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address P11-D-02-01, Sri Lavender Apt., Taman Sepakat Indah II, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.

tel +60 12 619 1117 e-mail ami@sptnkswthrt.com web http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com

FASHION BLOGGER Journalism, Fashion

Prolific fashion journalist who writes event reports, review brand/product introductory & exhibit daily outfit showcase. Social Media Stats Facebook fans: > 7400 Blogger in fashion related field. Possesses detailed knowledge in Twitter followers: > 4600 latest fashion trends and tips, fashion styling, fashion Instagram followers: > photography and able to explain fashion concepts and ideas in a 6500 Pose.com likes: > 45000 clear and relatable way to the average reader. likes Tumblr followers: > 2200 Adept at influencing target audience to follow trends and to


compel mass reader to be fond of a certain brand or product. Attend press launches, fashion shows and fashion related events. social media: Responds to tip-offs and news releases through email and spreads the news through social media http://twitter.com/amischahe & blogging. era https://facebook.com/sptnks PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE wthrt http://statigr.am/viewer.php AMI.SPTNKSWTHRT.COM March 2008 till present #/amischaheera Originally writes a blog to collect all random thoughts and inspirations going on in my life. While https://secure.pose.com/u/a battling cancer (leukemia) starting 2010, I use my blog as an escape & as a form of sharing my mischaheera#poses hardships and remedying through passion for fashion. Shares daily outfit posts as any style or http://sputniksweetheart.tu fashion bloggers would do. From there, I developed a greater interest in fashion journalism and mblr.com brought to what my blog has become today. The blog and I has gotten lots of international & local media attention &currently Im freelance styling and advertising works. Key Roles Photographs & writes daily outfit post as means of subtle advertisement of a certain brand and to make it more relatable & accessible. Introduces latest designs and fashion brands that befits my interest. Writes paid post as brand introduction or review. Writes articles & fashion tips that suits my personal style. Participates in contests to gain experience and exposure. Conducts and hosts contests or giveaway as a form of brand marketing and advertisement sponsored by various brands.

THE-SHOPLIFTERS.BLOGSPOT.COM August 2008 till January 2010

It all starts from the bond of friendship of three girls including myself and our mutual love for retail fashion. We brought to our customers (weekly!) one-off vintage pieces, brand new items (including men's collection) and d-i-y goodies made by ourselves. We were based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but we also cater to international market. Key Roles Curates and repairs vintage clothing pieces and introduces it to Malaysian blogshop market, items were sold through auctions which were done every Friday for the whole day. Highest bidder wins and we can usually auction an item for over RM100 per piece. Photographs and sells our women & mens collection which are basically edgy, new age kind of items at a very student-friendly price range on every Monday & Tuesday. Photographs and works on diy items to be sell every other week on Friday. Writes-up weekly reports of our activities and features/interviews in our Dear SHOPLIFTERS Diary.

Joins bazaar and also invite-only events to let customers see the items physically and also to make new relations with the market.

Online Business URBAN-RETRO.BLOGSPOT.COM December 2008 till present

Targeting hipsters and retro watch enthusiasts, kicks off with Nazrul Hisham (husband) who gifted me with one of a kind Casio gold calculator watch bought in Japan. Decided to bring the goods to the mass market at very reasonable price.

Key Roles Listing all collectible Casio watches. Selling all watches at low prices with one year warranty.

SHOP.SPTNKSWTHRT.COM April 2011 till present

When I started wearing hijab, I miss doing online business therefore started my own line Schanaz specifically targeting trendy modest clothing line. Designed and sold prominent Dubai silk scarves for modest & glam loving ladies. All photography, styling and clothing are designed and hand-picked by myself. Joins bazaar and also invite-only events to let customers see the items physically and also to make new relations with the market. Joins fashion shows to display our collection to targeted audience. Schanaz clothing line as of now consists of Schanaz Dubai Silk Scarves, ombre maxi skirts, silk kimono cardigan, casual yet stylish palazzo pants and also a few other items.

Sr. Server & Software Engineer (Sony EMCS M Sdn. Bhd, Bangi, Malaysia) April 2008 till April 2012
Maintains & conducts software test & server maintenance for Video Engineering production line. Worked in a team of 6 with 5 other men. Support Sony worldwide DVD and Blu-ray production.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Computer Science, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia, 2006. Matriculation in Physical Science, A-Level, Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang, Penang, Malaysia, 2002. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), O-Level, Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan (SEMESTI), Teluk Intan, Malaysia, 2001.

RECENT ACHIEVEMENT ( MORE HERE http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com/search/label/featured)

Items Description Invited to Sisterhood event by Dian Pelangi in Jakarta as a Sisterhood Event by Dian featured fashion blogger and VIP guest, all expense paid (13-15 Pelangi July 2012) 2 page feature in the first Hijab Street Style book ever produced Hijab Street Style Book by Dian in the world, by world renown fashion designer from Indonesia, Pelangi Dian Pelangi http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com/2012/07/featuredjuice-hijabista-hijab-street.html Joining Guess Blogger Search, contest ends 31st July 2012. Guess Global Blogger Search: One To Watch Currently shortlisted as semi-finalist. Result in September 2012.

Items August Man Msia Magazine September 2012

Levis Blogger Awards Intrend Magazine September 2012 UNIQLO Uniqlooks Hijabista Magazine August 2012 Hijabista Icons Styling class Hello Magazine Juice Magazine July 2012 Wanita Hari Ini TV3 episode 112 Buletin Utama TV3 Saffiya TV9 Aquila Asia (International Magazine)

Description Featured among the most stylish Kuala Lumpur individual in August Man September issue, the only hijab girl featured among another 7 men and 2 ladies http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com/2012/09/featured-augustmanmalaysia.html Top 10 finalists for contest under Female Magazine, the only hijab girl shortlisted. 2 page feature & interview about myself & hijab fashion. Top 10 Female finalists shortlisted, one out of two hijab girl. Hijab Styling Tutorial: Stylish in Stripes by Ami Schaheera Coached a grooming/styling class for Top 20 Hijabista Icons Style spotted in Suri & Lana Fashion Show, July 2012. Style Featured in Current Trend: Pastels http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com/2012/07/featured-juice-hijabistahijab-street.html Featured in Gaya Muslimah Ranggi Modelled for Old Blossom Box, in Lensa section for Trendy Muslimah wear. Featured in Saffiya TV9 with the Scarflet girls http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com/2012/02/behind-scene-safiyyatv9.html Featured in Aquilas Picks: http://www.aquila-style.com/aquilaspicks/ami-the-amazing/ Parkson 25th Anniversary Party: http://www.tonguechic.com/style-snaps/where-wear-parkson25th-anniversary-summer-breeze/ Topshop Midvalley Revamp Launch: http://www.tonguechic.com/style-snaps/topshop-opening-atmid-valley/ Preloved Party @ Stellar & Old Blossom Box http://www.tonguechic.com/style-snaps/where-wear-prelovedparty-stellar-and-old-blossom-box/ Invited to a sneak preview of premium items soon to be available at H&M, opening soon in Lot 10 September 2012: http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com/2012/06/sneakpeek-visit-to-hshowroom-autumn.html Invited for media preview of Michael Kors Autumn collection (instagrammed & tweeted, soon to be blogged about) Featured & interviewed in Stylish Muslimah section: http://ami.sptnkswthrt.com/2012/03/featured.html

Tongue in Chic: Where & Wear

H&M Autumn 2012 Sneak Preview Michael Kors Autumn 2012 Sneak Preview Velvet Magazine March 2012 (Dubai International Fashion Magazine)

Full Name: Date of Birth: Marital Status: Interest: Salmi Syahirah Mohd Salim August 22, 1984; 28 years. Married; no kids. Shopping, travelling, food and cooking.

Availability: Posses own Transport: Expected Salary:: Upon discussion Yes. RM4500

Will be provided upon request.