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Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine - Number 36

OVERVIEW OF CONTENTS Issue 36 is packed with features from top secret surveillance units charged with data mining terror threats, to a worrying technological breakthrough that poses a huge problem for counterespionage chiefs. Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine - 84-page full colour gloss magazine with superb imaginary. * Eye Spy images contained in this pdf are low-resolution.

Alec Station - Eyes of a Predator

A detailed look at a clip of video footage taken over an al-Qaida terrorist training camp. The film was shot by a unmanned and unarmed Predator drone operated by the CIA and a surveillance unit codenamed Alec Station. The photos almost certainly show Osama bin-Laden addressing around thirty of his followers. As Alec Station requested what action to take - as Washington discussed the situation a real opportunity to remove the worlds most wanted terrorist was lost.

A Predator also obtained surveillance footage of Mullah Omar - head of the outlawed Taliban

MI5 and the ECHELON Option

Britains Security Service (MI5) are under pressure to share more intelligence with its European counterparts. However, this would mean providing signals intelligence and a huge amount of top secret data acquired from the spy satellite operation known as ECHELON. MI5 believe the intelligence could fall into the hands of enemy nations and terrorist groups. Eye Spy examines ECHELON and how this powerful NSA project can intercept virtually any phone call, e-mail, fax and wireless call.
GCHQ, England This top secret agency plays a integral role in the interception of communications

The SIS Plot to Kill Rasputin

Was Grigori Rasputin assassinated by Britains Secret Intelligence Service to stop a deal that would have freed German forces to fight on the Western Front? New research by acclaimed intelligence historian Andrew Cook suggests Rasputin, the Russian monk who became the confidant of the last tsar, was almost certainly killed by a British undercover intelligence officer. The murder of Rasputin on the night of 16-17 December 1916 has always seemed extraordinary: first he was poisoned, then shot and finally drowned in a frozen river by Russian aristocrats fearful of his influence on Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra. However, Cook has uncovered convincing hitherto unknown evidence that points to an Oswald Rayner, member of the Secret Intelligence Service, who was working at the Russian court in St Petersburg.

Police crime scene photo showing frozen body of Rasputin

The Strange Story of Able Danger

Few in the intelligence world knew of its existence, yet a secret military intelligence unit established by US Special Operations Command in 1999, provided intelligence that some believe could have helped prevent 9/11. A full twelve months prior to the attacks on New York and Washington DC, members of Able Danger had reportedly identified Mohamed Atta and at least three other members of the terrorist gang who would attack America. Eye Spy investigates one of the most controversial stories to emerge in months...

Acoustical Espionage
Computer scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have conducted research which presents a real headache to counterespionage services. Researchers show that a simple audio recording of keyboard clicks can betray the text just entered. This means entire texts and secret passwords to computer systems are now vulnerable. Eye Spy examines the implications of this highly important research.

A Spy in the White House?

The probe into the arrest on espionage charges of Filipino-American Leandro Aragoncillo, 46, an FBI intelligence analyst with top secret clearance, and a former senior Philippines police official is set to widen. Both men have been accused of conspiring to send classified US assessments of the southeast Asian country to unnamed officials in the Philippines. The affair Leandro Aragoncillo occurred just four four years after another spy - the notorius FBI officer Robert Hannsen was caught passing on US secrets to Russia. As for Aragoncillo, he has essentially admitted that he took classified information. Aragoncillo spent nearly two years working in the White House just how many other secrets did he pass on?

Underworld - How Real was the New York Subway Plot?

Confusion reigned in October as intelligence gleaned in Iraq pointed to a specific threat to New Yorks Subway System between 7 - 9 October 2005. US military intelligence officers learned from three al-Qaida suspects arrested in Iraq, that a plan to detonate at least 19 bombs on the subway was more than just fanciful... Or was it? A Department of Homeland Security memo warned that a team of terrorists may have travelled to New York to put remote-controlled bombs in briefcases and baby carriages. Armed with this intelligence, and with the knowledge that at least two terror cells are already thought to be in New York, city officials decided to instigate a huge security operation.

Espionage and Propaganda

From exploding chocolate bars and tins of food, to phoney newspaper stories. Eye Spy takes a candid look at a number of previously classified MI5 files that provide a valuable, yet sometimes comical look into how Nazi Germany sought to bring chaos, confusion and mistrust onto the streets of Britain. A great feature for espionage enthusiasts!

Understanding Intelligence - Money Laundering

Intelligence expert Kevin Coleman continues our interactive reader series on intelligence. This training brief defines what money laundering is, analyses how it is accomplished, and examines the various layers involved. After digesting the feature, readers can download or write for an examination paper. By successfully completing the series of exams, readers can earn a professional certificate in future spy technology that identifies the number of continuing education units for that specific programme. This professional programme has been developed through a cooperative agreement between Technolytics and Spy-Ops (USA) and Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine. The exam paper for Money Laundering along with Part 1 - Future Spy Technology From Qs Lab (see issue 34) and Part 2 - DNA Technology (see issue 35) can also be downloaded www.eyespymag.com Editors note: This unique series covers dozens of intelligence subjects.

CIA Airwaves Blunder

Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, a suspected al-Qaida link man in Europe, was allegedly abducted by the CIA in Milan on 17 February 2003 and flown to Egypt for interrogation. Italian prosecutors have since issued warrants for nineteen suspected CIA officers and agents who were allegedly involved in the operation. Eye Spy has learned that the officers were identified by a simple airwaves mistake, a telephone mast, and some clever investigation...

London Reconnaissance Prior to 7/7

A CCTV image released by the Metropolitan Police on 20 September 2005 shows three of the four men believed to have been responsible for the 7 July terrorist explosions in London - two weeks before the actual attacks. Intelligence analysts are satisfied the journey - made on the morning of Tuesday, 28 June 2005 - was a reconnaissance trip or dry run. Eye Spy retraces their journey and in this special feature, we also present photographs of the unused bombs discovered in the terrorists vehicle. CCTV image of the bombers embarking on a dry run weeks before the actually attack

MI6 - Out of the Shadows... Nearly

Britains Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), better known as MI6, finally stepped out of the shadows, well, at least partially, by launching its own website. The worlds bestknown intelligence service, under pressure to secure more staff and to lessen the secrecy which surrounds it, decided it was time to be a little more open. However, the site allows only a glimpse of the organisations structure, and admits that SIS must protect the secrets of its sources... this factor is reflected in our website. Eye Spy discusses the importance of this historic step.

Operation SafePort
Several US security services recently joined to conduct a huge maritime and land exercise codenamed Operation SafePort. Officials are concerned that terrorists are using cargo-carrying vessels to breach security. In this informative and highly controversial feature, Eye Spy takes a detailed look at just how real the chemical and biological threat to the United States and other countries really is.

MI5 - The Secret Campus Wars

There was a time when MI5 endeavoured to infiltrate British universities and flush out Soviet spies and Moscows backers. Today the agency is again on campus tackling al-Qaida recruiters in a very secret war. This important feature examines how al-Qaida is using educated operatives to recruit youngsters in places of learning and send them to battle.

Professional Bodyguards Part 5 - IEDs

Eye Spys military consultant Jim Shortt continues his in-depth look at professional bodyguards and close protection officers. In this feature, Shortt looks at IEDs - Improvised Explosive Devices. A recent Pentagon statement reveals that IEDs are now responsible for more Coalition deaths than any other weapon. Shortt provides a great deal of historical information and gives useful tips on what countermeasures can be conducted.

Other Features How al-Qaida operatives are increasingly using codes to disguise their operations. Dozens of intelligence briefs and a round-up of significant events appear in our intelligence digest section. The latest news on Operation Paget and the investigation into the death of Princess Diana Specialist books, equipment and reader offers





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