do for you? And Harry Potter, it is a pleasure to finally see you. I am sorry for the inconvenience that the escape of Sirius Blac k must have brought you." Harry smiled and held up the rat. "About that..." Fudge thought the theory was absurd, but when Dumbledore used a revealing spell, sure enough, the rat turned into a man. "La... scratch that, Gentlemen, I give to you, Peter Petigrew." Harry unleashed the body bind from the rat. Peter immediately began to boast abo ut his innocence and how the Dark Lord had forced him and how he then felt. It w as in the middle of the 'I was under the Imperious' that Harry yawned and hit th e man on his cheek. With a loud thud, the rat-like man fell on the minister's de sk, wrecking the papers. Only an accident, of course. Harry proceeded with using his wand to cut Peter's left sleeve open, revealing the dark mark. "Interesting tattoo, could you explain where you got that? Maybe if I give you t his drink of veritaserum you will want to say something remotely close to the tr uth?" At the odd stare from both Dumbledore and Fudge, he just shrugged. "What? I just happen to carry it around? Please, think of it like Alastor Moody,

constant vigilance, you know." Dumbledore nodded, while Fudge wondered where Ha rry had learnt of that name. Sirius had been on the run for almost a month now. He was not tiring. His guilt towards James and Lily could not handle second thoughts. He needed to focus. A s ingle mistake and the rat could escape him yet again. Maybe even blow up another street. Or worse, the Great Hall of Hogwarts. He had not read a newspaper for d ays either. Somehow, they all seemed to be gone. Or it could just be an unusual lack of Wizard population between Azkaban and Hog warts. Little did he know that the latest editions of The Daily Prophet were cha rmed to be inaccessible to one Sirius Black. As he approached Hogsmeade, he was beginning to feel that something wasn't quite right, but he shrugged it off. Of course something wasn't right. He was the most bloody wanted man in Europe, for a crime he never committed Padfoot arrived at the Shrieking Shack in the early October. He felt that it cou ld be a good hideout during his quest to catch Peter. It combined privacy and on e of the good ways into the Hogwarts grounds. He knew that the Shack was probabl y just a fraud. Seriously, or Siriusly, the reason why people thought it was hau nted was because of Moony anyways. Moony... Sirius missed him. He was, after all , the last remaining sane marauder. Sirius silent asked himself how he thought life was for the werewolf. He could r emember that one of the few newspapers that he was able to coax out of Fudge men tioned some potion which eased the transformation. When Sirius got into the Shac k, he was met by a surprise. Either the house was haunted for real, someone had serious problems with their memory, or the third possibility, someone was expect ing another someone to show up inside the Shack. Right inside the shack was a bo x, marked with the Hogwarts emblem. When Sirius opened the box, it revealed a st ash of food, enough to last for a week. Needless to say, preservation charms inc luded. Sirius thanked Merlin for his secret benefactor. After a day's rest, Sirius felt that he had the strength to begin the hunt. He t ransformed into Padfoot yet again, and took the path under the willow. As soon a s he stepped into the boundary of the School though, he could feel an alarm char m going off. It's over. Though astonished at the improvement of the security, Si rius mind was pretty much set on resigning to his fate. He did not want to fight Aurors. They were, after all, though unknowingly, on his side. They were also j ust performing their duty. Sirius closed his eyes and sat down close . A fitting place to end it. Soon enough, a short moment, he was beginning to feel et the alarm off, yet no one appeared. He usion. to the old good tree at the Black Lake he would probably be surrounded. After a little uneasy. He knew that he had s was looking out on the grounds in conf

He snapped out of his thoughts when a raven landed in the tree, staring at him. He thought that the raven was just some kind of taunt from Fate herself. That is , until he saw the eyes. Emerald green. He only knew one... no, two people that bore eyes of that colour. One was dead. He had personally been at fault for that . The second one had barely begun learning magic. As he stared back he could fee l a small connection with the bird. But he still thought of it as a prank. In si lence, they watched each other, losing track of time. A/n So this chapter was a bit short, and it compromised the events pretty much. Yeah, I am sorry. The next chapter will cover what happened in Hogwarts during t he same time, meaning that I will have two chapters telling different things tha t occured during the same window of time. Sort of two paralell stories, but only for two chapters.

For this release, I am at a lack of words of any real comment I have to pass on the you readers. I am, obviously, very thankful that people are showing their su pport and that someone is willing to ready my lousy writing is beyond me. One thing though has been bothering ea for a plot that could be used to time travel story for that matter. ave me to delay this main story, so ll you what it is about though. me. As I worked on this chapter, I got an Id this story, or as a small side story for any I got an urge to write it, but that would le I won't bother doing it right now. I will te

Imagine their third year. Somehow, this time turner incident isn't just affectin g the current timeline, but also creates a double in the alternate universe to w hich our main characters have travelled. Thus, one version of Hermione suddenly finds herself in Hogwarts, but she realizes that she isn't really supposed to ta ke the class she had arrived to. (Say, the first lessons of divination.) There i s now a paradox, with two Hermiones roaming about, one Hermione Potter, which be longs to the universe, having started it two years prior to the incident, and th en there's Hermione Granger, who is a canon version that has just begun her real third year. Maybe not the best, but could be an amusing sequel, or just a fun arc that I wil l include later. What do you guys think? And is it normal to be thinking of the outline of the sequel before you are halfway done with the first story? And the idea is mine! Mine! No one stealing it, 'kay? :P - V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor the Harry Potter Universe, All rights belong to J. K. Rowling. Okay guys... I was running out of ideas. I admit. I wanted something to write ab out that could happen during Sirius Travel to Hogwarts, and found myself thinkin g of a drama chapter which would cover a certain 'plot hole' of some sorts. I also admit to being bad at writing anything involving feelings. Sorry if you t hink it's bad, I am trying to get better. Facing your feelings Hermione Potter, nee Granger, did not know what to make out of the situation. He r best friend and husband had forgiven, or at least not fought her other former best friend and husband from her last 'life'. He had even befriended the sod and let him into their circle of friends. All because he felt a little pity on a bo y that was sorted into a house which his family shuns. Well, she supposed, that

this Ron reminded Harry of Sirius. Sirius had after all got disowned by his fami ly, got his very name blasted of the family tree, and lost everything just becau se he placed his trust wrong. Looking from that angle, she too, had to admit tha t she rather have Ron on their side, perhaps not as their friend, but anything w as better than leaving him to the death eaters. So, one thing leads to the other, she mused, as she was sitting in the library. Ron was currently receiving lessons in potion from their daughter, who was, at l east here, older than him. And he was having a crush on her. The very thought ma de Hermione sick. Of course, it was not as if he knew. It wasn't as if she looke d like she had inherited any features from him either, thanks to the blood adopt ion. The adoption. Hermione stared, not at anything in particular, she was just wide eyed. She had to discuss that with Harry. He was on his way with the rat to the Headmaster. Sh e sighed. It couldn't hurt to do some research on the matter. They had just done it to provide Rose with the protection of the House of Potter. They hadn't actu ally checked the side-effects. Hermione quickly eyed the library section on laws and also on blood rituals. She picked out the thickest book (some habits never die) and began reading. She had gotten to a chapter about Family heads and heirs. The Head of a House is, and unquestionably so, decided by the previous head. If the head has not named a Heir, the next head will be the closest relative, meani ng that the title is inherited primarily by the oldest child, followed by any si bling to the deceased head. The head of an Ancient and Noble house has responsib ility of the actions of the members in the house, and will be the first one to b e questioned, should a scion of the house commit any crime. The head has full power to determine any legal matters of the house. This is not limited to the economical and political. A member of the house can only, and is obliged to obey,be married at the approval and/or request of the family head. Many ancient family lines can only be inherited by the oldest male descendant of the main branch, but others, like many of the Founder's Branches, is simply inh erited by the oldest descendant in the branch. Hermione rolled her eyes, how educational, my, I would never have guessed. But I wonder if it says anything about the spouse of the Head. The partner of the head of a house is, upon their marriage, along with the head, considered an adult. This is includes making the head and his or her intended e xcepted by any age restrictions, such as the underage magic decree. A marriage o f a head is magically recorded into the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. T he partner can act as a substitutional head, should the heir of the head not be emancipated upon the death of the head. So, besides being emancipated, I do not earn any perks, huh. Hermione thought. R ose, on the other hand, is currently the legal heir to the Potter house. Quite a n improvement from being the second child of a sixth child to an Ancient, yet mi nor house. "Hey! Don't think I tagged along just to improve my status!" "So why did you want to follow? You had your career, your real family another ve rsion of us is still there you know, we have just simply switched our minds to a nother version among the infinite amount of universes. You wouldn't see the diff

erence. No offence, dear, I am happy to have you here, but you are back into the beginning of the second Blood War. You'd be both safe and at home, without seei ng me exploiting time to cheat on your father." Rose, while not being offended, was more than a little upset at the bluntness of the mother. She knew that it was not a joking matter that she'd chosen to re-li ve her childhood in another period of time, and a much more dangerous one at tha t. She phrased her response carefully. "All my life, I have grown up seeing you unhappy. You are maybe trying to lie to yourself, but you can not fool me. Ron was not your first choice of a true love . He never was. Even before you two separated, you still put Harry above anyone else, including Hugo and me. At first, I thought you were trying to repay some k ind of immense debt to him, considering how he time and time again have saved ou r lives. But as we discovered that your marriage, everything after the war, or m aybe even during the war, was based on lies and deception, I began considering m y own existence." "Rose, you can't think that your birth was just a mistake." "But had Harry had the way he actually deserves, I would not be born at all. It' s a fact, and face it, even if no one, not even yourself or even Harry would adm it it, you both wanted that you would bear his children and not Ron's." "Rose... don't." "But it's true! If you deny it you would be lying to yourself!" "I-I-I...don't know." Hermione finally admitted, ashamed of herself as a mother. She'd just made her now only child to feel that she'd been nothing more than a result of a legal rape. Rose, however, had more on her mind to say. "I went along, because I felt I could be living a different life. I wanted to cr eate a new identity, a new me. You know that after your split when I started sch ool that Ron never acted as a father. Heck, you know it's the reason that I refu se to call him 'dad'." " " "I would do anything to make the pain I just felt to go away, even if it meant o bliviating my first life. I'd de-age myself again if I have to. But I am NOT goi ng to be a nice girl and go back, even if I could. I am happy living this life a s your sister-turned-adopted-daughter thank you very much. But no, you had to go and question why your daughter wants to follow her mother." Hermione and Rose both could feel the emotions of each other. They knew Harry ha d 'tuned out' the moment the conversation began. They were still in the library though, and Hermione refused to let the tears flow while they had spectators. Ro n was just looking at them both in confusion. They'd been seemingly just sitting and staring each other in the eyes and not saying anything, for quite a while. Hermione just uttered a silent whisper. "I am sorry." And with that, Rose burst out of the room. "What was that about?" Hermione snapped out of her staring.

"Oh, sorry Ron, we were having a bit of an eternal fight." Forgive me, Fred, Geo rge. "You see, some twins born with magic shares a bond, it looks on the outside like we are in each other's head and knows what the other want to say before they sa y it. Like your brothers." "Oh, I see then. What were you fighting about?" Hermione gritted her teeth. That git never learned. Or perhaps that he never hav e had a chance to in this time, she could only guess. Not mean, just so bloody i nsensitive that he could turn the whole female student body to hostility before the end of this year. Seeing as she had to reply with something, she merely stat ed. "Family problems." "Huh, like what?" Ron asked. "Seriously? You should know, having the hugest bloody family in wizarding Britai n." She sneered, before she, too, walked out, leaving Ron still very confused. When Harry came back, it was late in the evening. He met Hermione in the common room. "You look upset. Is there anything you wish to tell me?" Hermione couldn't answer, instead, she shared her memories with him over their b ond. Harry shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Before he swore. He proceeded with j ust four words. "Where. Is. She. Now?" Hermione burst into tears and shook her head. The other Gryffindors began notici ng. Harry was quick to act. He turned to Neville. "Neville, could you please get the Weasley twins here, I need to ask them of a f avour." Neville nodded, and went up the stairs to the boys' dorms. Harry embraced his wi fe in a hug. "We will handle this, I promise." "Hello Harry, Hermione, why did you-" "Feel the need to start a flood in the Gryffindor-" "Tower? Did you want people to drown?" Harry's mouth just turned into a straight line. He was not in a good mood right now. The twins quickly caught up and hurried to get serious. "So, what do you, oh mighty son of Prongs-" "Feel the need to ask us mere mortals?" Harry's reply was short and informative. It lacked any emotion. The last thing h e needed right now was to be snapping, too.

"The map. Now. Rose is missing." It would explain to any outsiders, at least. Harry examined the map. He could not find her anywhere. There was only two place s to look at then, or only one, since only Harry knew parseltongue. Hermione sto od up to follow. Harry just gave her a look that made her sit down again. "No, let me handle this. You need some rest. Could you two (addressing the twins ) see to this? Get her one of your experimental sleeping candies or whatever you have, but right now, Rose wants to be anywhere else than her sister." Hermione burst out into tears again, not looking as Harry took of to the Room of Requirem ent. Now, how to phrase it. Ah, 'I need the place, at which Rose is hiding'. As he wa lked past the corridor the third time, he opened the door very slowly. The room she was sitting in was very familiar. She must've just have wished for a place t o hide. The room was covered in piles of junk, which had been thrown away. She h ad her back turned to the door. "Leave me alone, Harry." She had known that he'd be the first one to look, she d idn't even need the bond to confirm it. Harry sighed. "Rose, listen to me, please." "Why? What can you do to help? I'm stuck in time, my mother does not know if she even wants me, she...well can I call it re-married? I have to keep facing my re al father every day, thanks to you. Now, tell me, what more can be taken before fate decides that it is satisfied? My magic? My soul?" Rose was sobbing. Her early puberty hormones did certainly not make it any bette r. Harry realised that the matter was something Rose had been keeping to herself for quite a while. He leaned over to hug her. "Rose, I know that I can't be your real father. I know that we are now of the sa me age, me being slightly younger. I know that it hurts you to be close to Ron. But I want to be there for you. Be the family you didn't have. I understand if y ou can't accept me as a father figure, or even a brother figure, but please Rose , give me a chance." Rose wasn't calming down. "Why? What do you know? How could you understand?" The last word was the final straw for Harry. He pulled her arm and made her look into his eyes. He then opened the bond link for her to see. Images flashed inside her mind. Harry was lying beaten up in his cupboard. He had just begun attending primary s chool. He had just heard his name for the first time. Harry was told of his parents being drunkards killed in a car accident. He was y et again beaten for asking. Harry was lying on the floor in the hut, minutes before Hagrid arrived. He was s ilently acknowledging his birthday. And being content just by not being beaten u p. Hermione and Harry, lying down in the tent, the rain pouring down outside and th e depression of the locket hanging over them.

Bodies, endless amounts of corpses. Friends, Acquaintances, Allies and enemies a like. The final battle had taken a heavy toll. Remus. Tonks. Fred. "What do you know? You feel like you are not wanted, and that's it? Give in to a biased emotion based on someone else's action? Have you ever been treated as yo u were unwanted? No. Have you ever been kept from learning the truth, just becau se you wouldn't come with unsuitable questions? No. Have you been brought up, wi th the single purpose of dying, just so that everyone else, who don't want to ha ve you, can live happily in their ever after? No. Don't give me that utter blood y nonsense!" Harry was yelling. It was out. He had tried to deny it. After Siriu s death he had tried to deny it. After he got to know about Dumbledore's reasoni ng, he still denied it. After even being killed he denied that he was living onl y to be expected to be the wizarding world's saviour. Rose found no words. She had known about the war, yes. Every student at Hogwarts was taught of the recent history in magic to prevent the birth of new dark lord s. But none of the stories handled the private life of the one man which everyth ing seemed to orbit around. The man who had been shunned, admired, hated and lov ed for something he wasn't proud of. The man who had risked his life for an idea l he couldn't have a belief in. The man who was so full of love, when he never r eceived any love back. She couldn't compete with that. Not that she wanted to, b ut she felt horrible. She resumed to sob. The tears finally made their way down her cheeks. "What do you want from me, Harry? First you take me away from my life, though I felt compelled to follow back then. Then you take my mother, because you have be en in love for longer than she have been even wanting to face Ron. Then you take away my reason for wanting to be here. And now you take away my justification o f feeling pity for myself. What more can you ask for?" The last came as a whisper. Harry gave her a kiss on her forehead. "I want your acceptance. I want to have a family of my own. And you are definite ly a part of it. No questions about it. I watched you grow up. I was there as we sent you to school for the first time. I watched you as you began your training as an Auror under my command. Don't you see? You have not lost your family. We are still right here. Situational adoption or not. I would have considered you m y daughter either way." Rose's composure broke. She couldn't be angry at Harry. She wanted his words to be true, so badly that it hurt more than her previous gu ilt. "D-d-do you mean it?" "Every word of it. I swear upon my life." As the light of his wand confirmed his statement, Rose embraced Harry, returning the hug. The tears were of happiness. "I will try my best. I want you to be my father. I want to be the family you nev er had." "Hermione dear, I think we have solved it for now." The now Potter matriarch did not reply. She was keeping them out. Rose and Harry mirrored each other as they rolled their eyes. A similar conversation seemed to be needed.

"Before we leave, Rose. May I have your honest opinion? Will you be happy as a p art of a true family between us three?" Rose did not answer in words. Instead, she pulled out her wand and conjured the most powerful Patronus ever to be seen in the history of Hogwarts. A/n And the main moral of this chapter is: tactlessness can make you lose friend s. I was thinking about the final line about a patronus being a fine way to end the last chapter of the whole story. Preferably following perhaps announcing a preg nancy or something. But as the timeline progresses, I found it hard to believe t hat the characters will get that old (unless I write an epilogue) hence, I wante d it used somewhere else. And hey! This chapter gave me an excuse for them to get the Diadem. Next chapter would handle Hermione's feelings i would guess. 'till next time. V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, have never claimed to do so and will neve r claim to own anything related to the Harry Potter universe. All rights belongs to J. K. Rowling O...kay. That was the words I had in mind when I did this chapter. Between the m ain story, which will take place where Harry confronts Sirius, and this drama ar c, I felt like this chapter revolving around Hermione's feelings would fit. I th ink I have enough to go back to the main story line in the next chapter. Rounding things up "Oh, and Rose, while we are here, we might as well pick up the diadem, saves us the trouble of going here again. And if you want to keep anything, just do it." Harry smiled. "Hmm, like this trunk?" Rose motioned with her hand towards a large black trunk. "Well, if you really want-" Harry stopped when he noticed the design of it. It h ad no visible keyhole, it was just... locked. "I wonder how you open it." Rose mused.

"Let me try one thing. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." At the small c lick he heard, he knew that he had guessed right. So they really did find this r oom too. I wonder why it isn't on the map. "So it belongs to the Marauders, huh? Let's see, it doesn't seem to contain anyt hing interesting, just a few vials of pranking mixture... might make the twins h appy. We might give it to them as a gift." A gift. Harry snapped up. "Rose... what date is it today?" "Hmm, the Eighteenth, why?" Rose frowned. Harry slapped his face. Suddenly he did not seem cheerful at all. Rose wondered why this change of attitude came from. "What's wrong, Harry? There's nothing happening to... oh... yeah... perhaps it i s time to worry." "Sorry dear, I guess I should have remembered earlier. You will not be too angry if your present is delayed?" Rose scowled. "But it's only mum's birthday tomorrow, not mine. Mine is on Halloween." Rose re minded him, a little bit put off from all the jokes she'd gotten during that day . (A/n, Is there any place where her real birthday is stated? I don't think so, therefore, I just made one up) "Rose, you're supposed to be twins. Don't try to blow that cover." "So... you're worried that mum's going to turn really nasty tomorrow?" Harry looked at her, with a worried expression, which soon turned into an evil g rin. "What if I go by the excuse that we are using your birthday and not hers?" They both shared a laugh. When they got back to the common room, Hermione was nowhere to be seen. Neville was sitting in the sofa, slightly distressed. He looked up when he was notified by their presence. "Harry, she couldn't take it any more, she went up to her bed. I tried to make h er wait for you so that you could talk things through, but she insisted she need ed some time alone. You'd think that she was the one who was hurt and not Rose." Harry thought for a moment, Rose rose an eyebrow. So she'd at least opened hers elf to give an official version of the story. After all, she couldn't have told him the truth. "What did she tell you? About what happened, that is." "She said that she had said something horrible to Rose, that she was a failure a s a sister, that she was supposed to look after Rose, but messed everything up. That she regret coming here." Both of the Potters began growling. "She is not coming back here, is she? (Neville shook his head)." Harry sighed. "Rose, do you think that you can handle it?" Rose had to think for a while. Whil

e she could make her mother listen, she honestly believed that Harry was needed to push her in the right direction. "Fine, I will try." "But you will have to help, and if she is listening in, all the better for me." "Deal." Rose excused herself to the two boys, and made her way up to the first year girl s' dorms. That Hermione was disappointed in herself was an understatement. She felt unfit to be a mother. And I have even repeated Rose's last twenty years at least a doz en times. How could she have gone so wrong? She couldn't believe how she could h ave been so blind. If only I had noticed things earlier, she wouldn't have been so unhappy. The tears once again began to flow. She had lost track of time. How long had Harry been gone too? One hour? Two? She knew she had been in the wrong, she knew that if Harry would take Rose's side in this. Oh Merlin, Hermione hope d that everything was all right. She didn't listen in though, it felt like a ser ious offence to their privacy to listen in. Parvati and Lavender had asked her t o put silencing charms on their beds, they didn't want to try to console her any longer. For the first time in ages, Hermione truly felt that she was alone. She had been living most of her life without company, true, ever since she wanted Rose to ga in some independence. Luckily, Bill, as their head of house, had approved. Hermi one couldn't imagine how things would have gone, had they been forced to live at one of the Weasley family homes (even if her house technically was one, no one except for she and Rose ever went there). Now, she realized how much she had. Sh e had at least a partial family. She had the best friend possibly imaginable. She had been treasured by Harry, the only man she had truly loved. And now she had messed everything up. Harry and Rose must hate her, and they wer e irrevocably bonded. She hadn't tried to research it, but she imagined that the bonding of their souls couldn't be cancelled even if she tried to time travel a gain. They would know of how she failed. What was she supposed to do? She could hear footsteps in the stairs now. She figured by the time of the clock, that it could only be Rose. She didn't know what she was supposed to tell her. Whatever Rose would settle for, Hermione would accept, she knew she deserved some form of punishment. Punishment? Going through her thoughts, she realized that her ct her mind. This was the first time that she had nown that it would be so much. This, she figured, e again have had to experience teenage love life, t that Rose would have to control her emotions in hook her head. Now was not the time for that. body must have started to affe travelled so far, she hadn't k would have meant she would onc had she not bonded. The though a few years was amusing. She s

The door was busted open. Hermione opened her mouth, but had a hard time to form words. She was stuttering. "R-R-Rose, I... I am so sorry. I-" Rose rolled her eyes and put her hand in the air. "Don't mind it, I overreacted. You don't have to blame yourself." Hermione was t aken aback by the statement. She had only thought that she would be on the 'defe

nsive' side. What was Rose playing at? Or more importantly, what had Harry said to her? "Still, I'm a-" Rose snapped. "Fine, have it your way. You want to think you are a bad m...Sister? Think that way then, I won't, but if you can't change your mind, I won't bother to convince you otherwise either." "...So you don't?" "Did you even listen to me? Of course not! You are not at fault for my childhood , you couldn't do anything. I admit to wishing that perhaps I was born to Harry to begin with, so we wouldn't have this silly talk, but I for one am trying to m ake the best of the situation." "But still, I have taken you out of your own time, into my past, for my selfish wishes." Rose sighed. "Mum, you obviously need to re-learn the definition of optimism." "What?" "You can chose to see it as you have dragged me to a war, so that you can live y our happy life, which you DO deserve. I mean, who goes through the most horrible upbringing, being bullied, coming to a school with no friends, risking her life every single year for the sake of her best friend, which, by the way, she fanci es, but was coaxed into not asking out by a jealous backstabbing git, just to ma rry said git? Does not add up. The way it should have been, from your stories, y ou should probably have been a couple ever since you woke up at the end of secon d year. And this is the negative way of thinking." "The positive?" "That you have just given your beloved daughter another chance at life. With a n ew family, that actually loves her, while still being part of her life. Look at this! You have discovered the, although the trickiest one, most simple method of eternal youth, every man and woman's dream. Okay, perhaps not everyone, but you catch my drift, right?" Hermione nodded, speechless. "So, you have just given us a chance to create our perfect life, a method to redo if we are not content, and you are the living proof that we can continue to r e-do until we are satisfied, or tired of trying. Speaking of which, I am surpris ed you didn't travel this far back earlier." Hermione blushed. "You want to hear the truth? Besides that I didn't want to leave you alone? Even though I knew no one would notice?" Rose nodded. "I was scared." "Of what? You have proven it, there is technically no one who could beat you in a duel. You also knew how to win the war. There is nothing you had to be afraid of." "I was afraid...of Harry." "What?" Rose thought she had heard wrong. "Even though I thought that he just loved me as a sister, in my own heart, I kne w that I didn't love him as if he was my brother. You understand, don't you? The

re's no way a young, bookwormish, bossy witch would have followed the most after -sought wizard in the world, just because he was in danger. A rational young gir l would figure that the risks were too high." "...And?" "I was afraid of repeating the, while most wonderful, also most horrible period of my life, just to be rejected." A single tear went down Hermione's cheek. She' d cried so much the past few hours, that she stopped herself before it escalated . "I didn't want to hear the words 'Sorry, but I simply don't like you that way'. What if it hurt our friendship? What if? I see that you understand some part of it. Most people who are going through a relationship have experienced it. And I know you didn't only go for young Malfoy." Rose blushed. "Also, you need to understand the nature of my spell. Or maybe the theory of tim e. We can only jump backwards, not forwards with this kind of magic. I did not w ant to try to start it all over." "Why is that?" "When you are going backwards, you can chose one point in your life, where you m ade a decision, and split the time-line into two separate universes, where your action is now different. Understand me so far?" Rose nodded again. "If you would travel forwards, you would have to know where you are going, how i t would look like. And that's the problem, you can't. There is no way that thing s would happen the same way twice. That is the thing with the butterfly effect. Even if you, like me, have repeated the same thing over and over, it would never be the same. For example, I think that in one time, I saw you as the Minister o f Magic." Rose gaped, Hermione finally looked somewhat even remotely close to sm iling. "Also, the spell works so that you need to chose something that have happened in your current very life, which means that if something messed up early, I would have to start over, perhaps even before Hogwarts. But, what if I did something w rong there? What if my parents never allowed me to go to Hogwarts in the first p lace? The spell is not as risk-free as you think. There are chances that nothing will be even close to what you planned it to be. Like this, it is safest to onl y jump shorter distances at a time, as long as you remember where you want to go ." "How would you manage this long jump then?" "Among the diary you found, there is a few vials of my memories, using a pensive , there is some specific points in time that I could have returned to, had I dar ed. Sadly, now every single one of them is worthless." "What would you have done if things hadn't worked out this time?" Rose asked. He rmione sighed. "Rose, I have tried so many times now. I have had my chances. More than you can possibly imagine. More than I can remember myself. I barely know how my original life looked like. A single mistake then could have risked everything. I figured that if I ever tried to go this far back, this would be my last try." Rose trie d to answer, but Hermione held up a hand and continued. "Look Rose, no one can fool Time forever, as no one could fool Death forever, a certain Tom is the proof. My time was up long ago, and I now know that after thi

s life, I can go with no regrets. I have seen my parents again, for Merlin's sak e! I haven't seen them since I sent them to Australia! Mortals are not supposed to be able to do this sort of thing. Every time I cheat Time, I feel like I am r eserving myself a place deeper in hell." Rose thought for a short while, before she snapped her fingers. "Now you are sounding like Dumbledore, or at least like his portrait used to do when I was at the Headmaster's office." Hermione lauged. "Perhaps, when people get older, they all tend to be the same. I remember now ho w the Flamels' didn't seem to be overly concerned that the Philosopher's stone w as destroyed, which, now that I think about it, is the main concern that Harry a nd I had this year." Rose smiled. "Now, back to the point, I was afraid of seeing Harry as I first fell in love wi th him. There is so many memories that I wanted to have with him, that I never h ad, I didn't want to lose the hope of ever having them." "What memories?" "The Yule Ball in fourth year, for example." "What happened?" "First, you need to understand that Harry had never felt love. The closest to lo ve was how Molly sorry, I mean Mrs. Weasley (Rose almost tried to correct Hermio ne with 'Grandma') welcomed him into the Burrow. Harry could perhaps, or perhaps not, that we will never know, and I don't intend to force him to tell us, not b e exactly sure of separating different types of love. Maybe he all felt like we loved him as family." "...O-key?" "That being said, during fourth year, Harry had a crush on the girlfriend of his fellow Hogwarts champion. He tried to ask her to the ball, which she obviously declined." With a laugh, Hermione continued. "It was even during that time before the ball which Ron blurted out 'hey Hermion e, you're a girl, we can go with you!' Of course, I was put off by the statement and accepted Viktor's invitation." "He didn't!" "He did. I remember that Harry just looked at me for a while, before blushing. I wonder what he was thinking." "Somewhere along the lines of 'He's right. Before I reprimanded myself for think ing something like that about you. Between the three of us at the time, I think I considered it a gender-neutral friendship that was stronger than any other'" "HEY! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING?" "Actually, Rose wanted to have moral support for this talk (Hermione looked at R ose, who blushed, she had forgotten that she even asked it of Harry). I figured that she wasn't in any trouble and that I would gain more by staying silent." "And you were bloody right, when I get my hands on you-" "Hey! You asked a question and I answered. Go back to your talk."

"...No." "What?" "I refuse to do it before you promise that you won't listen in." " (Harry showing an image of him pouting)Fine, I won't eavesdrop any longer." "Good, and by the way, I feel hurt, you know that any girl would feel compliment ed if the Boy who lived thought in that way of them, and as our Ron pointed out, I am one of them." "You are?" "...Git..." With that, Harry was repelled out of the minds of Hermione and Rose. "Moving on, Harry and Ron decided to ask the Patil twins out in the last minute. I remember that they hardly even danced, any of them. Ron crashed the whole mom ent and I ended up on the stairs crying." "And you married that?" "That I did. During the end of the war. People were more or less marrying out of pure celebration. Like in Tom's first fall. Our third year and onwards, along w ith your years at Hogwarts, introduced the highest rate of first-year students i n centuries." Hermione gave a shrug. She'd gotten over it now. "Harry almost stated that he needed to be alone. He thought that closeness to hi m meant danger at the time, the very reason he rejected Ginny in the first place . With that, I turned to my other best friend, who just happened to be Ron. Any more questions." Rose face turned red again. "No, we can save it for some other time." Hermione smiled, then she frowned. "Now, what is this thing you are almost screaming out loud about my birthday?" "Um... er..." "Honestly Rose, It is your birthday too." "Hey! Me and Harry decided to celebrate 'our' birthday at my birthday! It's in m ore than two months!" "Sorry to break it to you Rose, but we go by my birthday." "No way! Why?" "Because it is the one that is registered in the Hogwarts and in the Ministry fi les, of course." Rose pouted. Then she made an imitation of Harry's trademark 'evil grin'. (She d idn't know then, that it used to be Sirius', or James', No one will ever know) "Fine, but I bet that you have forgotten that you will have to buy me a present

for tomorrow too, and that you are not the only one on the receiving end from no w on." With that, and the fact that Hermione realized that it was the truth. Everyone k new that there would be a birthday without presents that year. A/n I figure that I do not have much to say for this chapter, save for some apol igies that it took a full four days to write this chapter, and that I may need t he following week before I post the next chapter... scary huh? I need to follow the deadlines that I said myself *gasp*. Now for a rethorical question, which, has no real answer, because I bet 10 imagi nary galleons that there is bound to have haters. Background to the problem: Harry never really got together with Ginny in this un iverse after the war. I think I mentioned that. Thing is. That leaves us with an open discussion wether or not Harry too was induced with a love potion during s ixth year. The question: Is Ginny going to act like an obessive fan girl, or is should I ha ve her act like normal? I am not too much a fan of anything related to Harry/Gin ny, but I can see people's PoV and I do not hold anything against her, so... bas hing mode or friendly mode? Give your honest opinion, and be prepared, because there is people who will be u nhappy. Thanks for your time. V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. All rights belongs to J. K . Rowling All right, I was so compelled to write this, that I completed my longest chapter yet in less than a day. Yesterday was spent proof-reading. I hope you are not t oo angry with they way the story is going. Handling Sirius Business Reminder: Sirius sitting by a tree near the Black lake (hmm, smelling unintended pun). He has triggered the alarm charms. No one has yet to come. He is staring at a Raven with green eyes. An eternity seemed to have passed. Sirius felt that Fate was mocking him, stalli

ng his inevitable capture. He may be the first one to ever escape Azkaban, but S irius doubted he could do so again, if they even let him back there. Most likely , he would face the Veil or simply just get the Kiss. He shuddered at the though t. Oh, how the glorious Wizarding Britain had fallen, to the point of prosecuting i nnocent suspects without proof just for public measure. It sickened him. He hope d that it would have sickened him even if he wasn't the main victim, or else hop e may already be lost for the wizards on this godforsaken island. (A/n: err... n o offence intended towards Britain in general, just trying to write in a PoV... sorry...) He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard voices. More voices than he'd expec ted. He looked up to the entrance of the castle to find that an entire crowd of students had exited to get a glimpse of him. Strange, I would have thought most people would stay in, in fear, Sirius thought, impressed that so many he assumed there also had to be non-Gryffindors in the bunch, as it was way to many people than one house usually contained. At least everyone stopped a good hundred metres away from the tree. Wouldn't get too close to the most wanted criminal in Europe, would we? He snickered. They m ust have thought of him going mad. Or just facing the after-effects of Azkaban. The safe proclaimed 'Sanest man in Azkaban' seeming obviously insane was not goo d promotion for the prison's inmates. But, Sirius figured, it was for the prison . Suddenly, he felt a pull, lifting him in the air by his feet, leaving him hangin g upside-down. A trio approached him, followed by two girls. He looked at the tr io, and sighed at the irony. I knew he would come back to haunt me. A little while earlier that day Severus Snape usually hated children. And pranksters in particular. The Weasley twins, he recognized, was the worst pair he had seen since his childhood days, w here his personal quad of torturers had made his life at Hogwarts quite undesira ble. Thus, he was surprised when five people had requested to meet him. All five Gryffindors. Usually, he would have denied the request, but he couldn't think o f a reason why the Potter brat would like to meet him outside of class, consider ing how he was treated during the potion's sessions. "Potter, seems like you do like detention so much now, that you want to go to th e professors and ask for them before you earn them?" he sneered as soon as they met. Harry just shrugged. The Potter male then nodded in the direction of one of the twins, who handed Snape a piece of parchment. The potion's master quickly e xamined it, before he took it, figuring that a hexed parchment would have been t riggered earlier, if it was touch reliant. The contents shocked him. It was a ma p, with the locations of the castle's inhabitants, with names attached. "Where have you gotten this?" Harry tilted his head at the accusation. He gave a small smile. "It is a map created by a certain quad..." Snape frowned. "Where are you going with this? I think I better report this paper to the Headma ster." He smirked. Harry seemed uncaring about the implication. "And if we propose that you can get a small revenge on my father's friend? Say.. .Sirius Black? Just an innocent prank or two?" Severus scowled. He had not expec

ted that. Well, he couldn't say he was overly surprised. The twins were known me naces, and the Potter brat was just like his father. With the exception that the younger Potter had excellent grades even in subjects that was biased against hi m. Snape assumed that it was due to help from the Granger twin girls that always accompanied him, but he couldn't stop that. Besides, he thought, it is also Lil y's son. "I don't think that I am following you." He said, phrasing his wording carefully . He knew he was up against five, although inexperienced, children, but at least two of them were quite skilled with their wands. And said two members of the gr oup had no respect for the teachers. Especially not him. They gave him innocent looks, but he noticed that they avoided looking him strai ght into his eyes. "We know that you know that-" "Our role models are-" "The marauders." "And we thought-" "That there's no better-" "Prank, than pranking-" "Them!" Snape rolled his eyes. Lions. You could never get an intelligent conversation wi th them. "Ten points from Gryffindor for being caught before the act." He smirked. Harry imitated the eye rolling before he pointed on the map. "By our estimates, Black will enter the grounds tonight. He will come through th e path under the Willow. And yes, I know it's function and why it's there, don't try to influence me that way." Snape did his best to hide his astonishment at the first year. No one was suppos ed to be that well informed. Not even the Headmaster. Harry took the map back wi th his left hand, while leaving his right hand extended. "I don't expect you to take a liking to me, sir. But we might be able to act civ il. Merlin knows that we need it for what's coming." Snape thought for a moment, before accepting. Followed by a sneer. "What are you lot standing here for? Back to your common room. Or den, or whatev er you Lions have." The five left, chatting. "Do you think he will come? He didn't sound like he will." "Oh, he will. Or at least he is interested." "He is? How did you deduce that?" "He didn't take away any points after our suggestion." Harry finished with a shr ug.

"I heard that!" Was the yell from the potions master. But no points were taken r egardless. Present Looking at the confused convict-who-didn't-know-he-was-declared-innocent, the tw o Granger (Potter) Girls gave each other a glance. "Did we do the right thing?" "Sirius won't be happy." "Oh, c'mon, he won't mind it. Or at least he will understand. Or he will he piss ed that the son of the Marauders allied himself with Snivellus, who knows?" "Harry, butt out, stay put as a good bird and leave our moral discussions alone. " "Mum, I don't think he understands what you said." "What? That he shall butt out or the word 'moral'?" "Good question." "Hey! I heard that" "My, my, it seems like the mutt was caught in the act, weren't you?" The Slyther in head smirked at the hanging Godfather-of-a-raven, Or boy, or whatever-you-cal l-the-guy-who-is-impossible-to-get-rid-of. "Snivellus." The man began. "It seems like you have begun to like children now, have you? Quite the change from the Death Lickers you used to be around with. I hope you can control yourself. You know that student-teacher relationships will get you fired." Snape rolled his eyes and lift his wand. "Quite the joker are, are you? How about this?" A beam of blue light engulfed th e hanging man. In his place was now Padfoot, the black dog. For some reason, a b unch of girls who had taken divination fainted at the sight. Around the dog's ne ck were a band, with a note attached, saying 'property of Harry Potter.' "Seems like the mutt belongs to the son of his lover, huh? We need to take him t o the 'lost property center.'" At the confusion of both pairs of twins, the Prof essor rolled his eyes again. "Also know as the Headmaster's Office." Harry flew into the Headmaster's office through the window, transforming back sh ortly before the group would arrive. The Headmaster in question was sitting by h is desk, eyes twinkling like usual. "Sir, did you like our invitation to Sirius?" "Mr Potter-" "Please sir, we are out of class, just call me Harry." "Well then, Harry, I must say that you have an odd sense of humour. And a big he art. It takes a lot to converse with a former enemy, and a lot more to befriend him." Harry smiled.

"I am sitting here, next to you, on a first name basis, am I not?" the headmaste r chuckled. "Touch." The door was opened, by the twins carrying Padfoot. The girls and Potion Profess or followed. Harry was surprised that Snape was still in their presence, but fig ured that he couldn't pass seeing the Marauder in a shock. Here. He waved his wa nd and the dog turned back into the ragged man, sitting on the floor in front of the desk. He was looking rather... strange. Sirius was at a loss of words. But he tried anyways. "James..." The boy in front of him burst out into a laugh. "Sirius, you might not be hallucinating, but I am afraid you are mistaking me fo r someone else." Sirius eyes widened. "Harry?" Silence. The tension was high. Or at least Sirius thought so. Had he not been in a state of utter confusion, he would have noticed that the girls had a hard tim e not bursting into a laugh, the twins and the headmaster was just awaiting Harr y's reply. Snape was without an expression, as usual, but you could tell that he was struggling to keep a mask. For the better or worse. "Harry? Is that you?" Still silence. "Oh get on with it will you? Stop making him squirm!" "But it's fun!" "...Prat...You are sleeping in your own bed tonight." "But I already am!" "And it will stay that way for a long while." Mental pout from Harry. "Harry! You got to believe me! The world is lying to you! I swear I didn't do it !" Harry rose an eyebrow. "Did what?" Sirius stopped. Now he was really confused. He looked at his old rival, who was still trying to keep a neutral face, although you could see his lips twitching s lightly. "You do not read the prophet? Everyone does." "Yes, why? What am I supposed to find?" "The paper is lying Harry! I swear. I didn't do it."

Rose couldn't hold it in any longer. She began giggling. Followed by Hermione. A nd soon everyone was laughing at the confusion from Sirius. Well, save for Snape , but a faint smile could be seen even from him. But to cover up, he quickly exc used himself and made his return to his chambers, the first small revenge from h is childhood executed. And he had Harry to thank for that. Maybe the brat wasn't as bad as he seemed. "Sirius, are you...serious?" Hermione rolled her eyes and gave her best-friend-s ecretly-turned-husband a small punch on his shoulder, the pun had been used enou gh. For the first time in a decade, Sirius was truly smiling, only that he didn' t know why yet. But it was bound to be good, in this friendly atmosphere, right? Dumbledore stood up, and walked over to one of the bookshelves, where he took ou t a bunch of papers. "Here Harry, the latest two weeks of The Prophet. You may find it interesting." Harry picked up the first paper, dated at the birthday of his wife. He coughed b efore reciting. "'Rat Caught? Yesterday Evening, an urgent press conference was held at the Ministry of Magic. The matter? Apparently, the dead earner of an Order of Merlin, third grade, Pet er Pettigrew, was not as dead as he seemed. In front of the heads of the Departm ent of Magical Law Enforcement, and several members of the Wizengamot, the man w as unmasked. What was even more shocking was a revelation of the Potter family, from ten years ago. Under the influence of Veritaserum, Pettigrew revealed himse lf not only to be a Death Eater, but also the hidden secret keeper of the Potter s. This means that at least one charge against a man in Azkaban is false. Furthe rmore, he confessed to killing the twelve muggles, as well as staging his own de ath on the day following the death of the Potters. The minister has announced th at the trial of Sirius Black will be looked into and investigated. For more info -' Well, I think I don't need to mention the references on the other pages." The Granger twins were still giggling, apparently sharing some kind of joke, but Sirius couldn't hear them. Nor would he care even if they had been yelling it. He was just staring. Confusion was an understatement. Harry coughed again before taking the next paper in the pile. "'Sirius Black, Innocent! The Daily Prophet are pleased to be able to say to it's readers that the danger of the escaped convict, Sirius Black, is unfounded. Sirius Black was today offic ially declared innocent of all charges and will have his escape pardoned. With t he confession of Peter Pettigrew, along with an insurance that Black was never a Death Eater, the Ministry offers their deepest apologies that an arrest was pla ced upon the man. However, a shocking revelation was discovered in the files of the DMLE. Sirius Black did never get a Trial. The Ministry is currently investig ating the reason behind this step outside of the normal prosecuting. B. Crunch, the head auror and judge of the time, has refused to give a comment. Sirius Blac k could not be contacted by any Journalists. A Harry Potter has initiated a rewa rd to whoever can give him information on how to find Black. When asked for a co mment, he replied: "A personal research in the history of my family revealed tha t Sirius Black is my godfather, whom I have never met. I will do what I can to r epair that." For more-' Do I need to continue?" Sirius was shocked. And regretting he didn't get a paper the last weeks. Harry s miled innocently at him.

"And the paper was lying? Oh my, what have you really done? Confunded Peter into believing he is guilty?" Sirius felt that he finally caught on. He began laughing. Or barking, whatever c ould be called fitting. Everyone at the Hogwarts grounds had known he was innoce nt. Only that he hadn't known they knew. Then he he snapped out of it. He looked his godson in he eyes. "You knew?" Here, the Headmaster interrupted with his chuckle. "Sirius, if I might go by your given first name? (Sirius nodded) Harry was the b oy to hand in Peter in the first place." Sirius stared in awe. "How did you know?" The trio of first years glanced at each other, followed by a questioning look to the headmaster, who was suddenly deep in thought. Harry was the first one to speak, followed by a continuation of the other two. "Headmaster, we believe that-" "Regardless of what you say-" "We will tell him later." "We also believe that-" "It is better to-" "Get it over with." All three of them smiled. Harry then continued. "We do need a few things if we are going to win. I rather have my godfather on m y side acting while I am at Hogwarts, than having him kept in the dark. And you will not be able to stop me." Sirius was amazed about how they managed to have such a good synchronisation, bu t he noted that the headmaster did not seem surprised. Sirius figured that the t rio had done it before plenty of times during their first month at Hogwarts. Dum bledore sighed. Why couldn't they see it what consequences it could bring to int roduce time-travel to the greatest prankster in the history of Hogwarts? It was for the greater good to let it stay silent. He tried to open his mouth to argue, but found that no words could leave his throat. Rose giggled for a while. Hermi one just smiled. Harry tried to look innocent. The two adult men just looked con fused. "Sir. I believe you took an Oath not to stand in our way, you know, the one with the condition that we down Tom." Hermione explained. Dumbledore glared. "Oh, and while we're at it, to show that we are keeping our ends of the deal, ca tch!" Harry picked out the diadem from... well.. somewhere, no one else could re ally tell where. He made a mental note to thank Hagrid from giving him the idea of an enchanted pouch. Dumbledore caught the diadem in confusion. "This, sir, is the fabled diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw, it has been in Tom's posse ssion until now. I hope you figure out how to destroy yes destroy it. Our bodies can't handle the spell work, and we got no resources to do it yet. We promise t o bring you the other artefacts as soon as we get them." Dumbledore paled at the thought of having to destroy a legendary item owned by a founder.

"Sir, I think that, if you will take the time, to look up the word 'Horcruxes' i n the restricted section, you will find the means." Dumbledore nodded, noting th at he would look it up. He had heard the term before, but couldn't quite place w hat kind of magic it involved. "Now, Sir, I hope that we can get some time to speak with my Godfather, in priva te. Good night, headmaster." Leaving the old wizard still in confusion, Harry to ok Sirius hand and walked him out of the office, Rose and Hermione quickly follo wing. Sirius noted that they weren't going towards the Gryffindor tower. Harry noticed . "Sirius, have you ever heard of 'The room of requirement'?" Sirius nodded. He an d James had found it during their seventh year, but they hadn't told anyone, not even their fellow marauders. Mainly because the room had been empty (the result if you walked back and forth, but didn't really think of anything). "We want to wait until we get there, the walls, or rather the portraits, has ear s, and some things are best to be left unsaid to the Headmaster." "Harry? Didn't he say that the castle was sentient?" Harry chuckled. "Oh, he did. But you see, the castle can notify him of presences, and signatures . He could tell that foreign people, or people who didn't belong here was at the train. He could probably be told that Quirrel is in fact hiding Voldemort, beca use of the evil aura. He can not, though, simply hear every conversation going o n in the castle." "But he knew about us... didn't he?" Rose asked. "He also had a chance to read the twins, didn't he?" "Yes but..." "He also had a chance to consort with the sorting hat, didn't he?" "Yes, but-" "And you must realize, that being the oh-so-great manipulator that he is, he als o must be well-versed in the art of bluffing." Rose was silent. "This is how it works. I know how hard you worked in your first years at school, okay?" Rose nodded. "I also know, that you went out of your way, per 'Mione's request, not to try to give off the same image as she had. Putting the best grades of the year and hav ing the image of the perfect daughter of two war heroes, you must have been quit e popular, no?" Rose blushed. "Therefore, can't I make the assumption, and accuse you, of having gone out with one of the more popular boys at the school?" Giving it a thought, Rose realized it was true. "You see? He knew we were foreign, yet still we were in the register to attend t he school, save for you. We sat together, implying we knew each other. We all go t sorted together, but the hat took only time to really converse with 'Mione, he aring her plans out. Oh, and also the case of us hexing Malfoy at the lake, befo re we were supposed to know any spells. The deduction?"

"Yeah, yeah, he got us. He pulled out a card he didn't truly have, and got an al liance with us. Happy?" "As long as you know that I am right." "Prat!" Rose sneered and playfully hit him. Sirius was looking, a little disoriented. Th ey were either speaking in riddles, playing around, or they were seriously havin g a conversation which outsiders would be unable to deduct anything from, other than the fact that the Headmaster was an eavesdropper with many methods. Hermione was the first one to get to the corridor, since she didn't stop to disc uss what theories that Harry had gotten about Dumbledore. She was on her third t urn when they finally arrived. With a wave, she opened the door and all four wal ked in. They entered a room identical to the Gryffindor common room. Hermione sat down i nto a sofa and motioned the others to follow. Harry and Rose sat down next to he r and Sirius took a spot on the opposite sofa, so that he could face them. He wa s deep in thought. "Maybe you shouldn't think so much, Padfoot. It doesn't suit you." Harry smirked . "How do you-" "Know about you, dad, Wormtail and Moony's furry little problem? Well, that is f or us to know and for you to find out, preferably tonight." Sirius stared, no on e was supposed to know. But figures, Harry had caught the rat, after all. Phrasi ng his words carefully, he stated: "I don't believe there's any records that you could have researched that speaks about that..." "Oh, there isn't don't worry, I doubt even McGonagall knows about your animagi." "How... Wait, stop, I get it, I won't ask." "Right, glad we are on the same page." Rose began smirking too. Hermione's eyes widened a bit, before she spoke hastily: "Ah, I almost forgot, we haven't introduced ourselves. I am Hermione Potter, and this is Rose Potter. We are known as the Granger twins, if anyone else asks." S irius stared. "Potter? But Lily and James only had one child...But Rose, you do look like a Po tter. But your sister really don't." Rose giggled. Hermione rolled her eyes. "Because Harry is their only child, don't worry, James didn't cheat." "How come you go by the name of Potter then?" "Oh, it's because..." She turned the following into a whisper. "because Harry is my husband." "WHAT?" Sirius yelled. Harry was glad they were in an isolated room. "Are you serious?"

"Last time I checked... you were, not me. Although, it might have been my name, had I been male." Sirius began laughing, or rather barking. "James is so going to kill me the next time I see him, in the after-life or not." Then he scowled. "But that does not explain why Rose is also a Potter. Sisters don't change their names when they marry." Rose giggled again. "Who said that she was my sister?" Sirius looked a bit confused. "You just introduced yourselves as the Granger twins, did you not?" "Yes, Granger is my maiden's name." Hermione began. "But not Rose's?" "No..." "Oh, get on with it, Mum." Rose laughed. "Did you just call her mum?" Sirius gasped. "Why, of course. Isn't that what children call their mothers?" Sirius blinked. "And Harry is...?" "He's my dad. By blood adoption. I was born a Weasley." "So, Hermione and Harry decided to adopt you, huh? Why do you and Hermione look so alike then, if Harry did the Blood adoption? You do have the Potter traits, y ou know." "Oh, that's because she's-" "Rose, I think you are being a little to hasty, and far to blunt." Hermione blus hed. "My biological mother as well." Rose finished. Sirius blinked. They could see that he was trying to recount their ages. "Right, so how old are you, Rose?" "Umm, I would have turned twelve some weeks ago, official birthday, but I was bo rn on October 31th." "And you Hermione?" "Twelve, two weeks ago." "And you got a daughter who is one month younger than you? Are you bloody mad? N ot to mention defying biology?" "Since when did wizards bother with biology?"

"That's got nothing to do with having a girl giving birth to a child who should have been impregnated... oh Merlin, more than seven months before you were born. " Hermione laughed. "Look Rose, a male who knows about the birds and bees, can we keep him? Pleeaaas ee Harry?" They all laughed, at Sirius frustration. "Now get... on with the story, will ya?" "Right, it started sometime in July, in the year of 2059-" "Did you say 2059?" "Did you or did you not tell me to get on with the story?" "Answer the sodding question, oh great wife of my godson." "Fine then, yes, I said 2059." " But that's in bloody 68 years!" " Point being?" "That's impossible!" "The rest of the story you have been told so far haven't? The first thing you tr uly argue against is the year where we began our tale?" Sirius was a bit put off . But he nodded. Hermione laughed. "You, dear Black, are an unique case of man." "So I've heard." " But you won't score anything with me, I'm taken. Go for Rose, although, I don't know if she should date someone of your age..." "Mum! Technically, I used to be older than he is now!" "But you aren't right now, are you?" "But he looks good! And he's got quite the reputation among many of Hogwarts' fo rmer students!" Sirius grinned, but was a bit frightened that the words were spoken by a twelve year old girl. "I don't care, you will not date a man physically older than you by more than tw enty years, or even ten. And no Harry, I won't let you pull anything either." Ha rry looked at her as if she was mad. "Our daughter, with my Godfather?" Hermione rolled her eyes. Someone couldn't ta ke a joke when it came to relationships. "Anywaaays, where was I? Yes, about summer 2059. Right? We discovered that I had been manipulated into marrying Rose's biological father after the war. Harry an d I had always been closer, even being listed for a soul bond." "I take it that Soul bonds are not a myth then?"

"No, they are not, but they won't work if one of the two is already married." "So, what did you do?" "Well, I planned to take the first ticket back here, and two people happened to tag along, I guess." Hermione shrugged. "Long story short, my real daughter and the love of my life went close to sevent y years back in time, so that we could be together." "And you adopted Rose in this time-" "So that she would gain the protection of the Potter house. Also, we noticed tha t she legally would be our heir..." "Don't start that conversation again!" Rose yelled. "Calm down sweetie, we are not. We have more Sirius business to attend to." "I wish someone would stop with those horrible jokes." Sirius mentioned. "I thought you enjoyed them more than we did." "Are you barking mad?" "No, I'm you." "Harry, could you get your... ehm, wife to stop teasing me and get on with the s tory?" "Hermione, it's soon curfew..." "Honestly Harry, have you ever cared?" Seeing as Harry's face turned a bit red. She continued. "Thought so. Well, we ended up little before we got our Hogwarts letters, and we simply 'met up' in Diagon alley, bonding quicker than anyone could say 'marriag e' and spent the last month at my house." "Sounds like a boring honeymoon to me." "Wasn't too bad, at least it saved Harry from being in his cupboard." "Did you just say cupboard?" "Yes." "Harry Potter, saviour of the Wizarding world, living in a Cupboard?" Harry sighed. "Oh, how I wished someone had reacted that way the last time around..." "Who in Merlin's bloody arse would let him sleep in a cupboard?" "The Dursleys." The three Potters said in unison. "Dursleys? Who are they?"

"It's my Aunt's family, on my mother's side." Harry explained. "Petunia?" Sirius paled. "Yes." "Why?" "Why what?" "Why where you with your aunt?" "Honestly? I think it's because Dumbledore ignored my parents' will" "He did what?" "Never mind. I did not say anything." Harry muttered. "Well, you better tell me right now, I've got some-" Sirius did never get further, before he was silence silently and wandlessly by H ermione. She seemed a bit hurt. "May I or may I not continue soon?" With nothing else available, Sirius just nod ded. "Good doggie. Now, we are back into our pre-teens, we got an extra meddler-" "Hey!" Rose interrupted, but Hermione gave her a quick glare, before silencing h er too. "An extra meddler, who just happens to be my daughter here. There's also the mat ter of the war still going on... Yes, Voldemort is still alive, and yes, he will still try to go after Harry. We know of his plans, his measures towards immorta lity and how to stop him. We just need to play our cards right. And perhaps gain some more respect from the 'adults'." "We are prepared to do anything to change the future for the better. Last time. Moony died at the final battle as the last remaining Marauder. One Weasley son d ied, Nymphadora Tonks died, orphaning Teddy Lupin. Yes, Remus did get a child wi th your cousin. I see you wonder where you were. You were lost in a battle in th e Department of Mysteries, in the ministry of magic, five years from now. Your c ousin Bellatrix sent you into the Veil of Death with a stunner." Sirius looked a bit disgusted. "Was it anything more?" "You forgot to mention, my dear, that you ended up being love potioned by a man we thought of our best friend." Harry suggested. "There is that too." Hermione frowned. She removed the silences from the two. Ro se didn't say anything, she was too busy pouting. "That is quite the tale, I tell you lass. How do you suggest to prove it?" Hermione looked into Sirius eyes. He gasped as memories was poured in, using leg ilimency. "Satisfied?" She asked, after she had finished sending most of the memories of t he war, and a bit of the years at Hogwarts. Nothing about her countless other ti

me travels, though. "No." "What?" "I said no." "What more do you want now? I am tired." Sirius formed a wicked grin. The original one. Rose noted how it looked and prom ised herself to practice it. "I see that there is some unfinished matters with a certain Dursley left. I thin k I will have very fun while you are completing your year at school." "You won't let us join in?" The trio yelled? "After your prank? I am considering not to." It was then that it hit Sirius. "Hold on a minute! If it was 2059, you were..." Hermione seemed to count for a s econd. "I believe I was eighty years old, Harry just a year younger, then Rose would ha ve been around... umm..." "Fifty four, mum." "Right, somewhere around there." Sirius grinned. "Well, I must say, young lady, that you look rather stunning, considering your a ge." Rose feigned hurt. "Are you calling me old?" "You're too old for my taste." "That's it! No food for you tonight!" They all laughed. And with that, they figured it was time to go to bed. With the Potter luck, any minute past curfew could be life-threatening. A/n. Yes, I think Sirius should have reacted stronger to all the revelations, bu t please keep in mind that he had just also gotten to know he had been declared innocent etc. I will have him having a more Sirius talk in the next chapter. Alo ng with them planning the future, perhaps. And no, there will be no Sirius/Rose pairing. It would be waay to gross. Currently, I am planning for combining the Sirius conversation with the Hallowee n events in the next chapter, so you will possibly have to rejoice at my attempt s at longer chapters. I also want to share with you how happy I am that many want to comment at my que

stion in my previous chapter. Keep the opinions coming! The readers is what make s the story! At the moment, I am considering having Ginny act as much as in canon as possible , well, until I decide what to do with the Chamber of Secret. And for those who wonder, I had forgotten the order of the events in the Philoso pher's stone, so I thought I missed the timing of the Quidditch thing, thus, I w as leaning towards having them all try out in second year instead of Harry getti ng to join in first. I realize now that the first flying period is not until aft er the Halloween. We'll see what happens later. Will hopefully get one or two more chapters done this week V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: All rights, all characters in this story are the property of J. K. R owling. Eeh, I was going to write about the Halloween event, I promise! But...umm... whi le I was writing, I just got some strange kind of idea. *hereby invoking the pow er of AU* Universal Differences By the time of breakfast the following morning, all houses seemed to be aware of Sirius' presence at Hogwarts. He had slept over in the Room of Requirements, tr ying to restore a bit of energy. While a lot of the students seemed to be wantin g to see the sole man, innocent or not, who had been able to escape Azkaban, a l ot of them was afraid to be in the same hallway as him as well. Probably most of the fear could be credited to all the stories they had been tol d when they were growing up. Not everyone had gotten over since the revelation t wo weeks prior that the Black heir had, in fact, not been the right hand man of the last Dark Lord. Sirius, on the other hand, was not at all bothered by his ne w image. He liked being somewhat in the spotlight, as he liked being the opposit e of all that Slytherin embodied. While a Slytherin had ambition of being the be st, a member of the snake-house never stepped out of the shadows before he or sh e was ready. The moment he stepped out of the Room though, he had been forced to be looking b ehind his back all the way down to the Great Hall, as well as he had to watch ou t for any traps in front of him. The twins were very intent to get the better of their idol, just the way Harry had helped the Slytherin head get his revenge th

e day before. Naturally, being a marauder up against two third-years, it was not much of a cha llenge. Or at least no one could see him breaking a sweat. If someone would read his mind, on the other hand, they would find that he was quite impressed with h ow far they had gotten, no doubt some ideas could be credited to the works of th e Potters. That was something he had to talk to Harry about. When he entered the Great Hall, the murmuring actually stopped. It was highly un usual, but it was most likely that everyone wanted to hear the conversation betw een the famous escapee and his godson, them being two of the most known men (or boys) in their country, or just because they were the current targets of gossipi ng. Sirius made his way to the Gryffindor table, avoiding the invisible rope int ended to make people fall over. He could swear he heard a whisper like "Merlin, he's good." from somewhere, but he pretended not to notice. The three Potters, however, seemed to eat in oblivio usness. They clearly weren't interested in whatever was happening. Or just so us ed to being gossiped about, that they had learned to shut out their surroundings . Or it simply was because they had used a Privacy charm. Sirius didn't know whi ch. A fact he soon wished he had found out. He grabbed his godson by his shoulder. The next thing he knew, he was lying down on the floor. "...Oops..:" A certain brown-haired girl said. Her black haired 'twin' just laug hed. "Never approach a paranoid teenage (although she didn't say war veteran) Hogwart s student from behind. Especially if that student lives in the same House as the Weasley twins." Rose said, since Hermione was still speechless, her cheeks bein g in a shade remotely close to pink. When she finally spoke, her words were comi ng in a very fast manner. "IamsorrySirius. I (slowing down) just don't respond very well to surprises." Sirius tried to sit up, his body still felt heavy. "What did you just use?" "She used one of her practised silent Stunners." Harry responded, before taking away the Privacy charm. It didn't serve any use n ow, when everyone was looking their way now. Sighing, he tried to think of somet hing to say that didn't sound wrong. For some reason or another, people from all four Houses wanted to listen in. "Please remind me every now and then not to mess with your w-girlfriend, Harry." The eavesdroppers gasped at the revelation. The six, which meant the Potters, S irius himself, and the twins, could swear they could hear hearts break. At least they didn't have to hide their affections, but that was not enough consolation compared to all the attention they would be getting. "Nice Sirius, now, care to tell me why the first thing as a free man you do is t o turn the majority of the female student body against me?" Hermione groaned. Si rius grinned, trying to save some face. "Just payback for the favour just now." "As long as you don't ask me to keep the change."

A chill went down Sirius' spine at the hint. He thought that maybe hiding from t he Aurors would have been preferable to what the future Potter-Granger matriarch would do to those on her bad side. He was happy he wasn't bearing the Dark Mark . They were interrupted by the Headmaster, as he stood up and spoke. "Mr. Potter, Misses Granger and Mr. Black, if you would kindly meet me at my off ice after your meal." The students of Hogwarts took that as a signal to stop loo king, go back to eating, but most important of all, back to the gossiping. "What could that be about?" Sirius asked, scowling. Harry shrugged. "He probably just want to scold us. Or he could try to find out what we did last night." "You seem to be implying that you were naughty." Sirius teased. "Well, looking at the time, we came back to our dorms two hours after curfew." "There is that." They dropped the matter, and went on with discussing more interesting matters. S uch as the weather. Before they entered the office, the three first years burst out laughing. Sirius looked at them in confusion. "Oh, just something we realized." Harry told him. "We?" "Uhm... we didn't tell you?" "Tell me what?" "I share a soul bond with Hermione, as you are aware of." Harry began. "Uhh, yes?" Sirius couldn't see where this was going. "Turns out that the blood adoption included Rose in the bond." "Bloody he-" "Language!" Hermione and Rose interrupted at the same time. "When did you begin to care about language again?" Harry asked. "Since now." Hermione responded smugly. "When we assumed that a godfather of yours would begin to chase girls again. Wou ldn't want him to be a bad influence of our godchildren, would we?" Rose said wi th an innocent face, causing Sirius to blush a bit and cough. "So, she is with you in your bond, okay. What's that got to do with anything?" The three Potters stared at him as if he was alien. "I guess that I should interpret that as 'a lot'"

Harry regained his composure the fastest. "...Sirius, have you never read about soul bonds?" "Yes, they are an ancient form of bonds between fated partners that allows- BLOO DY- Sorry..." Sirius said quickly as he saw the reaction of both of the girls. "...So you've got those two in your head all the time?" "Yea, but it's not that bad. We can also block our minds with occlumency." Harry shrugged. "So you can't, like, take a peek when they... you know?" All three of the 'child ren' blushed. "None of your business!" Hermione said, trying to tell him off. Harry tried to c hange the subject. "Err...guys? We are standing outside the Meddler's Dwelling, you might want to k eep your voice down." Before the matter escalated, Hermione and Sirius turned th eir heads towards him and nodded. They knocked on the door. They were met with a surprising, yet pleasant sight when they found that there w as not one, not two, but three people already visiting the office. The first one was sitting in one of the chairs, the back facing the door, he was easily recog nized by Harry and Hermione, with his ragged clothes and stains of grey hair. Be fore they could greet him, though, they were embraced by two even more familiar people. "Mum? Dad? Why are you here... or rather how can you be here?" Hermione asked. I t was widely known that muggles couldn't approach Hogwarts in any way, due to th e wards. Dumbledore gave them a smile, his eyes eerily twinkling as usual. He wa ved his hand towards some papers. "It seems, Misses Granger, as you are not as muggleborn as we were led to believ e." Hermione's eyebrows rose, she had never known about this. Maybe it was a dif ference between the two universes, but there wasn't supposed to be one. Or it co uld actually be a difference, because of the butterfly effect. She regretted nev er having looked deeper into her family history. "B-b-but no one in my family has been working magic as far as I know. Have you b een tricking me, Mum?" A memory of Hermione using charms to send her Parents awa y during the second war sprung to mind. "Hermione...Rose (Emma remembered to include her granddaughter in the last secon d before it looked suspicious) we were just as surprised as you were." Dumbledor e, still smiling, handed the papers over to the eldest Granger girl. "I was, forgive me, having an urge to look into the history of my students. I kn ow I should have asked you, but with all the rumours going on at the moment, I f elt that I'd rather be knowing than be kept in the dark." Harry quietly snorted, thinking of the hypocrisy. Hermione eyed the papers. Her eyes were becoming sli ghtly bigger, but before she could say anything, Dumbledore continued. "Since I, sorry for the prejudices, was looking at your performances in class, I knew that the two of you (indicating the 'twins') were at a level too high to b e normal." Rose looked confused. "The ministry have used statistics as an actual proof of Pureblood Supremacy." D

umbledore began explaining. "What was found was, that wizards and witches born into pureblood lines in fact held a higher average level than muggleborn. Imagine how happy our friends, the Malfoys, were at that result. "What caught my eye was that you two, based on the words from a number of teache rs (The three of them silently cursed, Hermione and Rose were, sadly, not known for their ability to hold back...which resulted in them having more than perfect marks.) and they were very impressing. In fact, they were off the charts for an y muggleborn, or any muggle raised wizard or witch ever. The biggest talent befo re you was, not so shocking, Tom Riddle." There was a short break, before Rose a sked. "And that leads to what?" Dumbledore looked a little tired, as he continued. "Because the more... Pureblood supporting families began spouting a bit of nonse nse, I decided to do some investigation. It turns out that the name Granger was not from your paternal grandfather, but your grandmother." Hermione looked a bit confused. "I knew that. But still, our family is not really know for having magical childr en before, is it?" "Actually..." Dumbledore said. "Have you ever checked the name of your paternal grandfather?" Here, Dan Granger was first to shake his head. "Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to have an upbringing with academica l parents to earn a job as a doctor. Or a dentist." Hermione blinked. Her father had never spoken about his childhood to her before. "I was orphaned..." Dan began. "before I got to know my parents. My mother regnant to a man she didn't know well, highly unusual at the time. Shunned ciety, she gave birth at her home, dying in the process. The nurse who was ng brought me to the orphanage." Somehow, the story was eerily familiar to lready mentioned Riddle. got p by so helpi the a

"That explains why we always go to Mum's parents during Christmas!" Hermione exc laimed, making everyone chuckle. "Sorry, go on, please." Hermione said, a little red on the cheeks. "Getting back into the mindset of our bodies?" Harry teased. "Oh, shut up!" Hermione blushed even more. This time, Emma also had, while a lit tle shorter, story of her own. "Girls, I had a small talk with my mother a few days ago. Imagine my surprise wh en she was very happy and immediately yelled out her delight, and I quote 'I am so proud, Emma, that our family finally has children with the gift back!' and I only mentioned that you were going to a boarding school in Scotland. It turns ou t that she grew up among magic, being the firstborn squib in a rather small and unknown pureblooded family." "She never told you that magic existed?" Hermione asked.

"She thought that the magic had been lost from our line and was too ashamed, bei ng disowned by my grandfather and so on." Emma explained, as if was obvious. "But there's no pureblooded family that is unknown in Britain!" Dumbledore chuck led. "You're quite correct, miss Granger. However, across the Atlantic Ocean, there a re quite a few families that does not bother with blood purity, as long as the c hildren still are magical. I am afraid, though, that your maternal ancestors did not leave any mentionable legacy, they seem to be born of muggleborn immigrants , which, over time, is the same as being pureblood." "...Okay... And what is the point in telling me all this? It is not as if it cha nges anything at all." Rose blurted out. Hermione, on the other hand, was biting her lip as she always did while thinking. "Actually Rose, it could mean all the difference in the world! Look, if Mum and Dad are classified as Squibs and not Muggles, it means that no one could argue i f we want to bring them into any of our legal matters. We won't get warnings if we use magic at home! We could show them what we learn at school!" She spoke happily, knowing that it had troubled her parents in her first life, a ll the secrecy, how she had been unable to show anything school-related during t he summer breaks. Now she could do it freely. For her speech, she was awarded by a kiss on the forehead from Harry, which made her cheeks turn red for the third time since breakfast. Harry then looked a little worried. "Mr. Granger, I hope you are not offended, but have you been able to check the n ame of your father?" Dan looked a little bit confused at the question. Hermione quickly explained. "Dad, you need to know, that in our world, the names of your parents and their h eritage are very important. Not that Harry cares about the sort, but he is a lit tle bit afraid that your unknown father is could be someone like... say Riddle." The thought was really silly, Hermione had to admit, but she was also quite wor ried. Dumbledore seemed to share their worry. "There is a way to check, if you would like to, Mr. Granger. We would need a sam ple of your blood, though." Dan gulped. "It isn't for some strange kind of ritual, is there?" Dumbledore chuckled. "None of the sorts! We just need to drop it on an enchanted piece of parchment t hat is made by the goblins, and it will magically show a birth certificate of so me sorts." Dan breathed out in relief. "If you would like to, I could schedule you a meeting at Gringotts, where you co uld do the test at a date in the near future." Dumbledore finished. Dan looked a t his 'daughters'. Rose was looking with interest, but she had to admit to herse lf, that being three generations away, it did not concern her. "I will Floo them now, since I do not have any other urgent matters. I will leav e it to you to not cause any disturbance in my office while I am gone." A moment later, he had disappeared in flames, something which made the elder Grangers ju mp in surprise. Harry patted Hermione. "Don't worry dear, there's no relation between you and Riddle, I am sure." Hermi one looked at her boyfriend...husband.

"How can you be so sure?" Harry smiled, and made a hiss. Sirius, Rose and the last visitor, whom had been silent during the family matters, all jumped in surprise. "You're a Parselmouth?" Harry glanced at Hermione. "You left that out yesterday?" She shrugged. "It didn't seem important." "It's a dark trait!" Sirius exclaimed. Harry just smiled. He pointed at the last man in the room. "And being a werewolf isn't?" The man stood up. "H-h-how did you-" "Moony?" Sirius interrupted. "Padfoot, long time no see. You are fast to notice old friends." Remus laughed, giving him a small punch, hitting the shoulder. "Blimey, you look like you have been transforming constantly for the last twelve years!" Remus chuckled at the greeting. "It's not as if you look like you been anything but transforming yourself." Siri us looked at his own clothes. "You got me there." "So, what's up with young Prongslet? How did he know? And how come he can speak. ..?" Harry smiled. He had always thought Sirius was the one to come up with the nickname. "As for how I knew, here is not the place to speak about it. As for the Parsel, it's just an ability I gained during Halloween ten years ago." Remus looked reli eved. Emma then asked. "What's the fuss with hissing? It's not as if there isn't stranger thing you lot can do." Hermione groaned. "Mum! The last speaker of the snake-tongue was Voldemort himself! It is a trait only the darkest of wizards carries." She then realized why Harry had just spoke n in it. She gave him a hug. Rose tilted her head slightly, ready to ask why. Sh e got a disappointed look from her mother. "I couldn't understand what he said, could you?" To Hermione's surprise, Rose no dded. "Must be something I got from the blood adoption, then." "What's the importance of whether or not you can speak to snakes?"Dan interrupte d. Hermione rolled her eyes. "What it means, Dad, is that had we been able to, it would have meant we were re lated to him." "And who is that?" At this, Hermione began gritting her teeth. Sometimes, she wo

ndered if she had been so daft when Rose grew up. Rose made a mental note to alw ays take her future children seriously, no matter their age. "Voldemort, as he calls himself, was the darkest Wizard in history. He was so fe arsome that the whole Wizarding World refers to him as 'you-know-who' or 'he-who -must-not-be-named.' He was more or less ruling Britain with fear ten years ago, promoting the Pureblooded supremacy and acting like the Wizarding counterpart o f Hitler. Only, he was executing muggleborns, halfbloods, half-breeds and anyone who opposed him." Dan and Emma was looking a bit sickened. They then realized w ho were in their company. They gasped, spreading confusion between the other fiv e. "I didn't recognize you before, but you are Sirius Black! The wanted escapee!" S irius began laughing. Hermione sighed. "Mum, his name was cleared two weeks ago. At least in our world. The muggle news hasn't announced it?" Emma shook her head. "You know that trials are proceeding much slower among the muggles, we can't jus t free the time so fast. I guess that it would look suspicious. Why didn't they discover that you were innocent in your trial in the first place? I thought you had means to make people speak the truth." Sirius smiled sadly. Hermione continued to explain, a little annoyed that her parents had never liste ned during the summer break. Or at least not listened seriously. "He never got a trial." Gasps were heard from all the adults, save for Sirius hi mself. "Are you serious?" "No, he is." She pointed. Sirius rolled his eyes. "I thought you promised to stop that." "Sorry, couldn't help it, new company and all." Hermione grinned. Emma made a co ugh. "Back to the point. No trial?" "You got to understand mum. He was accused of betraying and orphaning Harry, as well as the murder of thirteen people." Dan's eyebrows rose. "I've heard people getting a trial for worse. If this Voldmort was so bad, the s tandards must really be messed up among wizards." Hermione's lips formed a thin line. Honestly! Talking to her parents could be so frustrating. Academics really couldn't believe anything until they had proof in their hands. She also realize d the reason why she had been brought up to show off with her knowledge during h er childhood. Another mistake which she would not pass down to her children in t he future. "Too late..." "Oh Rose, in your case, you can't say you didn't benefit." "I can't?" "I quote: 'and he was quite a good kisser, too' about a certain blonde." "Oh, shut up."

She resumed to try to explain to her parents. Dreadful task, she thought. "Voldemort was that bad, yes. There's not a single family, save for his follower s, who have not lost at least one member to his reign. Sirius here was personall y accused of being his right hand man. He was evil and cruel beyond comparison. He was also the most powerful wizard since the founders of Hogwarts." Seeing as neither of the Marauders tried to correct her, Dan and Emma had to accept what s he said as the truth. "How come his reign ended ten years ago, then?" Here, everyone who knew magic as sumed a sad look. Hermione once again took the task of explaining. Even if she d idn't act as a know-it-all in this time, she still had the urge to teach anyone who had the need to learn. Her parents were no exception. "On October 31th, 1981 Voldemort personally attacked the Potter residence." her parents gasped. "He first killed James Potter. He then went up to the nursery, where Harry was l ying with his mother, Lily." A tear went down Hermione's cheek. Sirius sat down into Remus' chair and covered his face with his hands. Rose and Remus, on the ot her hand, were listening with interest. It was the first time either of them had heard the uncensored story. Harry was silent. He knew that his wife was the bet ter storyteller, and he didn't want to speak about the incident which forever ma rked him with fame. Especially not in front of his parents-in-law. "His goal that night was not to kill the whole family, but Harry and Harry alone . He ordered Lily Potter to move aside, and she refused. He used a curse labelle d as unforgivable to kill her instantly. When he moved on to kill Harry, somethi ng went wrong. The very same curse, commonly thought to be impossible to block, was reflected and ripped his body apart, leading to his demise." "Bloody-" Dan began. Needless to say, he stopped as he remembered in which compa ny he was, three Granger women looking ready to scold him. "Since then, Harry has been famous, sorry love, but they need to know." "No worries 'Mione, you can't say that I am not used to it..." He gave her a sad smile. "Thanks. Harry is called The-boy-who-lived ever since that night, since he is th e only one ever to cross Voldemort and survive. He is thought of as the world's saviour. Think like Christ himself. Now, back to our main story. Imagine if Siri us was suspected to be the one who betrayed his parents." Emma covered her mouth with her hand. Dan looked a bit sickened. "It was like what happened during the time of Charles Lindbergh." Emma nodded. "Who is-" The elder wizards began. "Just a muggle during the 20's. Look it up." Hermione dismissed. No point in try ing to talk to wizards about it. "The ministry of magic needed action quick. Long story short, Sirius was capture d and sentenced to a lifetime in the worst prison known to man. One month ago he was the first to e ver escape, hence they big news, both to Wizards and Muggles." Dan was having a thoughtful look, and it was not a happy one.

"Dad? What's the matter?" "If you have been serious no jokes now all this time, do you mean that you were serious about everything you told us the last two months? You know..." "Yes." Hermione was being alert. This wasn't going the way she wanted. Not at al l. "Including-" "Yes." Emma was confused. "Hermione, what is your father speaking about." "Emma! Are you daft?" Emma looked a little hurt, before her eyes landed on a ring that Hermione sudden ly was wearing. Usually, she masked it with a charm. "Oh god, no..." Dan grabbed Harry. "Are you sick? My daughter, barely twelve, and you-" "Dad!" Dan tried to rant further, but found himself silenced by a tearful daughter. "We explained it all to you already. You accepted it. Remember?" "I suspect some more compulsion charms, mum." Rose thought to her. "Why? Dumbledore made an Oath, didn't he?" "He only promised not to stand in the way of the Potter house. He didn't know th at we are a part of it. Besides, your parents are not included in that oath in a ny way." "That bastard!" "We will handle it later, okay? There is the chance that they are naturally not looking at what we said seriously. I mean, our tale is rather unbelievable at fi rst. You didn't really share your memories with them, did you?" "...Point taken." "Hey, Hermione admitting she was corrected? What has the world-" "Harry! Just shut up." "You weren't just kidding about you and Rose? Some excuse to help her stay?" Dan asked. He hadn't refused before, since he couldn't deny a child a roof to live under, due to his own upbringing. When the two girls shook their heads. Both he and Emma paled. Rose giggled and t eased them. "Sorry to burst your happy bubble, but we do not have the habit of lying to our relatives. Especially not parents." Hermione looked at her with a questioning sc owl and put her hands on her hips.

"Say Rose, is there something you want to confess?" Rose opened her mouth, but b efore she could reply, Dumbledore returned, making them all jump in surprise. He rmione's response once again throwing a spell that hit him in the chest. "Oops..." Since it was a Sunday, they luckily had no classes to attend to after waking Dum bledore up and showering him with apologies. He gave them the message that the g oblins had the papers ready and could take a visit the same day. Also, as Harry was a known emancipated adult, and couldn't be stopped from leaving the grounds, Dumbledore allowed them all to follow Dan to check it out. Harry and Rose Flooe d first to demonstrate. Remus and Sirius followed. After her parents had disappe ared into the flames, Dumbledore stopped Hermione with a worried glance. "Sorry, Headmaster, but is something amiss?" "I have to say it is, Miss Granger." Hermione felt the need to correct him, but didn't. She knew she could her secret to make matters worse for him later. "Can you tell me fast? They might be getting worried." Dumbledore sighed. He held up his wand. Hermione quickly summoned it, afraid of a memory charm. As she took it, she realized her action. She paled. If Harry had been there, she knew he would make a vampire joke. "I take it that you know the tale of the Deathly hallows, and not just about the cloak." Hermione nodded, unable to speak. "You gave me a book after my sixth year, sir. I won't say why, but it played an important role later." "And yet you stunned me as soon as I came back." "Sorry sir, war habit, sir. I can't take surprises without defending myself." "I don't know if I should be delighted or worried when you say so. It does make it sound less worrisome, though." "Sir, I hope you do have another wand?" Dumbledore smiled. He took his original one out. "You live up to your name as the brightest witch of age. Now, I believe it's for the greater good to let me have it back. Exp-" He was stopped. He didn't know w hy. In panic, he looked at the girl in front of him, who first looked a bit conf used. Then she began grinning in a Harry-like manner. "It seems, sir, that I will be keeping it. Giving it back is, after all, not try ing to stop Voldemort to the highest of my abilities." Dumbledore now looked at her questioningly. She took some Floo powder. Before sh e threw it. She gave one last message. "Oh, and by the way, thanks for the wedding gift. I will find it highly useful." She disappeared, leaving Dumbledore in shock. As the truth dawned on him. He fel l back into his chair, burrowing his face in his hands in despair. "What took you so long?" Harry asked. Hermione just held up her new wand.

"You didn't!" "Sorry, it happened when I stunned him." "He willingly let you go?" Hermione looked down. "I am sorry, he tried to disarm me. But he couldn't. Guess that he found out why ." Harry began pouting. "Mum?" Emma and Dan spun around. They made a grimace when they realized it was R ose trying to speak with Hermione. They had to get used to that. "Sorry sweetie, it means that Dumbledore found out about the bond." "So, you blew it when we couldn't see his face?" " " Rose joined her adoptive father. Griphook greeted his clients happily. Never a dull moments when confronting a Po tter. "Mr and Mrs. Granger! I am delighted to see you. I figured you might show up tod ay. Not only because the Meddler visited, but of course, it helped." His smile m ade his pointy teeth look rather friendly, in some weird way. The eight of them found themselves in the very same V.I.P room as two months prior, no doubt becau se two of the men were family heads and, while they themselves ignored the forma lities, the Gringotts policies didn't. "Thank you Mr. Griphook. I hope it is not too much of a hassle." Dan replied. "Oh, not at all. After all, I am paid." They all laughed. "Now, for some more Sirius matters..." Sirius groaned. "Oh Merlin, not you too?" Griphook just made his grin wider. "As I said before I got interrupted, I believe that you have requested a magical blood certificate?" "Yes, sir." "Of course, Gringotts never does their services for free, however, since your so n-in-law-" Dan flinched. Griphook acted like he didn't noticed. " Kindly has made a very profitable offer to us about a certain monster-hunt, we are prepared to m ake an exception." "What offer?" Dan tried to mask his distress about the marriage being mentioned. "That, I believe, is a matter that is private for now, unless Lord Potter wants to discuss it. Now is not the time. I can reveal, though, that we are speaking a bout money in six digits." Dan choked. "Pounds?" "Galleons."

Dan looked at Emma. They hadn't exchanged money last time, since Harry had offer ed to pay. "What is the exchange rate? I believe that you checked it, but never told me." E mma closed her eyes. Rose answered. "One Galleon is roughly equivalent to five pounds." Dan nearly fainted at the th ought. "Who is Harry, to make an offer worth at least half a million pounds?" Griphook pretended to be nonchalant. "As everyone knows, Lord Harry James Potter is the heir to one of the Most Ancie nt and Noble families in Britain. Since the funds haven't been spent since the t imes of his grandparents, he can proudly present himself as the richest wizard o n this side of the ocean. And, of course, be considered the best catch possible. " He winked at Hermione, who blushed. Before Dan lost control, Griphook pulled o ut the paper needed for the magic. "Please, dear customer, if ment, before extending it. invoked a wordless goblin ex finger. He then pressed from the sting. I may have your hand, please?" Dan hesitated for a mo Faster than any of the Grangers could react, Griphook spell, which made a small cut at the tip of Dan's ind the paper against it before Dan pulled his hand back

"Hey! That hurt." The three 'children' laughed, while the rest pretended to igno re his moaning. The text then appeared. Name: Daniel Richard Granger Born: May 16th 1963 Mother: Gabrielle Marie Granger Father: Jacques Lonard Delacour Blood Status: Half Blood Magic status: Squib A groan could be heard from Hermione. Dan looked at her in confusion. He was the first the one who spoke, though. "What is the matter? It isn't one of the families you dislike, I hope? I do reca ll that Granger is a name with French origins, now that I see it like this." He could only hear Hermione muttering in response. It made Harry think of Kreacher, strangely enough. "Cousin to Fleur...eww...and both of us ended up with the same family...I wonder if it is some sort of curse...at least I don't share her veela traits..." Dan t urned to Harry, who just shrugged. "Fleur Delacour, who I guess is the legitimate granddaughter of your father, is the kind of girl who looks so stunning that there has to be a madman not to noti ce her. I never had my eyes on her personally though, she is three years older t han us. And she ended up marrying Rose's oldest uncle" Harry said the last in a whisper, so that Griphook couldn't overhear them. Remus, on the other hand, narr owed his eyes. He would need an explanation soon. Dan let the matter drop.

As they walked out of the bank a short while later, Harry tried to lighten the m ood. "C'mon 'Mione, it isn't that bad, is it?" "You don't think?" "No, I've never had anything against Fleur, either. Can't see why you would." Hermione suddenly had the trademark Sirius Grin. "Then you will be the one to tell her." Harry realized that he would be the one needing cheering. A/n Everyone who thought I would pull some silly thing and claim relation to Rid dle during the middle of the chapter, raise your hands! Well, It was not what i expected to make of a chapter. Honestly, I did not want to change Hermione's heritage at all. But somewhere, I wanted to include her par ents more into the story, and couldn't really have all the muggle-repelling stuf f stopping it. We know for a fact that squibs can be close to magic. I couldn't claim any knowledge of French names and so on, so I just decided to make Dan int o an illegitimate half-brother/cousin of Fleurs Father. As for Emma's side... We ll, I thought that pulling a relation to history, we could say that the settlers in America moved to get rid of the Blood purity. I am not a fan of giving characters in canon fancy AU heritage (people suddenly being Ravenclaw heirs, Adding a bunch of families), but I found myself trying to think of an excuse to make them squibs, and went with the way I thought would f it history the most, and not give them too much power. Oh, and Charles Lindbergh is a real Aviator, whose firstborn son was murdered. W ith evidence which would at a later time be considered unconvincing, and definet ly not proof, one man was caught and sentenced to death. I hope you won't hate me because I handled it the way I did. It was for the Grea ter Good (god, I sound like Dumbledore) of keeping the whole family together. The Elder wand? Just a side-effect. Honestly. I wanted to give the characters a little more depth and perhaps a few bad habits. The way it happened, I do think that perhaps I should have given the wand to Harry... But when I wrote the chapt er, I thought that for one thing, it would be more enjoyable if one of the two g irls had done the two stunners. Secondly, when deciding between Rose and Hermion e, having Hermione confront Dumbledore was the easier way of admitting that they were of the Potter house, which he had vowed to not stop. This probably made the chapter into a Love it or Hate it story, but it is a risk I was willing to take. V.T P.S I think that when I released the third chapter, someone automaticly assumed that Harry and Hermione were the Heirs of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, why? Nowhere does it say that. Peverell doesn't seem to be affliated with the Gryffindor lin e. Personally, the assumption gave me the courage to strech the families a littl e bit. Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save

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mency that the Potters had used when they wanted to tell people something silent , and quickly. The locket, like the Diadem, was to be handed over to Dumbledore when they felt like they had to speak to the old headmaster, which, if Sirius ha d to decide, far into the distant future. The headmaster himself wasn't in the best of states. He had tried to help the Gr anger girls, since they were close to Harry. He had never expected that the chil dren would have their parents' consent to marry into the Potter house. This had lost him the potentially most dangerous weapon in history. Not the best way to s tart the relationship with the children who seriously considered themselves able to finish Voldemort. He picked up the records he had gotten from the results of Wizarding exams. He wondered who had put them together. There really was none o f the teachers who really had any sympathy with the ministry. He examined the sh eets closely. His eyes stopped at a small line he hadn't seen before. He correct ed his glasses, thinking that he must be running senile. The small paragraph mad e him question the validity of the Educational degrees. Susan Bones wasn't so happy with her first two months at Hogwarts. She enjoyed h erself with her friends at Hufflepuff, yes, but they had gotten into trouble nev er before seen at the school. Perhaps it was the presence of the boy-who-lived t hat had thrown everything off-balance. Perhaps it was how the Gryffindor seemed to gain more and more allies. The problem? For some reason, Hufflepuff had turne d into the main victim of Slytherin. The snake house, influenced not to cross th e houses of Black, Potter and a certain group that consisted of two pairs of twi ns, had looked for other targets to pick on. They had settled with the first yea rs of the house that they considered the weakest. The youngest Weasley boy was protected not only by the snakes themselves, but al so the elder set of twins. The Weasley twins were a pair you just didn't go up a gainst. Susan was fairly sure that not even the seventh years truly dared to ope nly risk being the new target of the pranks. Especially this year. The twins see med to have upped their level of shadiness even more. Susan had listened to her Aunt Amelia's stories about the Marauders. Amelia had been a Sixth year in Huffl epuff when the quad had begun their first. They were noticed quite fast, actuall y. The legends of their pranks had been passed down to the current time. At leas t, no one could ask any of the Heads, save for professor Flitwick, about what tr uly happened. The Ravenclaw head didn't even give a decent reply, but he did men tion that they held both the record of most detentions, as well as the record of most injuries during their schooling. Why was Susan so interested in a group that had been walking the grounds twenty years earlier? The answer was simple. The Twins was rumoured to have their full support. This was going to be five long years before she could hope that Slyther in would turn their eyes somewhere else. The worst bully was definitely Pansy Pa rkinson, who just seemed to tried to get the attention of the Malfoy heir. When he pretended to not notice, her attempts began to get more and more obvious, unt il she began her quest to be the Slytherin Princess. On Halloween, her misery tu rned for the worse. They were sharing a transfiguration class with Slytherin, on e of the few lessons that she really didn't enjoy (not to place any blame on Pro fessor Mcgonagall, though). Of course, the potion periods with Ravenclaw was no highlight, either. on time with a couple of minutes to Susan entered the class in her usual manner spare. She sat down next to her best friend, Hannah Abbot. The lesson was dreadf ul. Not that Susan had anything against Transfiguration, but somehow, it always felt as she was watched. She anxiously looked behind her back, finding all her p eers looking next to uninterested, except for Draco Malfoy. He had changed a lot , ever since the first flying accident that he had with Gryffindor, of which the news quickly spread.

Apparently, Neville Longbottom had lost control of his broom, but before he fell to the ground, he had been caught by a combined levitating spell cast by the Gr anger twins and Harry Potter himself. The very same levitating spell was taught this Halloween morning in Charms. The Granger twins, Susan had noted, were an ou tstanding pair of witches. They were always found in the presence of the boy-who -lived, they seemed to already know the first year curriculum, they did every sp ell flawlessly, but even more astonishing, the Weasley twins seemed to show them respect. That was as alien as the founder of the Statute of Secrecy going to a Muggle and trying to sell a House Elf. Somehow, even though they seemed like the friendlie st type of people imaginable, some instinct was telling Susan to avoid them. Maybe it was their closeness to the wilder set of twins, maybe it was that, even though they weren't bothered, the only bunch of people that Slytherin openly ha ted. Sure, they were rivals of any Gryffindor. They would try to outperform them and get them in trouble at the first possible opportunity. They would even spit on them if they could get away with it. But they were only looking at the Gryff indor with expression of 'dislike' or just looking down on them. Against the Gra nger twins, it seemed like they were personal enemies of the entire Slytherin ho use. Enemies that weren't ever provoked, mind you, but enemies nonetheless. When Madam Hooch had been convinced that Neville was uninjured, a mocking remark from a red-haired boy, she thought it was another of the Weasleys, had set ever ything into utter chaos. She didn't try to remember the names of the male Slythe rins unless she had to, the more influential students were of course not to be i gnored. Thus, she knew of Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott, since her Aunt had of ten been heard ranting about how she never could catch them in the act. The name s of all the Weasleys, on the other hand, she couldn't really tell. The youngest boy in the Weasley family had been sorted into Slytherin, to everyone's huge su rprise. They had always been in Gryffindor before. Looking back at the event, sh e was reminded that his name was Ronald, she knew from the howler. What she coul dn't understand, though, was how Harry Potter had given him support after the re primand by the Weasley matriarch. On the flying grounds, one little word could escalate into very huge proportions . Susan was not so sure what Ronald Weasley had said to Neville, but she was sur e it somehow related to his parents. Living with the head of the DMLE, Susan kne w about the Lestrange-Longbottom incident. She and Neville had met a few times w hen they were younger, when Augusta Longbottom were visiting St. Mungos. Susan h ad been to the ministry during many of Amelia Bones' working hours, since she ha d no other guardian. Almost on the spot, Harry had hit the red-head. The Slyther ins had tried to retaliate, but some of the other teachers had how they had know n, Susan couldn't guess arrived and stopped them. The famous saviour of the Lion house had been penalized, but Susan was sure that Ronald Weasley had been repri manded by his fellow Slytherins too. Those that wanted to avoid a war against th e twins, that is. Ever since then, Draco Malfoy had been trying to keep all memb ers of his year under strict control, not hesitating to stand up even to Nott an d even asking Potter for help. Anything to maintain the current balance. Susan snapped out of her thoughts, she had been staring at Draco for way too lon g. It would almost seem like she fancied him, which she absolutely didn't. When she realized that Professor McGonagall had begun the lesson, she blushed and tur ned around, hoping no one but Draco himself had noticed. The rest of the lesson went with no problems in particular, even if she had an hard time to transfigure her cup into anything. She guessed that she wasn't visualizing the object clear ly enough. It was a trick that her Aunt had taught her. Transfiguration was all about visualization. Not power, not as much the wand moments, but how good you c ould imagine the desired result. She doubted that many knew that this was the ca se of the art. Today, however, or ever since she had begun trying to transfigure

herself, her mind had been drifting away during every class. The feeling of par anoia still hadn't left when she exited the classroom. When she got out into the corridor, she felt a wand placed against her back. "Don't try anything. Come with us silently." Susan knew that voice. It was Parki nson. She knew that she had no real choice but to obey, 'lest she wanted to be s tunned first and be forced to come afterwards. How Parkinson knew the stunning s pell in advance, she could only guess. They got into one of he Girls toilets. As soon as she entered, she was grabbed and flung into the wall. Pansy didn't seem happy, like she usually looked when facing one of her victims. She was looking with downright anger. Behind her were Crabbe and Goyle. How she'd gotten them to follow, Susan didn't want to know. "You bitch! This will teach you to leave my Draco alone!" Susan was sickened. Pansy's obsession with Draco Malfoy was so big, she couldn't stand other uninterested girls looking his way. One of the boys, Crabbe, she th ought, put a blindfold over her eyes. She felt a kick against her stomach, which made her lose her breath. "You worthless badger. You are almost as worthless as the Weasley boy and the Lo ngbottom Squib. When you get out of here, know your place and not to stand up to your superiors. You three are no better than the mudbloods." Susan felt her who le body entering a bind. She didn't know where in the toilet she was, she could only hope someone came for her soon. The slam of the door made realize she was a ll alone. The words of the snake kept echoing in her head. As worthless as a squ ib...no better than a mud..-muggleborn...It's true.Had she been able to cry, the tears would have made the blindfold softer. Evening, The same day The trio were enjoying their Halloween dinner. Their discussion was more mental than out loud. "Harry, why are you not as cheerful as the others? It's a feast! And better than I could ever remember it." "Sorry 'Mione. This is the anniversary..." "Oh, I forgot. You know, with all that has been going on. There was a long time since we spent time together on the Eve. You were always so distant, burrowing y ourself in work." "I wasn't" "You sure were! Rose could testify when she were working under you." Rose looked up. She had just secretly taken Harry's piece of Treacle tart. "It's true. He worked more than at any other point of the year. Made the job as Junior Auror/Secretary a lot more stressful." If Hermione could give Harry a hug without attracting too much attention, she wo uld have done it. "Thanks girls. It's the thought that counts." "You're welcome." "Hey, it's more things today than your anniversary!" Rose thought, feeling a bit

neglected. "Oh, Congratulations, sweetie. Next year, you will be a teenager. Soon a big gir l." Harry teased. "Harry, I am fifty-five..." "You're the only woman I know who wishes to be older." Hermione sighed. "I do not!" "You are acting like the opposite." Harry exlaimed. Rose pouted and closed her o cclumency shields. "Harry, there's another anniversary today. You know-" "Trolls! In the dungeons! Thought I might let you know..." All three of them sna pped back to their surroundings. Harry spoke for real this time. "Oh yea. This day. There's no need for me to jump upon the back of the troll thi s time, though." "True that. And I am happy about it." Hermione smiled. Their calm was short-lived, as Draco Malfoy approached them. "Hello, Malfoy, weren't you supposed to go to your common room?" Draco snorted. "Potter, you know as well as I do that our dorms is in the dungeons. There's no way that I will be going there until the matter is settled." "Good point. But what did you want, then? I doubt you come to the Lion's table j ust to alert us that you are not going to the snake bed." Draco ignored the joke . "Potter. I know for a fact that you don't like any bullies. That includes most o f my house." It was true, Harry had openly displayed hostility towards any Slytherin that had picked on the Hufflepuffs. "Is there something I should know?" Draco rolled his eyes. "Other than that I have tried to get you to listen for the past four hours? No, not really." "Was that the reason why you were strolling around in the Library? I thought you were trying to hit on my best friends." He gave a teasing glance towards Rose, whose face reddened a bit. Not in embarrassment, but in anger. Draco snorted aga in. "No, I just thought that I'd let you know, that Pansy borrowed Crabbe and Goyle today. I saw her put a wand into the back of Bones. They walked into one of the toilets on the second floor. Never saw Bones exit." Harry closed his eyes and to ok a deep breath. Hermione paled. "Did you say the girls toilet on the second floor?" She choked. Draco smirked.

"Five points to Gryffindor for successfully listening to a piece of information. " He couldn't say more, because in a flash the Trio rushed out of the great hall , leaving him standing in confusion. Pansy had a lot to answer for. Besides, who would in a sane state try to threaten the niece of the DMLE head? Parkinson, Dr aco deduced, were obviously not sane. He would avoid her in the future. "All right, forget what I just said about not having to jump on his back..." Har ry imagined that he just made Sirius win a bunch of money from Remus. Hermione j ust laughed. "Do you want to face the troll with or without post-first year spells?" She aske d curiously. "Why don't you do it this time? Show us how your reserve wand works." Hermione b lushed as she remembered how she had made the blunder that made her possess one of the most ancient items that could be found. Probably the most desired item, h ad the Philosophers' Stone not existed. "Oh, just shut up, the both of you. Let me do it!" Rose said cheerfully, as she arrived to the door slightly before the others. She always won when they ran. Pe rhaps because Harry's body was suffering from malnutrition, even though he had r un a lot. Hermione, always reading instead of exercising, was not really a match either. Rose, on the other hand, had her childhood body back. She had spent man y hours on the broom, yes, but having Hermione as her mother, they had also been to muggle activities a few times, where Rose had found that she liked to keep h er body fit. Both of her parents immediately snapped "Out of the question." Rose took a serio us expression. "Fine, but then I request that father dearest, that is the 'youngest' out of us, also passes." "Am not youngest!" "You are!" "I am old enough to-" Here, Hermione decided to interrupt them. "Fine! I will go in first. But if I find you passing the entrance to the toilet, Harry, you will find yourself sharing our gender for the rest of the year. You know, only girls should enter the girls toilets" Harry paled. Rose playfully tri ed to push him. "What was that good for?" "Was mum serious?" "I don't want to know." Hermione drew her wand and blasted the door open, as she tried to make out where Susan was, she saw a body lying in one of the closets, untouched by the Troll. She didn't seem to be moving, and she was blindfolded. The clothes were unnatura lly clean, considering she was on the floor. So she'd not been hit as much, just stunned or the likes. The troll turned around at the sound of the blast. It loo ked just as it had when Hermione had been on the other side of the fight, in Sus an's role. Swapping her usual wand over to her left hand, she drew the elder wand. She pref erred to have it hidden most of the time. She realized as she drew it, that it w

ould not oses her sent an lindfold

be of any use if she used the elder wand as a reserve; the moment she l main wand, the elder one would also be forfeit. With her left hand, she enervate towards Susan. The girl jerked a little and tried to get the b off.

"You would do better keeping it on for a while." Hermione yelled. "Who? What is happening?" The shriek that sounded throughout the room just proved that children always did the opposite to what they were told. "Why aren't you running?" "Leaving you here? Are you sodding mad? Why do you think I came here instead of the common rooms when they warned against the troll?" Hermione dodged a swing fr om the club. "You came here to fight it? Gryffindors are worse than I thought." "No, I came to get you out of here, dimwit." Another dodge. "You knew I was here?" "I'll tell you later." Hermione gritted her teeth, she weren't particularly good at casting spells while saying something else. Sending a silent spell was very hard while you were speaking. Unless, of course, you did the wandless magic. But that wasn't something Hermione wanted to show in front of a first year. Who kne w how many that would know the following day? She swung her right hand. "Expelliarmus." The beam was not thicker or faster than usual, yet she could feel how it was con taining a power beyond her normal spells. The troll grunted as it lost control o f the club and the club was sent into the wall with a stunning force. Hermione g aped. She doubted that a normal disarming spell would have touched the troll at all. Susan whimpered. So that is why no one is messing around with the Grangers. I wonder how she got a second wand though. Hermione was getting frustrated. Why wouldn't the teachers come soon? Granted, s he wanted to just knock the troll and get over with, but with only first year sp ells? This was going to be hard. Thinking back at the other Halloween '91, she tried to use the levitating charm. "Wingardium Leviosa" Had her life not been at risk, Susan would have laughed at the attempt. Or maybe not in the presence of Hermione Granger... as the girl yet again proved that no one wanted to get on her bad side. Susan's mouth went open when she saw that th e spell actually had an effect. To her astonishment, Hermione had just levitated the whole Troll, effectively immobilising it. This is too draining. She thought after a few minutes. She glanced at Susan. The girl was too busy to watch the one-sided battle, to even figure that it would h ave been smarter to run. Hermione cancelled the charm. She felt that she had no choice left, unless she wanted to call in the help of her eager family. The seco nd was, of course, not an option. "Stupefy"

A red beam was sent from the Elder Wand, hitting the troll in the shoulder. Ampl ified by the ancient relic, the spell hit the troll with such a power, that the troll was sent flying. Okay... so now we know why Voldemort wanted to have this stick... As the fight ended, she turned to Susan, who was still sitting in the closet. Sh e extended her hand. "Draco told me that he saw Pansy taking you here." Susan's eyes went wide. "H-h-e did that for me? Oh merlin, Pansy is going to kill me for real!" Tears be gan streaming from her eyes. Hermione's own darkened a bit. "What did she say?" "She... told me that... I was almost at the level... of a squib, that I was belo w... the level of a muggleborn." She said between her sobs. Hermione's mouth tur ned into a thin line. "Don't tell me that you believe in the blood purity nonsense?" Susan stared at h er. "I've seen the study myself. The educational department have based it on the res ults of the school." "And exactly what did it say?" "That muggle-raised children had worse results than Purebloods." Hermione rolled her eyes. "They obviously haven't tested for a very long time then. I swear that Rose and I do not fall into that category. Or Harry for that matter." Susan's eyes went w ider. "Harry Potter?" "Who else? He has been growing up with his muggle aunt all his life, and he's mo re powerful than anyone else. At least, that is what everyone says." "But he's the-boy-who-lived! Of course he defies the normal!" Hermione laughed at that. "So? Statistics could also say that Ravenclaws get better results than everyone else. That Slytherins are evil, or that Gryffindors are all noble. None of which hold true." "Well spoken, miss Granger. And ten points to Gryffindor for helping a fellow cl assmate in need." Hermione turned around to find the Headmaster smiling. He held a set of papers i n his hand. "Muggles have a fascinating mindset. They take things less for granted. I wish o ur society would learn to doubt information until they see the actual records fo r themselves." He handed Hermione a parchment. She eyed it. "This is their study. Since none of our teachers at Hogwarts wanted to cooperate , they have taken only the results from the OWL and NEWT exams."

"This is just a pile of rubbish! I have never heard of purebloods having such a high rate good grades, or muggleborns having marks in the bottom of the charts." Dumbledore chuckled. "And neither had I until our mutual friend Lucius handed me these. He forgot to mention the small paragraph in the bottom right corner." Hermione checked. "I can see that you also have trouble reading it. Good, I was worried that my vi sion had worsened critically." Hermione used a diagnostic spell. "It's because it's charmed. Only the educational department can actually read it ." Dumbledore thought for a moment. "That's brilliant! I wonder why I never thought of that..." "Could you sir, perhaps look for a way to remove the charm? I would be quite int erested in what it actually says." Hermione asked. She couldn't openly say that she knew exactly the spell, and that Rose and Harry probably also knew it. Worki ng at the ministry gave you knowledge of ministry concealments. Dumbledore nodde d. "So am I, miss Granger, So am I." "Excuse me, Headmaster?" Susan asked nervously. "Yes, miss Bones?" "What are we going to do with that?" She pointed at the troll. The headmaster ga ve it a look, as if he hadn't noticed it before. Suddenly, he seemed like the ki nd old man that he tried to give the image of. Hermione wondered if that side of him actually was an unmasked version of his true nature. "Oh, my, we would need to clean it up a bit. I will call for the house elves." "Hermione? Are you done in there soon?" Harry yelled. "Mr. Potter. Why are you standing out there? Your friend went in by herself and fought the troll alone." "Please sir, I wanted to help, but Hermione told me not to enter the toilet." Du mbledore gave him a strange look. "Is there any problem with going into a girls toilet when there is an emergency with lives at stake?" "Well sir..." "I will teach you that being afraid of girls is just childish, come in." Harry p aled. Rose began to snicker. "I'd rather not sir..." "Nonsense Mr. Potter. I would never have guessed that a boy like you would be ha ving such morals." Hermione first had a look of curiosity, before her smile turn ed downright evil. "C'mon Harry, there's nothing you have to be afraid of." Harry began to mutter.

"Except for that you will punish me afterwards..." Dumbledore's eyebrow rose. "I assure you Mr. Potter, that the school will not punish you if you enter here and now. We can't have one of our heroes avoiding to save a life, just because h e didn't want to enter a toilet." Rose saw that as a signal to grab Harry's arm and drag him in. The first thing H arry did was to stay as far away from his wife as physically possible. Hermione playfully sent a charm in his direction. Which hit spot on. Dumbledore spun around. She gave him an innocent look. "I told him that if he were, in any way, to cross the entrance of this toilet wh ile I was in here, that he would be a girl until Christmas. Can't have boys brea king the rules, can we?" Dumbledore shook his head. What had he done? "I never thought you would do it in front of the Headmaster." A bright voice cam e from Harry. Followed by a gasp. "You really did it? 'Mione, please, spare me." He was given very odd looks. Foll owed by a laughter that spread throughout the room. "It's not funny!" "Harry, look at yourself." Rose said between the fits of laughter. Harry did as he was told. He was still the same as always. He realized that he'd been fooled. "Give me my voice back!" The rest of them still laughed. "Susan! I was so worried. Why did you not tell me that the Slytherins were givin g you trouble." Amelia Bones asked her niece as Susan and the Trio had entered t he Headmaster's office. Draco Malfoy had, for motives that Amelia couldn't tell, warned the Headmaster of the absence of Susan. The Headmaster had in turn Floo' ed Amelia before he went down for the rescue. The Malfoy heir had, surprisingly enough, not been that bad of a company while they were waiting in the office. "I am sorry on my peers' behalf, madam Bones. I will try to keep them under a cl oser watch." Draco apologized. Amelia just gave him a warm smile. "You have nothing to be sorry for. Had you not warned Dumbledore and Potter, my niece might have been killed. You also can't take responsibility for what action s your house mates commits." "Thank you, ma'am." Draco gave her a nod. He was relieved that he had gotten awa y without even a reprimand for not confronting Pansy earlier. The trio just exch anged greetings Draco was surprised to hear three different girls' voices from t he bunch. He'd have to look into that later. Before the trio could sneak away, t hough, they were stopped by Amelia. "I can't thank you enough for rushing to the aid of Susan. She's all I've got." Hermione suddenly asked Draco. "Why do you think that they were having something against Susan in the first pla

ce?" Draco thought for a moment. "Pansy seems to have this crazy obsession with me. She follows me everywhere. Pe rhaps she was jealous." Susan bit her lip in a very Hermione-like manner. "What does she have to be jealous of? I could barely cast a spell, and she went as far as stunning me." Amelia stared at her niece. "Not cast a spell? But you were brilliant before we went to Hogwarts." Rose scow led. "Before Hogwarts, ma'am? I thought we were only allowed to use magic while at sc hool." Draco snorted. The trio turned to look at him. "Most magical households have wards that prevent the ministry from detecting any of the sort. Most children have learnt spells for years before they go to Hogwa rts." Harry was deep in thought, while the others nodded. Amelia looked at them in interest. "Say, you are hiding something. Care to share?" Hermione spoke for the rest of them. "Ma'am, we have looked at the educational results standings that the ministry ha ve used in their study... If Purebloods truly have a chance to practice before t hey get to the school, it would explain why they are so ahead of muggle-raised c hildren." Draco frowned. "My father always says that we are superior. The ancient pure families have a lo t better results than normal purebloods, too." Harry looked at Susan. He finally spoke, his voice still as high pitched, making Draco choke and the girls to giggle. "The Bones are an ancient family, right?" Amelia nodded, trying to look serious. You could tell that she was trying hard to not laugh, too. Susan flinched. She felt like a failure. Harry noticed. "Susan, may I look at your wand, please?" She looked confused, but handed him he r wand. He gave it a swing. Nothing happened. "Hermione?" "No, I am not turning your voice back normal." "That wasn't what I was going to ask." "Oh, sorry, go on then." Harry rolled his eyes. But he also displayed a hint of desperation. "Could you do a diagnose of this wand?" Hermione nodded, and began examining it closely. She had tried to make an own wa

nd once, so she knew a bit of the theory. "It seems that it is a real wand, however, something keeps blocking any magic fr om pouring out. There's nothing wrong with your magical talent, Susan, there's j ust someone who have sabotaged." Susan felt relieved, she had thought that she had lost her ability to work magic lately. Amelia rose from her chair. "I think I will have to have someone check that wand at the ministry." Susan gav e her aunt a worried look. "How can I attend to my classes without a wand?" Hermione shrugged and handed Susan her official one. Susan eyes went wide. The w and was like an extension of a Witch's arm. Giving it away was a sign of trust e qual to that of your life. Hermione just gave her a reassuring smile. "I came over another one lately. The one I used against the troll. You can use t his until you get your own wand back. It won't work as good as a wand that have chosen you, but you will be able to do basic spells." She turned to Harry, as so mething struck her. "That's why Neville and Ron are having so much trouble working magic! They are n ot using wands of their own." Draco frowned. "So they aren't half squibs?" The trio gave him a look that told him to stop. "Actually, they do have quite large reserves of magic, only that they can't use it." Dumbledore had been listening to their conversation with interest. "I believe that I will need to have a talk with Augusta Longbottom, and perhaps also Mr and Mrs. Weasley." Before Amelia and Dumbledore could Floo away, Hermion e interrupted them. "Madam Bones, please. Could we ask you for a favour?" Amelia gave her a smile. "Of course, dear, It's the least I could do in return." Hermione handed her the ministry study. "Could you remove the Confidentiality charm?" Amelia wondered where they had got ten to know about the ministry methods, but took the paper. "This paper looks like a piece of rubbish! (Hermione and Rose snickered as they remembered their own reaction) The paper is enchanted to be impossible to falsif y though." Draco stood up. "First you are telling me that we purebloods are only having an advantage of pre vious experience. But these papers are saying that we obviously got a higher pot ential! Surely, during OWLs and NEWT exams, the levels would have been somewhat even. You can only learn a little bit before you get tutoring, you know." Hermione and Rose both snorted at the same time. "That is for the paper to know, and for us to find out."

Amelia nodded. She couldn't back out now. She hoped that she wouldn't get into t rouble for showing the public any confidential information. But what could the e ducational department hide? She cast a counter charm. As the text appeared, cries of rage was heard througho ut the room. Except from Hermione. "Haven't you guys ever heard of Propaganda?" The other six of them stared at her. She calmly picked the paper up and read it again. These results are based on the O. W. L and N. E. W. T exams in Potion's over the course of the period 1980-1990. A/n I don't really know what to say as finishing words for this chapter. I will try to keep quiet. Hopefully, you will not feel as spoiled. V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. The sole creator of this wonderful univer se is J. K. Rowling I am sorry that there have gone a full week since my last update. Here it is. To forgive "Dumbledore! I will not tolerate your little-" Amelia began. Dumbledore sat back in his chair, wondering how he would keep Severus safe. He tried to block her r ant out. " To imagine he has been teaching inside these walls for nigh on a decade! No won der that I no longer have any new Auror recruits coming even from Gryffindor." A melia was furious. After the war, the DMLE had it's forces severely decimated. W ithout the the latest generation of wizards, the ministry was weakened. "And to hear that coming from this school, where you have stated for years that he-who-must-not-be-named has never been killed. What were you thinking?" "Severus Snape has my-" Dumbledore couldn't continue, before the now (slightly m ore normal, but certainly still changed) voice of Harry interrupted him. It actu ally sounded a bit too dark. Harry just tried to modify it with a voice-changing spell of his own. The Finite Incantatum was, after all, at least the level of O WLs. And everyone knows that it's hard to imagine ones own voice.

"-full confidence. Yes sir, we know. And sorry I interrupted you." Harry grinned . He received a glare from his headmaster, which soon turned into a sigh when th e white-haired man remembered that he couldn't scare his 'eleven' year old stude nt. How his image must have dropped. And in front of Amelia Bones, no less. What a disastrous evening! Amelia snickered, her mood lightened a bit. "I expect him to be replaced by the next week, headmaster, if you do not want me to provide a teacher for you. I know quite a few people who would be eager to p rove that you are not the all-knowing man that you may give the image of." Rose nodded eagerly, but Hermione gave her a glare that made her stop. "Madam Bones..." Harry began, surprising Dumbledore. "While it is true that Professor Snape may be unfit as a teacher, (Rose and Susa n rolled their eyes) I have to agree with Dumbledore that it is in our fullest i nterest to keep him in the castle." Everyone but Hermione was quite shocked to h ear Harry's opinion. Rose gaped. "But Harry! He hates you! Why-" "Professor Snape, while he does not like me personally, is a valuable ally who h as, even today, proved his worth. If you would go to him and investigate what ha ppened in the forbidden corridor on third floor while we were fighting the troll , you would find that he is more trust-able than he seems." Dumbledore's face pa led. "I can promise to you, headmaster, that Snape, sorry for forgetting his title, h ad no ill intent in mind and that he was loyally protecting... you-know-what." H arry snickered. "While I think that it is just silly to call Voldemort stop flin ching! - anything else than Tom, or Riddle, I am of the opinion that some things are best to hide, too. You can thank me later, headmaster." Dumbledore nodded, smiling. "As to what we are going to do with Snape shot, I forgot his title again, didn't I? How rude of me." Everyone in the room laughed, save for Draco. The Malfoy he ir had just heard that his godfather was working for the light. The others in th e room seemed to have forgotten that he was still there. Rose was the first one to regain her seriousness. "How about that we hire a new professor, but ask of Professor Snape to be a brew er for the castle, especially the hospital wing? I think he would be content, if we also provide him with a private research lab. It may cost a bit, but don't y ou like to do things for the greater good?" She left the last sentence to the he admaster. He seemed to be at a loss about what to say. Hermione snapped her fing ers. "Who are we first years to discuss school matters with two members of the board? If you excuse us, we have a curfew to think about." Her peers nodded in agreeme nt, leaving the two adults to the matter. They walked down the stairs from the headmaster's office, Rose turned to Susan, who was obviously looking like she wanted to say something. She decided that Sus an would be less nervous if she didn't have to initiate the conversation. "Susan, what's the matter? You look distressed." "I-I-I never thanked Draco." Harry elbowed Draco lightly, which made him stop an d turn around. "It was of no trouble to me. If someone, you should thank Granger."

"Who?" The 'twins' both asked at the same time. Draco rolled his eyes. "On a second thought, don't thank them." "Hey!" Hermione sent a stinging hex at Draco. He dodged. "Speaking of which, why didn't you let our miracle boy help you against that tro ll? You could have been killed. Not that mud... muggleborns would matter to a Sl ytherin, but it would be a waste to see the most talented witch of the year to b e crushed in self confidence." Hermione burst out into an evil grin. "It's called therapy!" The other four looked a little confused. "Harry has this complex, you see. He can't walk for two weeks without saving som eone, or in some way getting into a lot of trouble. If we prohibit him from help ing, perhaps he will have a safe month for once. I would pretty much like a boyf riend who is alive rather than dead." "And threatening to turn said boyfriend into a girlfriend is safe?" " Just a spur of the moment thing, really." "What?" "Nothing. But you would've looked good." Harry felt the need to keep his wife out of his mind for a moment. Without notif ying Hermione, he thought to Rose. "Don't you think that your mother has gotten...a little over-confident these las t days? Say, since she got her hands on the wand?" "I don't know... I think she's humoristic, and living her life for the first tim e since before I was born...we can't take the wand away, though, because it's th e only wand she has now." "Still, don't you think she needs to be taken down to earth again?" Rose hesitat ed, not wanting to sell Hermione out. "It's just a prank, c'mon. You will enjoy it." Rose lightened up. "What do you want me to do?" "Listen..." They silently chattered for a while, not noticing the interested looks that Drac o gave them. Hermione shook her head. "They've always done that. They seem to be able to communicate with just a glanc e." Susan looked at her oddly. "You seem to be able to speak with them, too." Hermione's cheeks turned slightly pink. Err, need a bit of help...Harry? Rose? When they didn't answer, she gritt ed her teeth. "Oh, there's nothing really, you know, I know Rose really well. She's my twin af ter all. Harry is just part of the package." Draco frowned. "But you and Harry are a couple, right? Not Rose and Harry." Hermione outright b

lushed. "Yea, well, Harry and Rose has some kind of...err...how would you say it? Deeper connection? They were good friends even before Hogwarts, and did some blood mix ing ritual. They see each other's as siblings, too. Harry and I, on the other ha nd, didn't quite meet in the same way, so whenever we are all three together, wh ich is often enough now, we try to act as if we were all three siblings, but in the end, yes, Harry and I are a couple...sort of..." That was the most horrible explanation. Ever. The two outsiders just nodded, not wanting to pry. They each took off towards their own dorms. Harry yawned and went to sleep. Rose and Hermione was walking the stairs to thei r dorms when Rose suddenly stopped. "Rosie, dear, anything amiss?" Rose shook her head. Hermione suddenly felt very dizzy. Rose caught her when she fell. The sleeping charm was thought almost only to healers in their own time, Rose figured that it hadn't changed. "Sorry mum. But I promised Harry." She whispered. They were lying down on the grounds. It was the day following the battle. They h ad finally won. But at what cost? Images of the war's victims flashed inside Her mione's mind. Their faces seemed to be hovering in front of her. Hallucinating, Hermione thought, was not just a result of a spell or mental exhaustion, but als o from grief. With sorrow, she thought of Remus and Tonks. How they had been so happy, just a few months earlier. They had made Hermione and Harry Teddy's godpa rents. Teddy, she immediately thought. Oh merlin. Hermione's eyes were open in an instant. She yelped when she realized she was no t in her bed. Or even indoors. The castle looked a little distant, almost as if. ..She looked down. As soon as she did, she regretted it. What am I doing? How di d I get here? AND WHY AM I ON A BROOM? She heard laughter. Looking up, the sight of a cracking Rose and Harry welcomed her. The world seemed to sway. She wanted to throw up. Even after the flight on the back of a dragon out of Gringotts, sh e still hadn't gotten over her fear of heights. Or it was just her younger body. She didn't know which. What mattered, though, was the fact that she was there. "Don't try to fly down and get off. The broom is charmed to only go down when yo u figure out the password." Harry yelled. Hermione paled. "What were you thinking? I-I-I can't fly that good!" Harry grinned. "Don't worry. We put a sticking charm on you. You wouldn't fall of even if you w anted to." "But it won't let me get off the broom either" Harry pretended to think for a bi t. "You're right. I hadn't thought of that." "God, Harry! Let me down!" "Huh...But I can't control the broom, only you can. With the right password, of course." "Is this some kind of joke? If that's the case, it's not funny." Harry looked at Rose, who shared a shrug with him. Hermione couldn't understand how they could let the brooms go with their hands. "We didn't really think it would be that fun."

"Harry, on the other hand, now the twins would have to do worse to each other to beat us." Rose giggled. Hermione gaped. How could they be so casual? "Oh and Hermione, I didn't really enjoy sounding like a girl either. I bet you g ave Dumbledore a whole lot of weird ideas. I have enough of wizards with a boy-w ho-lived obsession as it is. I don't need to be an object of attraction to them as well." "Was it really that bad?" Hermione asked, pleadingly. Harry just stayed silent. Rose looked very serious. "As much as it would be fun to look like triplet sisters, I don't know how much I would enjoy having two mothers." Hermione blinked. "All right, stop it. It's not funny. What do you want me to say?" They looked at her as if she had grown horns. Something which she wouldn't question by now. Lo oking down again, she gulped. Dark Lords, or even the basilisk suddenly didn't s eem so scary at all. Heck, she bet she would rather face them than stay these hu ndreds of feet in the air. "I'm sorry Harry. I won't do it again. I swear." Harry seemed to think for a moment, before he smiled at her. The same, warming s mile as he always did. The smile she had come to adore long before she realized it herself. "I will hold you to that." Hermione frowned, she still had no control over her b room. "But you won't let me down?" "That was not the password." Harry said, again shrugging. "I am very much inclined to curse you." "Tut tut. I recall an oath just thirty seconds ago." "Okay, I won't curse you...but can you please give me a hint?" Harry rolled his eyes. "If I tell the Delacours myself?" "Now you do sound a bit tempting..." Harry mused. "How about that, plus the secrets of another of my inventions?" "Deal. It is a word you haven't said in a while now. You mostly said it to me an d Ron." Hermione thought for a bit. Harry hovered down and gave her a kiss. "I love you Harry." She exclaimed, hoping it was the answer. "Love you too, 'Mione. But you already knew that." She snorted. "Prat-" She gave a shriek. The broom began accelerating. Rose looked at Harry wi th an admiring gaze.

"Well, I got to say that I wouldn't have guessed the password." Remus was sitting for a scheduled meeting in Diagon alley. He had somehow convin ced Sirius to set up a meeting between him and the Potters. Not just the friendl y get-together that he and Sirius had, but also to demand an explanation. Well, he thought, threatening to go to the elder Grangers also helped greatly. Sirius had, for some reason he didn't know, suddenly acted all-friendly. And paranoid. He didn't know what was wrong with his old friend. The werewolf frowned. Sirius hadn't even seemed so scared when he knew he was on the hit-list of the top deat h eaters. And this was only his godson. Honestly? What did a Marauder have to fe ar from three first years, though at least one of them was a parselmouth. Also, they gave strange references whenever they spoke of something they weren't suppo sed to know. A 'pop' was heard as the three Potters arrived to the alley. Apparition? Remus g aped. They weren't allowed to do that. But, since when did a Potter respect the rules? Remus concluded that such a thing had never happened. They found themselv es outside an apartment. Remus gestured to them to follow him in. They looked at him questioningly. "Sirius didn't want to use number twelve, so he bought a room in the alley that was for sale." "I didn't even know that wizards even used the term apartment." Hermione stated. Remus laughed. "They didn't until now. Sirius bought a building, renovated it and made it into different apartments." "Well, somehow, I am not inclined to argue." They walked in. "Sirius is out at the moment, something about a job proposal." The three student s gasped. "Sirius? Working?" Remus laughed. "Strange, isn't it?" But how do they know so much about him? "We've heard a lot. From friends. And parents." Rose replied. Not really a lie, although, Harry and Hermione were her sources, which both fitted the mentioned d escriptions. Remus snorted. "I have checked with the ministry files. The goblins have submitted a form where you were adopted into the name of Rose Elizabeth Potter." Rose and Harry blushe d. "It was for protection..." "Furthermore, I do not know how you got your parents' consent." Rose told yet an other half lie as a reply. "I am sure that my mother supports me fully..." "...Who according to the same form just happens to be sitting next to you? Or ar e you thinking of your birth mother?" Remus asked. The trio burst out laughing. "I think you are busted Rose." Harry mused. Hermione, though, stopped laughing. She paled. "What, 'Mione, what's wrong?"

"I had a dream last night..." "What was it about? Don't pull some seer nonsense now." "No, it was on the Day of Peace." "Hermione, you know that it must be one of the most silly holidays in..." "No Harry, the first Day of Piece." Harry, too paled. Remus took it as a chance to continue investigating. "I've never heard of a holiday like that. A muggle one?" Rose shrugged it off. "I've never heard of it either." Hermione then burst into tears, surprising everyone but Harry. "I miss them Harry. I never thought I would. But I miss Hugo. And Teddy, even th ough he was always with you." Rose looked a little confused. Not to mention anyt hing about Remus. "Shh 'Mione, you did what you thought was right. Hugo would just have injured yo u and Rose, you know that." Hermione continued to sob. "But Teddy, Harry!" Harry knew what she meant. But he couldn't let it bother her. Not now. "H-h-he was also unhappy, being what he was. And we let him down Harry. We left him. Merlin Harry, we should have let him in too." Harry was silent, but nodded. Rose thought of her older god-brother. He had always been kind. More to her old er cousins, but to her, too. When he and Victoire grew apart (while they got int o a long lasting relationship, they went separate ways after Hogwarts, before th ey could marry), he began distancing himself. He and Harry spent a few years tra velling, before he settled down as the next heir to the house of Black, as Siriu s' will had reinstated the Tonks into the family. Scratch being strange, the trio was reeking of suspiciousness, Remus felt. Who w ere all these people they were speaking of? He decided to pull out another of hi s cards. "The same sources that gave me access to your adoption certificate, also brought more interesting news. There's no records of a Rose Granger ever being born, le t alone working accidental magic." Harry let out a laugh. "Did you hear that Rose? Apparently, you are our imaginary friend!" Rose couldn' t keep herself from laughing with him. "Thanks, Dad. I will keep that in mind. I will go and visit my real world now." Harry gave her an odd look. "No turning back now." What are they speaking about now?

"Stop being so serious." Rose was about to open her mouth, but was interrupted b y three firm voices. "Don't even think about it." "I wasn't, I promise!" "Mind going back to answering the question?" Remus repeated. "Which was?" Remus rolled his eyes. "Who are you, and how did you get your parents to agree with your adoption?" Rose hesitated. "The Grangers are not your real parents, are they?" Hermione decided to interrup t him. "Legally, we are her parents, and last time I checked..." "...You were filed as a Potter. In the ministry archives. I am surprised no one looked that up." The trio turned silent, before Remus continued. "I don't know why James and Lily never let me know, I guess I never will. I wond er how you got to these poor squi-" Hermione drew her wand. The two other Potter s restrained her arms before she did anything drastic. "Don't you dare speak of my parents like that." She spat. Remus looked as upset as she did. "I knew them a lot better than you did. How brother and sister managed to adopt a child together is a mystery to me. What are you three playing at?"

The silence were in the end broken by the laughter of the three students. Trying to reclaim his composure, Harry stroke a tear out of his eyes. "You...thought...me...and Hermione...were siblings? I've heard about me and Rose before, but this is a first." Remus crossed his arms. "What are you? No one knows how you beat Voldemort ten years ago, but I am incli ned to think that you are older than you look." The three of them looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Remus let out a triumphant howl. "How did you fool Sirius into trusting you?" He began spinning his wand with his fingers. "Don't even try to get away, I used to be an Auror along with James and Lily bef ore they died." Harry pointed at the werewolf with a whining tone.

"Can't I tell him?" He used puppy eyes towards Hermione. She giggled. "Sirius would kill you afterwards." Harry pouted. Remus growled. "Leave my friend out of this." "Out of what?" Sirius entered the room. He stopped being cheerful when he saw hi s best friend threaten the 'children' with a wand. "Hey, Moony, I would put that wand away. Quickly." Remus turned his face towards the fellow Marauder. "What's gotten into you? They are hiding something. And I can feel it, they are dangerous." "Well, at least he got something right." Harry said. Remus hurried to face him, only to find him holding his own wand. "When did you-" "Get this toy? I just took it. Did you know that they sell these potentially dan gerous toys for only seven galleons a piece?" "Sirius, help me?" Remus urged. Sirius eyes widened. He caught onto the process of events. "No." "Padfoot, what have they done to you? We need to stop them." Sirius barked with laughter. "First off. They freed me. Second, I don't think that they should be stopped jus t because they got a few secrets. Not unlike some other people I know. Third, I know what they are hiding. Fourth, I wouldn't try to beat them in a duel even if I started with both my own and their wand." Remus eyes looked like they were ab out to bulge out of their sockets. Harry flipped a galleon over to Hermione. "Fine, I should have waited for Paddy. He does this better." Rose looked at them . "When did you bet? I never heard anything." Hermione smiled. "When you get older, you will understand that some people does not need to speak in order to communicate." Rose glared at the hint. "Actually, we never did bet. Harry just assumed it." "Give the money back!" Harry blurted out. "No way!" Remus just looked at them with curiosity. "Are they always like this?" He turned to Sirius. The second only shrugged in re sponse. "Something like that. They turn really childish whenever they need to lighten th e mood." "Do not!" All three of them yelled simultaneously. The two adult men just laughe

d. Remus stopped first. "Okay... Now spill!" Harry glanced towards Hermione. She sighed. "If we keep this up, we might as well send our story to the Quibbler. I guess we owe it to Teddy." Sirius looked at them questioningly. "He is our godson. If we were just better planning, he would not be orphaned ear lier than Harry was. We watched him grow up. After he graduated, he was just as miserable as we were. Like guardians, like ward. In our eagerness, we never spok e to him before we left. Now, he's stuck there." Remus' eyebrow rose. "Stuck? Where? And who are you talking about?" Harry sighed. He didn't really wa nt to risk his godson's existence by telling said godson's father before he was born. "We aren't really from here, as you might have noticed. Let us reintroduce ourse lves. I am Harry James Potter, born the 31th of July, 1980. The girl ready to he x the living daylights out of us is my bonded, Hermione Jane Potter, born Grange r. She is older than me by almost a year, born in September 1979. Rose Elizabeth Potter, is the most special case out of us all. Born in 2005, she was christene d or whatever the wizarding equivalent is as Rose Elizabeth Weasley, daughter of Hermione and Ron Weasley." "Slow down a second. 2005? That's in-" "Fourteen years, yes." "Time-travel with a time-turner is limited to 24 hours!" "We used a ritual invented by Hermione." As much as his brain was sending him wa rnings, Remus' curiosity got the better of him. "Really, how does it work? Why can't you bring your godson here with it?" "It kind of uses a memory of the caster and pushes the participants into it. It splits the time-line, allowing the participants to transfer their consciousness into the alternate universe, but leaving a version of the people in their origin al world. Teddy will not even notice that we are gone. Technically, we are still there. Even if he get us to confess, he would never be able to follow us. Our m emories are not his." "Why not just summon him?" "What?" Hermione gasped. Remus cheeks actually turned a little bit pink. "When the war was in it's darkest hours, we were asked by Dumbledore to look for ways in which we could turn it around. During one of my venture into the Black library, since a certain dog is too lazy..." He smirked at Sirius. "I found a bo ok which mentioned how to pull people forcefully from worlds beyond our own. If it is as you mentioned that it's not only time-travel, but also another world si milar to our, you could probably pull him here." "Wouldn't that be classified as dark?" Remus smiled faintly. "First off..." He imitated the way Sirius had just recounted his reasons. "Yes,

which is why we never used it. Second, how could we know that whoever we brought would be willing to help? Third, what kind of spells did you expect me to find in the Black library?" They all laughed at the truth of his implication. "A dark summoning...why didn't I think of that...?" Hermione sunk into a familia r mode. Harry grinned. "Ten galleons that she won't hear this bet and twenty galleons that she will app arate back into Hogsmeade, sneak back into the castle, and head to the library w ithin ten minutes." No one tried to bet against him. "Potter, Miss Granger." The moment Rose and Harry got into the castle, they were stopped by a certain black-haired professor. "May I ask why I've heard many accounts of whispers which said that the two, or rather three, of you were seen on brooms not owned by the school? Not to forget the fact that no flying lessons were scheduled for this Sunday." Snape smirked. "I would like to hear on what grounds you are to make this accusation. By all me ans, feel free to expel us if you think that we can't follow the rules." Harry t eased. The professor snorted. "I could do that, but you seem all to happy with that. Fifteen point from Gryffi ndor from each of you. Besides" Snape lowered his voice. "Don't mention it to Mi nerva, but it would be too many dull moments without someone who can best the We asleys." Harry and Rose both smiled. "Thank you, sir." "Consider us even." Harry became a little confused. "From what?" "You defended me against the head of the DMLE, did you not? Somehow, I got rid o f my job to teach impudent brats, but I can brew potions with reagents provided for free. I smell Potter all over it." Harry extended his hand. "It was of no problem. I will also tell you now, that by the end of the next yea r, you may see an increase in the stocks of basilisk venom. And also a bit of sc ales." Snape's eyes widened, but he took the hand and shook it. He then went bac k to his normal 'bat mode'. "What are you doing here, to your dorms, before I give you detention!" The two spun around, catching a glimpse of their Head of House. They gave their new-found ally a last smile, before they headed to the Gryffindor Tower. A/n: I began thinking of how I forgot Teddy Lupin when I was trying to plan this chapter. The thought just didn't seem to go away. I am firm about this point. I t felt like too much of a plot-hole that I had forgotten. I won't be updating th e next until at least monday, I've got some events to attend to this weekend. Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top

Login . Sign UpFanFiction.Net | unleash your imagination Browse Just In Communities Forums Betas Search Mobile Books Harry Potter A Desire to Set Things Right Author: Vengeful Timetravels PM After discovering that her marriage was the result of a love potion, Hermione us es a spell to send her, Harry and her daughter Rose back into time, giving them another chance at life. SoulBond fic. HHr. Powerful Leads. Obviously slight AU. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Hermione G. & Harry P. - Chapte rs: 15 - Words: 58,162 - Reviews: 400 - Favs: 467 - Follows: 696 - Updated: 05-1 6-11 - Published: 04-08-11 - id: 6888301 [Fonts] A a Abc Abc Abc [Story Width] [Story Spacing] [Story Contrast] Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. All rights belongs to it's creator. If yo u can't figure out who, re-read the books. Same, But Different Ted Sirius Lupin was not sure what to make of his life. Orphaned since birth, he 'd been growing up with his grandmother and his godparents. The upside of his go dparents? They were famous, kind, loving and young. The downside? They weren't a couple themselves. He had been with both of them, alternating between The Savio ur Harry Potter and The Prodigy Hermione Weasley. The two of them were close, bu t while Harry had time to take care of him, Hermione had two children of her own . Teddy saw all the Weasley children as siblings, or some sort of cousins. As th e oldest of the next generation, he had graduated before the time period to whic h he referred to as 'The Split'. It was a trial for the whole family when, slowly, Hermione and Ron Weasley began to grow apart. Teddy had always suspected that they had a weird relationship. S ure, he knew that opposites are said to attract each other, but that couple took it to the extremes. Hermione was the brightest witch that anyone in their time had seen. People thought that her mind could rival that of Albus Dumbledore or N icolas Flamel. Ron, on the other hand, was lazy, hated his studies and only thou ght of Quidditch, Chess or food, none of which Hermione ever spoke of she was al so a very bad cook. When Teddy was in his early twenties, The Split had scarred his family. Hermione had taken her daughter, Rose and left Ron with their son Hugo. The reactions of the Weasley family were almost all against her, too. They couldn't really punis h her, and they couldn't cut her off. Her popularity was too strong for that. Wi th the only other Weasley in solitude (George) supporting her, the Weasleys had decided to keep her in control by solidifying the marriage between her and Ron. A magical marriage meant that Hermione couldn't have intimate contact with anyon e. It was simply saying: "If I can't have you, no one else can." Teddy often wondered how in Merlin they had gotten together to begin with. Ever since The Split, Teddy had, like his godfather, cut off his ties with the majori ty of the Weasleys. If anyone more than Ron and Hermione knew the circumstances betweentheir separation, Teddy would be surprised. Families by blood, Teddy had then realized, kept close even against common sense. Of course, common sense was something many in the Wizarding world lacked, even the most brilliant of minds. Teddy lived most his life after breaking up with Victoire alone. As the ward and heir of Harry Potter, he was also a target to the Prophet. At first, he liked t he attention, but when he figured that he wouldn't be left alone, he gave up on any high-profile careers. The last twenty years he had spent helping 'uncle' Geo rge at the shop, using his abilities as a metamorphmagus not only to hide from a ny journalists, but also to liven up the mood. It was interesting to see the rea ctions from frequent customers, as they noticed that the shopkeeper looked diffe rent every visit.

Teddy stopped outside the door. It was not that he didn't want to visit. He had not anything against visiting his godmother at all. He had heard that she'd been in an accident frequently, ending up in St. Mungos. Teddy had been unable to vi sit her, and had avoided her the past months, feeling ashamed. But today was Chr istmas Eve. This day being a good day as any day to reunite. With two knocks, he opened the door, slightly surprised that it was unlocked. If it was one thing T eddy had learned about the war veterans, it was that they never risked anything. Teddy entered, finding the house rather untidy, if he went by Hermione's standa rds. In the dining room, he found his Godparents along with Rose. Teddy had to admit that there was something about Rose that amazed him. She always seemed to be at least party cheerful, at least whenever that Teddy had seen her. Not even when s he had been treated horribly by her brother had her spirit diminished at all. Th e three of them welcomed him heartily and gave him a gesture, urging him to sit down on the fourth chair. The dinner was more silent than usual. It was as if th e other three were putting on a mask, pretending to be calm and happy, but tryin g to find a window of opportunity to reveal some big secret. Hermione's eyes kep t darting, she glanced at Harry more than once every few minutes. If he didn't k now better, Teddy would have sworn that she held romantic feelings for him. When they all had finished eating, Teddy had enough and felt the need to confront th em. "Harry?" He began, not really knowing what to say. "Yes, Teddy?" Taking a deep breath, Teddy tried to be blunt. "What is wrong with you this evening? You three are acting suspicious, you are h iding something, aren't you? And not in the Christmas Gift-y manner." The trio l ooked at each other. "How to explain this..." Hermione sighed. "You could say that we finally gave in." Harry said. "Gave in to what?" "We gave up, we can't, or couldn't keep up with how this world have wronged us." Teddy scowled. They were talking in riddles, really. "You see, we used this..." Hermione explained. But she didn't get further than t hat. Teddy couldn't hear her. He could see that she was still talking, but her v oice faded. He was just about to tell her when he felt a pull. It was roughly th e same feeling as a portkey. The room began to twirl as Teddy's vision turned da rk. Teddy hit the ground with a loud 'thud'. Bloody portkeys. What did I carry that could have been one? He didn't find an answer to that question. His chain of tho ughts was interrupted by an excited exclaim. "Success!" Teddy looked up. He found himself staring at a black haired girl, in her early t eens if not slightly younger. She looked eerily familiar. Next to her, two very familiar, or familiar-yet-so-different children was smiling at him. A girl with bushy brown hair, her frontal teeth leaving a small gap, as if they had been big ger before. He quickly identified her as a relative of Hermione. Next to his god

mother-look-a-like, there was a young boy, with raven black hair and green eyes. Teddy was just about to make a similar association to his godfather, when his e yes landed on the lightning bold scar on the boy's forehead. The boy chuckled a bit. "Look, not even when people have known you for more than fifty years can they sa y that the first thing they didn't stare at was your scar." The black haired gir l giggled. The boy gave her a small punch on her shoulder. "Ow! Hitting girls now, are you?" "I think I am entitled to do anything I want with my family, it is within legal boundaries." The boy smiled innocently. "Mum! Help me" The girl whined. Teddy chuckled, thinking that most teens would b e trying to say that they had grown up. He looked around himself, trying to loca te where he had been taken. It was an old building, and not a muggle one, judgin g by the furniture and devices. Probably a pureblood manor. He grit his teeth, w ondering what sick person that would want to kidnap a shopkeeper on Christmas Ev e. His concentration was broken when the bushy haired girl answered her comrade. "Rosie, I'm afraid that he is acting according to his rights. But if you do obje ct to a boy hitting you..." The boy gave a horrified expression, before he glare d. "You swore you wouldn't try it again." The brown haired girl shrugged. "But she didn't." The said girl suddenly assumed a very wicked grin. "I'll refrain from giving you any gifts this Christmas if you even think about i t. And I'll know if you do." The boy threatened, making the girl pout. It was th en that Teddy began connecting the dots. He recognized the last girl. "Harry? Hermione? Rose?" The three of them snapped out of their argument and turned to give him a smile a nd a nod. "Why do you look like children? And what did you three just do? The last thing I remember before getting here was sitting down, celebrating Christmas Eve." The three of them looked towards each other, in pretty much the same manner as t hey had in the dining room just moments ago. Well, moments ago to Teddy, that is . "Well, it's quite the story..." Harry began. Hermione, just like earlier, tried to fill in. "This is not the same time as where you come from. We are kind off not even in t he same universe." "Where are we then?" Teddy then realized the weight of her words. "When are we?" "We are in the year of 19-" Hermione was interrupted as two men burst in through the door. The first was a black-haired man in his early thirties, he looked rag ged, but were still carrying quite a stylish outfit, looking like a bum who had stolen clothes from a lord. The second man looked even worse. With clothes torn everywhere, a haunted look in his eyes and stains of grey in his hair, he looked like he would drop dead any second. His smell was, different from the others, b ut yet very familiar. Teddy guessed he wasn't completely human. The men were gla

red at by the three children. "So this is the infamous Teddy, huh?" The black ha ired man grinned. The ragged man looked at Hermione. "Girl, you sure work fast! Took you what? One night to find a ritual?" Hermione blushed. "Actually, I think I've read about it before..." She was interrupted by the blac k haired man. "But your godson sure is old! When you told us about him, we would guess he was about Rose's age. I mean, your friends didn't get laid that much earlier than yo u guys, did they?" The three of them stiffened. "Did I say something wrong?" The fellow adult rolled his eyes. "You are mentioning sex in front of twelve year old children." "You know they are not twelve." "Maybe it was about their friends then." "Yeah, they mentioned that many fell in that supposed war with Voldie..." "We're still here!" The other four exclaimed. Teddy, trying to fit in with his f amily, had changed his appearance to one closer to their age. Perhaps fourteen o r so. "Look! He shrunk!" "Padfoot, it's not that strange. Your cousin could do the same..." The other man laughed. Sirius, on the other hand, froze. "Why so Sirius?" "C'mon Moony, just look at the boy. Surely he looks like someone you ought to kn ow." Remus Lupin closely examined Teddy. The boy had a horrified expression mirr ored by the Potters. "Padfoot, they said they were from what? 2059?" Teddy returned to his original f orm, showing an age of sixty five. Which, due to magic, wasn't looking much olde r than his father or Sirius, but obviously more clean. "What year is this?" Sirius extended his hand. "Welcome to 1991! The year Harry Potter begun at Hogwarts!" The three teens smil ed at him. But they had gleams of guilt in their eyes. Teddy blinked once. "Are you..." Everyone in the room turned to either Rose or Sirius, giving them g lares that told them 'don't even think about it'. "I take it that he is a certain Mr. Black, then." Teddy said with a serious face . "And you already know us three." The trio said together. Teddy laughed. "But, you do look different, how did you do this?" Hermione gave him a guilty lo ok.

"I used a spell to travel back in time, to change the world to the better. Rose and Harry kind of tagged along...It was yesterday that I remembered that I didn' t ask you to come, too..." Hermione's cheeks turned red. Her eyes were sad. "I've raised you longer than my own children, yet I forgot about you. I am sorry . It was then that Sirius here reminded me of a ritual which could bring you her e." Teddy considered her words for a moment, before he nodded. "There was a risk that I wouldn't let you travel, now that I know about it. When did you travel? I never noticed." "I don't really remember, I think it was in October, we arrived in July here, it 's still early November here, by the way." Teddy blinked. "And here I was, thinking that you were trying to do some new prank for Christma s Eve." Rose gasped. "I forgot to buy you a present. Or at least the me that travelled did." "That is no big deal, Rosie. I know that your other self ended up forgetting, to o." Rose seemed a little hurt at Teddy's lack of reaction. "Why the new look, then?" The trio blushed. "Err, we kind of, you know, completed a soul bond that would have been set durin g the war. So, since I wasn't married at the age of twelve...I kind of bonded to Harry." Hermione admitted. Harry continued. "Since we legally got more privileges, we blood adopted Rose so that we would be come more or less untouchable by many of the magical laws." "So, you are Hermione and Rose Potter then." Teddy smiled at the girls. They nod ded. "And we are quite happy with it. We wish that this weird bond of ours didn't mak e us hear the others' thoughts, though." "Do we? I quite enjoy having Harry squirm every time we need to go to the bathro om. Harry can't hide things, either." Rose mused. "Wait, why can Rose hear you too?" The other two shrugged. Rose just looked smug . "It just happened after the adoption. No one really knows why. At least we can a scertain that she follows the rules we set for her." "Speaking of parents..." Rose interrupted. The trio turned to the Marauders. "Maybe we should introduce them." Teddy beamed. "The final battle is not in another 6 years, right?" Harry shook his head. "If I have it my way, Riddle won't make it to our summer break, next year." "Speaking of which, we've got the locket, the diadem, we can probably get rid of Harry's piece as soon as we know Riddle won't run away. Nagini is yet to be cre ated... that leaves us the cup...Sirius? Think you can get into the Lestrange va ult, considering you are Bellatrix family head? The Gaunt ring...let's get that during our break...And then there's the diary. Should we get it this year, or wa it for the natural development?" Harry thought about his wife's statement.

"I think we should get it earlier, we are not sure that dear ol' Lucy will give us it the same way this time." Teddy held up his hand. "Now is not the time to discuss such boring matters. I can see that we have an e ager werewolf looking at us, waiting for an opportunity to ask who I am." Remus was a bit shocked. "Does everyone in your world know of my condition?" He whined. Harry shrugged. "You're one of the war heroes, of course everyone know who you are! You're about as...never mind, I think my father remains the most known Marauder. You are som ewhat tied to the Azkaban Escapee Padfoot, though." He teased. Remus groaned. "Well, I still want to give a proper introduction. I am-" "Remus Lupin, known as Moony, member of the Order of the Phoenix, part of the Ma rauders, popular as... wait, you haven't worked at Hogwarts yet, have you? Pardo n me." Remus was beginning to get annoyed at the man. "I think that summarizes it pretty well." Teddy just smiled. "I have my sources. I also have my reasons." Remus frowned. "Curiosity killed the cat, did you know that?" "I am not really a cat, am I?" Remus growled. "That could be changed." Hermione began spinning her wand between her fingers. H arry groaned. "Not again! Do we need to put you on the broom again? With a more complicated pa ssword?" "Excuse me, but could we get back on track?" Remus interrupted them. "Sure." All three of them chorused. "But Teddy has to do it by himself." Teddy g lared at them, while looking a little bit worried. "Well?" Sirius grinned at him, happy that Rose had spoiled the details a few nig hts earlier. Teddy rolled his eyes. He begun transforming. Soon, an older versio n of Remus stood before them. "I am happy to meet you, Remus...or shall I call you Father?" Remus paled. Teddy laughed. "My name is Ted Sirius Lupin, son to... well you obviously and-" Hermione jumped up and silenced him. "Hey! We actually want them to get together and give birth to you, not destroy a ny non-existent relationships." Remus was stuttering. "B-b-but, what about you and... you know-" "Full moons?" Remus nodded.

"They are no hassle, really, I am only half a werewolf, you know. I guess I coul d say that I get a bit wilder at the full moon, but I do not transform." Harry s nickered. The other's turned to him with questioning looks. "Just thought of a joke..." "Spill!" Rose looked excited. "I'd rather not in front of those..." "C'mon, no fun if we can't see you get hexed." " " "Just tell us!" Remus urged. "Uh, yea. I was unintentionally thinking of somewhere along the lines of saying that Teddy is the only male with p-" "On a second thought, do not finish that sentence." Remus said, looking at the t hree wands that were aimed at Harry. "What do you say Rose, when does it warrant for a bit of punishment?" Hermione a sked her daughter. Sirius was first to reply. "I could give him a detention." Everyone stared. "What? Didn't I tell you that I am your new Potions master? I am starting next w eek." More stares. "Every Auror has a Potions certificate, for merlin's sake!" Sirius barked. "Padfoot, working?" "At Hogwarts?" "Yeah, someone seemed to have gotten Snivellus sacked..." "That was us. But he's still in the castle, and he's our ally. You are not to ha rass him." Sirius pouted. Remus snapped his fingers. "Ehm, Te-...son?" he hesitated, having yet to adapt to the thought of having a s ixty-or-so old son. "Yes? Oh, and I think it will do our sanity much better if we call each other by first name." "Right..." Remus didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed. "What I meant to ask was, where will you stay? It is not as if you have bought a house here or anything..." Teddy frowned for a moment, then he shrugged. "I could pose as a student, or I could look for a normal job... I was a shopkeep er hired by uncle George... Yes, one of the Weasley twins..." They all pondered the matter. Slowly, Harry spoke.

"I think you could hide for at least this year, have some father/son bonding, as to whom that will act the senior, I will leave to you. We can't really have a s tudent appearing mid-term. You could pose as a first year next year if you do ge t bored, though." "Speaking of school, how do you three leave the grounds all the time? Last time I checked, today was a Monday." Remus asked. "We just apparate from Hogsmeade. We know all your passages into the village. Al so, having rendered the Headmaster fairly harmless also helps, of course." The t hree 'elder' men looked at Harry in confusion. "Ah, I perhaps forgot to tell you. Dumbledore knows we are not from this time, I think the sorting hat or the castle itself sold us out." Sirius growled. "That manipulating coot will keep his hands away from our family." The trio smil ed at him. "And we made sure of it. Playing a few cards, he had to reveal his hand." "What did you make him do?" "He swore an oath not to interfere with Potter business for as long as we worked with Voldemort's downfall. We might have forgotten to tell him how Hermione and Rose also was included, but he understood later." "Are you sure that he will not be trying anything?" Sirius asked worriedly. Herm ione just displayed her wand. Remus examined it before he paled. "Are you insinuating that he had this...?" "Ever since he defeated Grindelwald, in fact." Hermione stated as-a-matter-of-fa ctly. "What are you guys on about?" Sirius tilted his head. "Padfoot, look at the wand. It's the most famous weapon in the world." "Actually, I will disagree. There is this bomb called-" Hermione began. "The most famous magical weapon then. It is probably the most known artefact nex t to the philosopher's stone." Remus corrected. "Which also currently is hidden at Hogwarts." Rose mused. The other's stared for a few moments, before they shrugged it off. Sirius frowned. "Back to the wand, I don't see what so special about it." Remus sighed. "Didn't you ever read children's stories when you were young?" Sirius shook his head. "Thought you knew me, reading is for... err... more studious people." Sirius sai d, looking at the incoming glare from almost everyone else in the room. "So I take it that you have never read anything from Beedle the Bard?" Sirius lo oked at him as if he'd grown a second head. "Everyone has heard of his stories." Harry and Hermione coughed.

"Well, everyone born into the magical world, at least." "No offence taken, we read them when we went on Horcrux hunt in seventh year. Es pecially the Tale of the Three Brothers." "Oh, that one? It's a little daft that one. Can't believe that there is fanatics looking-" Sirius stopped to stare as Hermione juggled the Elder wand, while Ros e put the cloak over her mother's shoulders. Hermione giggled. Teddy looked at h is godmother as if she had just said that reading was unnecessary. "Daft, is it? I beg to differ. It was quite handy in knocking a troll out." Rose looked at her mother for a moment, before she threw her wand towards her and su mmoned the Death Stick. Hermione almost choked. "I think it changed when I pulled the prank on you, you know, putting you asleep could be treated as beating you." Rose shrugged. "Oh dear Merlin, how will Hogwarts survive this menace." Harry muttered. "How do you expect me to use this wand? It won't follow me." Hermione whined. "You will have to do until Susan gets her own wand back. She is in the same spot as you are." "But how will I keep my perfect grades up?" Rose giggled. "I didn't know that you could be so slow." She exclaimed. "It's not funny." "First off: you can just do wandless magic while pretending to use the wand. Sec ond, if memory does not fail me, you can always make a wand of your own." Hermio ne pouted. She then hurried to cast a disarming spell at her daughter. "Or I could just take the wand back." The whining from the rest of the group could be heard for the remainder of the e vening, until the trio decided to go back to the castle. Draco Malfoy was not sure what he was supposed to think of his current situation . He was associating with lions and a badger, but he had also gotten allies in t he most valuable circles he could possibly imagine. He was also the most influen tial first year in Slytherin. He knew that it would make his father proud. On th e other hand, he didn't know if he really liked to follow his father's ideals. S ure, it was nice thinking that you were on the top of the chain, but his father' s ways made too many enemies. Enemies that Draco identified as 'not worth provok ing'. Harry Potter was one of those. Popular, rich, famous and all-around a brilliant boy. Accompanied by the mud- correction muggleborn twins, they were a force alre ady known to have fought a troll. And they had won. Draco also knew that they we re friends with the Weasley twins. He snorted at the thought. That family sure w as a thorn to the Malfoy family. What really caused the feud to begin with? His old self would have thought that they were lower beings that just were an annoya nce. His newly reformed self told him that they weren't just minor inconvenience s, but powerful wizards just not as rich as the darker families. Speaking, or rather thinking of the red-heads, Draco Malfoy shifted his attentio n to his room-mate, Ronald Weasley. That boy sure was a hassle to deal with. It wasn't that the boy was antagonistic towards others. He wasn't intentionally mea

n to anyone at all. Draco was sure that Weasley was just...daft? Daring? Stupid? He couldn't find the right word. Ron simply spoke what was on his mind without thinking. As such, he could either be very kind, or very rude, but not mean. As a representative of Slytherin, Draco had taken up the task of managing his peers , trying to keep them out of trouble with the other houses. Draco knew that all of the other three houses resented the house of snakes. It w as during these situations, where a slip of Weasley tongue had caused yet anothe r fight, this time with the Hufflepuffs, that Draco really hated his standing. T he 'puffs and 'claws had given all of the Slytherin students the cold shoulder ( well, maybe they would even if nothing had happened, but it really irked Draco t hat he knew who was at fault) over some childish argument. Actually, Draco could bet a hundred galleons that at least two thirds of the students fighting knew w hat the fight was about, he certainly didn't. Now, he knew that this would be an excellent way to initiate contact with either Potter, or maybe Bones. He knew t hat they would listen. It was then that Draco remembered what he'd suspected about his godfather. The m an was a spy, or a double agent. Whose side was he on? Draco frowned. What side was Draco on? He didn't know. The dark side, he knew, could punish him harder if he turned away. The light, on the other hand, was currently winning. Draco also concluded that the light side offered a better future, though it didn't really speak in the favour of Malfoys', Draco was sure that he would prefer a world whe re everyone was friendly and civil to him, to a world where he was powerful but hated. He would need to consult with Potter soon, really soon. Minerva McGonagall knew that something was wrong with Harry Potter. She couldn't put her finger on it. It started when she saw him at Gringotts. He seemed so... calm. Who is calm when they get to know that they are married at the age of elev en? Who tries to conduct a blood adoption at said age to a girl a year older tha n him? Minerva stopped in her grading. Why didn't Dan and Emma Granger react to that adoption? They seemed to think nothing was wrong with someone adopting thei r daughter, and adopted by her twin sister nonetheless. This was worth investiga ting. She looked back unto the pile of essays from the first years. T he three Potters are always on the top of the class, each one of the three showi ng amazing potential. Though Harry and his wife are being more modest with their abilities, they are showing a knowledge greater than their age. This didn't add up. Harry had never been seen remotely close to the library. He had not been gr owing up close to magic. So why did he know about Blood adoptions? How could he top his grade without even checking the course material? And how did he find Pet er Pettigrew? Minerva felt there was a need to confirm a few things with the headmaster. A/n It's finally written! It took more than three times the time as usual to get this done. I was thinking of writing a chapter more based on Draco this time, b ut as I was planning the outline, I figured that I was not that interested. Many things happened during the last two weeks which delayed the chapter, most o f them private, so I won't get into that. Stay updated for the next chapter, probably to be out by next week. V.T Login FanFiction FictionPress Google Facebook Twitter Favorite: Story Author | Follow: Story Author Save Share: Google . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr Blog . Twitter . Privacy Policy . Terms of Service . Ads . Help . Top