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ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Serve as Superintendent in the absence of the Superintendent Plan, direct, coordinate, and participate in the recruitment, interview, background check, selection, and assignment of certificated, classified and management staff for elementary, secondary, adult/alternative education, and summer/intercession programs. Screen and process applications of certificated and classified candidates. Set interviews for selection purposes and make recommendations to the Superintendent for appointments and for presentation to the Board of Trustees. Coordinate staff transfer and leave requests consistent with District criteria. Provide assistance, as needed to enable certificated staff to obtain and maintain appropriate credentials. Coordinate the development and interpretation of personnel-related Board policies and administrative regulations. Provide information and assistance to designated school principals, assistant principals, and other managers, as required. Serve as Districts Chief Negotiator. Gather data, coordinate and assist in the implementation of collective bargaining agreements, as well as on issues within the scope of collective bargaining legislation. Provide support services for each management team member to gain the skill, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to successfully manage the Districts employee performance evaluation programs and labor contracts. Maintain appropriate personnel record keeping and provide data, as required by District staff and outside agencies. Be responsible for the affirmative action and Title IX programs of the District, as they relate to the recruitment and selection of all personnel. Provide quality substitute (guest) teacher services, including professional training and periodic performance reviews. Regularly visit school/work sites, observing employees in the performance of their duties. Plan and coordinate employee orientation, recognition and retirement programs. Counsel with employees to resolve complaints, difficulties, and other matters related to personnel management and work with administrators on difficult and sensitive human resource matters. Advise personnel on contractual provisions, salary placement, column advancement, credentialing, fringe benefits, performance expectations and retirement procedures. Maintain documentation and process the recommendation for employee discipline, suspension and/or dismissal procedures. Secure and evaluate human resource department staff to attain District goals and objectives.

Assist in determining personnel needs of the school/departments, in cooperation with other divisions and cabinet members. Assist in the preparation and resolution of grievance, mediation, or arbitration cases. Attend Board and Cabinet meetings, job fairs, legal symposiums and other meetings/conferences, as requested. As the Districts Representative, attend Personnel Commission meetings and work cooperatively with the Personnel Director in matters under the jurisdiction of the Personnel Commission in this Merit District. If certificated, observe probationary teachers for reelection recommendation to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees. Assist in preparation and presentation of professional development training workshops for District staff. Process and administer personnel request, in collaboration with accounting services. Prepare and review Board agenda items for discussion and/or action at regular meetings. Monitor K-12 class size at all school sites and provide Superintendent with recommendations. Maintain an awareness of California school laws and legal decisions relating to personnel practices. Serve on District committees, as requested by the Superintendent. If certificated, conduct regular classroom visitations to support classroom teachers and to monitor the District instructional support services, K-12. Direct the creation of and edit for publication all personnel-related forms, brochures, employee handbooks, and materials. Read professional literature in order to remain current regarding developments and trends in human resources, and provide leadership in determining their appropriateness for inclusion in District programs. Assist in the coordination of the Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment (BTSA) Program, including ongoing professional training for beginning teachers. Participate in the annual evaluation of classified managers, as requested. If certificated, participate in the annual evaluation of site administrators, as requested. Direct, manage, plan, organize, and provide administrative leadership of all financial aspects of the organization, including strategic and long-range financial and budget planning. Supervise, direct and evaluate the maintenance, operations, transportation, accounting, purchasing, risk management, warehouse and nutrition services programs of the District. Attend Board meetings and prepare Board agenda items pertaining to the budget and financial aspects of the District. Serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer of the District and supervises the financial affairs districtwide, including handling all funds, purchasing, accounting and reports procedures and strategic long-term planning. Assist in the determination of type of programs and services needed by the schools and make appropriate recommendations. Interprets the programs, philosophy, and policies of the District to staff, students and stakeholders of the community. Directs and coordinates the Districts attendance accounting procedures and student information system. Manages the Districts health and welfare, real estate and insurance programs. Administers legal claims and records for such programs, including employee and student accident claims and employee claims for reimbursement. Develops and administers a program for purchasing supplies and equipment and maintains accurate inventory control and record systems. Assist in the preparation of capital facilities plans and budgets.

May serve as the Chief Academic Officer and provide supervision to Directors and Principals. Serve as liaison with public agencies, technical consultants, and specialists regarding issues related to design and construction. Conduct complex studies relating to demographics, building trends, enrollment projections, economics and land values. Assist in development of recommendation for selection and purchase of new school sites and modifications to existing campus areas. Obtain survey, geological and environmental planning data for construction projects. Assist in the preparation of accurate and timely reports on the status of all capital facilities accounts, including cash flow analysis, state accounting reports, expense reports, and audits. Assure compliance with Division of State Architect specifications and requirements. Serve as District representative to communicate construction plans to the public, District employees, and Board of Trustees. May serve as the District Special Education Executive Director and provide supervision to all Special Education staff including Director, Coordinator, and School Psychologist Develop and maintain inventory of all square footage of permanent and portable buildings, including their ownership status for District and state reports. Accurately calculate and prepare forms for District eligibility for facilities funding programs. Maintain current accurate knowledge of legislation related to school facilities and growth accommodation. Assist in preparation of a District Master Plan. Utilize project management systems, practices, methods and techniques to evaluate progress relative to plans. Ability to speak articulately in public. Perform related duties as assigned by the District Superintendent. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: EDUCATION: If certificated, possession of a valid California Administrative Services Credential. BA/BS Masters Degree desirable. Valid Drivers License and Insurability required. EXPERIENCE: Three years successful teaching experience required. Three years successful Principal experience desired. District-level Human resources experience desired. Three years successful experience with budgeting and accounting required. Facilities planning, construction, or related experiences highly desirable. WORKING CONDITIONS: Environment: Office environment with school site and classroom visits.

Physical Abilities: Hearing and speaking to exchange information and make presentations; seeing to read and prepare plans, reports and related documents.