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Brief biography of hadrat Baba Sharaf Uddin Saharwardi Hyderabad.

Due to the prayer of Hazrat sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani the founder of Saharw ardi chain Syed Shabuddin Saherwardi was born and who was the teacher and maste r of Baba Sharfuddin Saherwardi. He was among the first two great Sufi Masters who landed in India for the preaching and propagation of Islam as per the instructions of the prophet of Islam . The details of two great Sufi Masters who first landed in India for t he cause of Islam are as follows. 1. Hadrat Sultan-E- Hind Khaja Moinuddin Chisti. 2. Hadrat Sultan of Deccan Baba Sharaf uddin Saherwardi. His name is Sharaf uddin and his title ( Alqab) is known as Saherwardi Iraqi. Blessed Birth He was born on 16th Shaban in the year 586 A.H. in Iraq . As per historical r ecords and as per reference from the book of Peer Mughan he was landed in India directly in the year 631 A.H. from Iraq and he reached in Deccan in the year 640 A.H. and he left the world in the year 687 A.H. As per the records of some other pious person that he was over forty years old at the time of his ar rival in India and at the age of 100 years he was died in Hyderabad. As per the above records his date of birth is 586 A.H. and his age at the t ime of his arrival in India was 45 years and he was stayed in the north Indian region for the period of nine years and he was busy in the propagation and preaching work of Islam there and then he was proceed towards Deccan (South o f India) when he was 54 years old and this figures shows that he was busy i n Deccan ( South of India ) for the Islamic preaching and propagation work f or the period of 47 years and at the age of 101 years he left this world in th e year 687 A.H . Every year Urs ceremony (death anniversary) is celebrated on 16th Shaban and the ceremony of Sandal is held at the Sandal House in Balapur village near Hy derabad . The Sandal ceremony is taken out from the Sandal House . As per th e historical records and traditions it is clear that he was born on 16th Shaban in the year 586 A.H. During his life time he was used to conduct his preaching meetings on 16th Shaban every year in which he was used to teach the Islamic rules and regulatio ns and as well as other Islamic teachings to the general public. Early Education His early education and training was completed in the city of Baghdad . First h e was completed the learning of Quran with his father and then he become the disciple of great Sufi Master Syed Shabab uddin Saherwadi and learned the foll owing things from him successfully. 1. Tafsir ( Exegesis of the holy Quran ) 2. Hadith (Traditions of the holy Prophet ) 3. Fiqah ( Islamic law) Due to living in the company of above great Sufi Master for the longer period he became his great and famous disciple and he got Khilafat (spiritual suc cessorship) and due to great endeavors and training in the company of Sheikh Syed Shabaduddin Saherwardi he became perfect in the worship and improved his manners to greater heights and which resemble with the manners of his sheik h and his great master. His conduct and character He possessed good manners and attractive language since the beginning so h e was attracted the large number of people in the areas of Deccan and his lan guage style helped for the preaching and propagation work of Islam. His worship and endeavors were not normal but were very great. He maintained his nightly prayers and devotions. During the whole night he used to pray the Nafil (supererogatory) prayers. Hi s worship style was very hard and tough as he used to perform Wazu ( ablution) with cold water before four hours from the sunrise and he used t o perform the Tahajud (supererogatory prayers in the early hours of morning ) p rayers during the nights with great care and attention. When there will be

signs of morning time then he was used to perform the morning prayer. After end of the above worship he was used to busy in the following works. 1. Worship. 2. Riyazat (Mystical Exercise ). 3. Preaching and propagation work of Islam. Islamic Preaching and Propagation work He was greatly interested in the preaching and the propagation work of Islam. During his speech there will be great effect on the listeners in the meetings. For this reason there was great effect of his speech on the non Muslims who w ill attend his meetings and so they will leave their religion and enter in the fold of Islam at the time of leaving his meetings. His speech will be free from the mutual imprecation to prove the truth from h is point of view and for this reason there was great effect on the listeners s o there was great surprise on the persons. Due to his great effect of his spee ch many local persons not only accepted the religion Islam but they had attain ed higher status and positions in the religion of Islam and become great mas ters of Islam for the public guidance and instructions. In the morning time he will used to visit the patients and other needy perso ns along with his Sheikh. His conduct and characters He was kind hearted man and his manners were very good and also he was very simple man and possessed fine conduct and characters . He had great control on his Nafas ( soul) . Due to his great personality there was great Barkat ( ble ssings )and guidance for the people of the area. He was much interested to help the poor and helpless persons. He never liked richness and wealth as well as hi gher status of life and he was always preferred to live among the poor pers ons and never liked to have relations with the rich and wealthy persons His Selflessness He was great helper of the poor community and needy persons and he was great follower of Esar (selflessness). He was always used to help the poor and hung ry persons . If he will find any persons hungry then he used to send them his f ood and he himself used to live without food. Whenever he used to get any presents from his disciples or friends then he will used to send the same to poor students. When he will used to sit for eating foo d then he will used to ask about his poor neighbor s requirements of the food and if he will find any hungry person there then he will send his food to them. He possessed all goods qualities which his great sufi master possessed with hi m. His arrival in India He was arrived in India during the period of Bahmani Kingdom of Deccan in the y ear 631 A.H. and for a period of nine years he was busy in the preaching and pr opagation work of Islam in the North Indian region. His arrival in Deccan In the year 640 A.H. he was arrived in Deccan . At that time there was great ign orance which prevailed in this area and due to this reason if they used to see any Muslim person in the morning time and they will feel it as a bad thi ng. If any Mulsim traveler who will visit the area then he will be given many troubles and hardships and even the food provisions will not be given them ag ainst the payment of money to them. The Preaching and Propagation work of Islaim in Deccan During the troublesome period he was arrived in Deccan for the propagation and preaching work of Islam and he commenced this work successfully with the he lp of his great manners and good conduct. Upon his arrival he was immediately settled down on the top of the mountain. He was arrived in Deccan with his 60 friends and Darwesh persons with him. He w as used to busy in the worship of Allah and the propagation and preaching work of Islam for his disciples. Many Hindu persons were used to visit him and used to pay him great respect . Many thousand Hindu persons accepted the reli gion of Islam and due to his guidance and great endeavors . There was great ef fect of his truth and greatness on Hindu persons and for this reason they left

the idol worship and they came into the fold of the religion of Islam. His Companions There were total 60 companions with him who arrived along with him in Deccan. He used to send them in the villages and hamlets for the propagation and prea ching work of Islam. Among his great companions who were sent to the villages are as follows. 1. Hadrat Baba Syedna Shabuddin 2. Hadrat Baba Syedna Fakheruddin Hadrat Baba Syedna Shabuddin who spent some time with Baba Sharaf uddin and was gone to the place where now his tomb is available there and in that place N awab Fakher uddin Shamsul Umra Bahadur of Hyderabad government constructed som e shops and populated this place with the name of Shamshabad . He spent all o f his life time there and upon his death he was buried there. Upon his death Hadrat Baba Syedna Fakheruddin was buried in the village Khaja Gadh Jagir on the mountain which is surrounded by the good natural location . Hadrat Baba Syedna Fakheruddin also did many great endeavors for the propagati on and preaching work of Islam. His brother s name is Hadrat Baba Musa Saherwardi and his (Baba Musa Saherwardi) son s name is Hadrat Baba Farid uddin Saherwardi to whom Hadrat Baba Sharaf uddin appointed him as his successor and from him linage of the family is continue d as the custodians of the shrine for the service of the visitors of the his mausoleum since long time. His mausoleum in Hyderabad which is famous since lo ng time for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his mausoleum there. ==================== ================ Translated from Urdu to English Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, B.Com. Hyderabad, India. Email :hafeezanwar@yahoo.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Atherhafeez