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Chapter 1- introduction 1.

1- Meaning of organization A social unit of people, systematically structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis. All organizations have a management structure that determines relationships between functions and positions, and subdivides and delegates roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out defined tasks. Organizations are open systems in that they affect and are affected by the environment beyond their boundaries. 1.2- Importance of organization study The environment is changing rapidly making adaptation and change crucial to survival- so, to study the changing environment. Improving Quality and Productivity Improving ethical behavior the influence that individuals, groups and organizational structure have on behavior within organizations. To study the various departments functioning Methodology of work in the organization 1.3- Scope of the study Scope of the study It gives the ides about the financial analysis of a firm. The main objective of the study was to put into the practical and theoretical aspect of the study into the real work experience. The study aims to analyze the financial position of a firm.

It deals with analysis& interpretation of data collected through the source of primary & secondary data graps,diagrams and tabulation. 1.4 Objectives of the Study: The objectives behind the study are: To know about the production process of the cashew nuts. . To understand the working environment . To understand the team/group dynamics To become familiar with the theoretical details and practical application of marketing techniques. To study the marketing problems of cashew nuts and to provide valuable suggestions. To know about the sales performance of Udyog Araga Industries. To ascertain the buying habits of people who buys cashew nuts for different purpose. To study the existing production, financial, marketing, HR manual/practices
and recommend changes

To study the uses and importance of cashew nuts in our daily life. 1.5 Data collection method: To achieve the secondary sources. above objectives the required

statistical data has been collected both from primary and

(1) Primary data:

Primary data is collected by personal

interview with the cashew growers, users. Interaction with proprietor, supervisors, and workers.

(2) Secondary data:

Besides the primary data, the data

had collected from secondary sources like internal records of the firm, various books, encyclopedia, periodicals, journals, websites and other relevant issues. 1.6 Limitations of the study: Scarcity of raw material Changes in tax policy again and again Fluctuations in the market. Changing demand of the customer Lack of Supply process management Poor quality of products

insights of the organization: The organization has good collaborations with major stakeholders and has built good reputation in the sector. The organization has well defined policies HR, Gender etc. The organization has good systems like Finance, Reporting, Audit, Appraisal etc. The organization is expanding its operations in different corners of India. Certain activities are centralized at head office while other are been done at branch. Focus on capacity building of the staff. Their recruitment and training has special focus. Participation in decision making is encouraged. The CEO is driving the organization with his energy and experience

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