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Is concentration the enemy of connection?

Our energy can be thought of fluid, and like fluid it can be contracted, in which case is becomes concentrated, or it can be expanded in which case it becomes thinner and more permeable. In our daily lives concentration of our energy is useful. It is required in fact because that is what is required in order to focus your mental energy. The mind performs its various mental tricks and skills based on the ability to concentrate and focus that energy. The side effect of this concentration is that your energy can become impermeable. It's as if it hardens and becomes more solid. This solidity feeds two main needs: 1 it is necessary to bring the mind under control and focus its energies to a directed purpose. 2: as far as I can tell it allows people to feel secure and solid. If we were to really accept the world as entirely made of energy and our reality is just an illusion most people would not be able to handle the mysterious and uncertain nature of it all. Creating a feeling of solidity is a way of solidifying the illusion into a form that seems more tangible. (this is perhaps going beyond the limits of this discussion however) Returning to the discussion at hand when we allow our energy to expand, to become more permeable and fluid we instantly notice more connection. This connection can happen with the land around us (especially if we are in nature) but it can also happen in a crowded place - in fact you may notice when you try this, you are more able to "feel" what is going on for another person and be able to empathise with them. You may be more able to "feel into" another person and actually see into their inner lives well beyond what they are actually saying. Take this expansion into the bush or the forest and you may find that you are able to connect with the land around you, and feel into the flora and fauna around you. Fully allowing your energy to become permeable and to expand out further and further you offer yourself up to receive deep wisdom from the land around you - from the earth, even from divine sources. Our society tends to favour contraction over expansion in the realm of consciousness, we tend to work more with survival instincts and limit our sensory input to what will immediately keep us safe and fulfil our needs rather than to work with evolution and connection, where we would consciously expand our sensory availability in order to foster connection and unity. This is not say that one way is better than the other - there is a need for both and my point is that we are already very well versed in one way of being - we habitually "harden ourselves against" rather than "open to" and it's time we started to at least practise the other way. This practise will allow us to become more fluid in our sprits - rather than being stuck in one way of being which tends to limit us to living the same kind of life and create the same kind of results over

and over. Rather, it will allow is to soften our ridged ways of being, become more fluid and flexible and allow us to foster faster and more graceful change in our lives. Taking this understanding out into the world and especially out into nature will also allow us to connect more deeply with the wisdom of spirit and rally the support of forces greater than ourselves. ================================================================================= The practise: Go out into nature (preferably by yourself) and sit somewhere high where you can see for a fair distance around you. Breath and allow yourself to become calm and centred. Allow your lungs to fill with cool, fresh, lifecharged air. Notice your energy -notice the edges of your energy - the shape - the density, colour and anything else that seems obvious about it. Allow it to expand, 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet (1 meter), breath. Expand it 2 meters, 4 meters , 10 meters. Feel into the shape of it - are you only expanding in one direction or all around? - adjust to make your awareness to expand in all directions at once (around you and also above you and under you into the earth - expand in a sphere) Sit with this level for a time... Expand as you see fit - as far as you like... breath.... remember to breath. When you are done playing... consciously bring that sphere back to a comfortable level based on what you are going to do next in your day... and go about your business noticing your changed perspective. ==================================================================================
Mike Madhava is a visionary, a healer and an experimenter. His passion of finding ways of living more of our potential, expanding our thinking and our horizons and "dreaming in" a more connected world living in sync with the earth is expressed in his writings and experiential training programs and recordings. You can find out more about this work at http://medicineforyourmind.com

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