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REVIEWING THE BASICS chapter 6 1. Who are the two major manufacturers of processors? Intel and AMD 2.

What are the four system bus frequencies used by current Intel processors? The system bus speeds the processor supports. Current Intel processor works with system buses that run at 1600,1333,1060,or 800 mHz Current AMD processors work with system buses that run at 1800, 1000, or 800 mHz 3. What three sockets are currently used for Intel processors in motherboards for desktop systems? LGA1366, LGA 771, LGA 775, and 478 sockets 4. What is the name of the memory cache that is on the same die as the processor? L1 Cache 5. What is the name of the memory cache that is closest to the processor die but is not housed on the die? L2 Cache 6. What is the name of the Intel technology that allows a processor to handle multiple threads at the same time? hyper-threading 7. How many threads can a quad-core processor handle at once? 8 8. What is the name of the memory cache that is shared by cores in a multi-core processor? L2 Cache

9. Which is faster, SRAM or DRAM? Why? SRAM. Performance improves because RAM stored in memory modules (DIMMs) on the motherboard is dynamic RAM or DRAM and memory in a memory cache is static RAM or SRAM. Dynamic RAM loses data rapidly and must be refreshed often. SRAM does not need refreshing and can hold its data as long as power is available. 10. Which is the first computing technology used by a processor to support repetitive looping whereby a processor receives an instruction and then applies it to a stream of data that follows? MMX (Multimedia Extensions) 11. Which computing technology (SSE1, SSE2, SSE3, or SSE4) better supports data-mining applications? SSE4 12. Which Intel processor family is better performing, the Pentium family or the Core family? Core 13. Which AMD processor (Turion or Phenom) is designed for laptops? Turion 14. What are the two major components of a processor cooler assembly? The cooler sits on top of the processor and consists of a fan and a heat sink, which are fins that draw heat away from the processor. 15. How many pins does the CPU fan header on a motherboard have? 3-4 16. If the power connector from the CPU fan has only three pins, it can still connect to the 4-pin header, but what functionality is lost? PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) 17. What is the major disadvantage of using a peltier heat sink? Condensation

18. Name three tools that can be used to rid the inside of the case from dust. Compressed air, an antistatic vacuum, or blower to remove dust. 19. Why is it important to insert a processor straight down into a socket rather than sliding the processor in from the side or allowing it to tilt into the socket? To protect the pins, it needs to go straight down into the socket. 20. List three possible causes of a system hanging or freezing at odd times. Overheating Electrical problem Improper installation