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Terrorism is a real and constant threat to our security and well-being. The horrifying images of recent terror attacks in Delhi and Mumbai are still fresh in everyones mind. Countless civilians, soldiers, law enforcement and government officials all over the world have been victims of terrorism. No matter how much success we may have had in combating terror, it refuses to die. Terrorism is like the Hydra (a mythical Greek serpent) whose head if cut off was replaced by another, finally being killed by Hercules. Terrorists are just the same, if you capture or kill a terrorist leader another takes his place. As they say, You bring down one enemy and they find someone even worse to replace him. This is why terrorist groups and extremists could never be completely eliminated; take the Nazis after Adolf Hitlers death or Al-Qaeda after Osama bin Ladens death for example. Both though severely weakened by the deaths of their respective leaders continued to operate in secrecy. When combating terror one needs an iron fist to crush all terror modules and even more importantly, a strong will to seek out terrorists and eliminate them from their source. Terror groups cannot function without two basic but important requirements - a base and a constant supply of funds. First, terror groups are based at some region of the world with or without the knowledge and permission of the local government. Second, no such group can manage to operate without financial assistance. The Nazis managed to operate decades after WWII due to vast funds and establishing a base in South America. Both of which if taken away could spell disaster for them. This is why it is absolutely necessary to seek and destroy both these requirements if terrorism is to be stopped once and for all. Whenever a terror group has been dealt a severe blow like the death of their leader or revealing valuable information they tend to regroup and consolidate their power. This regrouping should be absolutely prevented in order to eliminate the threat once and for all. It is vital to strike them when they are most weak and unorganized. They also become most dangerous during this time as they are filled with vengeance and hatred for their enemies, willing to sacrifice themselves to get revenge. This would save countless lives and money in the future. This has to be done by forcing nations to

deal with terrorists in a professional manner. Any nation found to harbor terrorists should be immediately asked to eradicate such menace without any negotiations, which if not done within a proper time-frame should invite severe repercussions from the international community. And the supply of funds should be stopped by identifying and terminating all suspicious financial sources. This if done effectively, will inflict massive damage on terror groups. Although for all this to succeed greater international cooperation is required. Terrorism should be eliminated in a manner similar to how Hercules slayed the Hydra by cutting off the head of the legendary serpent and placing a rock over its neck to prevent other heads from replacing it. This method should be used to deal with terrorism, cut off the head and prevent someone else from taking over by stopping funds and eliminating the base. Its not enough to destroy a country or kill a murderer only to have a lunatic take his place. In the words of former US President John F. Kennedy, A leader may die, nations may rise and fall but an idea lives on.