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Oracle TeleService is the contact center application that delivers effective and personalized customer service while reducing costs. Oracle TeleService is a key component of the Oracle Customer Relationship Management solution, the integrated suite that drives profitable customer interactions.
Increase Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Service Costs Unlike traditional call centers, modern contact centers support multiple service channels, including voice, email, and the Web. Oracle TeleService provides personalized service and faster issue resolution by integrating all of these channels with enterprise information for a 360-degree view of customers and issues. The application automates your contact center with workflows that drive the entire issue resolution process. Integrated knowledge management makes your agents more informed and more productiveincreasing first-call resolution and lowering customer service costs. TeleService drives loyalty by ensuring that you are meeting service levels for your most valuable customers. The application even turns service interactions into revenue generators by identifying opportunities for upgrades and cross-sells. With Oracle TeleService you can serve your customers better, faster, and cheaper, while increasing their loyalty and value.

Telco services management Employee support for Help

Desk solution
Case management Direct Integration to 3rd Party

telephony systems
Remote support with web

Approval management and

electronic signature capture

Purging of service requests


Identify customer based on

phone number (CLI /DNIS) or IVR input

Screen pop of Contact Center

with the identified customer data

Automatically select the

appropriate business function based on the call reason

Integration with Scripting for

guided issue resolution and accurate data capture

Warm transfer Outbound call and email

Ability to handle callback

requests from the Web

Role-based security to control

agents ability to view, update and create data

Personalized Service View graphical display of key

customer parameters for fast assessment of customer health

Alert agents on critical

customers, service and revenue opportunities based on pre-defined rules

Figure 1: Oracle TeleService provides complete resolution processes that leverage enterprise information

With Oracle TeleService you can:

View addresses, contact

Resolve issues faster Reduce cost of service Drive revenue from service interactions

methods and preferences, organization profile, and


View customer installed

Resolve Issues Faster TeleService drives faster issue resolution by standardizing service delivery processes and making all relevant information readily available to agents. Complete Customer Information Access Ensures Timely Responses Why waste time re-collecting information from customers that is already in your system? TeleService gives agents access to complete customer data, including installed products, contracts, invoices, orders and service requests. This access allows agents to quickly focus on the customer issue. Agents can also view the service history to quickly see how previous contacts relate to the current issue. The customer dashboard can also display summarized data from external systems.

products, services, contracts and service entitlements

Quick service request

creation, review and updates

Review invoice and payment

history, create disputes, accept payments and make adjustments on an invoice

View order history and create

View complete customer

interaction and service history

Create and manage customer

tasks and notes

Send physical or electronic


Automatic entitlement

verification with support for default service level agreements

Customer asset management

through Installed Base

Detection of potential

duplicates and linking of related or duplicate service requests

Knowledge Management

Complete customer

interaction and service history

Escalations and notifications Automatic task creation and

assignment for field resolution

Integrated pricing and bill

Figure 2: Comprehensive customer issue, contract, and install base information enables faster resolution

Automatic closure of service

Enforcement of strict security

Skill-Based Assignments and Centralized Knowledge Base Increase FirstContact Resolutions TeleService routes customers to the agent with the right knowledge. Agent skills are matched with the requirements of the customer issue to ensure the best qualified agent handles a particular service request, eliminating the need for re-routing. In addition, knowledge management provides a central repository for solutions to recurring customer issues so that even less-experienced agents can provide rapid and accurate responses. Automated Service Processes Ensure Coordinated Service and Eliminate Delays TeleService provides automated assignments, notifications and escalations to expedite issue resolution. Automatically created tasks help agents assign and coordinate work, and track every step toward resolution. Integration with Oracle Field Service and Depot Repair allows agents to schedule field visits or customers to send their equipment to a depot for service. Automatic closure of service requests

by service request type

Highly configurable HTML

interface targeted at support specialists, with create and update capabilities

Work management through

support of multiple work selection models

Single interface for searching

across multiple knowledge base Repositories, including, service requests, forums and external systems
Attach supporting documents

and embed images as part of


Advanced solution-scoring

when all work has been done and invoiced ensures correct issue status tracking. Integration to Oracle Invoicing for service charges ensures quick and accurate billing. Reduce Cost of Service TeleService reduces service costs by eliminating common errors and shaving precious seconds from every call. Telephony Integration Reduces Call Time Reduced agent call time flows straight to your bottom line. TeleServices Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) saves time on every call with Screen Pop and IVR input handling. The Screen Pop facility automatically identifies the customer and immediately displays relevant customer, purchase and service data. If the call is transferred to another agent, TeleServices warm transfer brings the customers data along with the call so the customer never needs to repeat any information. In addition, Oracles Contact Center solution provides support for automated outbound calls through click-to-dial and Web callback.

Have Knowledge

Management learn which solutions are most useful based on customer feedback
Tailor solution-authoring

process to fit your companys needs

Security for searching and

authoring across the knowledge base.

Track which solutions are

viewed by customers

Figure 3: Intuitive user interface with automated popup of customer information

Configurable, Easy-To-Use Interface Boosts Agent Productivity Giving your agents a productive work interface is key to cutting service costs. TeleServices intuitive user interface gives agents quick access to all their common tasks. The Customer Dashboard provides a graphical display of key customer data for fast assessment of customer health, allowing the agent to make well-informed and faster decisions on how to handle the customer. It can also display key data captured from third party systems. Configurable hotkeys make it faster and more ergonomic for agents to use the application. Standardized, Workflow-Driven Processes Eliminate Errors The workflow-driven issue resolution process ensures problems are assigned to the right agent, generates notifications and required escalations and ensures process


consistency and repeatability to reduce costly errors. Process standardization ensures correct entitlement verification, issue categorization, call wrapup, and security compliance. Agent training and conformance to approved call handling processes is provided by Oracle Scripting. Scripting uses decision rules to guide agents through interactions and provides default values that further reduce errors. Drive Revenue from Service Interactions TeleService helps your agents to not only satisfy your customers, but also to grow them. Personalized Relationship Management Plans Present Targeted Offers TeleService allows you to create rule-based relationship plans that proactively prompt the agent to take action when a customer meets pre-defined conditions; for example, to suggest renewal when a service contract is about to expire. These plans create a more personalized experience for the customer while helping to turn your service organization into a revenue center.

Figure 4: Relationship management plans automatically suggest appropriate up-sells, cross-sells, and renewals

Access To Product, Service and Contract Information Enables Timely Upgrades and Renewals When agents have ready access to all relevant customer information, they can easily suggest appropriate up sells. TeleService puts all information about the customers products, services, contracts, and entitlements at the agents fingertipsallowing agents to suggest contract renewals, upgrades, and replacements for obsolete products. Oracle TeleService automatically verifies contract coverage, which boosts revenues by avoiding contract leakage. Scripting Integration Guides Agents Through Up Sell and Cross Sell In the era of Do Not Call lists and severe restrictions on outbound sales efforts, inbound service calls are an increasingly important source of sales opportunities.



But service agents often have limited training in sales techniques. TeleService seamlessly uses Oracle Scripting to guide agents step by step through up sells and cross sells. For example, when a customer who has just signed up for basic phone service calls for help, TeleService can not only prompt the agent to sell value-added services, it can trigger a script that walks the agent through the entire sale. Decision rules built into the script enforce your best sales practices and automate objection handling. Oracle E-Business Suite The Complete Solution Oracle E-Business Suite enables organizations to efficiently manage customer processes, ship orders, collect payments, and more all from applications that are built on unified information architecture. This information architecture provides a single definition of your customers, services, employees and products all aspects of your business. Whether you implement one module or the entire Suite, Oracle Ebusiness Suite enables you to share unified information across the enterprise so you can make smarter decisions with better information.

Oracle TeleService offers

the following benefits:

Service organizations can

lower costs and deliver superior personalized service at the same time
Agents can use Oracle

TeleService to update customer records, validate product ownership and contract coverage, provide proactive and personalized customer service

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