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The Mindset of the World's Most Successful People

By Max Kezooki
It doesn't matter who they are - businessmen, artists, sportsmen, inventors - successful people have more things in common than you think. These common attitudes and qualities have been very effective in helping them see things that other people don't see, rise above their personal troubles and outperform their competitors. In other words, they have a successful mindset. You too, can develop this mindset and harness its power to change your life. You just have to realize that half of what earns you success is being prepared for it. Here are some ways to change your current mindset into a mindset of success...

Have vision and focus. Successful people are conditioned to look forward, to always ask what if and why not. It is this innate curiosity and openness for new things that help them develop a creative mind. A creative mind can see beyond the present; it can see possibilities and combinations that are otherwise unavailable to closeminded people. It is this sense of vision and tenacity of focus that keeps them crying out, Eureka! while everyone else are scratching their heads. Case in point: a trucker named Malcolm Mclean, who, as he watched the contents of his truck being loaded onto a ship in 1937, thought that it would be much faster and more convenient if the trailer itself were lifted instead. He turned that idea into a vision and that vision was containerized shipping, revolutionizing the shipping industry.

Take calculated risks. You know stories of people who made blind leaps of faith and landed on a ton of money but they are more the exception than the rule. Successful people are not afraid of risk but rather view it not as a danger, but more of a probability that could result to a lot of possible outcomes, some of which can be very profitable. Don't blame your parents. Or anybody else, for that matter. Successful people know better than to waste time pointing fingers when things go wrong. They don't bother complaining, instead, they roll up their sleeves and do something. They take responsibility for their action. Learn to give credit. Successful people know to whom they owe their achievements. They recognize other people's contributions and do not pretend to be who they are not. Successful people are smart enough to recognize a higher power, regardless of their faith. It is this recognition that makes them retain a humility and a sense of

integrity and charity to share their wealth and knowledge.

Never stop learning. Success is built upon failure and failure truly is not learning from mistakes. Successful people know that mistakes are inevitable in any areas in life but they do not take their failure for granted. For them, failing at one thing is a surefire guarantee that they will succeed at it the next time around. Oprah Winfrey was once fired from her job in television. If she just gave up right there, she wouldn't have known the kind of blessings that she enjoys today. Don't believe in luck. Make it. People with the success mindset are unusually "lucky." Or so you think. They don't really have magic formula; they just know how to create and take advantage of opportunities. They prefer to focus on positive expectations rather than focusing on drawbacks. And they are not easily cowed. They are tenaciously resilient. Always on the lookout, successful people see problems as opportunities for change. While other people see a barren land, they see a city of casinos and hotels. Keeping a mindset that's open to possibilities, successful people almost always find themselves in the right place at the right time.

Learn to network. Success-oriented people recognize the value of social capital. They know that success is not a one-man operation. They surround themselves with the kind of people whose talents, skills and knowledge can complement their own. It doesn't matter whether they themselves are misfits or nonconformists, they know better to choose the right kind of people to work with. Successful people align themselves with other people who think like winners and stay away from naysayers, while keeping an ear out nonetheless. Marcian Hoff was assigned by his employer, Intel, to work with a group to design silicon chips for a hand-held calculator. They instead managed to create the microprocessor.

Have the persistence to rise above your condition. Successful people didn't always start out on the right foot. Some, like designer Tommy Hilfiger and environment champion Erin Brockovich, suffered from learning disorders but they never let their condition or family life hinder them from making their way. They didn't entirely ignore their problems, but chose to focus instead on what they could do and went after it. Case in point: Denyce Graves grew up in the 70's in a single-parent household that could barely make ends meet. Denyce wanted to be an opera singer but there were some obstacles to her path she didn't have a lot of years in training, she had to learn the foreign languages used in the operas and she was black. At the time, people didn't think blacks could excel in opera. Denyce instead worked harder than anyone else, even cleaned dormitories and washed pots just to pay for school. She went on to sing with Placido Domingo and won standing ovation for

her debut in Bizet's Carmen. Max Kezooki is passionate about helping others succeed in their career and personal life. In particular he recommends you check out "How Powerful People Recognize Each Other - The Mindset of Success" by Robert Pante. This is a training manual for those wishing to emulate the truly successful. As one of America's top image consultants, Robert Pante spent his life surrounded by highly successful people. He condensed everything he witnessed over the years into his book. With each additional reading one gains deeper and deeper realizations and insights on this subject and absorbs the essence of what we need to know to become truly powerful and successful. Get more details at Super Powerful People [http://www.kezooki.com/specialoffer/forpetershepherd/].

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As you all know that there are only 5% successful people in the world. This means that only one person in Twenty is capable to achieves success in life. I am not saying all this, infact this is a result of a recent research. And you also know that highly successful people are not born that way. They develop certain characteristics and traits which help them to achieve growth and success in life. We all know that the growth is slow and steady but these people are not afraid of failure or defeat. They just want to pursue their dreams and attain a position and status in the society. It is not difficult to follow the following principles or rules. By following these you will not only be a successful person but also a good human being. And i am sure that all the most successful people in this world definitely follows most of the Rules written below.

uccessful people

1. Look for and find opportunities in places where others can not see. 2. Discover what their real goals and dreams are.

3. Are optimistic or positive thinkers. 4. Have high integrity and speak only the truth. 5. Make detailed action plans for achieving their goals. 6. Never stop in the pursuit of knowledge. 7. Practice patience and persistence in their lives. 8. Stay focused on their priorities. 9. Are creative and imaginative. 10. Have clear communication skills. 11. Seek solutions and do not mourn over problems. 12. Create success for themselves. 13. Do not complain and moan. 14. Do not blame others; rather take responsibility for their actions. 15. Are ambitious and efficient. 16. Are clear about what they want in life. 17. Keep themselves busy. 18. Are life-long learners. 19. Do not believe in chance or luck. 20. Attempt to do the impossible. 21. Are adaptable and ready to accept change. 22. Are physically fit. 23. Are not lazy and lethargic. 24. Set high standards for themselves. 25. Believe in the saying- work while you work, play while you play. 26. Complete what they begin. 27. Practice what they preach 28. Are kind and generous to others. 29. Live life to the fullest. 30. Love to face challenges. 31. Have value for time. 32. Respect their seniors and elders. 33. Care for others. 34. Are reliable and trustworthy. 35. Are humble and submissive in nature. 36. Live within a budget. 37. Get out of bed early. 38. Meditate. 39. Pray regularly. 40. Make reading a habit. 41. Do not procrastinate. 42. Realize the importance of a mentor or coach. 43. Develop an effective network. 44. Can balance both home and work. 45. Know when to take smart risks. 46. Understand the politics of the organization. 47. Give out positive energy to those around them. 48. Laugh it out.

49. Are well organized. 50. Love and value themselves.

Failure is always always the requirement for success. That is, if you want to wildly succeed. Why is it the media, folks on various social media sites and a multitude of others are absolutely giddy when someone or some large company fails at something? The most successful people I have ever met have failed miserably in the past at something, if not several things. It's because they aren't afraid to try something new and they learn from those failures and move forward. Others are left behind never trying new things, never making mistakes and never learning anything about what works and what doesn't. For every next best thing, there is a landfill full of things that didn't work. KISS without the makeup, New Coke, Google Wave, Clear Pepsi, my acting career in Los Angeles, possibly Skating With the Stars, and on and on. The best thing about our failures is that while others reveling in our mistakes, smugly thinking they are superior...we are off somewhere creating the next best thing! I suggest you get to work and go try to fail at something.

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