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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The theme of World Health Day 2012 is _________________________ LOLA is used in the treatment of ___________________ Compound F is chemically _____________________ Second wind phenomenon is seen in patients of ________________________ In cyclic neutropenia syndrome, the neutropenia tends to occur every ________________ The 22nd amino acid is ___________________ The WeibelPalade bodies contain two major substances, vWF & ____________________ Rice grain sequestra is seen in ____________________ Malta fever is caused by _____________________

10. Bispectral index is used to monitor _________________________ 11. Chang staging is used for ______________________ 12. The mixture of 4 parts of glyceryl trioleate and 1 part of glyceryl erucate was famously known as ________________________ 13. Biondi ring tangles are located in ______________________ 14. The most specific investigation for blood clots in the atria is _________________________ 15. Mickey Finn is the street name of ____________________________ 16. The most consistent and characteristic X-ray finding in Hyperparathyroidism is _____________________________________ 17. Epidural Blood patch is used to treat _____________________ 18. Initially found ineffective as an anti-angina agent, this drug was noted to have a peculiar side effect. Later the side effect became its therapeutic use. Name the drug. _________________ 19. Pulmonary arterial hypertension is known to be caused by mutations in the ________________ 20. Hanging Groin is a feature of ____________________ 21. Which drug was initially known as Mississippi mud? ____________________ 22. Swan neck deformity in proximal renal tubules is seen in _______________ 23. Triple H therapy has been described for __________________________ 24. Heal pad thickness measurement aids in the diagnosis of _________________________ 25. For the diagnosis of peripartum cardiomyopathy, cardiac failure must develop within ______________ after child birth. 26. The eponymous name of necrotizing lymphadenitis is ___________________ 27. The strange condition wherein the husband believes hes pregnant and experiences some of the physical symptoms experienced by his expectant wife including weight gain, nausea etc. is called _____________________ 28. All patients presenting with Aquagenic pruritus must be investigated for the presence of __________________ 29. Strong correlation has been described between Psoriasis and HLA - __________ 30. ACE are significantly higher in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with __________________ 31. High sensitivity testing for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria is done by ___________________

32. Gold standard for the diagnosis of White clot syndrome? ______________________ 33. Organism causing appendicitis like syndrome is _________________________ 34. Anti U1 RNP antibodies are highly specific for ______________________________ 35. The maximum score in the Modified Glasgow Coma Scale for Infants and Children is ____________ 36. Rumack-Matthew nomogram is used for _____________________ 37. Middlebrook media is used in the culture of _______________________ 38. The National AIDS Control Programme is currently supposed to be under which phase? ____________ 39. In which condition are Durcks granulomas seen? _____________________ 40. Isshikis classification describes the various types of _________________________ 41. The Chinese Restaurant syndrome is due to ingestion of ________________________ 42. An 18-year-old male presents with abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, peripheral neuropathy, and demonstration of IgA deposits on biopsy of the GI tract. What is the most likely diagnosis? _______________________ 43. A person with CCR5 mutation cannot get infected with AIDS. True/False. ______________ 44. What is the most common cause of cerebellar dysfunction in an adult? ___________________ 45. The Internists tumor refers to ____________________ 46. The Cimino-Brescia fistula is an iatrogenic fistula created for the purpose of _________________ 47. The Respiratory Distress Index (RDI) measures the severity of ______________________ 48. What do you suspect if you see rabbit ears in the electrocardiogram? _____________________ 49. Wide resection of the fossa ovalis is commonly performed for the treatment of ______________________ 50. The Fallopian canal transmits ___________________ 51. Fontana's spaces are found in __________________ 52. ___________________was long thought to be caused by wandering womb. 53. Truelove and Witts classification is used for ______________________ 54. Christmas tree cataract is seen in __________________________ 55. Jolly test is used for ______________________ 56. The best treatment for HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) is _______________ 57. The recently approved 5-HT2C agonist, Locaserin is useful in the treatment of _________________ 58. Forceps major and Forceps minor are parts of _____________________________ 59. Paraffin bait technique is used for _________________________ 60. The GLUT 1 receptor functions as a receptor for this virus. Name the virus. ______________ Team Name: Participants 1. 2. 3.