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Retalix Case study

Retalix is one of the worlds ten leading companies in designing software for retailers.

brands such as: IKEA, Carrefour, Sainsburys, Woolworths, Delhaize, Coles and more.

We hereby gladly confirm that Retalix uses a selection of Gamatronic UPS systems at a variety of capacities in our facilities. The UPS systems were selected based on technical evaluation considering the benefits of modular design redundancy, reliability, serviceability, footprint and upgrade options. Thus far the systems have completely met our expectations in respect to performance, reliability and quality. Sincerely, Beni Yomtov Purchasing & Logistic Manager, Retalix Israel

The Challenge
Retalix sought out a modular solution that would grow according to its natural needs. As the clients offices are spread out over three sites, the solution was to be flexible, accessible and hot swappable. Thus enabling the client to swap between modules, reducing the power load in one site in order to enhance the load of another. The solution was designated to back up server rooms, laboratories, development centers, communication centers and more. Retalix wanted to insure these centers continued to function at all times with clean and safe power supply.

Customer Profile
Retalix is a global provider of innovative, integrated software solutions that automate and synchronize essential retail operations. The companies services are suitable for high volume, high complexity Consumer Goods retailers and distributers including supermarkets, groceries, convenience, fuel, health, drug and department stores. Retalixs software is installed in 40 thousand sites in over 50 countries worldwide. Among their customers are well known

The solution
Retalix chose to use a selection of Gamatronics solutions that answered all of its requirements. 8 Power + Classic units from 10 80 kVA, 4 units of Power + SA 10 kVA and 10 units of UPS SP ranging from 6 to 30 kVA. The solution was tailored to fit the customers need perfectly, the Power+ Classic affording easy access, reliability, scalability, modularity hot swap features and redundancy. While the Power + SA and MST excel in their extremely small foot print and robust design.

Retalix Case study

Power+ Classic 10-100kVA

Power+ Classic is an electrically and mechanically modular 10-100kVA UPS system, uniquely designed to flexibly grow as power requirements grow. The product can be easily upgraded on-site through addition of plug-and-play 10kVA modules up to 100kVA (the system is designed for hot swap) Power+ offers the optimal combination of efficiency, economy, and usability boasting the industry lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and fastest ROI (Return on Investment). Power+ is a parallel redundant UPS. The system comprises of 1 to 10 modules of 10kVA each, a system controller, static switch module, and a distribution block. The battery bank is common to all the modules and can be built as one or more branches, for battery redundancy. The Power+ controller has an internal communication PCB, which in conjunction with Gamatronic PSM software enables remote management of the unit, including real-time monitoring and operational control. Parallel option available for 60kVA & higher (on 100kVA model). Power+ Classic is available with a 50kVA or a 100kVA Static Switch, or 100kVA Static Switch Parallel version.

great performance with an extremely low fail rate of 1%. Built in a uniquely light and compact design, the electronic cabinet weighs 22 Kg alone. Power + SA offers a high efficiency AC/AC rate of 94%. Low input THDi: 5% Input PF 1 LCD Back light Flexible system available in 3/3 and 2/2 configurations True online battery, double conversion VFI Optional server shut down and e mail notification UL certified

MST Series
MST is a small, compact, reliable UPS in the 6kVA capacity range. A classic double-conversion On-line system with an inverter isolation transformer and a static switch. The MST was designed with a separate battery enclosure ensuring maximum flexibility during backup time. Features: Full bridge inverter Inverter (output) isolation transformer Static switch Volt Frequency Independent (VFI) Alarm dry contacts relay Battery current limit circuit for safe battery charge Rectifier/charger for extended backup time Automatic and manual battery test LED display for status indication load level RS232 interface for Smart Software and SNMP management

Power + SA 10 kVA
The Power + Stand-alone ON-LINE double-conversion UPS, offers the optimal combination of efficiency, economy, and usability. Ideal for small to medium datacenters this system can be utilized in medical applications as well. The Power + SA boasts