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Richland, Washington Public Facilities District (RPFD) Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

The RPFD is seeking qualified firms to provide Architectural, Engineering and Construction Services for the design and construction of the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center (HRIC) Facility.

The HRIC will be the gateway to the Hanford Reach National Monument which includes the last free-flowing section of the Columbia River. It will showcase our Agriculture History, the Manhattan Project National Park, the Ice Age Floods and other stories of our community through the lens of the Columbia River. Our goal is to provide interpretive experiences that enhance recreation, outdoor, conservation, history, arts, sciences, and other educational experiences for our children and families. In addition it will provide for a regional center focal point for tours that range from the Hanford site to wineries to Tribal museums.

The HRIC is being constructed under two contracts. Phase I provides for the site work / infrastructure. The Phase I construction contract is being issued by the City of Richland. Phase II provides for the facility. Phase II is a design/build contract that is being issued by the RPFD and is the subject of this call for expression of interest. Phase II also will provide for design integration of the existing Phase I site design to optimize the new facility configuration and location (Construction for Phase I is not in this scope of work).

The HRIC Facility will be a 12,000-17,000 square foot (SF) pre-engineered metal building structure with an unfinished daylight basement. Major areas within the facility include 6000-7500 SF of exhibit space, 2000-3500 SF for entry hall / tour center and 800-1200 SF for a 50 seat auditorium. Approximately 1400 3800 SF will be provided for miscellaneous supporting areas that would include multipurpose classroom/conference room, gift shop, café, administration space, storage, building systems, receiving and restrooms.

The Contract shall be a Design-Build, Lump Sum Fixed Price form of contract. The

Fixed Price will include all labor, material, fees, markups, design, engineering, travel,

taxes, bonds and cost required to construct the project per the proposed design.

maximum price shall be within the available funding that will be specified in the RFP and

is estimated to be in the range of $3.5-$5.0M.

require adjustments to perform the contract within funding available.


Facility attributes noted above may

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) shall be issued on or about 10/7/12 and will

include detailed submission requirements.

responding to this EOI. Contractor selection will be based on a two part process. Part I

will be an initial selection of teams that will be invited to compete and respond to a

follow on Request for Proposal (RFP) that will require the preparation of a conceptual level design. It is anticipated that more than one award may be issued to proceed to

Part II, the RFP phase.

selected team for the work to prepare their proposal in response to the RFP.

An honorarium payment of $15,000.00 will be provided to each

It will be provided to those bidders

Part I The RFQ shall provide the evaluation factors and relative importance for weighting these factors. Selection of contractor(s) to proceed to the RFP phase will be based on evaluation criteria which may include:

Proposed schematic of facility

Proposed schematic of site including facility location and campus approach

Scope optimization of desired attributes within funding constraints

Prior experience of Project Manager, Architect, Engineer and Construction Manager

Prior company experience for General Contractor and Architect/Engineer

Prior company experience for General Contractor and Architect/Engineer performing work in Southeastern Washington

Project management systems/approach to control scope/cost/schedule

In addition to the evaluation criteria above, minimum requirements will be established for criteria such as safety statistics, bonding capabilities, qualifications for preparation of WSDOT designs, professional licenses and compliance with RCW 39.04.350. Contractors not meeting minimum requirements should not submit qualifications on this RFQ.

Part II Those contractors selected will be requested to prepare proposals in response to the RFP. The RFP will include evaluation criteria that will be used by the RPFD to select a single contractor to award the contract for design and construction. Upon completion of the proposals it will be evaluated by the RPFD and a contractor shall be selected to complete the design and construction. The RFP shall provide the evaluation factors and relative importance for weighting these factors which may include the following:

Facility elevation appeal

Facility layout and incorporation of desired functional areas

Site optimization for taking into account river views, phase I integration, and campus expansion

Incorporation of materials to represent theme of the facility

Interface and flow between interior and exterior of the facility

Site plan optimization including amphitheater

Operation and maintenance costs

The RPFD will initiate negotiations with the contractor submitting the highest scored proposal that can be designed and constructed within the funding available. If the RPFD is unable to execute a contract with the contractor submitting the highest scored proposal then negotiations with that contractor may be suspended or terminated and the RPFD may proceed to negotiate with the next highest scored contractor. A fixed price contract shall be executed between the RPFD and the successful contractor based on these negotiations.

Estimated key schedule dates are as follows:

Issue Request for Qualifications Issue Request for Proposal Award contract Start Facility Construction No later than Contract completion

October 7, 2012 October 27, 2012 January 2013 June 2013 February 2014

Those firms interested in proposing on the subject contract shall notify the RPFD by October 3, 2012, and request to be placed on the bidders list for the subject contract. Notifications and/or questions shall be sent via email to melodym@visitthereach.org. Confirmation emails shall be sent on all received notifications. Notifications shall include as a minimum:

Name of firm Primary contact Address Telephone Number Contractor and WA State license number Architect and WA State license number Engineer and WA State license number