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# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 1 of 17 #008 We Are All Deceived, and Must Repent

September 3, 2012 Article by: Tom Demeter http://www.godsfirstwitness.com/ I. Content Chapters 1. Who is God, Satan, the Angels and Man 2. We are ALL Decived. 3. Why were We Deceived 4. How were We Deceived 5. Why should We Repent 6. How to Repent. 7. Why to Become an Elect of God II. Introduction III. Chapters

Introduction The purpose of this booklet is to show that our Father in heaven put humanity and the angels into confusion, and used the Anti-god to deceive us individually. We are living at the End of the World, and are the last generation, upon whom Gods judgment comes, as on the people in Noahs day. This is why our world is upset, our well being, freedom, security and life is in danger. Fear compass us from every side. The news is scary, and many cant face the fact that our life is changing from bad to worse. We are unwilling to face reality. We believe that we can change, our individual reality against Gods, and of the many. We cant see, and refuse to believe that we are deceived, and do not know our Creator or the truth. We believe that all others are deceived, but not us. We believe that we are eternal, god (based on the Immortality of Soul doctrine) and others are not gods. Our programming allow only a Few, to think in the line of good and evil, because, we are being also hypnotized, and our minds scrambled by electromagnetic divices. We think the Anti-gods, one way, with computer logic. We are unaware that we only know the Anti-god. We are blind to our condition. To a few, our confusion, and deception will be revealed, causing them stress, pain! Those who have no access to these revelations, it will cause death. Since we are at the End of the World, God will give us a swift, and short warning, a Midnight Cry! Then comes the END of this world in three WOES. A REVIVAL of Gods truth comes, and will be also one for the Anti-gods REVIVAL before the END of all things comes, as in Noahs day. This booklet with my booklet on Gods true Salvation, helps Gods REVIVAL. Please read, study, and act on this booklet, and pass it on to your friends. We have an awful lot to do, to finish Gods Work, to prepare for the second coming of Christ. This event will be led up by Gods three (3) WOES. Christs second coming is the third (3rd) WOE. I pray that

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 2 of 17 you hear me, as Noah did God that you may be protected and SAVED! 1. Who Is God, the Devil, the Angels, and Man For you to be protected, and saved, at the End of the Worlds cataclysmic events, you need to see that our Creator put you in confusion Dan.9:7,8, and preordained also to be deceived by the Anti-god, Satan the Devil Mat.24:37; Rev.12:9. If you are not able to see this, you cant be saved in this age, or dispensation Eph.1:10. First you must be aware that the God you know is the Anti-god, Satan the Devil, not our physical Creator, the Word Jn.1:1. You must be aware that our Creator was also created by our Father Jn.10:29, who taught Him how to create the Anti-god, and later the angels, then the universe and all what is in it, and last man. You need to know that man and the angels creation is in two (2) parts, physical and spiritual. You need to know what is the difference between our Creator, and His other creations, and how we are all separated from Him. We know that it takes one to know one. We cant know God because we are not eternal, but dying, temporary beings Gen.2:17, created into a lower man kind Gen. 1:23, and placed in the low third (3rd) dimension, as physical creations, and the angels into a little higher kind Heb. 2:7, and put in the fourth (4th) dimension, while our Creator is in the highest God kind, and in the fifth (5th) dimension. God hid Himself from us this way, and by hiding behind the Anti-god, whom He made the god of this world 2Cor.4: 4. We find that God to lift us into the God kind, separated, alienated us Col.1:21, that through His operation of salvation Col.2:12 He may reconcile us Col.1:20 to Him in His dispensations, and the ages to come Eph.2:7. God makes it difficult for us to know Him. We learn who God is, and His ways precept upon precept, line upon line, here a LITTLE, and there a little; that they might ... FALL backward, and be BROKEN, and snared, and TAKEN Isa.28:13. Jesus said narrow is the gate which lead to eternal life, and FEW there be to find it Mt.7:14, in this age Eph.1:10. He told us that we cant come to Him, unless our Father in heaven calls us Jn.6:44. Christ has set for us stumbling blocks not to find Him IPet.2:8. I will tell you later how, and why the Christians were alienated from Him, as Israel was broken off from God Rom.11:19. We cant see God, for He is a consuming fire Heb.12:29, and would burn up our bodies, and our temporary spirit of man ICor.2:11. We cant bridge the gap, the GULF between us, and Him Lk.16: 26. We cant think like God Isa.55:8, His ways to us is foolishness ICor.2:14. We cant even imagine who is the Creator. Apostle Paul tells us: Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man (spirit of man V.11), the things which God has prepared for them that love Him ICor.2:9. In our finite, third dimensional mind, it is difficult for us to see that to our Father, and now to our Creator, there is NO past, present and future, and He is everywhere in all space, and dimensions at the same time, being OMNIPRESENT. We cant fathom to see our Father, who looks like us, and as Jesus Jn.14:9; Rev.4, being a spirit being, whom we cant see, or know Mat.11:27. God our Father, and now our Creator, Jesus Christ Eph.3:9 is also OMNISCIENT having infinite awareness, understanding and insight, possessed of universal, or complete knowledge, and wisdom. He is more than being the alpha and the omega, the cause of all things. God is also OMNIPOTENT having all, unlimited authority, being the Creator of all things. There is no higher authority like our Fathers, even His first begotten son Heb.

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 3 of 17 1:6, our Creator is subject unto Him Jn.10:29. God is also ALL POWERFUL, which means that there is no weapons can be formed against Him. We cant because He created the law of good and evil, and controls both side of it. To us, humans, and the angels, and all other creations, the most vital attribute of God is, that HE IS LOVE IJn.4:8. His love is not like mans or the angels, but sacrificial Jn.15:13. This also separate both the angels, and humans from God, for we do not have Gods love. Our love must to be controlled by Gods LAWS, not to harm ourselves and others. God is also separated from us by His SPIRIT. God divided the kinds, He created by the spirit He gave them. His spirit is the highest, and then the angels have a lower spirit, and man is made little lower than the angels Heb.2:7, and after that comes the spirits of animals. To know God, we must know who is in the Godhead Rom.1:20, the God family. If we are not clear on this subject, we can easily be deceived. Since we are the last generation Mat.24:34, we are told that all the hidden things will be revealed to us Mat.20:26. The truth will not be revealed to all the people, only to witesses chosen by our Father Acts.10:41; Jn.6:44. In the beginning was the Trinity, consisting of our Father, who created the WORD, who created the Devil, also called Satan Jn.8:44; Rev.12:9. The WORD went through our Fathers operation of salvation first Col.2: 12. The short story is that the WORD was made flesh Jn.1:14, and named in the New Testament, by our Father JESUS Mat.1:21, Emmanuel or God with us V.23, in a form of man. Jesus was pre-ordained to be our Fathers sacrificial lamb Rev.13:8, and to DIE for creating evil Isa.45:7, and by it to show us the penalty of SIN, which is the transgression of Gods law IJn.3:4, which is DEATH Rom.6:23. JESUS with His death shown our Fathers sacrificial love to us Jn.15:13. The Word, now Jesus, being our physical Creator Eph.3:9 also paid for the penalty for our sin, demonstrating His love for us, for He died for us while we were sinners Rom.5:8. When Jesus died, He became CHRIST, a new being, with a new title and function, advancing in His creation process, to become our Spiritual Creator, the Captain of our Salvation Heb.2:10. The WORD is our Fathers only creation. Our Father only created the Word eternal, and no other creation. The Word then gave up eternal life, to DIE for man, and the angels, and was resurrected, and qualified to be our SAVIOR, our Spiritual Creator. This is why only through the NAME of Jesus, and Christ can we be saved Acts.4:10,12. (No YHWH, or any other name.) Christ function was to strengthen, and confirm His disciples that they had found, and worshipped the Creator, and that His death was pre-ordained Rev.13:8. Jesus could not tell, or write anything, because His disciples not having the holy spirit, Gods ways and words was foolishness to them ICor.2:14. This is why Jesus said: I have many things to SAY unto you, but you cannot bear them now, Howbeit when the spirit of truth, (it is NOT a person, for it is like our spirit of man) is come, it will guide you into all the truth Jn.16:12. After Christ confirmed to His disciples, and to the angels in the bottomless pit Rev.11:7, who He was, by descending to the lower parts of the earth, and then ascended to our Father Eph.4:9,10, to be confirmed as CHRIST. This is why Jesus did not allow Mary to touch Him Jn.20:17, not yet being accepted by His Father. After Jesus confirmed His disciples ICor.1:6, and His teaching, by being with them for forty days, He blessed them, and ascended to heaven Lk.24:46-51. Once CHRIST ascended to heaven, He became a full member of the Godhead, and received a new office, function and title to be CHRIST JESUS, our mediator to the Father ITim. 2:5, to determine if we are qualified to be resurrected into eternal life. I conclude this

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 4 of 17 short missive, by saying that Gods character is good, while the angels are good or evil, and man is created evil Jer.17:9; Mat.7:11. Who is Satan the Devil? When we study the Bible, we need to know that to understand the Old Testament, we need to go to the New. To understand the New Testament we need to know Gods Mystery Administration, or Apostle Pauls gospel Rom.2:16, and to understand Paul we need to go to Apostle Johns book of Revelation. To realize who is Satan the Devil, we need to go to Pauls gospel, where we find Gods LAWS, dispensations, and true salvation. Just as we cant find who is our Creator in the Old Testament, and needed to go to the New Testament, and to the Mystery, and to Revelation to find Him, we need to do the same with Satan the Devil. Satans character is revealed, as a murderer, and have NO truth in him, and is the original LIAR in the New Testament Jn.8:44. Satan is the deceiver Rev.12:9, and a thief Mat.24:43, whose created function is to steal our freedom, wealth, health and life, and to kill us, and after that to destroy us, and the earth Jn.10:10. Christ revealed to Apostle Paul (all truth comes by revelation IPet.1:13 through prophecy 2Pet.1:21, bridging the GULF between God and us) that Satan is the god of this world 2Cor.4:4 for 6000 years. ALL nations serve Satan, and worshipped by ALL religions, no matter what NAME they may give, or call him. Since Satan has NO truth in him Jn.8:44, he is lawless, and rules with INIQUITY Mat.7:23 by contracts, and its codes, and commands, like the military, in tyranny not by LAWS. The Creator is opposite to Satan, for He reigns with His law, of good and evil, and the other laws founded on this law. Satan is the Anti-god, defined as EVIL, by our Creator, who IS the truth and GOOD, defined by His laws Jn.14:6. Christ, by hiding who is Satan the Devil, caused many not to believe that he exist, and was pre-ordained to deceive the world that he is the Creator, and hiding the truth Deut. 32:20; Josh.24:2; Prov.25:2; Mat.13:35; Lk.10: 21, Satan will easily deceive the whole world Rev.12:9 that He is Jesus, and Allah, and all the other gods of all the other religions. This is how all nations and religions will accept Satan as their God. Satans function is to try us, to help us to choose between good and evil, and to sacrifice to choose good, and by it to learn Gods sacrificial love. We need to know that Satan works FOR, and WITH our Creator, in our spiritual creation process. Satan to do his vital function, had to be created to be evil only. Then Satan was made to rule the pre-Adamic earth, the reptiles! Next Satan was tested, and qualified, before he was allowed to reign human kind. To qualify, Satan had to deceive one third (1/3rd) of the angels Rev.12:4, to serve him, as the god of evil, to balance Gods temporary law of good and evil, created for man and the angels. He succeeded, and by this test the earth and the solar system was so damaged, that our Creator had to recreate the earth, and make it ready for human kind, and the mammals creation. This is the story not told us in the Old Testament, only given a hint in Gen.1:1. Jesus told us that Satan was cast down from the presence of our Father, to the angels fourth (4th) dimension Jn.13:31, when the WORD became a man. Then when Jesus became Christ, Satan was cast down to the third (3rd) dimension to Star Wormwood Rev.8:11, and he will be cast down to the earth from there Rev.12:9. He will be cast into the bottomless pit for 1000 years Rev.20:2, and the spirits of the Beast and the False Prophet Rev.19:20. Knowing the truth gives you understanding, and makes it easy to see that you need to REPENT.

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 5 of 17 Who are the Angels? We learn from Apostle Pauls revelations of the mystery Eph.3:3, that our Creator, the WORD, created the angels Heb.1:14; 2:7, to help create the universe, and man, and to maintain the universe, as ministering spirits Heb.1:14, servants, and to aid in our spiritual creation process. Angels will also help Gods resurrected Sons, in their work in the process of humanitys and the angels spiritual creation later. We know that they are made only a little higher than humanity Rev.2: 7, and we will Judge, rule over them ICor. 6:3, as they are reigning over us now. We are going to judge the same angels, whom we wrestle now, as evil spirits Eph.6:12. We learn from Apostle John, that these angels serve Satan, and are one third (1/3rd) of the angelic host Rev.12:4. Two third (2/3rd) serve our Creator. Apostle Paul tells us that these spirits also will be saved to eternal life, this is why Jesus first discended to the lower parts of the earth Eph.4:9, to give them the good news, that He is now Christ, and their salvation process also will begin soon Col.2: 12, in the coming dipensations or ages Eph.1:10. This include the angels in the bottomless pit Rev.11:7, or under the earth Phil.2:10, and the angels who are in heaven Eph.1:10. Mans and the angels FALL was pre-ordained, as Gods salvation was pre-ordained for all 2Tim.1:9, including the demons, the angles, and Satan, in Gods ages to come Eph.2:7, after they have fulfilled their first function. We know that the physical Old Testament, and the ten commands was given and administered by Gods angels Acts.7:38, 53; Gal.3:19, with the law of flesh Rom.7: 25. Jesus gave the New Testament Mat.5,6,7, and administered it by spiritual man. Christ gave the Mystery Administration to Apostle Paul Eph.3:3, and later to the Apostles and Prophets but not to the church V.5, for God was again HIDING the truth as before the flood. This is a higher testament or contract, and administration, based on a higher law of the spirit Rom.8:2. Angels CANT administer this law, because they are not subjected to it yet, or qualified to do it. We must realize that the good angels, have beautiful spiritual bodies, and able to manifest themselves in our physical dimension, and affect us positively, and watch over us Mat.28:5. Most Christians are aware of their protection in their lives. The fallen angels have sinned, and are evil, helping Satan. Our Creator to punish them, took away their body. This is why some of these demons can manifest themselves as an apperition, ghosts or, as Satan is an angel of light 2Cor.11:4. This is why demons seek out people to possess them, when they open themselves to them. We open ourselves to demonic attacks, when we are afraid, given physical or emotional shock treatment, hypnotized, practice Eastern meditation, or when we do not control our sexual urges, and give ourselves over physical pleasure. Spiritually influenced, or possessed people usually have sexual hang ups, and lack of discipline. Demons were the most active in Noahs days, and in Jesus day, and now. We need to be aware, not to be deceived, or scared by them, or to seek their help. These beings are powerful, and affect our lives while we not being aware of it. They pretend to be benevolent beings, but are like Satan deceiving spirits, whose function is to steal, to KILL and to destroy as Satans do Jn.10:10. We are being prepare to the time when Satan will be cast down to the earth and his angels with him Rev.12:9. Before this, we will see the bottomless pit opened to release the devils from there on the earth Rev.9:1,2 in the beginning of the sixth seal Rev.6:12; 9:2,3. This will be at the

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 6 of 17 arrival of the Human Beast, whose deadly wound (will be) healed Rev. 13:3. The world being deceived know these evil spirits as UFOs, or grays, etc. Who is Man? To know who is man, we need to go to our Creator to find out. We can study like the scientists do, who is man, but it is much easier to learn it from our Creator. Our problem is that man was places between the Creator and His Anti-god, and the Creator has hidden Himself. Only now at the End of the World, when God is revealing Himself and the truth to us, but not to all of us, only to witnesses. This leaves man under the power of the Anti-god, who now must kill and destroy humanity Jn.10:10 because we are at the End of this Age, and this world. This is why only few will be saved by the time Christs second coming arrives. We can only save a few, in this age. The many will be saved in the ages to come Eph.2:7. Like our mother Eve, we have been deceived by the Anti-god into believing that we are eternal beings, when the reality is that we are carnal (dying) beings. Our Churches teach that, when we die, we dont die Gen.3:4! According to the Immortality of the Soul Doctrine, when we DIE we change into our eternal, and spiritual existence, to be with Jesus in heaven, being alive. Unfortunately, we did not read the small print, which reveals that we will be with the longhaired Jesus ICor.11:14 - the Anti-christ! This is Satans (the Anti-gods), easy, effortless, painless, simple - and TOTALLY FALSE - short-cut to eternal damnation Mk.3:29. Satan is the father of all great deals. Satans salvation is the wideand broad [i.e. easy] way Mat.7:13, where you dont need to do a thing. Simply, say the magic words, and your spirit is healed, (saved). Just say the words, I repent and the sinners prayer, and you are ready for the Rapture when Christ will come with His angels and His Resurrected saints. We are told by our Creator that our spirit of man ICor.2:11, or our heart is deceitful and desperately WICKED ( EVIL ) Jer.17:9; Mat.7:11. We naturally hate our Creator and His servants Jn.15:25. We love Satan, the Devil and his ways. This is why Satan has such an easy time to deceive the whole world Rev.12:9. This is why, until we receive Gods holy spirit, it is only obedience to Gods laws that prevents us from killing, destroying ourselves. When we remove Gods laws, as we did in America on June 5, 1933, we guarantee our fall. We have fallen; and now we cant be saved, as a nation! We are like Egypt, and the Amorites Gen.15:16, who so perverted themselves, that by the time of the Exodus their sins were full, to be judged or destroyed. A nation can die, as a man Gen.2:17. It is appointed to man once to die Heb.9:27. Death is a sleep: Jesus said that Lazarus sleeps, or is dead Jn.11:14. All the dead from Adam until us are waiting for the resurrection .15:52, but YOU have a chance to be in the resurrection without dying IThes.4:17, if you become an Elect of God. We then to gain eternal life, must be baptized with Gods holy spirit, not the Holy Spirit of the Anti-christ, to have eternal life in us, that we may be converted from being carnal (or dying), temporary beings, to begin growing toward eternal beings, by going through our Creation process, our operation of salvation Col.2:12. Yes, Gods salvation is the narrow and difficult way, in contrast to Satans simple, short and easy way. Only those can be protected and saved now at the End of this World, who are

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 7 of 17 called by our Father Jn.6:44, and willing to respond, and go through our Fathers operation of salvation. 2 We are ALL Deceived Christ, our captain of salvation revealed to Apostle John, while writing the book of Revelation, that by the time of the End of this Age, and the World Mat.24:3, the time of the Last Generation Mat.24:34, (which is eighty 80 years, Psa.90:10,) the whole world will be deceived Rev.12:9. This means spiritually, religiously, scientifically, legally, financially, and every way you can imagine. Religiously America fell, like the Amorites after the Flood, in a short 80 years! We changed from Gods system based on the law of good and evil Gen.2:9 to Satans iniquity Mat.7:23 which is lawlessness. America changed on June 5, 1933, from Gods system based on LAW to INIQUITY of the Anti-god. This was a sin, the transgression of Gods law IJn.3:4, and because of it our eyes were blinded to the truth Rom.1:21. This is why America, the last bastion of Christianity, fell, and our churches accepted another Jesus 2Cor.11:4 not the Creator, who has another spirit than Christs, and another gospel which is not based on faith, law and love, as our Creators, but on insurance, faith in man, and Satan, and on iniquity or lawlessness, and self love and greed, not Gods sacrificial love. This is why Christians follow the mystery of iniquity gospel of the Anti-god 2Thes.2:7, and its doctrines of the Pharisees Mat.16:6.12, which SHUTS UP the Kingdom of Heaven Mat.23:13, salvation from Christians! This is why Christ is asking true believers to come out, from this world, religiously, legally and financially, not to receive its deadly plagues Rev.18:4. This is a warning for Jesus said that the END will be as in Noahs day Mt.24:37. People cant believe Jesus or Christs words, because their spirit, and minds are blinded by their sin. The END will come upon them as a thief in the night IThes.5:2. We are deceived scientifically. We think we are wise, yet do not understand the most basic LAWS of physics. This prevents us to bring utopia to humanity. We do not know how the law of gravity works. When the truth was presented to the academic community, it was rejected in the West, and the East. The truth would have allowed us to have free, or cheap energy, and to travel in space, and would have changed our world. Instead, we are using destructive, fallen angels knowledge, we were deceived to accept, to our destruction. Satan, the god of this worlds function is, to kill and to destroy us. The knowledge explosion did not came from God, but the Anti-god. Humanity embraced dirty atomic energy, to produce the atomic bomb, to kill us with its radiation. The story is same in the science of chemistry. We have poisoned all the oceans, and anything we touch, to kill us. We are dabbling into gene modification, searching for eternal life. We are successful creating chimeras, like the people under inspiration of demons before the flood. Human kind was so perverted, by genes manipulation before the Flood in Noahs day, that only Noahs family was perfect in his generation in Gods eyes Gen.6:9. God destroyed His creation man, as He will now for committing the same sins. We read: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and for ever Heb.13:8, and He said I change not Ma.3:6. What the Word did in the Old Testament, Christ will do in the New, and you are betting your life on it. Legally and Financially we changed from Gods Old Testaments LAW of Flesh Rom.7:25, the Ten Commands on June 5, 1933, to the Anti-gods INIQUITY, codes, lawlessness Mat.7:23. This made us Idolaters, disobeying the first command Ex.20:

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 8 of 17 3, and thieves ICor.5:10, for using Satans fiat money, which cant PAY debt, only discharge it in an accounting system. Recently with the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, the Patriot Acts, and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and the Executive Orders, we changed from the codes, to military jurisdiction. We are not in the American Republic, or now in a democracy, but tyranny, where the Executive branch of government rules alone. The Senate persuaded the House to surrender to the President. It exempted 170 appointments from any hearings. The name of the law is the "Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011". The Senate passed the bill 79-20, in June 2011. The House passed it by 261-116 in July, and President Obama signed it on August 10, 2012 when America DIED! We are SLAVES in this system, and CANT obey our Creator, for He rules with His law of good and evil, while Satan is limited to reign with lawlessness, iniquity. God ask you to CHOOSE between good and evil, using your conscience. Satan only ask if you fulfilled the contract, or if you obeyed his military command, no choice or conscience is involved. Slaves are chattel property, beast of burden, a human resource, and can be killed by the owner, who is the Anti-god, or his servants. This is why the President have a kill list, and anyone who is a security risk of the government, now can be neutralized. So please, do not delude yourself that you are free. You gave up, your right and freedom to use fiat money. As a slave you own nothing not even your own body, wife or children. You did not know that you gave up your lawful and legal status, but you did when you applied for your documents, your birth certificate, social security, drivers license, and all other privileges, to use fiat money, which is a crime. Now the penalty of your sin, is being enforced by our Creator, using His Anti-god, Satan the Devil, and its government. Our deceptions proof, and confirmation is that we are being scared to death literally, as 1000 s kill themselves, not having fiat money. We are scared that the government is in debt, and cant pay, the debtors. How can the government be in debt, when it does not have, or use money? The use of money was outlawed on June 5, 1933, by House Joint Resolution 192. How can you barrow money, or the government, when we have no money. We only have a growth national product, and slaves. We dont even balance the books of credit, when we do our transactions. We are now ALL deceived, this includes our leaders, and the illuminati, and their gods, the spirits they serve. We are ALL deceived, by our god, the Anti-god, Satan the Devil Rev.12:9. This tells us that we cant THINK as MAN, the way God created us, using the LAW of good and evil Gen.2:9. We left Gods LAW! This is sin, so God blinded our minds Rom.1:21, and we became stupid, (slow of mind, lacking intelligence, and the ability to reason, and became senseless). We are hypnotized zombies. We are only able to think our gods way, or one way. We are not able to make rational choices and decisions. You have heard the expression being dumbbed down? We did it to ourselves. We were first deceived, to use fiat money, which is thievery, a crime! This is why our law, the Constitution had to be changed, that we may not be sued in court for our crime, using fiat money. Satan ingeniously left the Constitution intact, but took us out from its protection and of Gods laws! Satan did this by us signing personal contracts, to accept fiat money the dollar to use it. By this act we became slaves, but Satan did not enforce our status, that other nations could be deceived to use fiat money, showing Gods blessings given to us, of freedom, health and prosperity. Now the whole world is deceived, so tyranny can be now enforced, preventing us to gain Gods salvation.

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 9 of 17 We must congratulate our Creator to create an Anti-god, who in spite of his handicaps of not having or able to use LAWS, being so cunning to deceive all of us to become stupid, zombies, and slaves, to leave our Creator and His blessings. 3 Why Were We Deceived? There is a short and a longer story. The short answer is that Gods character is summed up as LOVE IJn.4:8. Gods love is sacrificial Jn.15:13. This requires us to be able to sacrifice (give up, lose) our temporary life; and to die in order to win eternal life Mat.16:25. This is why God had to create evil Isa.45:7 and death (and the other components of the system of evil), for us to be able to sacrifice and die. As Adam ,we all die Gen.2:17, for we were crated that way. This is why Satan was able to convinced Eve not to believe God, and to eat from the tree of good and evil to be like God Gen.3:4-7. Eves deceptioin was pre-ordaind Gen.2:17, as her salvation 2Tim.1:9 This allow us to learn and obey Gods temporary law of good and evil Gen.2:9. This is why Gods salvation requires laws to define good and evil, so that we may learn what is good. This is why Jesus defined Himself as a law giver; and by His law He is THE Truth, and the way to eternal life Jn.14:12. Jesus defined His Anti-god (a.k.a. Satan the Devil) as evil, having NO Truth in him Jn.8:44. Now you see why, in Gods difficult creation process evil is so vital. To maintain the evil, God had to HIDE the truth as a mystery Eph.3:3, until the very End of the World, when it will be, and now is revealed to us Rev.10:7. This is why the whole world, humanity and the angel kinds, are in utter confusion as it was preordained, and revealed to the prophet Daniel 9:7,8. Daniel was told to close the book, the Bible, and HIDE this truth, until the very End of the World, would come Dan.12:9, as it was also revealed to Apostles Paul and John Rev.10:7. Do you see the glory of God, shining forth to you, giving you, to see and to understand the truth Gods true salvation? This is why it was pre-ordained that only a very few find Gods salvation Mat.7:14 in this age, or dispensation Eph.1:10. The many are given only to find the Anti-gods easy, and error salvation in this age Mat.7:13. Does God hate those who serve the Anti-god? No sir!! He LOVES them. You seen that we are ALL deceived, as the people were before, and soon after the Flood in Noahs day, and still are. Our Creator purposed, and willfully used His Antigod, to deceive us, to experience pain, and by it to learn His sacrificial love Jn.15:13. Our Creator wanted us to learn by experience the difference between us and Him, and by it to appreciate who He is, and who we will be. If we dont know what we have, we have no respect or appreciation for it. As children, who have no concept of value, abuse their closing, toys, playmates and themselves, man can also do the same. We all need to grow up, so to speak. God to teach us His character attributes of love, and to handle His enormous power, put us in a limited, and temporary body and environment, where we asked to make mistakes. In this temporary life, and universe we can see and experience the results of our mistakes, learn not to make it again. God is teaching us what is good, by us going through evil Mat.16:25. To grow spiritually, we are required to make mistakes first. Those who are not willing to make mistakes, cant learn Gods attributes of love. This is why we have an Anti-god, Satan the Devil, who force us to do things the easy way, and Gods way is the difficult way Mat.7:13,14. God is limitless, and

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 10 of 17 for us to learn what that means He made us limited, dying beings. This is why Gods has temporary laws, like the Old Testaments law of flesh Rom.7:25, and New Testaments law of faith Rom.3:27, to graduate us by progressing to His limitless eternal law, the law of the spirit Rom.8:2. This is why humanity is allowed to destroy itself, and the earth, at the End of this Age, and God will not stop us to do it. God will save a few of us, whom He has trained in His character, that in the next age, or dispensation Eph.1:10 of 7000 years of rest Heb.3:18; 4:10,11 we may teach others, as we were taught. Even our Creator, Jesus Christ had to go through evil, and our Fathers process of salvation Col.2:12, to learn things through the things He suffered Heb.5:8. This is why humanity create civilizations, and empires, and they ALL miserably fail. Humanity cant seem to learn what is evil, and make the same mistakes in each generation. God preordained this, to only have a few in this age righteous, who follow His laws, and even these are progressed in Gods true Knowledge of Salvation Lk.1:77 slowly, and progressively Isa.28:13; IPet.2:8. We were deceived because salvation is our spiritual creation process Col.2:12, so if we follow the story of our physical creation, we will find Gods way of true salvation. Most people approach God on their terms; and assume that He is like them. Nothing could be further from the truth. To approach God, a sacrifice must be offered, for God is teaching us good THROUGH "evil" Mat.16:25. Cain and Abel; and Israel offered a sacrifice to enter Gods presence. Prophets offered their lives as sacrifice to God: Isaiah was sawn in two; Apostle Peter was crucified upside down; John was thrown off from the pinnacle of the Temple (70 stories high). Paul was beaten, five (5) times with 30 stripes by the Jews (once was enough to kill a man); and three (3) times he was beaten by the Gentiles - to death! Paul was imprisoned seven (7) times, beaten, stoned to death, resurrected; and finally beheaded. Gods way is the difficult way Mat.7:14. God by HIDING the truth using Satan to deceive us, allowed Him to accomplish His purpose to make us experience evil for 6000 years. Now we are at the End of this Age of evil of Satans reign over humanity. The new age of good now can come, under the rulership of Jesus Christ, and the salvation of the many can now come. The Anti-god is the god of this world 2Cor.4:4, this is why all of our religions belong to, him. Our Creators religion is only ONE among the many religions. The Anti-god being the opposite of our Creator, and its religions all try to SAVE us from death, and from making mistakes, and to lose our physical life! The Creators aim, purpose and intent is to SACRIFICE our physical temporary life, to gain eternal life. We are now at the very END of this AGE, this is why now not only a civilization, or an empire will be destroyed, but humanity, and the whole world. This has never taken place since the creation of man. We need to be aware that this system is based on Gods law of Good and Evil. When the good, is eliminated the evil also falls. So Satans or the worlds success, is a two edged sword, for as it destroys the good, it also destroys the evil with it. This is vital for us to remember, who are called to be good in this age Jn.6:44, knowing that UNTIL we are here, we are the security of the Anti-gods system. When we are eliminated, Killed Rev.13:15, or are made to FLEE to Gods Places of Safety Rev.12:6, Satans system also will fall. It is interesting that since Satan is created to be only evil cant see this truth.

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 11 of 17 The angels, who are created to be good or evil can see this point. This is why the evil, or fallen angels, who will be judged first, are looking with fear and trepidation for Christs second coming, when they will be judged Mat.8:29. The angels, who serve our Creator are blind to this truth, as unconverted humanity, not having fifth dimensional spiritual discernment. The good angels judgment and salvation will come after the demons, for they are not suffering as the demons. 4 How Were We Deceived? The Anti-god, Satan was created to have NO truth in him Jn.8:44, to be evil, lawless, to be clever and wise. He was taught, and qualified how to be evil, to be a deceiver being subtle, to deceive Eve first, (an innocent child in a mature body), who was like him Gen.3:1-5 in character, evil. Then Satan learned later how to deceive the whole world Rev.12:9. Satan being evil cant recognize what is good, and is blind to Gods laws, being lawless. This is why the Creator used Joseph, and Daniel His prophets to help Satan to set up his kingdoms in Egypt, and Babylon. To Satan evil is good, and there is NO evil. Satans way is the only way, being the ultimate child, and he must have things his way. Satan cant reason like man or the angels, only like the computer. This is why Satan is the god of war, and must have things only his way. This is why Satan will replace his angel Lucifer Isa.14:12, his helper, the god of commerce and banking, at the end of this world Mat.24:3 with the more evil Apollyon Rev.9:11, the angel of war, the god of sunlight, prophecy, music and poetry at the end of this age or now, for Satan knows that he has a short time to do his work on the earth Rev.12:12. Satan is only given forty two (42) month to reign on the earth over humanity directly Rev.13:5. Satan used Lucifer, an angel, to help him rule all nations. Lucifer helped Satan for he could reason, more like humans, while our Creator upheld the good in His system of good and evil. At first Lucifer was created to be the covering cherub of our Creators throne. Later we find him in the garden of Eden, and later still over the king of the city of Tyrus, and its commerce Ezek. 28:12-14. It was Lucifer who helped Satan to be the god of this world 2Cor.4:4 in this age Eph.1:10. Lucifer like Satan also learned from the Christians to use fiat money, as the Christians were shown how to advance from the law of flesh of the Old Testament to the higher law of faith, where the exchange system of money of the Old Testament was changed to faith and love. Lucifer created communism in 1917 on fiat money, where he perfected how to use it as an instrument of evil, theft. Communism did not work, because Satan used it to enslave people to promote greed, instead love by sacrifice. Satan used Lucifer to use fiat money, and its accounting system NOT to accommodate and help the Christians to obey the law of faith. Lucifer used fiat money, to force Christians, and others to serve Satan. The KEY of deception was to use private and individual contracts, with each man to use fiat money, on Satans terms to make them slaves to Satan, and by it cause Christians and others to commit Idolatry. Satan is an expert in knowing how to turn Gods gifts, and blessings into curses Deut 28,29.30. This is Satans created function. It was easy to deceive humanity, because humans were created like Satan, to be EVIL, by God giving us a heart (our spirit of man ICor.2:11) which is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked or evil Jer.17:9. This is why Jesus said that man is evil Mat.7:11, like Satan is. For man to be good, and to limit evil, God gave man His

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 12 of 17 laws to obey, to learn how to be good. This was done for God creates good in us, by us going through evil Mat.16:25, in our spiritual creation. Man kinds problem is that although we are given Gods laws, God did not give us a heart, (the spirit of man) to perceive, and eyes to see, and ears to hear to obey Gods laws, and see its importance Deut.29:4. Man LOVES to do EVIL, not good Eccl.8:11. We are like our mother Eve, open to deception, for we were pre-ordained to be deceived by our Creator in this age Eph.1:10. It was revealed later that Gods spiritual creation of us is based on our alienation from our Creator, and later of our reconciliation to Him Col.21:20. This is why Apostle Paul said in Gods latest mystery administration Eph.3:3 that our salvation was pre-ordained 2Tim.1:9, as our confusion Dan.9:7,8, and deception Rev.12:9 was also Deut.29:4. Americas deception began when our leaders chose to accept the Anti-gods fiat money, as our exchange system for Gods Old Testaments money, the Dollar. Fiat money is an instrument of theft, for with it we cant PAY debt, only discharge it in an accounting system. Theft is a crime in Gods and mans law. This is why our law had to be changed to codes, or instructions, and commands in the absence of law, to be under Satans tyrannical government. Satan was clever not to take away our law, but to change us individually by contracts into His lawless system of codes. This nullified the protection of our law the Constitution. This is why we still have two (2) governments; one is a Republic, with its offices, the other is a corporate, or military government to those who use fiat money. Only those have access to our law and government, who come out of this system Rev.18:4. Others are in the in Satans tyrannical corporate government, based on now military commands. This is why our president is not need to be qualified by the Constitution, only by the corporation. Satan did not enforce tyranny, to allow us to believe that we have the Constitution, and by it deceived all of us to live in Fools Paradise. Please see this article here on this http://www. To use fiat money the owners of the system used private, contracts, to force us to give up our freedom and security, without us knowing it. Fiat money is an instrument of theft of freedom and wealth by the owners of the system, who control its fluctuating value. People who are forced to use it, support this system. A Federal Reserve Note is US paper currency, created and held by a privately run, non-government bank. Fiat money is designed to be a credit system where you can only balance accounts in an accounting system on paper. In this credit system you are attempting to pay a note with a note. You cannot pay off a note with another note. Using paper currency Its like paying off a IOU to a friend by handing him another IOU! No store will take your paper IOU note, but all of them will take a Federal Reserve Note for the law or code force them to do, for it is supposedly backed by the estimated work capacity of its slaves, or the gross national product. By the contract you signed to use fiat currency, you legally gave away your freedom to be a slave, and all your assets and value of your labor. This is why you cannot own anything. This is why you cannot actually BUY, or SELL anything since June 5, 1933, fulfilling Rev.13:17, when we changed to this system. This is how the controllers and owners of the system own every person and whatever possessions they have simply by using the system. People are only extended a privilege and benefit to USE what they think they have purchased, almost like a rental. In

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 13 of 17 addition, many different types of sales and use taxes are imposed on everyone. This confirms that we are slaves, and do not own even our body, and spirit. Fiat money was an ingenious idea of the Christians. When God advanced them from the Old Testaments law of flesh and its exchange system of money, to the New Testaments higher law of faith, and its exchange system of faith and sacrificial love, toward their brethren, God gave them the system of fiat money. Christians were instructed to live by Gods laws, and to have sacrificial love and to live by faith. With Gods law of sacrifice, they were asked to give more to others than what they expected to receive. Non-Christians accepted this system. Greedy people perverted and abused the system. Fiat money, coupled with interest and especially compounded interest is the instrument of soft kill. In a Fools Paradise which is todays society, people are valued (how successful they are considered to be) by their ability to earn money throughout their lifetime. When one becomes unable to work that person becomes dispensable. The owners of the system perceive such people as useless eaters. But they are never useless in the eyes of God. 5. Why Should We Repent
To see why should we repent of being in Fools Paradise, please read this letter I sent to a law firm who aimed to collect on a debt which was discharged. I will not publish the name and address of this firm. September 2, 2012 XYZ Law Firm 1234 East Street Any Town AA 123456

Your file number 12-36676 Dear Mr. Lawyer, You are attempting to collect an alleged debt for GE CAPITAL RETAIL BANK of $ 12,345,67 (original amount $12,345.00) Please notice the following Fact #1 The dollar $ is not money by Gods Old Testaments law, because it is not based on Just Weights and Measures Lev.19:36; Deut.25:15, or defined by the American Republic, and its law, as the Dollar weighting 32 oz of silver, and 412 grain. The Dollar was money because we could BUY things with it, in a fair exchange. The dollar since June 5, 1933 is fiat money, a credit system, and not rest on Gods law, or of the Republics law, but on House Joint Resolution 192. This code, not law forbid us to PAY debt. We could only discharge it in an accounting system. Fiat money is a private money, an IOU. By Gods and mans law, we CANT pay debt with a debt, for it is a crime, thievery. This is why the LAW had to be changed to codes, instruction in the absence of law, that we may not sued for it in court. Fact #2 This is why a Christian is commanded to owe no man anything, but to love one another Rom.13:8. Stealing, and thievery is a SIN ICor.6:9,10, where sin is the transgression of Gods law IJn.3:4. The penalty of sin is death Rom.6:23. This is why I

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came out of this system Rev.18:4 as commanded, legally and financially using the Uniform Commercial Code, (which was used to put us into this system,) and its Security Agreement and Indemnity Bond! This is why I discharged this debt according to H.J.R. 192, and United States Code Title 31, Section 5118 and 5119 at par. My statement and document was filed according to Annotated California Code &9-514 through $9-519. This document is money pursuant to th U.C.C. & 1-201(24) and filed on February 7 2012. Fact #3 House Joint Resolution 192 made all Americans un able to buy and sell, and put on every one of us the MARK of the BEAST Rev.13:17, for being willing to obey and serve the Beast. We are told his servants we are whom we obey Rom.6:16! We by using fiat money, obeying the Beast, not our Creator Eph.3:9. This is why this MARK is the mark of death, for our Idolatry Ex.20:3: Mat.22:36,37. We do not need to wait to be chipped to have the Beasts mark on us. We have the MARK of the BEAST on us since June 5, 1933 or eighty (80) years, the time given us the last generation Mat.24:34 of this age Eph.1:10 to receive our judgment, as on the people in Noahs day, or Israel in 70 A.D. Fact #4 God made me and Christians a way to escape ICor.10:13, to be a secured party in court, not the banks and their owners. This gives me a primary position in court. This step also elevates me to access Gods Court of His highest kingdom, being an Elect of God Mat.24:22, and to be a judge in His highest kingdom. Fact #5 Fiat money is an Exchange System for Christians, to advance from the Creators elementary, law of flesh Rom.7:25, of the Old Testament, to the higher New Testaments law of faith Rom.3:27. In this higher law, the Exchange System is NOT money, but faith in God, and Gods sacrificial love toward the brethren Jn.15:13. This allows Christians to have all things in common Acts.2:44, without greed, for they were to give more than they were required in a transaction of products or services, to live by faith Rom.1:17. Fact #6 Satan, the god of this world Jn.8:44; 2Cor.4:4 charged His angel Lucifer Isa. 14:12 to turn Gods blessing of fiat money to be a curse. Lucifer made fiat money a private system, where the owners (Satan and his bankers) forced users to sign one sided, illegal contracts, to give up their legal status as living man, to be artificial, dead persons, corporations, to use fiat money. The contract stipulates that this corporation is owned by the bankers, enslaving the living man, by attaching him unknowingly, to his corporation, preventing him to own anything. This is a diabolically ingenious system, of enslavement. Nevertheless, the system is based on deception, and FRAUD, which nullify its contracts. These contracts are our berth certificate, (of a ship not the birth of a human), and our social security contract, drivers license, car and vote registration, church membership, bank accounts, etc. for using fiat money. Fact #7 Christ, our Creator gave us three (3) options, to handle our conflict. Option #1 is to convert, and change our legal and lawful status to obey one of Christs three (3) laws, religion, government, that we may start our spiritual creation process. Option #2 is to see the difference between our Creators and His Anti-gods systems. If we see the conflicts and its seriousness, yet if we are not ready to serve Christ, we can choose to be neutral to each other. Option #3 is to choose to enforce the Anti-gods codes on Christs servants. This establish our legal status of idolatry, making us an enemy to our Creator. This brings the pre-ordained penalty of God Lk.19:27, which Gods mighty angels execute Mat.13:39, and at time suddenly Acts.5:1-10. I pray that instead of us becoming enemies, we become friends, seeing that we both were made VICTIMS by our Creator, and His Anti-god by Him creating evil Isa.45:7, to force us to be enemies, UNTIL we are given to find the way to eternal life Mat.7:14. I pray that

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you be protected from the CATACLYSMIC changes, of Gods three WOES coming between now and Christs second coming. These three WOES will kill man kind, and will destroy the earth, as it was in Noahs day Mat.24:37. In the reality of our Fathers eternal love, Tom Demeter

As you see by using fiat money we become idolaters. This is the greatest sin, this is why it is the first command of the Ten Commands. Christians must obey a much higher law of faith, so sin is whatsoever not of faith is sin Rom.14:23. 6. How to Repent You repent by becoming a Christian. A Christian must realize that Stan's way is the easy way, and it is for the many to follow Mat.7:13. Gods way is the difficult and narrow way, and it is allowed to be found by a very few Mat.7:14 in this age Eph.1:10. To be a Christian one must fulfill qualifications Mat.3:8, physical, mental, and spiritual. One the most important is that our Father in heaven must call you Jn.6:44. You cant volunteer. Then you must come out of your deceptions, this means to know the difference between Gods ways, and Satans ways. Then you must come out from this world, religiously, legally and financially not to receive the worlds deadly plagues Rev.18:4. Since this world is Satans Mat.4:9 being its God, you must therefore establish legally Christ's Kingdoms Embassy Mat.6:10,33 for Satan, and lawfully for Christ, that He may gain over you legal jurisdiction. You must have Diplomatic Papers showing that Satans government has accepted your Embassy, and you as Christs Ambassador. This is how you become an Ambassador to the world to be NEUTRAL to the world! Your function is NOT to change the world. You are only a witness of Christ Acts.10:41. This requires you to do legal work, and your sacrifice Phil.2:12 to do it. In the Old Testament as long as the Temple functioned Israel were commanded to GIVE Tithes and Offerings Mal.3:8. A Christian do NOT Tithes, for you obey the temporary spiritual law of faith, and GIVE, to support Christs work Acts.13:41, which Gods First Witness is doing for the Christians. As a Christian you must obey the law of faith, so you must live by faith Rom.1:17! You must be FREE from the burdens of this world! This is why you must take a Vow of Poverty Lk.14:33, and to give all what you have to God V26,27. Since God is a spirit, and your assets are physical, you need to form a Non Profit Non Stock Private corporation which belongs to God. Then Christ makes you a Steward of His property, to be His Ambassador. This is how you prepare to qualify to have all things in common with other saints Acts.2:44; 4:32, to change from the Old Testaments Exchange System of 'money,' to the New Testaments love and faith. After you have fulfilled these basic requirements, you are ready to be baptized or re-baptized by one of Gods Elects. You CANT be baptized in the churches, for they all use fiat money the dollar, in a way it is NOT acceptable to our Creator. The churches all have a spirit, just like the churches, and religions had before the flood Josh.23:16. The churches worship another Jesus, who has another spirit, and a another gospel 2Cor.22:4.

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 16 of 17 After baptism you need to do Gods work, not your work. You must realize that you are like Noah was, and people have access to the Creator only through YOU. You are His witness as Jesus was when He was on the earth. You realize that you are doing Gods work, like Noah did! You sound the Midnight Cry Mat.25:6 to the Human Beasts coming, whose deadly wound will be healed Rev.13:3, and after that will come the resurrected Beast, the Anti-christ, and after that will come our Creator Christ. You are aware that our time is short Rev.12:12! You are aware and moved that we are now front of the First WOE, of Gods three (3) WOES, which will destroy the earth and all living on it, as it was in Noahs day Mat.24:37. As a Christian you prepare yourself, and your family and friends, to FLEE Mat.24:20 to Gods second and third Places of Safety Rev.12:6, that you may be protected as a member of the Philadelphia church Rev.3:7-10 from God's three (3) WOES Rev.9:12; 11:14, in His Places of Safety. Christ will remove His Witnesses, Ambassadors from Satan's "this world," that Satan could KILL the Christians to qualify for eternal life, and to destroy the earth as his created function demands Jn.10:10. 7. Why to Become an Elect of God As a spiritual man, having Gods love, you want to overcome your limitations. You want to gain, the Elect's great power to be in the resurrection without dying ICor.15:52; IThes.4:17. You want to have power not only in Gods coming Kingdom Mat.16:27, but now, and when He comes to be in His highest kingdom, to serve angels and man. You see the tremendous opportunities Christ has given us, and you want not only you, but others also to be magnified by Him, that you may be a part of our Fathers glory. As an Elect of God you know that mans and the angels salvation follows the #1 Words, who had to become #2 JESUS to die, to be saved, and by it become #3 CHRIST to be our Savior, and then to be accepted by our Father to be #4 CHRIST JESUS in the Godhead. This is the progression of Gods true operation of salvation. Mans SALVATION start in Satans lawless confusion, and deception that he is free when he is a slave. Then God lifts man #1 into the Old Testament law of flesh, and its exchange system of money, to keep the Sabbath, and to sacrifice animals, to learn what is good, being Gods slave. Then Christ #2 lifts us, like JESUS was, into the New Testaments spiritual law of faith, and its exchange system of 'faith and love,' to be a Christian having an angelic spirit, to be a Free man to keep every day holy, and to have all things in common with others, yet responsible individually, having authority to discharge debt, and create money, when needed, to learn to love other by self sacrifice. A Christian is advanced to be an Elect, like #3 CHRIST was in Gods Mystery Administration and its law of the spirit, and its exchange system of 'grace and mercy' being now god, having Gods holy spirits POWER to judge the idolatry of man and angels. The Elects are learning how to sacrifice evil (man and angels) to start their conversion to be good. An Elect is then advanced by the resurrection #4 to be in the Godhead, as CHRIST JESUS is now, completing our spiritual creation, being free, finding our REST Heb.4:8-10, being eternal where our sacrifice is now not needed, being perfect as our Father is Mat.5:48.

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 17 of 17 As an Elect you can show others that they can be magnified #1 in Satans system of lawlessness, or anarchy, and its Exchange System of fiat money, being an unconverted man, and die. You can show people a #2 second choice to be in the Words Old Testaments system, and its temporary good and evil, law of flesh, and its Exchange System of money, to receive temporary glory now, without Gods true salvation. You can also offer people Gods third #3 option to be in Jesus New Testament which is also based on the temporary good and evil law of faith, and its Exchange System of faith and love, to receive glory in the ages to come Eph.2:7 in the future, as a Christian. Here salvation is given to us through death! Your final fourth #4 gift is Christs Mystery Administrations way of glory, based on the eternal only good, law of the spirit, and its Exchange System of grace and mercy to Gods lower administrations, to have eternal glory, as an Elect of God. Salvation is given here without dying ICor.15:52; IThes.4:17. You want to give TIME to others as an Elect of God, to REPENT, knowing that for your, the Elects shake, our Creator will withhold the evil 2Thes.2:6, the arrival of the man of sin V.3. As a Christian you can believe that CATACLYSMIC events soon will affect the earth, in the First WOE Rev.9:12! You know that the arrival of Planet X, Star Wormwood Rev.8:11, brings the martyrdom of the saints, and the death of a third of humanity. You CAN now believe that we are at the End of this World Mat.24:3, which the un-converted CANT believe. You can sound the Midnight Cry Mat.25:5, the alarm that the world now can not be saved! You know that we can call people out of this dying society. You see that the soon coming, short peace and prosperity Dan.8:25 will only deceive people that the END is avoided, and Christs millennium has started without the destruction of the world, and Jerusalem Zech.14:4, and Gods true salvation. You will WARN others that the Christ they are waiting for, and will receive is the another Christ, and its another spirit, and anther gospel which is NOT the true Christs. As a Christian you want to notify all people that this AGE is not the only age of salvation, but only the beginning, preparing humanity and the angel kinds for their salvation in the ages to come Eph.2:7. You want to bring the good news to ALL men, that our Creator LOVES them, and has pre-ordained their salvation 2Tim.1:9, if they are willing to accept it, and save them from their wrong religion, and the CATACLYSMIC events. As an Elect of God, I ask you to become a true Christian, and then to advance to be an Elect of God. Please let me know your intentions. I am looking for twelve (12) to work with, and ask you to also look for twelve (12), to reach Gods First Fruits, and Gods Great Multitude. I pray that you study this concentrated summary and learn the truth, to accept our Fathers CALL to be one of His Elects, to Choose LIFE to live, and to LOVE others to be saved from death, and to be in the resurrection without dying. Your salvation was pre-ordained 2Tim.1: 9, but YOU need to accept it, and offer your sacrifices, or you will LOSE your great gifts and blessings Mat.10:28. May Christ open your spirit, and your mind.

# 008 We are ALL Deceived, and Must Repent Page 18 of 17 In the reality of our Fathers Eternal love, Tom Demeter

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