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TRACK SPEQ offers services that add value and protect your investment. Our professional engineers, managers and field team have the experience and know how to cover all phases of the life cycle in an effective manner. We assist our clients from project initiation, design, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance for Railroad Infrastructure, Operations and Equipment.

We work with railroad, public and private customers: Railroad: Ferromex Kansas City Southern Panama Canal Railway Ferrosur Genesee and Wyoming Arkansa And Missouri RR Private Industries: Dupont McSteel Washington Penn Plastic Stiva Industrial Park Hersheys Johnsons Controls Puerta del Norte Controladora de Terminales Mxico CEMEX Agricel Louis Dreyfus Puerto Interior Pirelli Volkswagen Government Nuevo Len Veracrz Tamaulipas Ecuador Government Costa Rica Government

Our experience in Design/Construction/Operation highlights our main competitive advantage which brings the highest potential value to our rail customer in anticipating constructability and operative aspects in at design phase. This combination of specialists and local knowledge enables us to provide integrated planning, engineering, project management, construction, operation and maintenance for specific facilities such as industrial and railroad yards, stations, workshops, intermodal terminals and ports.

TRACK SPEQ has operations in Mexico and USA. In 2009 Unirail LLC an Investment and consulting firm in the railroad industry purchase a minority share of the Track Speq. Unirail as specializes in different sectors of the railroad industry: such investments vary from railroad ownership in US and South America, transloading railroad terminals and other related areas. This partnership is strategic to increase competitive advantage by having access to many seasoned railroad specialist, investors, clients and projects.


In addition TRACK SPEQ has different partnering firms with who develops strategic alliances to execute engineering projects, example of such firms are Wilson and Company, PriceWaterHouse Montevideo and Louis Berger Group, among others.


TRACK SPEQ prestige relies on the quality of its project managers and team, rail specialists, industry professionals, supervisors, foremen and trackmen, and equipment operators. All this together adds up to TRACK SPEQs capacity to deliver projects in safe and cost-effective manner. In Summary: Our team participants have the experience from work on the following projects:

Relevant Projects
Design and Engineering Studies for intermodal terminals in Mexico and Panama: The scope included market study, site selection, design, engineering and construction management for the development. In Toluca Chrysler Multi Terminal Expansion and Reconfiguration. Both intermodal and Car Spot Facility. Intermodal Terminal: Maclovio Herrera (Toluca), Interpuerto Terminal (San Luis Potosi, Monterrey). Terminal Yard Sanchez: Nuevo Laredo Swithching terminal with Customs Inspections in the Yard. Panama Intermodal Terminals: Balboa Intermodal Terminal, and Manzanillo Intermodal Terminal (last two in Panama). Our team had direct and key participation in these projects. Consultancy services were directly awarded to one of our partner firms Wilson and Company/Hanson-Wilson Inc by Kansas City Southern Mexico.

Balboa Intermodal Terminal Panama 2

Pirelli and Volskwagen Puerto Interior Guanajuato: Currently working in developing conceptual design of the siding extension and industrial tracks into Puerto Interior Industrial Park for Pirelli and Volskwagen. Inter-City Passenger Train Guanajuato The government of Guanajuato directly assigned to Louis Berger Group consultancy services contract to develop a financial re-dimensioning of an intercity train in Guanajuato. The scope of works involved the generation of various alternative scenarios to re-dimension infrastructure and equipment requirements for the originally proposed 150km network. Included reviewing stations requirements, train frequencies, track infrastructure (double track vs single and sidings requirements), equipment, operation and maintenance requirements, parametric costs of operation and investments and finally generating final recommendations on best technical and financial alternative. Design and Build of Puerta del Norte Railroad Industrial Park in Monterrey Mexico Design and Build Contract to Track SPEQ to build a Cross Dock Terminal and Automotive Terminal for a Puerta del Norte. Included 7km of track design and engineering and permits to SCT (Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes) and KCSM (Kansas City Southern Railroad), construction of 3 track level crossing, installation of signalized level crossings with barriers. All track is continuously welded, built with concrete ties and the fastening system is bolted.

Master Plan Puerta del Norte Cross Dock and Automotive Yard

Design and Build of PYME Nuevo Laredo Logistic Park in Nuevo Laredo Mexico Design and Build of a Cross Dock Facility in Nuevo Laredo for an Industrial Park which will support Medium and Small Industries and Companies. To allow them access to railroad transportation. Construction of 2.5 km of new track, turnouts to connect to main line.

Nuevo Laredo Logistic Park Cross Dock Terminal 3

Engineering and Consulting Services

Value Engineering, Supervision and Alignment Design of the Panama Canal Railway Reconstruction: The scope of work included reviewing an existing project design which involved the geometric alignment, construction procedures, materials and quantities with the objective of identify cost savings opportunities which materialized substantial savings. The work was directly executed by our partner firm Wilson and Company. Panama Canal Railroad Lake Gatun Design and Engineering for Louise Dreyfus Grain Distribution Center: Contracted for the Design and Engineering. Including negotiation with Kansas City Southern Railroad and execute all the permits with Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT). Railroad Infrastructure Due Diligence Study for the Uruguayan Railroad: Directly contracted by a Railroad Investment Company to undertake a Due Dilligence study to assess the infrastructure condition of the Uruguayan Railroad Network and support in the preparation to bid for the Concession of the Operation, Maintenance and Marketing of the Railroad. Railroad Feasibilty Study for the Concession of the: Subcontracted by PriceWaterHouse and the Government of Costa Rica to undertake a Due Dilligence study to review the infrastructure condition of the track, rolling stock, locomotives, maintenance equipment, Railroad, Port and Terminal Operations, actual sales and sales projections, in order to complete a feasibility study for the Government of Costa Rica to support the intentions to bid the Concesion of their Railroad Infrastructure. The Study included assessing actual conditions, department objectives, best practices and procedures, areas of opportunities, operative expenses, reconfiguration and redimension of the operation, investment requirements. Train Transportation Schedule Design for the Jamaican Railroad: Subcontracted by PriceWaterHouse to analyse the existing and projected traffics in the Railroad Network to optimize and develop the new train schedule. Railroad Infrastructure Due Diligence Study for Ecuador Railroad: Directly contracted by the Government of Ecuador to undertake a Due Dilligence study to review the rehabilitation/reconstruction program for the railroad infrastructure and preparation of the terms and conditions of the rehabilitation bidding documents.

Design and Construction Industrial

Design of Transloading Terminal and Industrial Railroad Yard in Apodaca Nuevo Leon for STIVA Industrial Park Developments.

Cross Dock and Transloading Facility Apodaca NL Design of Louis Dreyfus Grain Transloading Terminal, Perote Veracruz Conceptual Design and Detail Engineering for the Design of Siding and Yard Tracks for a Coffee grain Distribution Center. Design and Build of MC Steel Facility in Monterrey, Mexico Design and Build of 2km of track construction, including siding expansion, 100m of track embedded in concrete, installation of turnouts in main line, permits with SCT and KCSM. Design and Build the Track Reconfiguration for Dupont Monterrey Mexico Design and Build of .5km of track construction, installation of turnouts in main line, permits with SCT and KCSM. Design and Build the Track Expansion for Washington Penn Plastic Industries in Monterrey Mexico Design and Build of .5 km of track construction, installation of turnouts in main line, permits with SCT and KCSM.


Railroads. Construction and Maintenance on Class 1 Railroads

KCSM Rehabilitation of Railroad Crossings: Rehabilitation of 32 level crossings from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo Area. Replacing wood ties, fastenings, wood panels, ballast, drainage, and installation of asphalt, track surfacing and alignment. KCSM Rehabilitation of Lazaro Cardenas Yard: Rehabilitation of 1.5 km track replacing all wood ties, ballast, fastenings, surfacing and alignment. KCSM Annual Concrete Tie Replacement Program installing 150,000 Ties Per Year. 5 Consecutive Year annual contract for concrete tie replacement in all KCSM network. FXE Turn out and Wood/Concrete Tie replacement with FXE. Replacement of 5,000 wood ties and 2000 concrete ties, and 9 Turn outs No 10 AREMA in Northern Region. FXE Rehabilitation of Access Track to Altamira Port: Including Surfacing work and replacing 6000 ties. Installation of 25 BSNF-UP Turnouts in Main Line track of US Class 1 Railroads: Replacement, assembly and Installation in various sites of the KCSM Railroad Network.

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