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Vadis Internet Internet is a jungle of information. We can get almost everything what we need with a simple click. From UFO to a microscope virus, a from celebrity to infamous neighbor. But my friends always remind me that we cannot believe everything we read from Internet. This phenomenon enables us a wide open door to our very private life and the social media such as facebook and twitter take their big part. Internet and social media have replaced our diary, warm social visit (silaturahmi), distance, the way people run their business and many more. We can express our craziest video expressions and let the world sees it or you can tell the world that you are angry, sad or happy without any secret or hesitation. Image, text, video that contain sarcasm, gore, violence, pornography, jokes, news, campaign or even dakwah. Some of them may make you smile, some may make you angry, embarrassed or even humiliated. IS this really the world that we want to live in? Do we really want to grow up in an era where people dont respect our private policy, social Indonesian value and morality? My opinion: I think, Internet is like a part of our lives now. Admit it, you cant go a week, or even a day without Internet. Well, at least I cant. Of course we cant believe everything that the Internet told us. And no, facebook or twitter is not my diary. I dont post/tweet private stuff and I wont. I think facebook or twitter is only a way to communicate with people, not a diary. Internet has helped me a lot. Especially when it comes to homework! There are many positive things about the Internet. Like, it can easily boost my mood and it also helps me with many things. And NO, Internet will never ever ever replace God.

Putri Kinanti Ramadhani B.