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CITIBANK QUERY Hello Sir/Madam, Kindly note that I have received my Credit card last week and I made

few online purchases and one EMI transaction with the card. I have been to ld that I will get 2500 rewards points for the first transaction within 30 days of its purchase. Another 1000 points later. But now I am not able to see any poi nts for this card. Kindly clarify my query, how long will take to get the reward s points. Thank you.

Dear Ms. Lakshmi, This is with reference to your query dated August 07, 2012. We understand from your communication that you wish to avail the Welcome Offer of 3500.00 bonus reward points vide your Citibank Rewards Visa Platinum card ending 3522. We wish to clarify the process of the said Offer below: Activation Offer: 1000 Bonus Reward Points on the 1st spend of Rs.1000.00 (on Primary Card) withi n 60 days of card issuance. The bonus points credit continues to be automated an d will reflect in the same statement as the qualifying transaction along with th e points earned for that spend. Welcome Offer: 2500 Bonus Reward Points on the 1 st spend of Rs.1000.00 (on Primary Card) The bonus points will be credited withi n 60 days of 1st spend of Rs.1000.00. On total your card account can earn 3500.0 0 reward points on the 1st spend of Rs.1000.00 within 60 days of card issuance. A review of our record indicates that 1st spend of Rs.1000.00 has not been refle cted in your unbilled statement. Hence points for the same has not been credited towards your card account. Our records indicate that, the transaction for Rs 48 ,500.00 .against M/s. DELL INDIA PVT LTD-6 has been approved in your card # 4386 280011380221 on August 01, 2012,vide approval # 424474 On receipt of the valid d ebit instruction within the stipulated time period, the amount will be debited t o your card account. However, the authorization block in your card account will get released within the time frame of 21 days. Please note that the charge will get debited to your card account, if we receive a valid charge slip even after t he said time frame. Alternatively we request you to wait for the transaction to get billed to your card account and revert immediately once the same has been bi lled for us to do the needful. Once we receive the debit instruction from the me rchant end the transaction for the same will be billed in your card account and accordingly points for the same will be credited towards your card account. To d ate you have earned 4 Reward points in your card # 4386280011380221.For any furt her assistance, please feel free to contact our 24*7 CitiPhone banking division at the following numbers:Mumbai :2823 2265, Delhi* (Gurgaon):254 2265, Chennai : 2852 2484, Bangalore :2227 2265, Kolkata :2283 2484 Please visit the following l ink to know all our Citiphone numbers: https://www.online.citibank.co.in/custome rservice/citiphone.htm Thank you for accessing Citibank Online. Sincerely, Sabar ish.R Manager Customer Care