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Consider all those people in our lives who make our lives better in many ways. God made each of them and all of them deserve our thanks. God created a wonderful world that operates under scientific principles, that is the laws of nature that permits us to live in this world. We need to thank God for His creation of the world we live in and the laws of nature that He created. We need one another to make this world a wonderful place to live. We, the BSN 3 (Music Track) would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following people for being with us throughout the making of this Community Development report. To our Creator, our outmost gratitude for making us experience a life which taught us to endure our hearts and minds in the service of others. Thank you Lord for letting us live a life dedicated to the service of our less privileged brothers and sisters. To Hon. Joel G. Jaboneta, Barangay Captain of Brgy. Ticud Lapaz, Iloilo City, we are very much grateful for allowing us to have our Community exposure to Brgy. Ticud, Lapaz. We wish that this partnership will give way for the development of Brgy. Ticud, Lapaz. Together we will withstand the challenges that time will throw on us. May the Lord all mighty bless you with good health and strength to continue to serve the people in Brgy. Ticud, Lapaz. To Sr. Carolina Agravante, SPC, our beloved Dean and President, thank you for the prayers and support during our community exposure. Thank you for the never ending enthusiasm that had served as our inspiration to continue our vocation. To Mrs. Marilyn Junsay, RN, MSN, our beloved Associate Dean, we are greatly grateful for the time and effort in imparting to us the true meaning of service in the community. All the lessons you had teach us will forever be in our hearts. To Mrs. Leilani Pasaporte, RN, MAN, Level III Team Leader, thank you for the support you had given us. We really appreciate the teachings you have imparted to us that had greatly influence us. To Mrs. Lalaine Cristales, RN, MSN, Ms. Scarlet Pedrigosa, RN and MrS. Iris Margarico, RN, MAN, our clinical instructors, we are truly grateful for teaching us the meaning of selfless service and care for other people. We are also thankful for the guidance you have given to us throughout our community exposure. We are grateful for the patience and understanding you had display with us. We are also thankful for the opportunity you had gave us to experience the things we had learned in the four wall of our classroom. Thank you for believing in us which empowers us to do our best. To the residents of Zone 2 Brgy. Ticud, Lapaz, Iloilo City, we thank you for the warm welcome and for accepting us in your home. Thank you for the hospitality that you had shown us which boost our confidence during our home visit. The things we had shared with you will forever be engrave in our heart. It was fun being with you.

To our dutymates, thank you for the unity that help us conquer the challenges we had encounter. It has been a great journey being with all of you. Thank you for the small talks that we shared which lightens our task. Thank you for the strength we had all shared. Surely, it was a fun exposure. And lastly, to our families and friends, all of these will never be possible without your undying love and support. We will always love you form the bottom of our heart.