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Using 2nd AP to extend my range? How do I set up my wireless router as a client? How Do I Set Up My Wireless Router? How Do I Set Up My Wireless Access Point? How Do I Set Up My Wireless Client? How Do I Set Up My Wireless Software? How Do I Set Up Wireless Under Linux? Can I Share My Broadband Connection Via Wireless? Do You Have Examples of Wireless Connection Sharing? Using a Wireless Router as an Access Point How do I setup an ad-hoc (peer to peer) wireless network? How Can I Set Up a Long-Range Link? Dish and omni on single AP for p-t-p and local coverage 2 antenna: set 1 to TX & other to RX? Sharing EV-DO or other cell service from laptop? How do I switch between Wireless Zero Config and a mfrs. Configuration Utility? Why can't I connect after making network setup changes? What channel should I choose for my wireless network?

Using a Wireless Router as an Access Point

Members often ask about how to add wireless capabilities to their existing network, which already uses a wired router. See note after 2b, for attaching a Wifi Router as an AP/switch to an existing wifi network. Since it is often less expensive than an access point, a wireless router may make sense. 1. Using a PC wired into the current router, unplug it from the wired connection and plug into a LAN port on the secondary router. Access the

secondary router using your browser via its default LAN IP address and default password. Since the PC was attached to the previous router you will have tell the PC to obtain a LAN IP from the new device. Use 'winipcfg' in win9x or 'ipconfig release/renew' with W2K/XP on the PC. 2. On the secondary router (hereafter called the AP) a. change the default password to a minimum combination of 8 letters/numbers/symbols. b. Change the ESSID to a unique name and make all the necessary wireless configurations. Note: If attaching a WiFi router as an AP/switch to an existing wifi network, one should keep the ESSIDs the same for seamless roaming, or separate if one wants to manually decide which AP to connect to. Also, ensure channel separation (1-6-11 common for three devices).

3. In the AP, go to the LAN setup page: a. Turn DHCP serving OFF. b. Change the LAN IP of the AP from its default so that it lies within the subnet of the primary router but preferably outside the dynamic LAN IP range of the primary router. (examples below) Note: This is not a requirement, but keeping everything in the same IP range can make administration and file sharing easier. c. Disable or turn RIP off, if there is that option. d. Disable or turn off Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support (if any). 4. Plug the PC back into the wired connection and repeat the process of getting new LAN IP. A reboot of the PC may be needed. 5. Plug the AP into the router, LAN port TO LAN port directly or via switch/patch panel etc. 6. It may be necessary to reboot one or both routers but one should be able to assign LAN IPs wirelessly and connect at this point, ensuring WiFi card setup properly.


Primary Router LAN IP old Dynamic DHCP Pool - 192.168.1.xx subnet mask Will need to change Dynamic DHCP pool new DCHP Pool - 192.168.1.xx (for example) Subnet mask Secondary Router (our Access Point) old LAN IP -or any other default Will need to change LAN IP to be within subnet of primary. new LAN IP Subnet mask Thanks to Anav for these instructions, to GeekNJ and Shootist for their similar threads and to SipSizzurp for additional clarity. Thanks to Bill for this dandy example diagram. i.dslr.net/pics/faqs/image93081.jpg

got feedback? Here's an issue I've found that is very common and not addressed by these instructions. Perhaps there is no solution depending on the hardware: When you connect to the wireless AP, the default gateway that it picks up will be the AP, and not that of Router #1. You have to hard-code the gateway, which then starts to defeat the purpose of DHCP since it has be altered every time you connect to a different network. Lee@Email3.org 2009-10-06 10:44:05 I have a related problem, having a wireless network but a wired piece of machinery that's outside of the house and which I would like to connect.. but how? 2010-12-13 10:03:32 hi , i have dir_655 and dap_1360 and two wireless n series modems but my network sharing spees is very low.3 mb. how i can fix that? 2010-12-28 16:45:37 You might mention in plugging the AP into the router, LAN to LAN, whether a crossover cable is required or a straight one. I presume since you made no mention a straight one should be used. Thanks for the detailed description. I will give this a try.

2009-10-19 11:31:02 Hello, I've read the instructions and found them very useful, I was able to connect my second router and expand my network OK, but with only one problem and I maybe you could tell what i did wrong. I now see two different wireless connection options with the same SSID, it s like if have two different routers, and not one router and one AP. Then, another question, is it possible to configure second router so as to be connected to the primary router WIRELESSLY? 2009-12-19 22:26:06 Regarding Step 5. (Plug the AP into the router, LAN port TO LAN port directly or via switch/patch panel etc.), most of the other how-to's I've read suggest that a crossover cable be used rather than a patch cable/flylead. Would you agree with that? 2010-02-04 03:57:15 It took me 8 hours to discover this article. It solved my problems in 2 minutes. A million thanks! 2010-03-15 00:40:07 Fantastic explanation it worked. 2010-03-23 19:24:46 awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have spent hours before - with this help, minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankss.... 2010-12-31 12:56:29 I only have one router, it is a netopia model #3347-02-1002. It only works with a DSL but i have been told i can turn it into a wireless access point or (turn off DHCP SERVICE) and then i would be able to use it with T1 service. Can this really work or would i have to purchase a new wireless router. 2010-05-24 14:00:56 Hi No_Strings Tried the above with Motorola SBG6120 cable modem and Prolink WH2004 Wireless router (to use as WAP). Configuration was done accordingly but when plugged to gigabit lan port of ethernet switch, the existing lan connected PC lost its internet connectivity. Appreciate any test to determine and rectify. Best regards, Ocseva 2010-08-01 09:13:53 Hi, Setting channel thing was really helpful. I am now able to do this but one problem is there whenever i configure the AP with security like WPA2, it god disconnected from the wireless modem I do see some wireless bridge option on both (AP & Modem) but how to specify its

password WPA2 Kinldy help 2010-08-24 13:13:57 thank you very much for this - perfect instructions! just one question: the secondary router - is that secure/uses security of primary router? i just set it up, and am now concerned of security risks from my secondary router.. 2011-03-22 07:12:11 For the question: I have a related problem, having a wireless network but a wired piece of machinery that's outside of the house and which I would like to connect.. but how? 2010-12-13 10:03:32 You might try using an old PC or notebook with both ethernet & wifi cards. I'm guessing something like dell-wintel's for the computers. Generally you can bridge the wired & wireless NIC's to get connectivity to your wireless network from the wired side of the equipment. Worked 4 me, good luck. 2011-04-24 06:10:28 AMAZINGGGGGGGG THANK U MAN :D 2011-09-18 12:27:32 I tried this from a different website but the key was to restart the router once you complete the settings. Thanks a lot. 2011-11-14 19:27:02 wow this is the best explanation on the web. My only addition to that is that you can skip the stage of changing the original DHCP range and just use something out this range for the AP. in this URL there is a table with default DHCP range per manufacturer: http://homepage.mac.com/car1son/static_port_fwd_staticip.html 2011-11-19 22:51:42

by No_Strings last modified: 2008-08-19 19:45:24

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