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Philip Neri Parish

The Northwest Paulist Center
for Evangelization & Reconciliation

2408 SE 16th Avenue | Portland, OR |97214-5334 www.stphilipneripdx.org Parish Office 503.231.4955 | Fax 503.736.1383

Committed to the mission of Jesus and dedicated to be welcoming to all, we the community of St. Philip Neri strive to reach out, to reconcile and to promote unity for all of Gods creation through worship, education, and service toward the common good.

Twenty- Third Sunday in Ordinary Time September 9th 2012

Parish Picnic is today!

Spaghetti Dinner Planning

Come to our Parish Picnic at Carvlin Hall after Let's talk about the Spaghetti Dinner planning: 10:30am mass. Bring family and friends. As usual Next Sunday, Sept.16, 11:45am---during the French the parish will provide the food. Hot dogs, Hamburg- Toast breakfast in Carvlin Hall. All are welcome. ers, Fr. Charlies mysterious bean salad, baked beans, potato salad, and macaroni salad. Beer and wine also available for $3.00 a glass or can. There Newcomers Meeting will be two contests for those who wish to particiWelcome to the parish! We would like to invite you pate: Best side dish salad, or Favorite family (and your family) to a Newcomers get-to-gather on dessert. The only rule is to add the recipes to the th parish cookbook being assembled. Contest entries Saturday, Sept.15 , at 5pm (out by 7:00pm) in not expected in quantity- just a family sized bowl or Carvlin Hall. While we are having dinner (pizzas, salad, cake, pie, ect. This is a great opportunity to salad, and water/soda) People from the various get to know your fellow parishioners and should be parish groups will be moving from table to table to describe what their committee does and to answer a wonderful time. any questions you may have about their group. Father Charlie will be there to officially welcome you (even if you have been here for 3 years!) and to anFrench Toast Breakfast swer your questions about the parish. Please let Our monthly French Toast Breakfast will be next other family or friends know about this upcoming th Sunday, September 16 after the 8:30am and event. Please mark this on your calendar now and 10:30am Masses. All are welcome, please be sure to then either call (503-231-4955) or email us: jeaninvite family and friends. nem@stphilipneripdx.org or barbarah@stphilipneripdx.org. Let us know how many will be in your party and RSVP.

Mass Linen Volunteers

A big thank you too Jane Mace and Beth Johnson for stepping forward and volunteering to wash/dry our Mass Linens for the church. We really appreciate your help.

Twenty-Third Sunday In Ordinary Time September 9th 2012

This Weeks Calendar and Mass Intentions Monday September 10th 8:00am Mass (Frank and Helen Bruck <A>) Chapel Tuesday September 11th 8:00am Mass (Jane Kolongowski)Chapel Wednesday September 12th 8:00am Mass (Dr. Stephen W. Smollack.) Chapel Thursday September 13th 8:00am Mass (For the deceased)Chapel Friday September 14th 12:10pm Mass (Flora Rigotti) Chapel Saturday September 15th 8:00am Mass (Christopher Chang Han Oh) Chapel 4:00pm-Mass (Eulalia Rossetto) Church Sunday September 16th 8:30am Mass (People of the parish) Church 10:30am Mass (Frank Tortorice) Church 10:00am Deaf Community Mass Chapel Call the office if you would like a Mass celebrated for you, for an anniversary of death or marriage, birthday, etc. Church Cleaning September 10th-16th Eleanore Baccellieri, Dorene Dehen, Marie Tedesco

Book Sale: The date for the next sale will be announced soon. So it is once again time to go through 12:00pm your bookshelves for books you no longer need to Tuesday thru Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm donate for our next book sale. We are going to exParish Staff pand and accept movies - VHS & DVD, and music Pastor Director of the NW Paulist Center Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP, x.117 frcharlie@stphilipner- CD's to see how well they sell.
Monday: 9:00 am to ipdx.org Associate Pastor Catholic Alumni Club Fr. Michael Evernden, CSP, x.111 Interested in joining an excellent Catholic singles ormecsp@mac.com ganization? The Catholic Alumni Club International is Associate Pastor looking to expand in the Portland diocese. We proFr. Jim McCauley, CSP, x.109 vide a group dedicated to social, cultural, civic and jrpaulist@aol.com spiritual relationships in a Catholic setting. For more Director of Adult Faith Formation Barbara Harrison, x.107 barbarah@stphilip- information, please check out the following site or contact Steve at valksr@yahoo.com or www.caci.or neripdx.org Business Manager Jeanne McPherson, x. 103 jeannem@stphilipner- Self Defense ipdx.org Do you know at least a little about Self-Defense? Secretary/Receptionists Angelica Liharik, x. 101 angelical@stphilip- What can you do if someone comes up behind you? What if someone jumps in your car? Grabs your neripdx.or Rose Wolfe x. 101 rosew@stphilipner- arms? Sunday, Sept.23, 1-3pm---Jessica Harrison (Probation Officer) will be back to give us reminders ipdx.org Building & Grounds, Maintenance and demonstrations--and maybe even get you inEdward Danila edwardd@stphilip- volved--in learning some of these techniques. neripdx.org Bulletin Submissions Office Closure If you wish to submit something for the bulletin, please The parish office will be closed all day Wednesday, send to angelical@stphilipneripdx.org. Thank you. Sept.12th as the staff will be attending the Vicariate

Parish Office Hours


Retreat. There will be morning Mass at 8am as usual.

Childrens Liturgy and Pre-School

We welcome back our teachers for the 4-5 yr.olds Pre-school (Cynthia Wong, Therese Devoe, Jeremy Thomas)and Children's Liturgy of the Word (Mary Kavanaugh, Nancy Salta, Amy Costanza-Smith) for grades 1-5. We are still in need of ONE teacher for Pre-school so that each teacher serves once a month. Please volunteer---it's great team work.

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time(September 16th) Is 50:5-9a Jas 2:14-18| Mk 8:27-35 (131)

Next Sundays Scripture Readings

Twenty-Third Sunday In Ordinary Time September 9th 2012

Sunday, September 9th 2012

The Gifts of Hearing and Speaking
Being able to hear and being able to speak are two very great gifts. They are also connected in both the physical and spiritual senses.

This is why, in the Sacrament of Baptism the ears and the mouth of the person being baptized are touched while these words are said: 'The Lord Jesus made the deaf hear and the mute speak. May he touch your ears to receive his word and your mouth to proclaim your faith..."

We all need Jesus' healing power in our lives to help us hear God's words with open ears, proIn the physical realm people who lose the gift of fess that word with our lips, and put it into practice with our lives. hearing often retreat into silence. The former may in fact cause the latter. Speech remains our Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP chief means of communicating with other people. It is perhaps easy for many of who have good Gatherings hearing and good speaking skills to miss the rele- Our regular Religious Education program (Family vance of the Gospel cure of the man who was Gatherings) ----specifically for families/children who deaf and also had a speech impediment. Yes, we attend a non-Catholic school or who are being know he was ill and Jesus cured him, as he cured home schooled---but all children/families are welmany others - some who were blind, some even come---begin the first Sunday of October, 9:30am who were lepers. The miracle shows Jesus' powerin Carvlin Hall. Breakfast will be from 9:30 to 9:45 and his care and concern for the poor and the af- and class begins at 9:46. Our gatherings are deflicted. We know all that of course and the mira- signed for whole family participation so that parents can follow through at home. If you have quescle stories of the Gospel are good reminders. tions please contact BarbaraH@stphilipneripdx.org or 503-231-4955. However, this particular story is important to those who are gifted with hearing and speaking skills because just having those skills doesn't mean we always use them well.

A Word from Servant of God Isaac Thomas Hecker

Many people are poor listeners. Many others have difficulties expressing themselves. Worse still is to have ears that refuse to hear or a tongue yet refuse to speak.

That divine action which is the immediate and principal cause of the salvation and perfection All of our senses are gifts from God and are pre- of the soul claims by right its direct and main cious and vital. Spiritual, we have to experience attention. From this source within the soul there will gradually come to birth the conGod with our senses too -- with eyes and ears and tongues and especially with our hearts. sciousness of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, out of which will spring a force surIn the miracle story this week Jesus uses first the passing all human strength, a courage higher gift of his touch not merely to accomplish a phys- than all human heroism, a sense of dignity exical miracle for a man who is deaf and also has a celling all human greatness. The light the age speech impediment. requires for its renewal can come only from the same source. Rather Jesus opens the man's ears that he might [The Church and the Age, 1887] hear the word of a God who loves and cares, and he loosens the man's tongue so that he might profess his faith in Jesus.
(Continued in next Colum)