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BERLIN, GERMANY 5th October 6th October, 2012

Yuvraj Samant and Neha Amola are representing India at the Conference

Letter of Request
Subject : Financial Assistance for the Berlin International Conference on Human Dimensions for Global Environmental Change. Respected Sir/ Maam, We, Yuvraj Samant (BBA[H] LLB[H]) & Neha Amola (BPSc.[H] LLB[H]) currently pursuing law in our 3rd year of 5 year dual degree program of National Law University, Jodhpur have been invited to present our research paper in the prestigious Berlin International

Conference, on Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. And it is for our

successful participation in this conference that we seek this financial assistance.

About the Conference

The Berlin International Conference is a conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, the theme for this years conference being Evidence for sustainable Development. This conference is conducted once in every two years by the Environmental Policy Research (FFU) , Freie Universitat, Berlin in cooperation of LIASE network of excellence, and DFG (German Research Foundation) in partnership with Wissenschaftsjahr 2012, Earth System Governance, Environmental Policy and Global Change Working Group of the German Association for Political Science (DVPW), International Human Dimensions Programme of Global Environmental Change (IHDP), Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER). The conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplines and strands of research that produce evidence to support decision making for sustainable development, and those that study the use and application of such evidence. The 2012 Berlin Conference on Evidence for Sustainable Development will be the 11th conference in the well established series of European Conferences on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. This successful conference series began in 2001 with the first Berlin Conference and was complemented by the 2007 Amsterdam Conference on Earth System Governance. Since then, the conferences were held alternating every year in Berlin and Amsterdam. This year the conference received more than 300 abstracts for approval and submission in the conference from over 48 countries and amongst this one was ours also.


The review process of the conference is very stringent and only abstracts and papers with great insights and having capability to have a major impact on the global level are selected and we are very proud to have our paper being selected as one of the esteemed few to be presented at the conference. All submissions have been subject to a double-blind peer review with at least four anonymous reviewers per abstract. Thus ensuring high quality of presentations and coherence with the structure of the conference.

The Conference and Partners

The conference has some reputed names like, Sabine Weiland, (Environmental Policy Research Centre, Berlin, Germany), Klaus Jacob (Environmental Policy Research Centre, Berlin, Germany), Jan-Erik Wein (Alterra, Wageningen University, Netherlands), Andrew Jordan (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK), Carlo Carraro (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Milan and Venice, Italy), Hubert Wiggering (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, Mncheberg, Germany), Frank Biermann (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands), Ilan Chabay (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam, Germany), Markku Puupponen (PEER Secretary, Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki, Finland), Lin Zhen (IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China). The few research institutes who are also selected for presentation of paper along with us are OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Institute of Regional Development and Environment, Vienna University, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Peace Research Institute Oslo, Collaboration for Environmental Evidence, Johannesburg Centre; hosted by the Centre for Anthropological Research, University of Johannesburg, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, CIS-IUL, Portugal etc. The conference boasts of many such names as these institutes are presenting papers with as many as nine collaborating authors.

Representing India
We are also the one of the only two entries to be selected in this years conference from India thus giving us an opportunity to represent the country at the world level. Participation in this event will be immensely helpful for us in the field of law as our paper particularly deals with the interface of law and sustainable development for future needs. India not only needs good policy makers but also a better systematic approach towards sustainable development, it requires a combination of legal as well as social, political and economical standards to cope up with the rising pressure. Our paper tries to suggest a few ways. ~2~

ABOUT THE NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, JODHPUR It is a third generation experiment of integrated legal education in the country of India, National Law University is one of the premier institution of legal education and a unique combination of Management studies, Science studies and Policy Science studies are available to the student, thus making NLU jodhpur a specialized, modern and advanced university in its truest sense. The University provides an opportunity to explore the undiscovered nuances of the legal profession and is engaged in setting new standards in legal education. University has built system of research in law & related areas by establishing various research centres. The academic and research activities in the University equip the students to face challenges at the national and international corporate level. To sharpen their advocacy skills, the students are exposed to clinical education, court visits and moot courts. Through the usage of compulsory court room exercises, not provided elsewhere, as a novel and innovative teaching learning methodology, emphasis is laid on the blending of theoretical knowledge with practical learning; skills of articulation and development of right professional attitude. The University has also entered into various pacts with globally acclaimed universities abroad which includes student and faculty exchange programs. It is endeavouring to enter into more MOUs with national regulators, and international and national law firms of repute. The University has an amazing tradition of mooting and has excelled tremendously since its inception in 1999. With a lot of international wins and national wins in the kitty the university has created a niche for itself and proved its mettle all around. The university encourages research based writing and work and has created special Centres for Learning with a view to facilitate students in understanding the intricacies of legal research, corporate work culture and develop an insight in alternative forms of learning on academic and corporate subjects.


About the paper

The paper has dealt with the allegations of Red Tapism against various organizations in the Indian Subcontinent, and also the evidences that are collected end up being discarded or locked up, and are never used for sound decision making for future generations. The paper intends to discuss the role of interested groups or state actors (top bureaucratic, politicians, and business houses) who have access to such information where scientific probe could be set up and evidence gets collected for larger good of the society. We have proposed to highlight the necessary changes to formulate relevant laws and procedures with respect to evidence collection and the accessibility of information of the policy making decisions of the governments to the masses and also the sound future decisions that can be beneficial for the generations to come be based on the evidences of the past.

Airfare (Per Person, round trip by -----Airlines) Visa Application Fee Accomodation Food Transportation Total*

Rs. 48,000 + 7,451 For two persons Rs. 1,03,451 Rs. 6000 For two persons Rs. 12,000 84/day For two person for 4 days Rs. 47,040 40/day For two persons for 4 days Rs.22,400 20/day For two persons for 3 days Rs. 8,400 Rs. 1,93,291

total is the minimum expenditure for 3 days at the venue and the same can be verified

*The current price of the Euro has been taken as reference.



I am presently pursuing B.B.A(H) L.LB (H) in the Law School, and I have taken a keen interest in the area of Sustainable Development, the importance of this area has been undermined due to a lack of will to implement the process of Sustainable Development. The field of law plays a major role in integrating this concept in the everyday life of the common man, how precariously is the balance between the eco-systems maintained is unimaginable, the only way to continue to provide our future generations with a better and clean environment is through sound decision making in the current times. What is the basis for the decisions; the role of various actors, the role of the government is all a matter of study. I have also developed a critical approach towards the current day policies of the state authorities, and the various international organizations. Therefore my interest lies in the research based approach of writing. I have also participated as a speaker in the 3rd International ADR mooting competition, Hong Kong and was achieved the position of 8th best mediation team for the University. I have been a regular writer for many hindi dailies. I wish to pursue a career in the field of International Law therefore; this conference that aims at combining and aligning the global standards of developmental process would go on no end in helping me further my academic pursuits. I sincerely hope I can attend this conference with your generous efforts, so that I can genuinely represent my nation and also suggest some sound changes to the current system where we can align the system with global standards and make this place a better world to live in. Also please find attached my Curriculum Vitae with the mail.



Currently a student of law and policy sciences, I have found my calling in working for the area of sustainable development. This is one area where the need of the hour is an interface between sound policies and legal course. I have an inclination towards the study and research of the legal structure for providing the solutions to the worlds problems. I wish to pursue further my higher degree of law in the area of environmental laws and therefore contribute towards the process of suggesting at the global level the changes in the existing structure of laws and regulations. I also have a keen interest in research based writing, therefore this paper of mine analyses and constructs on the tenet that, Indian subcontinent needs the process of identification and action on the core evidences that are brought up in any findings and then the process of future sustainability addressed through the sound policies that should be made based on the evidences. The law school study has inculcated in me a sense of responsibility towards the development of my nation and not only the economic development but sustainable all round development. This conference will not only academically help me but also go a long way in deepening my understanding for the area of sustainable development. I hope I can manage to attend the conference, so that I can contribute much more effectively to the countrys goals, and also represent my nation at the world level, responsibly. Also, please find attached my curriculum vitae with the mail.