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Sebastian, Hazelie R.


1. At Wayne farms, employees are rated on a 5-point scale but all employees had been rated either 2 or 3. What rating errors by managers might explain this pattern? These patterns would have probably resulted from the subjective observations of the managers causing rating errors to be present in the evaluation. More specifically, this kind of rating error is a type of distributional error wherein managers tend to use only one part of the rating scale. The error can be under the central tendency error whereby the rater puts everyone near the middle of the scale.

2. Could it be that managers werent making rating errors, but all Wayne farms employees actually were performing at a level 2 or 3? If so, why would the performance management system still need to be improved? management has it been failing to achieve? What purposes of performance

It is possible that managers werent making rating errors but all Wayne farms employees actually were performing at a level 2 or 3. However, there is still a need to improve the performance management system of the organization because this will be the tool in order to raise the performance level of the employees. Performance measurement encourages the employees to cooperate and help the company focus on smooth operations, customer loyalty, and employee development and improving such leads to an effective performance management system. It will help the organization to motivate employees and have their behaviour linked to the organizations goals.

Purposes of performance management that it has been failing to achieve include the strategic purpose and the developmental purpose. It has been failing to achieve the strategic purpose because employees are rated at a level 2 or 3 which specifies that the performance management system is not that effective. It is unable to associate employees behaviour with what the organization expects from each employee. Additionally, developmental purpose also fails to be achieved for the reason that the knowledge and skills of the employees are not completely developed because they still

obtained a rating in the middle scale, development that must be attained for the developmental purpose of performance management.

3. Besides coaching managers to use all five points of the rating scale and deliver better feedback, how else should Malfitano consider reforming the performance management system at Wayne farms? What other aspects of performance management should be considered?

Malfitano should also consider training their raters so that they would be aware of their tendencies to make rating errors and so that they will be more sensitive to the complex nature of employee performance so they will consider many aspects of performance in greater depth. The organization should also establish a fair appraisal system, involving managers and employees in developing the system, allowing employees to challenge evaluations, communicating expectations, and fostering a climate of open discussions in order to minimize appraisal politics.