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Multiple choice questions (SAS, EMFT & AWP) SAS 1.

A voltage signal v(t) has the following fourier transform v(t)= { e-jdfor ll<1} { 0 for ll>1} The energy that would be dissipated in a 1 ohm resistor fed from v(t) is (a) 2/ joules (b) 2e-2d/ joules (c)1/ joules (d) 1/2 joules 2. The spectral density of white noise is (a) Exponential(b) uniform (c) poisson (d) Gaussian 3. The discrete time equation y(n+1) + 0.5n y(n) = 0.5x(x+1)is not attributable to a (a) Memoryless system (b) time varying system (c) linear system (d) causal system 4. f(t) is a periodic function with period T. the average value is (a) ( ) (b) ( ) (c) ( ) (d) ( ) EMFT 5. For incidence from dielectric medium 1 (1) onto dielectric medium 2 (2), the Brewster angle p and corresponding angle of transmission t for (2 /1)=3 will be respectively (a) 30& 30 (b) 30& 60(c) 60& 30 (d) 60& 60 6. When VSWR is 3, then the magnitude of reflection coefficient will be (a) 1/4 (b) 1/3 (c) 1/2 (d) 1 7. The depth of penetration of a wave in a lossy dielectric increases with increasing (a) conductivity(b) permeability (c) wavelength (d) permittivity 8. A circular coil if 100 turns and effective radius of 10 cm. carries a current of 0.1 A. Its magnetic dipole moment in A-m2 is (a) 0.0001 (b)0.001 (c)0.01 (d)0.1 AWP 9. An antenna , when radiating has a highly directional radiation pattern and when the antenna is receiving then its radiation pattern (a) Is more directive (b) is less directive (c) is same (d) exhibits no directivity at all 10. The radiation resistance of hertzian dipole of length dl is (a) 80(dl/)2 ohm (b) 80(dl/) ohm (c) 802(.dl) ohm (d) 802(dl/)2 ohm 11. The current phase angle between the elements of endfire antenna array for increased directivity is (a) d +3.94/n (b) +d - 2.94/n (c) d - 2.94/n (d) d - 3.94/n 12. Radio link between two point at a distance of 2500 km on earths surface considering the ionospheric height to be 200 km and its critical frequency is 5Mhz. Calculate maximum usable frequency for given path (a) 28.4 MHz (b) 31.6 MHz (c) 33.1 MHz (d) 30.8 MHz ****************************************************************************

CONTROL SYSTEM 1. If gain of the open loop system is doubled, the gain margin (a) Is not effected (b) gets doubled (c)becomes half 2. In the signal flow graph shown, X2=TX1, where T is equal to (d)becomes one-fourth

(a) 2.5 3. G

b. 5 c5.5 d. 10 . The system with this transfer function is operated in closed loop with unity ) d. conditionally stable.

feedback. The closed loop system is a. Stable b. unstable c. marginally stable 4. Consider the following features 1. Its pole is located to the left of its zero 2. It decreases the margin of stability of the system 3. It speeds up the system transient response Those associated with a lead compensator would include a. 1,2,& 3 5. b. 1 & 2 c. 2& 3

d. 1 & 3
( ( )( ) )

The closed loop transfer function of a control system is input, the output is a. 0 b. -3 c. -3

. for a unit step

d. infinity


Which input yield natural response? a. ac input b. dc input c. impulse response d. a ramp input