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WORKING MOM Conclusion Insight/Reflection Irish Pauline L. Ereno Mrs.

Bonifacios strong personality, values, and determination are the one which helped her be the person who she is today, a successful working accountant and a loving mother and wife. Her career was a success and her familys living a good life. Even though she came from a very poor family, it did not stop her from reaching her goals. If she really wants something, she goes for it. Other people might just give up easily, but not her. She knows what she wants and she just knows how to get it, no matter hard it may be. She will do anything just to help her family to get better. They were her deepest motivation in succeeding in life. Whatever career decision she makes, she always make sure to include her family into it. When she chose to be an accountant, not only did she think of herself, her own interest, abilities, skills, personality and values, but of the sake of her family as well. Our career decisions have such a profound effect on all aspects of our lives, so it's important that we have the knowledge and resources needed to make some smart, informed decisions. I feel that for the majority, career management is a life-long process, not an event; and we continue to make significant career choices over the years. Good career decisions are made over time after considering a number of factors. Women today are seen as prominent figures in the family, the workplace and in overall society. When dealing with their family, most women today are still seen as the main parent who cares for the kids, cleans the house, transports and does the cooking. In the business world, many women have moved from the old role of the housewife to a working employee. Based on this case study, a mothers work is never done. Although most women work from 9 AM to 5 PM like their male counterparts, their work does not end at the office. A mother comes home to take care of her family and house. Women are still the primary caretakers of their families, including

the elderly. This makes for a very demanding and tiring schedule for most working mothers such as Mrs. Bonifacio. For some reason, although women work at jobs, the caretaking of children and family remains the work of women. Even after a tiring schedule, most women manage to spend some quality time with children before putting them to bed and falling asleep herself. Mrs. Bonifacios husband is currently a stay-at-home dad, which means that hes the one who mostly take care of the kids. But even so, if one of their children is sick, it will be certain that Mrs. Bonifacio will still be there to leave her job and to take care of the child. It is just a part of being a mother. She feels responsible not only for the children but her parents as well. While most men put jobs first, most working mothers put families first. Cooking, cleaning, washing and vacuuming are still considered a womans responsibility; mostly because women themselves believe that they should be doing the house work. After work, most men can relax, but for working mothers, their work is never done. This added stress sometimes affects their health. Women feel uncomfortable leaving their children in the care of others, which adds to their stress along with the stress of their jobs, which is why working women usually leave their jobs more often than men. I am sure that this decision is not very easy to Mrs. Bonifacio as well, for the toughest choice of working in a womens life comes with motherhood. Economic necessity is usually the foremost reason that mothers tend to go out work. This is also the main reason why Mrs. Bonifacio transferred to another company. She wants to provide anything and everything that her family might need. Many women need the self fulfillment of having a job. They feel that their children will have more advantages with more money coming in, and will grow up more mature and self assured than the children of women who continually stay at home. Most working mothers have a higher sense of value than stay at home moms. I admire and praise all those kind of working mothers for keeping their jobs as well as look after their home and children. They enjoy certain advantages more than

those full time housewives because they have diversity in their lives, which keeps their lives becoming repetitive and monotonous. Working women such as Mrs. Bonifacio have the best of both worlds. They are needed to be given more respect. They are career women and mothers, and they are living their lives to the fullest.

FIVE YEARS WORK Conclusion Insight/Reflection Irish Pauline L. Ereno From the case of Mr. Laguidao, I learned that it was not only the person nor the environment that can affect ones career, for his own personal experiences, such as the separation of the parents while they were still a child, could also affect their ability in choosing a career later on. Some people think that anything that happens to the child while they were still young are irrelevant and could be easily forgotten anytime, but this is not true for it could also affect the person they want to be and the job they want to have someday. Every child has a creative mind that would help them to imagine greater possibilities for them, making them create some goals and achieving those goals. We should always give importance to the persons childhood for it is where theyre self concept, ideas, skills, and abilities develop. It will be the foundation of their values and behaviours. Without all of these, it would be very difficult for Mr. Laguidao to decide on what career choice to take and to create more concrete goals in the future. There is still a missing part in Mr. Laguidaos life that he is trying to find, and that is his parents. He was separated away from his biological parents at an early age. He hasnt got much the opportunity to feel close and to know more about his parents, and the only time he will feel complete is to have his parents spend enough time with him. And now, he has no concrete plans for his college life nor his future career because unconsciously, he still doesnt know himself. He might say that he already

knows himself too much, but he cant ever deny the fact that he still doesnt know much about his parents. His parents lack of time and affection just burned a hole inside that self-concept of his. As long as his parents were not with him, he will never feel complete. Even though, Mr. Laguidaos case may not be completely one of a kind , as many children nowadays are also separated from their parents , lacking attention, and experiencing different family problems, the way he responds to that situation is what makes it completely different from the others. In here, Mr. Laguidao seems to respond more negatively to the situation, especially about those certain family issues, making himself confused of the course he took until he graduated. Working in a consistent job is a very hard thing to do by many of us. But for Mr. Laguidao, it was different. Even though he doesnt really liked the course, he has still managed to embrace it no matter what. I was a little bit surprised to see that even though he didnt like his course in the first place, he still managed to stick to it and finish it, proving that even if you dont like something, there is still a possibility that you would like it along the way. With that in mind, he could stand out in his career and develop some necessary skills and motivation in doing so. Things like going for a course you dont like doesnt always have a bad effect. Because based on what happened to Mr. Laguidao, we just really need to learn how to handle it and embrace what life is offering to us. We should do our best in every chance we could get and know how to face the challenges with a trust within ourselves. We must learn new things not only from other people but also from our
selves so we could also know what we really want to be in the future. We must know how to use wisely all the things that life is offering to us

JOB HOPPER Conclusion Insight/Reflection Irish Pauline L. Ereno There could be a lot of different reasons why people job hop. And in connection with Mr. Bulataos case, we could say that his immediate environment is the one responsible for this to happen. His stage of career planning was clearly affected by the people he grew up with, most especially his parents. He wasnt able to explore much about himself because all his life, he just does whatever they wanted to do. Due to this environment provided by his family, his foundation for his self concept, such as his skills, interests, and abilities, were completely ignored and forgotten. It was weak and too under-developed. He simply transfers from one job to another because of their own decision. Mr. Bulatao only follows what his family want and not what he really wants. His career path was strongly manipulated and controlled and he s not doing anything to stop it. I guess its just fine to help someone in their career and to support them along their occupational journey. But too much of it can also lessen someones own career development. In doing so, the person becomes more dependent to others, relying to them in all the things they need to accomplish. He will not learn to decide for himself and to make some goals for himself. He needs to explore more of his environment in order to have a wider knowledge about things. Working in a job happen in a chance-per-chance basis. It mostly depends on the person itself and the work environment on how everything will fall into place and may achieve satisfaction. We could also say, based on the given information, that

Mr. Bulataos job could be brought by chance events. Even though his job werent clearly in-line with his studies or interests, you will soon learn to like it, slowly fitting your taste. You learn to compromise with the job in order to feel satisfied with your current accomplishment or job. Also, I realized that in order to not be left behind, you need to really try your best and take a risk in anything that you might want to do. Looking for a job is never easy but you shouldnt give up. In todays modern society, we need to be wiser and use all the things that we got to become successful. We must have the passion and determination in doing our job so that we cannot only fulfil the jobs requirement, but also our need as an individual. In looking for a job, we must always be patient and hardworking. There are times that we feel a little discouraged, that we will not find anything that suits us anymore, but all of these werent true. This shouldnt bring you down. We must not let opportunities slip away in our hands. We should grab all the opportunities whenever we can. As the saying goes, opportunities only knock once. We should always trust in our abilities and full potential and in maximizing our strengths to become more competitive in our fields of specialization. We should not let financial problems become a hindrance in fulfilling our needs because there are always a way to reach our dream. Though life is hard, the roles of the counsellors are very important here, so there will be someone who could help us in choosing our career. They could make our decision making ability improve so we could be wiser in choosing a career that will make us a better and successful person. It is hard to choose the right path to become successful because there are many factors in our life that we must consider . But letting our selves explore in different fields may help us to know what we really want to be.

FRESH GRADUATES WITH WORK Conclusion Insight/Reflection Irish Pauline L. Ereno Looking for a job especially when you only graduate from college could be extremely difficult. To just have it on the first day would be considered to be very lucky, for in order to be hired by the company, you must really show them that you are really good and competitive in getting the job done. You really need to be confident and to work hard in order to reach your goal. You must do anything and everything to prove to them that you are very much deserving for the position in the company. Grades are really important in finding a job. Just like what happened to Ms. Nagal, since she was on the top 10 students in their school, she was quickly rewarded a job in the company. As long as were still in school, we should already be working hard for our grades and our future. Like Ms. Nagal, she used her intelligence in order to work abroad. It is a good start for her career. That way, she could save some money in order to sustain not only her, but also her family. Career will define what kind of life we have and what pathways we choose to have. We must nourish all the things we have in life and use it wisely. There are a lot of aspects that might contribute to the development of one s career, but it all mainly points out to the individual itself and how that individual will handle his or her current situation. In Ms. Nagals case, she was brought up by her parents to have a successful career life and a career-oriented person further in life. She is an optimistic thinker who has a broad and incredible vision for greater possibilities, aspirations, and goals in life.

Her mother has been a great influence to her in her career planning while growing up. She has been a good example for Ms. Nagal on how to become a successful person. She was her source of motivation in planning for her future because of the love and support her mother gave her. She was given the chance to be independent and to do what she wants but still has that same respect for her parents no matter what. Even though there are some hindrances that comes her way, such as her fathers other family, she still remains to be positive and to study more in order to achieve her goals. Although she was a little hurt by what her father did, it didnt stopped her from doing what she needs to do. Step by step, shes making progress towards her ambition to have a better future. Aside from her family, she also had two good set of friends: the studious type and the easy-going type. This set of friends gave her the balance she need in order to not lock herself in only one stereotype. She can have and be with her friends but still have fun in her own way. Based on the study, in order to have a successful career, you must know yourself first. Knowing yourself would be the best career choice because it was never influenced by anyone and was mainly yours. It is your choice that couldnt be changed by anyone. And because of her strong independent personality, by standing up for what she thinks is right and by staying true to herself , she has made a good decision on choosing what career to take. But still, no man is an island. There are times when she must rely on other people too. She still needs someone to be there for her to help her make plans in the future. However, it still relies on the person if he or she will be affected positively or negatively by it. It is still up to them on how they would respond to certain situations and other persons that would interfere during her career journey. People should just always bear in mind and in our hearts that numerous factors other than our own self will always be present . They just have to learn how to manage its existences correctly and choose the best for it will be the keys to success in their career.

FRESH GRADUATES WITH NO WORK Conclusion Insight/Reflection Irish Pauline L. Ereno In making a career choice, we must know ourselves and what we want to be. Even if succeed, there will be a chance that we will still not know anything about our future and what we have to do now. Everything weve work hard for would only be useless and insignificant. He knows what he wants and he knows what he wants to be but he doesnt know how to get it. He doesnt know what to do for there is still a part of him missing. We need to be sure of ourselves for it can help us in our occupational journey in the future. We are the only one who can decide of what we want to be someday. It is only us who knows what is good for us, and we must do our best in order to have it. Mr. Lapores self concept was not that very much complete. There are some parts he still doesnt know about himself. This could be because he was not able to be with his parents, making him uncertain of what he really is right now. He is not close with his parents and he couldnt share any of his thoughts and feelings to them. This might also be the reason why he cant really make up his mind on what course to take at that time. But even so, he still performed well and even graduated as a magna cum laude. With this, we could hypothesize that even though a person might be hesitant and unsure, if he has the motivation to do well, he could be good. He said one time in the interview that he doesnt have any parents he looks up to, although this might only be a cover up to suppress his true feeling of wanting to feel loved by his parents. It might also be because he grew up in a family who doesnt

show much emotion with each other. Because of this, he only focuses on his studies and not on other things. Although too much studies can also be a bad thing. By putting too much focus on his studying, he was unable to form any aspiration or goals that could help him to be successful in his career. When we see a person who graduated from college with honors, we are often quick to assume that they will soon have a decent job waiting for them . But in real life, it isnt that quite easy. For in order to be successful, you also need to be determined and passionate about what you are doing. In Mr. Lapores case, he could easily get any job he wants, but since hes not feeling motivated to do it, he still has no work. We need to be practical and diligent in finding a job.

HOUSE HUSBAND Conclusion Insight/Reflection Irish Pauline L. Ereno In todays modern times, it is not only the men who are currently working now, but also the women. Our society is continually changing, and in order to have some food on your daily plate, you need to work. But why is it that these men, who are currently a house husband, are just staying at home taking care of the kids? Shouldnt it be the other way around? That they should be the one working? They should be the breadwinner, the giver, and the rock of the family. Most people would find this unacceptable and a slap to their ego, but for Mr. Tan, it is okay, since his parents are just there to support him anyway to give him what he wants. His parents way of raising him might had some significant effect on how Mr . Tan makes his own career choice. The people around him could be the reason why he became that way. Having his own family business and being with people who supports him all throughout must not stop him from having his own career. Mr. Tan must learn to stand up for himself and to do things by his own. It is not forever that his parents will always be there by his side. It is not all the time that they will be there to help him in his problems. He must learn to be independent and not to rely on them too much. He needs to find a career that he could be proud of someday. It could help him achieve great things in life and also bring him much happiness if only he will branch out to new possibilities. He must take any opportunities that might come his way. He must use everything that he has and everything he can in order to be successful. He must not waste any opportunities and start to work hard for his family. We must

always apply what we learn from our school, and we must not tolerate other people to become lazy even though there are sources where we can get the support we need to live.

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