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A Presentation of Initiative and Dedication

Presented by: Michelle Price

Hello and thank you for taking the time to review this extended resume, My name is Michelle Price. I am talented, hard working, dedicated, determined, and effective. In one statement, I can best be described as a jack of all trades. My greatest strength is problem solving. This skill allows me to work well within any industry in a coordinating position. I pride myself on taking initiative to complete tasks and see them through to their successful completion. In my current position, I work as a scheduling and project coordinator for a third-party certification organization where I am responsible for coordinating auditing schedules for some of the leading businesses in their industry as well as creating proposals for new and existing clients, preparing audit plans, coordinating our annual industry audit, and a variety of other tasks. In this extended resume, I have provided a list of my existing job functions, as well as over 35 references from clients, auditors, and former management at my current job. These references provide witness and verification of my ability to perform my job at a high level of success. Thank you for your time and attention.


1. Answer client emails throughout the day


2. Answer phone calls throughout the day and direct to the person responsible if unable to provide an answer 3. Maintain excel tracker to keep track of clients that do not have signed terms and conditions (Form 58) and proposals on file 4. Send continual client follow up emails until I receive a signed terms and conditions (Form 58) and signed proposal prior to the scheduled on-site activity takes place 5. Schedule all ANAB witness audits 6. Main scheduling contact for ANAB 7. Schedule/Coordinate with the auditors and clients for TRC client audits 8. Maintain excel scheduling calendar 9. Create ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 audit plans 10. Assist Aerospace auditors in their pre-audit planning activities for AS 9100/9120:2009 which includes draft audit plan, supplying Appendix D Process Matrix to the client for verification, verifying ITAR restrictions, verifying number of shifts, verifying client ASD (Aviation, Space, Defense) top five customers and revenue percentages prior to every Aerospace audit Create audit packages for the auditors for each audit they are scheduled for 11. Provide assistance in revising documents and provide improvement ideas to currently used documents

12. Perform internal client file reviews


13. Proposal creation for call-ins which includes sending application to prospective clients, determining scope code for client, follow up on proposal sign off, if a transfer client: verify we receive transfer information (previous audit report(s) & closed out NCRs) so that we can send to our reviewer, follow up on unsigned proposals and initiate proposal follow ups 14. Review and approve proposal worksheets form 54 15. Initiate, track, send and follow up on suspension and withdrawal letter to clients 16. Send created suspension and withdrawal letters to clients 17. Project Coordinator for National Marketing Solutions campaign which includes preparing quotes as leads come in, sending quotes to the prospective clients, following up with each lead may delegate tasks to staff accordingly 18. Maintain National Marketing Solutions listing in excel 19. Maintain and update leads and proposals excel tracker 20. Maintain and update current client excel tracker

21. Assist in auditor recruitment which includes check databases (OASIS / RABQSA) for auditors, compile a list of auditors to contact, inform auditors of what is required to become a TRC approved auditor in initial contact


22. Assist with approved auditor qualifications such as scope code form *example when an auditor needs a specific scope code to audit a current client and they do not have that scope code I request that the approved auditor complete the scope code form 43 for Aida to score and approve before scheduling them for the audit 23. Participate in all internal audits, ANAB audits, management review meetings and advisory board meetings 24. Maintain client information on form 20 25. Schedule auditors for their 5 year witness audit so that they can stay on the TRC approved auditor list

Dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction and customer retention *see customer, former management, and auditor performance review letters Increased company-wide workflow productivity


Created excel tracker to keep track of clients that do not have signed terms and conditions (From 58) and proposals on file Created Aerospace Rev. C audit plan template Trained to review assessments uploaded into OASIS 100% Score: TRC Root-Cause Analysis Self-Study Certificate of Completion Certificate of Achievement: AS9100 Rev C Webinar Effectively prioritize and organize work loads in a constantly changing environment to meet the demands of clientele Commended by former and current management on numerous occasions for the quality and consistency of my performance Create and present an excellent image of the company and its services to customers, and coordinate and communicate well with clientele and management Transition from scheduling coordination in addition to project coordination

Valair Aviation - Jim Slack "The level of service we have received from TRC has dramatically improved since you came aboard. You're addition to the team has done nothing but strengthen the TRC reputation with Valair Aviation." Silicon Integration - Nicholas Worroll "For our 2011 audit she recommended that we schedule our audit earlier than we had originally requested in case we had to close out any NCR's. We followed her advice, and scheduled it earlier. It was great advice, we did have some NCR's which may not have been resolved soon enough if we had our audit scheduled closer to our certification expiration." Waples Manufacturing - Mike Gilstrap "In all honesty, Michelle exemplifies the reason we chose The Registrar Company as our new AS9100 registrar." UXB International - Stacye Lucas "You have been a tremendous asset to making milestones clear. I do not believe that we would have been recertified without your assistance and organizational skills." First Tape and Label - Vincent Mitchell "She has been my main point of contact throughout this process. Whether it is an issue she has an answer for or not, she makes sure that my questions are forwarded to the appropriate person(s). If I had to rate her pe rformance, I would give her an A; simply because this whole process is very new to all of us here at First Tape and Label and she has helped me with gaining all of the understanding I have needed to help this process go smoothly as well as helping us form the decision of choosing TRC as our Certification Body." Muto Technology, Inc. - David Muto "Her availability was beyond question and we would be pleased to recommend TRC to others due partly to her work." Wellco Enterprises - Sherrie Pierce "Michelle demonstrates how excellent customer service can have lasting effects on customer relationships."


Superior Washer and Gasket Corp. - Richard Anderson "If we keep receiving quality service like this we would have no need to ever seek quotes from new registrars."


Pinned Wire and Cable, Inc. - Linda Campbell "Pinner Wire and Cable had fallen behind in scheduling routine audits and I was asked to try to get us back on-track. I began working with Michelle in late 2010 and she diligently worked with us to get our audits back within specified guidelines. We have not failed to meet a scheduled deadline since we began working with her, she is pleasant with and continuously strives to make our audit scheduling process virtually effortless." Acton Metal Processing Corp. - Todd Walsh "I have noticed significant improvements since you have taken over the scheduling for us in December 2010. We really appreciate the increased level of communication and coordination." DFW Test - Tim Durbin "We had a very tight schedule last fall in order to meet our certification requirements before the end of the year and she helped to alleviate much of the stress our management team was feeling with her prompt, professional replies to requests and diligence in following through and making it happen with everyone on the TRC side." Beacon Maritime - Paul Campbell "We have had a great working relationship and she has always demonstrated to Beacon that she takes her responsibilities seriously and goes out of her way to make sure that these surveillance audits are scheduled to meet the needs of TRC's customers and auditors. I look forward to many more years of working with Mrs. Price and TRC." Barbara Lankford - TRC Auditor "Her audit planning is completed early and has been a great benefit in aiding my preparation and planning of upcoming audits. Clients have commented on the benefit of having their Audit Planning earlier in order to accurately prepare for the audit."

Mr.FrederickJ.Becker 1404WillowrossWay FlowerMound,TX75028

20July2012 Mr.AllanCouch TheRegistrarCompany,Inc. 300NorthCoitRoad,Ste.800 Richardson,TX75080 DearAllan, HavingworkedwithMichellePrice,bothfromaManagementpositionatTheRegistrarCompany,Inc., andnowasanIndependentAuditor,Iwouldliketoexpressthefollowing. Michelleisanextremelypersonableindividualwhoisabletoworkeffectivelyandcongeniallywith management,clients,coworkers,andauditorsalike.Shebringsalightnesstotheatmosphereofany situationwhilestillmaintainingastrictfocusonthebusinessathand.Sheworkspatientlyevenunder thepressureofsometimesdifficultschedulingsituationsmakingherapleasuretoworkwithasa scheduler.(Havingworkedwithmanyschedulers,thiscannotbesaidofmost.)Shehasrespectfor everyonesheworkswith,nomatterwhattheirposition.Whenurgentbusinessmattersandpressures arise,Ihavealwaysknowherto,gotheextramile,togetthejobdone. Sheisintelligent,afastlearner,organized,setsprioritieswell,anddoesagoodjoboffollowup.Her abilitiestoapplylearnedconceptsmakeheranexcellentcandidateforfuturepromotion.Currently, workingwithherasanIndependentAuditor,mywife(whoassistsmeinthisventure)andIfindhera completejoytoworkwithandherconstantpositiveandcheerfulattitudehavegreatlyencouragedand assistedus. Bestregards,

FrederickJ.Becker RegisteredQMSLeadAssessorandAerospaceAIEA HomeOfficeNumber:4695494457 Cell:9723756109

RalphFutchUSN(RET) RQBQSACertifiedAIEALeadAuditor 9046739963 Subj: CustomerFeedbackIRTMichellePrice

IwouldliketotakethisopportunitytoremarkontheperformanceregardingMs.MichellePrice.In orderformetodeliverahighqualityproductforTheRegistrarCompany(TRC)ittakesmorethan merelyplanningandconductinganauditalone. IcannotaccomplishthistaskwithouttheflawlesssupportofMichelle.Eachauditrequiresplanning, schedulingandfollowupsandshemorethanensuresthehighestqualityproductisdeliveredinatimely fashion. Iamaverybusyperson,andtobetotallyhonest,MichelleisvitalinkeepingmeontracktoensureI maintainfocus.WithouttheunendingandflawlesssupportfromMichelleIdonotbelieveIcould maintainthequalityalone.IpersonallythankMichelleforherpatienceandsupport. IntheterminologyoftheUnitedStatesNavy.BravoZuluMichelle. Regards, RalphF.FutchUSN(RET) 9046739963

1805 NE 10th Avenue, Payette, Idaho, 83661 www.tetonmachine.com To: Whom it May Concern The Registrar Company, Inc. 300 North Coit Road, Suite 800 Richardson, TX 75080

Date: 07/13/2012 Regarding: Michelle Price

Since Michelle Price has been working with TRC, we have seen a great improvement in communication and the overall experience working with TRC. Prior to working with Michelle, it was very difficult to communicate and get information for our audits. One instance that comes to mind is, during our 2009 or 2010 surveillance audit, neither our auditor nor us had received the audit plan or scope of the audit. This information was not available to us until the morning of the audit, which gave our Auditor no time to prepare. The communication problems had me wondering why we continued to use TRC for our ISO needs. Now working with Michelle, our 2011 audit went very smoothly and the preparation for our 2012 audit is complete. Communication and planning is great now. Even when there were difficulties getting an Auditor scheduled for our 2011 audit, Michelle was able to get us information quickly to help us choose an alternate auditor. Overall, I have nothing but positives experiences working with Michelle and look forward to working with her in the future. I no longer have any question in my mind if we should use TRC. Best Regards, Jeremy Boles Quality Assurance Manager and ISO Management Representative Teton Machine Company

1805 NE 10th Ave, Payette, ID, PH 208-642-9344, FX 208-642-9346

Doc. # QMS 080606-1 Rev. 02

(870)772-7931 (800)525-6676 P.O. BOX 1365 TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS 71854 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter in reference to the audit scheduling of Michelle Price. We would like it to be known that we are very pleased with her performance and the job she has done so far. We have no complaints about her. She has been very helpful during the certification process. Not only has Michelle done an outstanding job with scheduling; she has also been extremely helpful to me as far as answering any questions I have had. She has been my main point of contact throughout this process. I always get a quick response from here. Whether it is an issue that she has an answer for or not, she has makes sure that my questions are forwarded to the appropriate person(s). If I had to rate her performance, I would give her an A; simply because this whole process is very new to all of us here at First Tape & Label and she has helped me with gaining all of the understanding I have needed to help this process go smoothly as well as helping us form the decision of choosing TRC as our Certification Body. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time M-Thu 8:00a.m. 5:00p.m. Regards, Vincent Mitchell FIRST TAPE AND LABEL 1810 GILLILAND TEXARKANA, AR 71854 1-800-525-6676 FAX: (870)772-5509 E-Mail: bvmitchell@firsttaopenadlabel.com

July13,2012 TheRegistrarCompany,Inc. 300NorthCoitRoad,Ste.800 Richardson,TX75080 Re:AuditScheduling ToWhomItMayConcern: IwantedtotakethisopportunitytosharewithyouourschedulingexperienceswithTheRegistrar CompanysincewebeganworkingwithMichellePriceafewyearsago. PinnerWire&CablehadfallenbehindinschedulingroutineauditsandIwasaskedtotryandgetus backontrack.IbeganworkingwithMichelleinlate2010andshediligentlyworkedwithustogetour auditsbackwithinspecifiedguidelines.Wehavenotfailedtomeetascheduleddeadlinesincewe beganworkingwithher,sheispleasanttoworkwithandshecontinuouslystrivestomakeouraudit schedulingprocessvirtuallyeffortless. Sincerely, LindaCampbell OperationsManager /lc