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SWOT Analysis of Ferrero Rocher

Strengths Offers a quality and luxury product Awareness from the popular brand Ferrero brand Has captured huge amount of market share in boxed chocolates Available in packaging of 3 nos, 12 nos, 18nos, 24 nos. Considered as a ideal product for gifting Ferrero Rocher gets a instant customer recognition due to its packaging Available in variety of new packages both for seasonal purpose and special events Ferrero Rocher brand has launched two new brands Ferrero Cappuccino and Ferrero Rond Noir. Weakness Highly priced Not advertised Perception of chocolates being unhealthy in majority of masses Not available easily Opportunities The introduction on new flavors will help in gaining more market share Increasing awareness if chocolates being healthy Increase in the usage of internet [advertisements can be done on the net] Increase in the demand of the three piece impulsive pack Threats Imitation of Ferrero Rocher Bad economy cycles High competition from other chocolate brands Increasing trends of Nutri-bars replacing chocolates