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Kelly Hoppen China Business Day Social Support Report

Content 1 Introduction 2 Social Media Activities 3 Influencer Targeting 4 Conlcusion

1 Introduction China Entrepreneur Club (CEC), China's most influential business leaders organization, had an 8-day long visit to UK from last Friday. The China Business Day held on 27 July, was an important part of the visit. It was important for Kelly to showcase how she is related to this great event and all the effort she put into her work as one of top entrepreneurs doing business and increasing opportunities between China and the UK. We proposed a campaign last Monday about our plan to support Kelly around China Business Day. Last week, we posted blogs in both English and Chinese, sent related posts across Kellys western and Chinese social profiles with a particular theme on each day. We researched key bloggers dedicated to reporting business info between China and UK, and sent out emails about Kellys blog to increase awareness.

2 Social Media activities

On social media, we created blog posts, posted across Kellys profiles last week. Blog China Business Day blog We created a blog in Chinese, talking about China Business Day and how it relates to Kelly, including Kellys work for UKTI & GREAT Campaign, highlights of Kellys business in China so far and her Chinese social media presence. This was shared across Kellys social profiles.

Asia Trip blog We uploaded Kelly Asia trip blog sent by Janaha onto Kellys English blog and created 1 Facebook post, tweeted it and also shared it across Kellys Chinese profiles after translating it into Chinese.

Social Media Western

On Kellys western profiles we shared Kellys Asia trip blog, created 1 Facebook post and 2 tweets on July 27. We also focused on interaction with @UKTI_ATF @foreignoffice and @UKTI about their China Business Day tweets.

Social Media Chinese

On Kellys Chinese profiles, we created posts about China Business Day and news, updates about Kellys business in China. And we had great interaction with accounts like @ (Euro in China), @(British embassy). Each day we had a specific theme around Kelly to post on Weibo to raise awareness of Kelly and encourage the influential journalists to get in touch.

3 Influencer Targeting
We researched key bloggers dedicated to reporting business and contacted them to show that Kelly is one of top entrepreneurs doing business and increasing opportunities between China and the UK. We identified 9 key bloggers.

English translation
British Chamber of Commerce in South-western China British Chamber of Commerce in China China-Britain Business Council British Embassy Beijing Euro in China C-cube Media China-European Business Voice of UK BBC China

Chinese accounts
C BBC 1,196 -

Weibo follower

4,665 252,539 78,869 638,066 46,874 736 43,822

We received positive feedback from British Chamber of Commerce in South-western China, they posted Kellys blog on their Weibo.

Additional Coverage

We created a blog earlier this summer to encourage journalists in China to get in touch about email interviews for Kelly during London Olympics. So far we received 6 media requests, which we have translated to English, answered on Kellys behalf, shared with APR, and then translated to Chinese to send on to the journalists.

4 Conclusion
Around China Business Day last week, we saw Kellys followers increase with the biggest jump on Twitter 26,557 (220 increase)and Weibo 12,555 (145 increase). 9 posts on western profiles 43 retweets of posts by Kelly Retweets by @UKTI ( 21,843 followers), @BritBizclub (1,854 followers), @UKTIEuropeanHub (945followers) 10 posts on Weibo 5 posts on other Chinese profiles 23 reposts of Kellys content by others 16 reposts of Kellys Chinese blog 9 key bloggers identified and targeted with a reach of 1,066,767