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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

The smooth, efficient flow of business documentation is the lifeblood of a successful company. Ranging from engineering drawings & marketing collateral to invoices, contracts, SOPs, and insurance claims business content needs to move effectively among the right individuals at the right time. In most organizations, however, content silos and cumbersome paper-intensive business processes prevent companies from achieving greater efficiency in the creation, management, and delivery of critical business documents. Five major business drivers make effective document management a key requirement for today's businesses: Accelerating paper-based business processes As technology speeds the pace of business, companies can no longer afford the delays associated with routing paper documents through critical processing and approval stages. Content enablement of enterprise applications True automation of business processes requires enabling enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, and PLM to integrate unstructured content into transactional workflows. Leveraging Document Management software as a single source for content across these applications enables customers to create virtual folders that deliver a 360degree view of all content associated with a customer relationship or business transaction. Enterprise publishing In today's environment of needing to do more with less, it's increasingly important to find ways to leverage, reuse, and repurpose enterprise information when publishing across a variety of channels. Standardization and optimization of content infrastructure In order to reduce complexity, many organizations are seeking to consolidate the management of unstructured content types such as documents, scanned images, CAD drawings, Web files, and business records on a single platform managed through a single vendor relationship.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Why Document Management Solution?
In todays competitive market, efficiently organizing, managing, and sharing your documents across the enterprise is critical to the success of your organization. To maintain competitive advantage, you need to effortlessly leverage the information contained in your business documents, so you can spend more time doing what you do bestdeveloping innovative products and getting them to market before the competition. Did you know that many companies do a better job managing and securing their office supplies than they do their business-critical documents? Its true. The electronic documents that are the very lifeblood of the modern business are all too often taken totally for granted. Very few businesses take the time to consider the expenses that they incur on a daily basis because of: Time and effort wasted in locating documents. Research has indicated that nearly 10% of an average office workers day is spent trying to locate existing information and documents. Redundant effort necessitated because its often easier to recreate something than it would be to try to find it. Time and effort involved in figuring out who has the latest version of a document, and recovering when various revisions overwrite each other. Unnecessary usage of network storage devices and network bandwidth, because the documents are dispersed everywhere across the enterprise, rather than centralized. Likewise, few businesses take the time to consider the considerable risks that they expose themselves to on a daily basis because: Security is applied haphazardly at best, which exposes important information to scrutiny by potentially inappropriate people. Critical documents are stored - often exclusively on laptop computers that could be lost, stolen, or damaged at any time. Documents stored centrally on Windows network drives, once deleted; do not go into a recycle bin as commonly believed. They simply disappear, and must be restored slowly from tape backups (if youre lucky enough to have those). No record exists of precisely who has viewed and/or edited a document. Its therefore impossible to audit a business process to uncover mistakes or inefficiencies.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Important Points to Look For in a Document Management Solution
The DMS you select should benefit the majority of your employees, work seamlessly with your existing desktop applications, deploy rapidly and scale anywhere from one workstation to your the entire computer enterprise. When you are evaluating candidate systems use the criteria listed below as a guide. The ideal system should meet or exceed the following: It should use pervasive but not invasive technology. It should leverage the investment youve already made in your computing infrastructure. It should provide multiple platform support. It should scale well from a single user to the global enterprise. It should provide you with the ability to deploy the system all at once or incrementally first on a single workstation, then in a single department, then throughout a division, and finally across the entire organization. It should comply with industry standards and open architecture principles. It should be easily customized and integrated with other computerized procedures already in place within your organization. It should be easy to deploy. It should respect and follow your business rules, not its own. It should be capable of reporting activity allowing you to monitor it use and effectiveness. It should be affordable.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise About Syntax

The Path to Infinity .

At Syntax, the concept of Infinity is easily understood. That's because it has rediscovered the idea and redefined it to reflect its core philosophy. Infinity is part of its inherent corporate genetic structure. To Syntax, it means generating value that is endless; innovating solutions without constraints; a never-ending pursuit for excellence. It represents our state of continual, aggressive evolution to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing topography of market demands and technological advances. Integrate all the characteristics of Syntax and you'll have a new definition for Infinity. On the ground, Syntax fundamentally aims to build strong relationships. Its deliverables are strong technology solutions that make a difference to the profitability of their clients' businesses. One relationship that is already making a big difference is Syntaxs alliance with Total OutSource, Inc. The fundamental values can be defined by the companys Vision, Mission and Philosophy.

To be one of the top IT Consulting Companies in India and abroad.

To leverage Technology & Human Capital for Optimum Productivity.

To create an opportunity & to provide a platform where everybody can grow & towards making India a 'Super Power' & the World a better place to live in. contribute


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

In today's technology-driven business ecosystem, everyone agrees that change is not only constant but is also increasing at an exponential rate. At Syntax, they believe in delivering true value is a result of staying on top of change. In fact, they take this one step further; they focus on being part of the very force that drives these changes

Accelerating Adaptation
Neo-Darwinian principles define survival as a function of change; the ability to adapt to changing requirements. All businesses are governed by these principles. At Syntax, they are aggressive catalysts helping customers to leverage technology to accelerate adaptation. The focus is singular and clear: offer business benefits to the customer to deliver an unbeatable edge over competition. That's the bottom line the company would like to put on top of everything else. All the passion, all the values, the strengths, skills and efforts orbit around this positioning. The idea of offering endless value to the customer is the very differentiating principle Syntax was founded on. Building up from the direction their foundation gave them, their guaranteed, unwavering quality of delivery was built up by sheer determination, expertise and commitment. Having started in 1998 with a one-man team and a single client, Syntax today has a manpower base of over 150 and a list of clients that reads like a Who's Who list of companies spread across geographies. Syntax has now attained the position of an emergent powerhouse in Technology consulting, product development and Outsourcing services. This amazing growth has resulted from the tremendous confidence Syntax has evoked in everyone alike - Management, Employees, Investors, Partners, Alliances and, of-course, our Clients. On the ground, Syntax is a people company. The company's backbone is its strong management team that keeps focused on the magic of the initial vision. In addition, the expertise and energy of the founders has filtered down to the entire team making it one complete dynamic entity with strong commitment and focus.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Adopting Acceleration

Syntax continues to evolve rapidly by adopting emerging technologies and stressing on their research initiatives; they strive to stay at the leading edge of change. Innovative excellence is at the heart of all their solutions and by staying at the leading edge of change, they help their clients leverage the best of the technology to meet their business objectives. The ultimate objectives - adopt the newest technologies and accelerate their clients adaptation to the competitive landscape.

The companys core values are their basic differentiators. They provide the thrust for continuous growth and development. To ensure reliability and high performance, Syntax and its employees live by their commitment to a set of three core values: Innovation, Quality and building Enduring Relationships with customers, employees and society at large

In an age where competitors can so easily imitate yesterday's inventions, their key advantage lies in their ability to innovate and evolve continuously. Innovation is the foundation on which Syntaxs solutions are built. They have built a system that is based on discovery and technological innovation. Their innovative approach to technology is carried over into their innovative business solutions that enable customers meet competitive market demands.

At Syntax, quality is not a mere word but a way of life. Syntaxs commitment to quality is evident in a number of ways:

In the dedication of the management team to produce world-class solutions that meet customers' real-world requirements. In the determination of the development team to constantly improve processes, to increase efficiency and deliver cost effective products. The approach in which customers requirements remain the focal point throughout the entire development process.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Building Enduring Relationships

Syntax culture is built and maintained in synchronization with the organization's vision and goals. Syntax strives to maintain high standards of conduct and integrity in all its relationships and is dedicated to client satisfaction and enduring relationships.

Syntax works towards one key objective: Customer Satisfaction. The exceptional rapport that Syntax enjoys with its customers emanates from its interactive work culture. Keeping the passion for innovation and customer focus alive, Syntax recruits proficient professionals to deliver best-of-breed business solutions and services to customers worldwide. Syntax constantly endeavors to deliver unparalleled value to customers and views success as dependent upon its customers success. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Syntax always goes beyond the last mile, setting standards for the rest of the players in the same genre. Employees: At Syntax, every employee is an invaluable asset and not a mere resource. In an industry that is typically characterized by high attrition rates, Syntax builds enduring relationships with its own employees - recognizing that an organizations greatest asset is its people. Syntax believes in professionalism without hierarchy. The key role of every individual team member is to perform: overcoming limitations and delivering more than the best. Syntax believes in generating positive attitudes and a strong work ethic among the team members by creating a vibrant work environment that encourages and enables imagination and innovation. Society at large: .

At Syntax they believe they are an integral part of a larger ecosystem. They firmly believe that every entity in the ecosystem has some responsibility towards the society one lives in. In addition to providing world-class business solutions, Syntax has always strived to fulfill its responsibilities as a true social and economic enabler. Our employees are pragmatic and believe in the dictum that small grains of sand gather to form a desert and so are ever ready to volunteer and contribute to a social cause. Besides contributing to various spiritual, charitable and religious


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

activities from time to time, we at Syntax have also contributed to national causes like the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, the Tsunami relief fund etc. This is just a humble beginning, almost like a drop in the ocean, but it is with these small endeavors that we attempt to create a world that will be a better place for the future generations.

Syntax is piloted by professionals with new-world business intelligence and technological prowess, acquired from years of working for successful IT companies. The company's management team brings with it a strong blend of business management, marketing and sales expertise. The team's strategic business management has helped build, develop and retain a longstanding customer base P. Prashant COO A visionary and entrepreneur, Prashant was the man who conceptualized and founded Syntax. Having worked with premier IT companies, Prashant brings with him vast and varied experience in Software Products Marketing, Training, Operations, HR, PR, Finance, Management and Administration. Presently, he heads the operations of Syntax and is the visionary charting the roadmap for the growth of Syntax in the Indian and Global market. Srivatsa S CMO A certified Six Sigma Quality Professional, Srivatsa has been instrumental in creating & maintaining a proactive, professional and productive work culture at Syntax. He has extensive domestic/overseas experience in Software Products Sales, Support, Service and Distribution. Endowed with a zeal that is contagious and a 'never-say-die' attitude, Srivatsa competently steers Syntax towards its vision of being a premier IT Company. . .


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Subramaniyan K. V CTO

A lively idea-bank, Subramaniyan is responsible for the Technical and Software Development functions at Syntax. His competencies include architecting, developing and delivering business process automation solutions. At Syntax, Subramaniyan's responsibilities include establishing processes, developing procedures, documentation, quality systems, customized end-user solutions, software development life cycles and projects and products development.


Syntax has a state-of-the-art R&D facility and Software development center at its corporate headquarters in Bangalore, India. In line with its commitment to developing real-world business solutions, the infrastructure at Syntax includes a facility with over 25,000 square feet of space that can accommodate up to 300 software professionals The salient features of this facility include:

25000 Sq.ft of Ergonomically designed, fully air-conditioned office space with 24/7 support services.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

A Completely networked work environment built with on CAT-6, 100 MBPS Local Area Network, 1 GHz Foundry Networks manageable switches, Cisco router, Cisco PIX Firewall and Wireless (WiFi) enabled.

Servers include Sun Solaris 4500 enterprise servers, rack mounted Compaq and HP Servers with disaster recovery options.

The Latest Pentium based workstations with Flat display panels. A dedicated (upgradeable on demand) data communications link to meet communication, data transfer and delivery / deployment mechanisms for clients. Access to a repository of software (on the servers) to all systems. Software suite that includes:
o o o o o

Configuration Management Tools Project Planning and Management Tools Development and Debugging Environments Testing and Test Coverage Tools A host of other Productivity Tools and Engines

A well-equipped library collection complete with books, journals and periodicals on current industry trends and technologies The latest Alcatel digital Epabx system, with digital phones and extensions. Dedicated VoIP lines to facilitate international voice communications. State of the art power and backup power systems with APC Silicon 40 kva UPS and Caterpillar 320 kva backup Diesel Generator.

Syntax's wide repertoire of product offerings span from Enterprise Applications to Business Productivity Solutions. Our rich experience in developing indigenous products in tandem with our distribution of world-class, best-of-breed products puts us in a position ideal to find optimal solutions for you.

Enterprise Solutions
eFactory This is Syntax's indigenous revolutionary, multi-functional, solution that automates all


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

departments, functions and processes resulting in effective planning, efficient scheduling and informed decision-making. eHRIS This home-grown new generation, web-based, email-enabled, HR Information Management Solution, eHRIS, offers robust process automation to enterprises, enhancing efficiencies & increasing productivity. ViewWise Enterprise . This is Computhink's feature-rich IDM/Image Enabled Solution for Large Enterprises and SMEs. Syntax distributes and implements ViewWise throughout the country. AnyDoc Cutting-edge applications from AnyDoc Software, Inc. provide the full spectrum of automated solutions for all your document and data capture needs, including Scanning software (local and remote), Forms processing (structured and unstructured) and Document imaging (storage and retrieval).

Business Products
Syntax's end object of providing infinite value extends far beyond its in-house products and services. They understand the need (and cost-efficiency) of not reinventing the wheel! As a result, Syntax offers a huge and extremely comprehensive range of packaged products to provide solutions to all types of businesses and users. They are not a standard re-seller. Our focus is to build a long-term relationship, with end-to-end services including pre and post-sales support, installation, consultancy and maintenance. Syntax aims to act as a single-window Procurement Partner. We have the ability to even source products that are rare, or not easily available by conventional means. Our strong alliances with major distributors ensure competitive pricing. The entire range of tools caters to a wide variety of users including tools for: Software Development Lifecycle Management Designing Authoring


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Development Deployment Testing Help Authoring Installation Documentation Project Management Configuration Management Website/Portal Development & Deployment Network Management Security Productivity Enhancements

Knowledge Management

Organizations worldwide are trying to achieve increased productivity at reduced costs by implementing a wide range of IT-based business solutions. Syntax empowers and improves your business by creating custom web and software solutions according to your business needs. At Syntax, they understand unique business requirements of their customers. They work in synergy with them to conceptualize reliable and versatile solutions that aptly fit their needs. They take care of the complete life-cycle development of the solution, right from requirements analysis to implementation.

Software Development
Syntax's bespoke software development service enables companies to meet their realworld business needs through a comprehensive range of value-added architecture, technology and development expertise. Their services are aimed at helping customers realize their vision within budget and on schedule. Their methodology is focused on integrating software development services seamlessly with the customer's business process to deliver applications of high-quality and effective


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

usability. They use all the man-years of their past experiences, proven industry practices and established tools to ensure that every project is totally transparent, efficient and has predictable results. Their experience demonstrates that no implementation method by itself - be that ISO, CMM, or an agile approach is a 'one-size-fits-all' method for every budget and timeframe. Therefore, they also advise and help customers in matching business processes and understanding mutual expectations towards software development methodology that is best suited for their customized needs. The end objective is of-course, to maximize returns.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure that customers maximize the benefits of their software development services in terms of cost, quality and capability to meet their strategic goals without compromising on any of these factors.

Technology Enabling
Emerging trends in the market place have resulted in organizations adopting new technologies and business models. Syntax offers consulting services that aim to help clients maximize revenues and streamline operations. Syntax offers consulting services through its team of consultants having widespread cross-functional business and technical understanding. The team of experienced project managers, business analysts and software developers work in a collaborative approach with clients. This allows the teams to chart business requirements to the technology solution that best fits project objective.

Legacy Migration and Re-engineering

While there seems to be a neck-to-neck race between technology and time, organizations are exploring ways and means of keeping up with the technology in order to maintain an edge over competitors. To realize this, a few of them have been redeveloping their applications with state-of-the art technologies. As very few organizations have budget or time or resources for redevelopment, most opt for migrations and conversions. At Syntax, they understand that migration/porting legacy applications requires a different strategy and approach. It requires a thorough understanding of the technologies and platforms


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

involved. Their experience of working on various tools and technologies has helped them understand the nuances of the existing and evolving tools and technologies. This has helped them strategize their approach towards the porting and migration needs of their customer. They have the expertise to handle mission critical legacy applications that are of great value to organizations.

The issues facing migration tasks can be daunting. Over time, as technology changes, legacy applications can prove to be stumbling blocks for an enterprise-wide IT architecture and present several challenges in operations and maintenance. These challenges can be categorized as 1. High maintenance costs 2. Non-availability of experienced resources 3. Adapting to a constantly changing business and regulatory environment. Their proven application migration and re-engineering solutions help organizations overcome these hurdles and unlock as much value from these applications as possible. The Return on Investment on a migration project can be manifold. It can result from enhanced business support, significant improvement in the ability to integrate applications and reduced licensing and maintenance costs. The key factor that adds value while working with them is their domain expertise in chosen business verticals. This results in their ability to flawlessly execute re-engineering projects of varying sizes and complexities. Their primary business goals are accelerated time-tomarket and reduction in costs.

SYNTAX Offerings
Their tested indigenous Migration & Re-engineering Methodology is a four-phased approach. The key to the approach is ensuring continuity and transparency across all the phases.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

This is achieved with utilization of appropriate tools that integrate and drive the entire project. Their diverse spectrum of application migration and re-engineering include:

Application Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of an application migration or reengineering exercise including the choice of the target architecture. Portfolio Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of re-engineering an entire portfolio of related applications. Platform Migration: Migrating an existing application to new hardware, operating system, database or programming environment.

Application Re-engineering: Completely redesigning an application in order to provide superior functionality by taking advantage of new technology standards.

Outsourced Software Development

Syntax's Outsourced software development service enables companies to meet their realworld business needs through a comprehensive range of value-added architecture, technology and development expertise. Their services are aimed at helping customers realize their vision within budget and on schedule. Their methodology is focused on integrating offshore software development services and practices seamlessly with the customer's business and technology practices. They use all the man-years of their past experiences, proven industry practices and established tools to ensure that every project is totally transparent, efficient and has predictable results. As experience demonstrates, no implementation method by itself - be that ISO, CMM, or an agile approach is a 'one-size-fits-all' solution for every budget and timeframe. Therefore, they also advise and help customers in matching business processes and understanding mutual expectations towards software development methodology that is best suited for their customized needs. The end objective is of-course, to maximize returns. . As a global technology outsourcing provider, they make a consistent effort to ensure that project communication goes smoothly, by providing: .


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Onsite teams that closely collaborate with the customer to get a better understanding of business and project requirements A secure and efficient communication environment for all the distributed team members, both onsite and offshore/near-shore Specialized information infrastructure and effective communication tools for centralizing, organizing and managing all project information. Further, flexible contractual models ensure that software outsourcing project is delivered

on time and on budget, while meeting the highest quality requirements.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure that customers maximize the benefits of outsourcing software services in terms of cost, quality and capability to meet their strategic goals without compromising on any of these factors.

Outsourced Product Development

To remain competitive, organizations need to be able to focus on their core business processes. Product Developers, for example, can expend their resources on the concept, design, developing marketing strategies and business development. The actual product development can be outsourced to a suitable developer. There may also be other factors that come into play. Designing and Engineering a software product from its specification to its release requires a dedicated team of skilled software personnel, experienced managers, and domain experts. Most product companies do not have sufficient management or engineering resources inhouse to bring the desired product to the market at the targeted time. Today, many companies are taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of Outsourced Product Development, an option which was not available too long ago. The reasons why a company should consider outsourcing product development are many:

The in-house engineering team may require additional skill-sets to engineer the product (e.g., experience with open source solutions and specific language expertise)


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Adequate engineering resources may not be available in-house to start development on the new software product or enhance an existing product The cost of adding additional software engineers to an in-house team can be deferred This may be the only way to meet stringent time-to-market requirements From working with a well-established and professional outsourcing engineering services company, an additional benefit would include understanding infrastructure and welldefined management processes

In-house engineering teams can also benefit from the association and collaboration with other engineers at the outsourcing engineering services company

Having decided to outsource Product Development, the most critical issue becomes selection of the outsourcing partner. This requires careful consideration. Apart from cost considerations, the developer must have the engineering resources in place with the technical background and necessary infrastructure to ensure a quality product and meet your quality and time-to-market expectations.

SYNTAX: the ideal outsourced product engineering team

With it vast experience and extensive technical & domain expertise, Syntax is an excellent partner to work with. They have successfully managed, developed and delivered quality products in a diverse set of domains. They score high when it comes to why you must choose Syntax:

A proven ability to engineer products. A through understanding of the entire product development lifecycle including requirements specifications, design, development, quality assurance testing, and release A commitment to best practices throughout the product development lifecycle to ensure high quality during the development process Skilled engineers plus access to off-shore resources to quickly and adequately staff the engineering team to meet the product development requirements Management infrastructure in place to closely monitor the progress of projects throughout the product development lifecycle, and to ensure communication between customers, software engineers and our project management


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Project infrastructure to ensure strict adherence to source code control and backup procedures Total commitment to continuing technical education to ensure that engineering resources remain up-to-date on the latest advances in technology Skilled engineering resources with strong backgrounds in a wide variety of operating environments, languages and technologies Strong regulatory procedures and security policies and infrastructure Microsoft certified partner and Sun Developer Connection partner. This helps Syntax to continuously improve delivery on these platforms

Outsourced Testing and QA

Syntax offers independent product testing services that provide critical and objective evaluation of the performance and quality of software systems and applications. The dimensions of their testing service include:

Unit Testing Functional Testing Load Testing Peer Testing Interoperability and Conformance Testing Certification Testing Regression Testing Integration Testing Development and Deployment Testing Test ware and tools development Test strategy and planning Syntax with its extensive experience in providing independent testing services to

customers helps provide distinct insight into reliability, maintainability, and usability issues. Selecting the appropriate and right testing strategy, strong management of testing processes, and use of automation tools to support the testing processes are some of the value adds that Syntax offers its customers.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Their success is evident in the long list of satisfied customers that they serve. Here is a select list:

Allegro Networks Altium Technologies Anupam Rasayan Ltd. Canfin Homes Ltd. D.S. Constructions Eastern Engineering Company Espark Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Explocity Pvt. Ltd. Ginie Interactive Jindal Praxair Oxygen Company Ltd. Moser Baer, India NHRD, Bangalore Novell Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. Ocwen Finance Solution Pvt. Ltd. Peak XV Pvt. Ltd. Perot Systems Phoenix Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Praxair India Pvt. Ltd. Raffles Software Pvt. Ltd. Rockwell Automation India


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Sapient Corporation Sonim Communications (India) Pvt. Ltd. Spider Systems, Malaysia Team Asia Lakhi Semiconductors Texas Instrument India Pvt. Ltd. Titan Time Products Ltd. TUV Rheinland Group Asia, Japan Wipro Ltd. Zilog India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

About ViewWise (Syntaxs Document Management Solution)

In today's highly competitive market place, access to relevant, critical data is crucial. Enterprises recognize the need to deliver consistent, accurate content securely across all distribution points to varied and multiple audiences. Reduced time-to-market and mounting development costs, compel enterprises to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity. With an efficient document management solution, Syntax helps their customer's develop a custom-built solution to suit individual requirements and optimize key business processes and functions.

Product Overview
ViewWise is a feature-rich Integrated Document Management / Image Enabled Solution. ViewWise is engineered to facilitate compliance with current and emerging operational and regulatory compliance requirements for document imaging, capture / indexing, searching / retrieval, archiving and records management. It is robust, simple, reliable, cost effective, scalable and easy to use. ViewWise is designed to operate in both WEB and LAN based environments. It leverages a firm's existing investment in their IT infrastructure, and operates on a variety of distributed and centralized topologies. ViewWise integrates with other software applications within diverse operating environments.



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

ViewWise provides enterprises with a complete document management solution for faster information management. ViewWise is customizable and can be tailor made to suit individual industry needs. Following is a list of key features that facilitate easy and efficient management of all data and information of an enterprise.

Product Advantages
ViewWise offers enterprises many distinct benefits, the most notable among them are as follows: Reduced Storage Costs by 50-80% Increased Productivity by 25-50% Lowered Transaction Times by 75% Reduced Business Operating Costs by 20-30% Reduced Document Retrieval Time by 30-90% Faster and easier access to information across the enterprise Improved workflow efficiency Robust Multi-Tiered Security Remote Access to Database

Salient Features
ViewWise is packed with several values added, time saving features. Some of these salient features include: GUI ViewWise provides its users a very intuitive and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). ViewWise application utilizes a Multiple Document Interface (MDI). It consists of a parent window that contains child windows, menus, and toolbars that can be resized, repositioned or hidden. It is similar to the Windows Explorer interface and is easy to use. With its flexible use of space and tools, ViewWise can be customized to suit the changing needs of the end users. This makes ViewWise efficient and userfriendly.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

DjVu . DjVu is a proprietary, groundbreaking image compression technology used in ViewWise. It dramatically reduces file sizes without reduction in quality or readability. DjVu has been specifically engineered for access speed. Documents can be distributed and displayed extremely quickly even across narrowband and wireless networks. The readability of documents is maintained on all platforms with no compatibility problems. DjVu also compares well with other existing file formats like JPEG, TIFF, PDF and GIF. This dramatic reduction in file sizes result in storage space cost reduction, increase in distribution speed and enhanced workflow.

Printer Driver .

This is a unique feature offered by ViewWise. It functions as any other

windows driver and allows users to directly save and print documents from any windows based applications into ViewWise. The documents are saved as an image, either in DjVu or TIFF format. With this unique option of ViewWise, users can easily and quickly convert and save a document into the ViewWise application. With ViewWise Printer Driver users realize savings in terms of material costs and time taken to print, scan and import documents. MS Office Integration .

ViewWise is designed to tightly integrate with the latest versions of MS Office Suite of applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook Express and Access. A ViewWise icon is added to the standard toolbar of every Office application. With a single click, users can directly save documents into ViewWise from within these applications. 255 File Formats Support .

ViewWise supports an amazing 255 native file formats. Using advanced technology ViewWise allows users to view an amazing 255 types of file formats, all within the ViewWise viewer frame. This can be done without having the native software applications installed on any of the systems. With this distinct


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

feature, organizations experience substantial savings on software-licensing costs and also save the effort and time spent on switching between different applications to view documents of different formats. It also enhances distribution and managing capabilities of various file formats directly from within the ViewWise application. Batch Indexing .

Batch-indexing feature provided by ViewWise is especially useful in situations where large numbers of documents have to be brought into ViewWise. Documents can be brought in from various sources such as the ViewWise printer driver, scanner, MS Office applications, fax and Xerox. The distinct benefit is that users can in one-shot input large numbers of documents into ViewWise, without having to worry about the storage location. This adds flexibility and simplicity to the workflow process and also optimizes resource management. Output Modes .

ViewWise offers an extensive range of output options to cover all possible requirements of businesses. Using tools easily available on the Viewer Toolbar, documents can be printed, e-mailed, faxed and exported without opening up other applications. Outputs to all modes are simple and involve choosing the required mode from the toolbar and selecting the appropriate dialog box options. While exporting, documents can be exported either in their original file formats or in various image and text formats including BMP, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, ASCII, HTML, Publisher, RTF and General Word Processor. These easyto-use options help users save time. Search & Find .

ViewWise, offers users a rapid and powerful search mechanism that allows users to quickly locate documents from within a Room, Cabinet, Drawer or Folder. ViewWise supports simple search, advanced search and full text search. Simple search: A simple search is used in cases where even the basic information regarding the required document is not known. Simple search facilitates wildcard


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

and Boolean searches. It supports wildcards such as: * (asterisk), % (percent sign) and _ (underscore). . Advanced Search: Advanced Search is used for locating documents when some basic information, such as the document type or value of an index field, is known. ViewWise provides users various parameters to conduct the search. These include Document location, Document Type, Document Creator, Document created date; Document modified date, Include Comments and All Previous Versions. . .Full Text Search: In addition to the Simple and Advanced Searches, ViewWise also provides the optional Full Text Search to search for text contained within images and files in native formats. This is done by the optional FTS Indexer Engine, which extracts readable text from scanned Images and native formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, Text, DjVu and others. The ViewWise FTS Indexer uses a built-in OCR engine to extract recognizable text from images. The accuracy of this is determined by the quality and orientation of the image. Files that are encrypted or password protected are excluded from the search. Security ViewWise is designed to provide an extremely secure environment within which documents can be managed. With its multi-tiered security model, ViewWise provides different levels of robust security to end-users. At the first level, ViewWise recognizes and interacts with existing network authentication. All privileges and restrictions determined by existing network regulations apply to ViewWise users as well. Secondly, the ViewWise administrator can control the security parameters of any individual component in the storage structure. Security can be managed for rooms, cabinets, drawers, folders and documents by assigning the appropriate set of privileges to users or groups. The third level of security is provided at the storage level. All documents are stored utilizing 128bit encryption to ensure protection from unauthorized access. Web Access .

ViewWise, offers many value added features to accommodate the additional needs of users. Web Access is one of them. Web Access essentially


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

allows remote users to access the ViewWise database through the Internet using a web-browser. There are three kinds of Web Access options. They are Web Client, Web Plus Client and Web-Top Client. 'Web Client', provides standard browser-based access with zero footprint. With this option, users can search, find and view a limited number of file formats. Redacted sections and annotation layers cannot be viewed. 'Web Plus Client', provides users with upgraded viewer options. It allows users to view all file formats that can be viewed by a Desktop client. Users can also view the redaction and annotation layers attached to a document. 'Web Top Client', allows users to view all file formats with the additional functionality of output options such as print, fax, e-mail, export, send to and OCR. With these value additions, ViewWise can cater to a geographically

distributed workforce offering the same flexibility and reliability through the Internet.

ViewWise Specifications
The following constitute the Guideline specifications for the components of a ViewWise system:

ViewWise Server
Hardware Minimum Recommended CPU: 2.0 GHz or faster RAM: 512MB for ViewWise 300Mb Diskspace Plus RAM & Disk storage space for Database Software Network Operating Systems supported Microsoft 2000/3 Server Novell Netware 6.0 Server RedHat LINUX SuSe LINUX Others upon request


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

ViewWise Client
Hardware Minimum Recommended CPU: 800 MHz or faster RAM: 128MB or greater depending on types of documents Disk space: 128MB Software Client Systems supported Microsoft Windows 2000, or XP Professional Microsoft Office 2000/XP required for ViewWise Office integration. Windows running Terminal Services Web Client Options Client system with Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1 Plus either: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater Netscape Navigator 6.0 or greater

Web Servers
Microsoft IIS Novell Enterprise Web Server Apache

Relational Database Support

Microsoft SQL 2000 For Full Text Search (FTS) capabilities Microsoft FTS must be installed. Oracle 9i For FTS capabilities on Oracle Text support (formerly known as interMedia text) must be installed

Scanning Support
TWAIN and ISIS* scanners are supported, together with selected multipurpose network scanners.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Service Agent Optional Components
ViewWise FTS Indexer (Module for generating FTS content from ViewWise documents) Hardware Minimum Recommended 256MB RAM CPU: 800 MHz Memory and CPU speed scale depending on the workload Software Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP Professional Auto Check-in for Workflow Auto check-in of documents from supported third party workflow applications. Specifications as per VW FTS Indexer if deployed separately. Memory and CPU speed scale dependant on the workload

Optional Connectors
Automated Input Processor (AIP) Email Archive Service for Gwava GroupWise Agent AnyDoc Connector eWork Connector Eyes & Hands Forms Connector NCS Pearson hi-speed scanner


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

About the Project:

This study is focused on finding out the potential of Syntax Softs Document Management Solution VIEWWISE. The study will try to achieve the following stated objectives. The study will be carried out in 3 verticals (Manufacturing & firms running ERP, Financial Service NBFC, IT/ITES)

The Top players in DMS space in Bangalore. Investment scope and readiness to purchase in the identified verticals. Top verticals ready to invest in DMS. Potential clients for DMS software. Price range willing to invest in DMS.

Research Location: Bangalore city

Sample Size: 50 Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 31

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Manufacturing & firms running ERP Financial Services NBFCs IT/ITES Companies Biotech Companies

Sampling Method:
Judgement Sampling.

Survey Technique:
Telephonic interview with a questionnaire.

Data Collection:
Primary data will be collected through the telephonic interview or personal interview & secondary data will be collected from related websites.

Duration of the Study: Two months.

Limitation of the Study:

Sample size is only 50 which will not represent the actual population. Thus the results cannot be generalized for the whole population.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise


Company Name: Employee Name & Designation: Contact Nos: (O) Email : 1. How are documents shared in your company? Duplication Hard Copy Soft Copy (Photocopy) (M)


2. How are documents stored in your company? Data Record Optical Media (Floppy, CDs Servers Room etc) 3. Is there any situation where documents are misplaced or lost? Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 33

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Yes If Yes (Specify) 4. What is the annual cost incurred in printing, photocopying & daily data back ups? 5. How are documents used once retrieved? For Reference To Print Template for new document To Distribute to Third Party To Update No

6. What kind of security measures are taken for confidential, legal & proprietary documents? 7. What kind of documents are managed and shared in your company? TIFF / JPEG / PDF / WORD / EXCEL / CAD Please mention here: 8. What will be the size of the file shared in your company? 0 KB 1 MB 50 MB- 100 MB 1MB 10MB 100 MB 1GB 10MB 50 MB ABOVE 1GB

9. Have you heard or do you know about a Document Management Solution (DMS)? Yes No Page 34


Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

10. If yes, have you heard of any Document Management Solution providers / vendors? a) b) c) 11. Is your company using any Document Management Solution? If Yes, please specify providers info: Company name Software Investment

Unique features If No, do you think there is a need for a multilevel secured Document Management Solution for information sharing in your company? Yes No

12. Does your company use any other Enterprise Solution? CR ERP SCM Other M Please specify the software name:


13. Why would your company not implement Document Management Solution? Investment Not in the budget required plan Lack of Other Infrastructure (specify) 14. Any budgets planned by the company to invest in Document Management Solution?

15. Price range your company would invest into Document Management Solution? Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 35

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

2 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs 15 Lakhs 50 Lakhs 5 Lakhs - 15 Lakhs Other (specify)

16. On a scale of 1 to 10 rate the following factors for Document Management Solution in your company: Document Sharing Storage and Retrieval Document Security Remote Access of Documents File compression technology


Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 36

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Players in Document Management space in Bangalore

In the age of globalization, enterprises are no longer restricted to one compound or office, but spans state-lines and geographical boundaries. Offices generate information, which immediately go on to become a part of the organizations knowledge base to be used by officers in other offices across the world. Document Management Solution allows users to share these bulky pieces of information (like images, video, audio etc) quickly and in the most cost-effective manner. Competition by Top IT firms in Bangalore to grab a pie of the Document Management Solution market. These are few of the players other that Syntaxs ViewWise in Bangalore market. Following are the details of the product offered by different companies.

1) Documentum EMC2


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Product Preview
EMC Corporation is the world leader in systems, software, services, and solutions for information storage and management. We help organizations of all sizes across the globe implement information lifecycle management (ILM) strategies that enable them to better and more cost-effectively manage, use, protect, and share their information EMC Documentum enterprise content management (ECM) platform is a complete family of products that deliver capabilities to create, manage, deliver, and archive all your content. Unified Architecture Key to achieving content ROI, compliance, collaboration, and consolidation is adopting a single platform. Documentum 5.3 is the industry's first unified ECM platform. So when you use our products, it means no more content silos, integration code, or server synchronization. Service-Oriented Products Each of our 80 products fall within one of the following categories: Content Services Create, manage, deliver, and archive all types of content from text documents and spreadsheets to digital images, HTML, and XML components. Process Services Define, model, manage, and analyze business processes consistently and reliably across multiple organizations, systems, and applications. Repository Services Reduce risk and protect information assets with built-in security, a compliance infrastructure, and storage optimization. Integration Services Integrate ECM solution stacks with the rest of your IT infrastructure. Complete EMC Documentum Solution The best way to get started with EMC Documentum is to identify all your content-related business and technology challenges. Then identify the technology and business solutions that address each of those challenges. Implementing all the EMC Documentum solutions appropriate for your enterprise is the best way to ensure end-to-end content management.

2) OmniDoc Newgen software

Product Overview
An OmniDocs is a scalable, secure, multi-user Document Management and Workflow System. It allows users to manage image as well as electronic documents in a single central


Page 38

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

repository that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments, multiple locations and the entire enterprise. Its inbuilt Adaptive Workflow system allows users to route and track documents, messages and forms within the workgroup and helps to manage and track the work processes efficiently. .

OmniDocs has an easy to use user interface available in both Windows and Web Desktops that support standard document management and workflow operations, as well as additional custom desktops to meet specific requirements. . It supports extensive document management and workflow operations including simplified document acquisition, powerful scanning support, exhaustive document and folder searches, easy document viewing, flexible annotation support, powerful image editing operations, complete information management, online form processing, seamless content management capability, automatic data capture, strong version control, wide-ranging document delivery features and adaptive workflow for efficient document processing. Client components are available on a variety of Windows platforms, with support for multiple national languages.

3) Datascan.Online Stex

Product Overview
DataScan.Online helps in transforming the current processes into a dynamic informationenabled business environment. It is being used to accelerate and extend organizations global presence, delivering active and trusted document content to multiple channels, while providing for a unified storage umbrella for storing of all kinds of multi-media information like paper, video, audio, electronic spreadsheets, word-processed documents etc. . . The scalable architecture of DataScan.Online allows any organization, however big or

small or however diverse in their business processes, to implement right-sized solutions commensurate to their needs and goals. The open solutions framework of DataScan.Online is designed as a set of highly integrate-able components that can be easily deployed. These components can be embedded into current and future applications to enable these legacy applications. The clustered server architecture of DISA addresses the needs of organization to ensure


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

365*24*7 uptime. As organization work across different time zones, luxury of having any downtime in mission critical systems has disappeared. Communication across public networks however secure, especially when dealing with highly sensitive company documents causes concern. DataScan.Onlines, innovative implementation of the most powerful single-page cipher encryption allow our users to be completely reassured.

4) SecureDoc Optimus BT

Product Overview
Optimus SecureDoc solution is a specialized add-on for SharePoint Portal 2003 that allows organizations to SECURE folders, documents, and forms using extensions and APIs provided for Document Level Security. Optimus BT engages in cutting edge SharePoint add-on development to assist organizations in extending the reach of SharePoint into the enterprise infrastructure. As adoption of SharePoint increases within an enterprise, more users will use SharePoint as a single source for information management. It is our goal to provide infrastructure that will allow organizations to extend the SharePoint platform to various enterprise information systems. This includes

providing web parts that will achieve the following objectives : Extend the base features of SharePoint ,Integrate function/activity specific information into centralized websites ,Provide industry and function specific advanced features within web parts and SharePoint solutions, Provide connectors for different vendors and Internet services .

5) DocSmart Wipro

Product Overview
DocSmart is a knowledge and document management system. It enables companies to share, manage and reuse the vital corporate knowledge contained in enterprise documents-letters, reports, manuals, invoices, photographs, engineering drawings, illustrations, diagrams, audio, video and other sources of information. It provides a single point of tracking, analysis and notification on the desktop for all kinds of corporate information including structured data in databases, data warehouses and data marts and unstructured data such as that contained in word


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

processing documents, spreadsheets, Web pages and e-mail messages. In short, it enables the right people to get the right information at the right time. With DocSmart, information can be managed and moved to all points of an organization via LAN, WAN, Intranet, Extranet, Internet and the World Wide Web.

Features of each companys product

1) Documentum EMC2 Documentum EDM solutions offer the following capabilities: Content creation Integrates at the user interface level with industry-standard authoring tools built by Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, and others Content capture Transforms paper documents and forms into electronic images and metadata ready to be integrated into business process workflows Native XML authoring and management


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Using XML to separate content from layout, non-technical users can easily leverage content across multiple channels and publications Robust security Protects the valuable enterprise knowledge contained in managed documents using ACLs, LDAP, and SSL communications Workflow management Powerful tools for defining and automating business processes that involve routing documents for processing tasks, approvals, and distribution Lifecycle management Classifies documents as records and manages attribute changes as documents pass through stages such as reviewed, approved, published, archived, and retired Virtual documents Enables the quick assembly of large documents from multiple sources and can also be used to aggregate related content items into virtual folders that deliver a 360-degree view of a customer relationship or business transaction

Integration with enterprise applications Links unstructured content to structured records in enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM systems Content globalization Enables the creation, management, and delivery of multilingual content to employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders Full-text searching Enables users to easily find and retrieve documents based on document contents

Unlimited scalability Supports thousands of users managing billions of objects


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

2) OmiDoc Newgen software Powerful Document Scanning Support

Support for TWAIN and ISIS scanning Support for scanning though browser plug-in Production-level scanning through OmniCapture tool

Simplified Document Acquisition

Upload through HTTP and Desktop Client Support for Fax-in, Email and Print Redirection Uploading from ODMA compliant applications Upload from MS-Office applications through Add-Ins Through OmniAcquire offline document acquisition tool

Exhaustive Document and Folder Searches

Combination of Profile Search, Indexed Search and Full Text Search ODMA support for search and retrieval Search and retrieval through MS-Office AddIns Boolean and complex logical searches Search on annotations and notes

Easy Document Viewing

Supports viewing and annotating image documents Platform independent image document view through Image View Applet Support for Document View through browser-based Plug-In Supports more than 200 common electronic file formats Supports all standard Image Operations such as Deskew, Despeckle, Rotate, Invert, Brightness/ Contrast, Zoom-in and Zoom-out. Facility to traverse to Next Page/ Previous Page or Specific Page for viewing multi page documents Documents properties like Owner, Date Modified, Type etc. shown along with the document view


Page 43

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Exchange notes on documents Secure notes for users Browse documents by notes Ideal for review comments Support for Thumbnails on image and electronic documents including current and older versions

Flexible Annotation support

Facility of putting text, graphic and image annotations on document pages Annotate text and image stamps on documents to indicate signatures, approval seals etc. Print documents with or without annotations Annotation groups for selectively hiding, deleting, copying and securing annotations for selective users

Powerful Image Editing

Image editing operations such as page insertion, deletion, merge/ split pages etc. Document Maker tool with facility for merging/ splitting documents based on barcode/ page count etc. to assemble documents from scanned batches

Clipping Maker tool for preparation of clippings from multiple source documents

Complete Information Management

Organizing documents into Cabinets, Folders and Subfolders for hierarchical storage management Creation of user-defined Data Classes with multiple user-defined indexes of various data types Filing & Indexing of documents and folders on user defined data classes for quick retrieval Document and Folder shortcuts Inbox and Outbox for individual users for posting documents Linking of documents for cross-referencing related documents


Page 44

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Seamless Content Management capability

WebDAV support Enables users of enterprise applications to seamlessly interface with OmniDocs Integrates with Content Management Supports for users to create, modify, review, and publish content

Automatic Data Capture

Form Builder tool to generate forms for accepting Data Class values Zone-based OCR for automatic indexing Automatic data extraction using OCR, MICR and Barcode Template-based Filing

Strong Version Control

Supports image and electronic document versions, including version comments and search across versions Support for auto-versioning at Cabinet and Folder level Check-In and Checkout support for collaborative working on documents Support for notifications on check-in/ checkout

Wide-ranging Document Delivery

Download through HTTP and support for Print/ Mail/ Fax of documents Auto CD viewer for remote distribution

Adaptive Workflow for Efficient Document Processing

Adaptive Workflow for routing and tracking of documents, messages and forms Strong searching, reporting and monitoring of work process and status to help in automating work processes and improves efficiency Create Ad-hoc or pre-defined routes for automatic document routing Supports both sequential and parallel routes Refer Workitems to other users for reference Divert Workitems to other users for delegating or substituting


Page 45

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Time-based and Event-based reminders Users can collaborate on a Workitem through shared and secure notes Form-based workflow through PDF forms on the web with automatic data extraction and indexing Extensive Reports and Audit Trails Extensive Audit-trails at User, Folder and Cabinet levels on separate actions and between specific date/ times System Reports and Statistics Extensive tracking of each Workitem through track-sheet which records all user actions Elaborate search on workflow progress through status searches, searches on user-defined indexes, full-text search and searches on Workitems date and time Strong reporting facilities: Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports on completed, incomplete Workitems to identify slack and improve efficiency

Effortless Administration

Definition of Users and Groups for the system ,option of granting rights to access, modify or delete documents and folders

3) Datascan.Online Stex Imagebase The Document Content Database DataScan.Online 3.0 Imagebase structure supports 64-bit addressing as well as a completely new B-Tree structure. The speed of the new Imagebase increases tremendously as the system uses larger fan-out. The solution is designed for large enterprise wide deployment. Based on the high performance FIDSS multi dimensional indexing structure. Efficient caching technology. Multi threaded data access. Document Indexing on 64 user definable parameters. Imagebase set fields combines the speed and context sensitivity of an RDBMS with the features of Fulltext.


Page 46

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Search on any field or combination of fields. Full text search support. Special type of meta data fields to address the needs of an advanced DCMS application. Multiple search options Boolean, wild card, range, compound searches etc...

Content Support Images. Streaming content - audio and video. Electronic files. Web pages. COLD data. Engineering drawings. PDF Files. Native File Support - supports over 170 file formats. RAW File Storage Support.

Image compression CITTGR3, GR4, JBIG, JPEG for colour and grayscale images.

Enterprise Support Distributed Internet Server Architecture (DISA): The uniqueness of this product is the use of DISA architecture. DataScan.Online runs on the DISA network. The DISA network allows a central Authentication server with various member servers. Benefits of DISA a. Local data located local. Huge reduction in bandwidth requirement (investment). Data access can be re-routed run to tackle: o Congestion-load balancing, optimal utilization of infrastructure. o Infrastructure malfunction-increasing reliability, maximizing utilization of


Page 47

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

hardware redundancy. Infrastructure can be planned on average usage figures rather than peak usage figures. Significant impact on implementation costs. b. Building block model: Facilities planned infrastructure investment from desktop to enterprise over a Infrastructure investments based on current requirements rather than

period of time. projected demands. Scalability Each installation can have a large number of domains. Each Imagebase can have around 200 million documents and 2 billion pages. Domain addresses space of 3200 TB per domain. No limit on number of domains. No limit on number of Imagebases in each domain.

Security All document content is embedded into database. No URLs to open file systems. Document content can be encrypted if desired. The communication between the server and the client is controlled. Communication security schemes based on the all powerful single-page cipher method. Uses between 64-128 bit encryption. Access security for Domains. Access security for Trustees.


Page 48

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Access tracking. Auditing function.

Other Features Image enhancement features. Image annotations with date and time stamp. Revision Control (with maker-checker functionality) and history. Maker-Checker control. Report generation. Designed to be implemented in an ASP environment. User defined GUI. Software Fault Tolerance. Clustered Server Architecture. Complete document content technology is delivered through easily integratable ActiveX or ATL components. Platform Independent - can be implemented under any environment including Windows, Linux or on a mixed environment. Support for large number of networking protocols. Integration with other applications through Active X or ATL components.

Administration Centralized Administration. Alert Notifications. Server as a Service. Comprehensive online incremental backup system with Restore facility.

4) SecureDoc Optimus BT


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Optimus BT has introduced SecureDoc to provide Document Level Security in SharePoint Portal 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services Allows users to securely share documents in SharePoint 2003. D Document level security for both Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal 2003. Capability to grant security privileges for edit, view, delete and complete for each folder or file/document at a user level. Custom Web Parts to add SecureDoc 2005 document library to any site in SharePoint 2003. Drag-n-Drop SecureDoc 2005 web parts into any SharePoint Site. Integrated with SharePoint look-n-feel. Easy Administration anywhere in the SharePoint network/hierarchy by using SecureDoc 2005 administration web parts. Control access to all SecureDoc 2005 libraries, Active Directory groups, and users through a central Administration web part. View and manage privileges of all users of SecureDoc 2005 by right-clicking and selecting Edit Privileges.

5) DOCSMART Wipro Techologies Document Capture DOCSMART provides you with the means to store documents in a secure vault. Whenever the documents pass into the vault the system will record profile and other information like search terms. The values in the profile or the indexed search terms allow you or others to easily find the data later. DOCSMART goes one step further in allowing you to capture profile information for paper-based or URL/UNC-based documents that are not in the database. When those documents are found in a search, the profile data tells you where to locate them. DOCSMART has the ability to store multiple versions of any document simultaneously. Any version of any document can be in any "personality" (format) and you can maintain multiple personalities for any one version. Format generation (for example, from MS-Word to PDF or HTML) can occur automatically if you like. Every conceivable activity that occurs against a


Page 50

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

document is recordable and when captured is stored in a log that can easily be viewed or searched against. DOCSMART has a concept of logical Repository where all the documents are stored. The logical repositories can be partitioned as domains. The document content including the meta-data (profile properties) associated with each document is present in the Repository. Store an unlimited number of documents of any format, any size Collect document-appropriate profile information on each type of document Store profile information for real-world paper-based documents such as engineering drawings that are not stored in the repository Store profile information for real-world electronic data such as Web, network or other data that is not stored in the repository Maintain and preserve multiple versions of any document even for external documents. Various types of check-in, check out. Identify any version of a document with customizable names that are easy to remember Retrieve any version of any document Maintain and preserve multiple personalities (such as Word, HTML, PDF, Thumbnail, etc.) of any version of any document Retrieve any personality of any version of any document Create "virtual documents" or "work packages" by combining other documents or parts of documents Associate, link and connect together two or more documents via several relation ship types

Document Retrieval/Access To be truly useful and productive a document management system has to offer its users access to the data through the principal authoring and viewing applications that they are already using. DOCSMARTTM can be configured to manually launch any desktop application for viewing, editing, and printing or for applications that are ODMA compliant, more comprehensive integration without any additional effort. Rather than storing start-up templates on individual local disks, DOCSMARTTM allows them to be stored in the vault where they can be shared, versioned, and secured. The system also comes with an easy-to-use viewer that supports over 200


Page 51

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

file formats, so if a user needs access to data but does not have the source application, there's no problem. ODMA compatible for effortless integration with your ODMA-capable desktop applications. ODMA compatibility results in direct data access from MSWord, MSPowerpoint, MSBinder, Corel WordPerfect, FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat. View, edit, and print documents using any of your existing desktop applications View and print documents using our built in viewer/printer [supports 200 file formats] Create new documents using pre-defined "templates" that are stored and versioned in the repository Copy out documents to users desktop and optionally launch applications Send documents via email

Security DOCSMART allows you to individually control a very broad set of rights that starts with allowing others access to a document's name [without it, they won't even know that it exists] and ends with allowing others the right to completely destroy the document and all of its other versions. In addition to providing a large set of common rights that are available to all documents in the system, it also offers additional rights that make sense just for that document. Administrators can limit the kinds of rights that users can control on their data documents. More than simply protecting documents, DOCSMART can limit the type of data documents a user can create and can also limit when and where a user can log into the system. All activity is recorded so that users and administrators can later see who viewed, changed, or deleted a document and when they did it.

Customize user rights for any document: No rights at all (not even to see name)View profile dataModify profile dataView content Extract Content Version (add a new version)Delete (this version and/or any version)Undelete Purge (completely destroy)

Customize which document types a user can create and/or access Limit users from logging in at certain times or places [or logging in at all] Limit or expand access to any system or document via Access Control Lists Extensive document-appropriate access rights on all system and documents


Page 52

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Customize "default" settings for each and every type of system or document View the complete history of any and all system and documents, from their creation to their deletion [including who viewed or changed them] Encrypted password transmission [even from within scripts] for hacker-proof security

Searching As the size of your vault grows and the number of its users increases, it becomes necessary to search for the information it contains in more intelligent ways. You can no longer rely on remembering what a document's name is or who created it or when. DOCSMARTTM allows you to search for individual or collective profile values in combination with content-based queries that can include "proximity" (only if the terms are near one another) and "ordered" (only if the terms are found in the order entered) clauses.Additionally, you can request automatic thesaurus and prefix/suffix options that will broaden your search to similar terms without you having to specify all of the details. Queries and/or their results can be saved for later re-execution and examination. Search against profile information Search against system activity logs Automatically and/or manually index the full content on all or only certain types of textbased data documents Search against the full text of indexed data Narrow searching to include only certain types of documents View search hits "in context" within our built-in viewer/printer [supports 200 file formats] Easily tab from one search hit to another within our built-in viewer/printer [supports 200 file formats] Sort search results against any profile data field for any type of document Execute profile, activity and content searching in tandem Use complex criteria [l" within x characters", proximity, in order, weight, etc.] for content searches Automatically include thesaurus and suffix/prefix choices, if desired, on content searches Save search criteria for subsequent execution Save search results for later examination


Page 53

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Easily print search results and activity logs

Notifications DOCSMART'sTM unique architecture makes available a wealth of events (methods) that can be registered against by users. At the document instance level a user can request notification of an event's occurrence. Notification can come in the form of a message to the user's "Message Center" or can trigger the launching of a VBScript or JScript program (which are stored in the vault) or a custom COM or CORBA process. The notification features can be used to implement work-flow processes in the DMS. Register for and receive notification messages for any event [including error events] on any system or documents: Create, View, Check-Out, Check-In, Change Ownership, Rename, Delete, Allow Notification, Allow Execution (for Script Documents)+ hundreds of others Assign notifications to internal scripts or external COM or CORBA processes Easily jump from within notification messages to the document(s) that they refer to

Automation As all the DOCSMART documents are programmable (their properties can be queries and their methods called), automation is extraordinarily simple. VBScript and JScript programs can be stored and versioned directly in the vault, and can be called along with external COM or CORBA process whenever any system or object event of interest occurs. Hundreds of success and failure events are provided in order to allow you to fully automate and integrate DOCSMART into your larger computing environment. Write scripts that can call any language-provided or DOCSMART functionality Every system and document provides dozens of callable methods and properties Store VBScript and JScript directly in the repository Maintain and preserve multiple versions of any Script Object Launch any version of any Script Object that is stored in the repository Launch scripts on-demand or on a timer or on a repeating calendar/clock-based cycle Launch scripts on occurrence of any system or user-generated event Limit the executing of scripts [or just some scripts] to certain users, roles or groups of users


Page 54

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Access dynamic, run-time information about the repository or its objects during the execution of any script Define unique or shared, custom parameters for one-time or repeated use with one or more scripts Access any and all back-end, server-based functionality and properties via CORBA or COM method calls Trap and store script execution errors in the Script Object's log

Help and Documentation Nothing is left to guesswork while using DOCSMART. Complete, well-written documentation is provided for every facility that the product offers. Online, context-sensitive help for every part of the graphical user interface Electronic documentation for all system methods, properties and programming capabilities in WinHelp, HTML, and PDF formats Getting Started Guide Fully and completely documented System Administration Guide

Customization With DOCSMART, each person can customize their view into the vault as well as customize the collection of data fields that are returned when searching it. Combine components using Rapid application development tools E.g.: Visual Basic to develop knowledge management applications Create unique and personalized arrangements of repository data for each user [personalized hierarchies]

Customize lists of repository data [customized tables in hierarchies, search results, activity logs, etc.] Bookmark favorite system or documents for quick and easy look-up Use components like code libraries Develop custom logic on the client or middle-tier Combine your custom code with components using COM/OLE, Servlets or Script languages to glue together


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Integration In today's computing environment, no application is an island unto itself and DOCSMART is no exception. It comes pre-equipped with ODMA and Microsoft Outlook integrations, and allows you the freedom to deploy or integrate a limited set of the product's functionality if you feel its necessary to do so. Easy integration with existing MS-Windows-based applications that support ODMA Comes with integration for Microsoft Outlook for better e-mail management Complete or partial deployment of our back-end, server-based technology is available with or without our front-end GUI Integration with Acrobat Capture through ODMA compliance.

Collaboration In order to succeed, your organization must communicate quicker and coordinate better. DOCSMART helps you do so by arranging your users into long-term, short-term or ad-hoc groups and assigning them roles-in whatever way works best for your organization. DOCSMART lets you mimic the real world you work in, which makes the system more intuitive, and your users more productive. Message boards to discuss on various topics and documents. Shared work spaces for users. Shared work spaces for roles and groups. Arrange users in groups or groups-of-groups for easy access to, and distribution of, data Assign one or more users to a role for easy access to, and distribution of, data Allow or disallow more than one user to play a role at the same time

Easily add unique, independent, and searchable comments to any system or usergenerated document

Additional Features One of DOCSMART's unique features is its ability to offer completely centralized or decentralized administration. Users can be assigned supervisors just like they are in real life. If an administrator wishes to do so, supervisors can perform some of the work that the administrator


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

would normally perform. You can easily monitor who's on the system and what they're doing. There's no limitation to the number of clients that are installed in your environment, only the number of users logged on at any one time. To make your life even easier, DOCSMARTTM allows you to easily change the total number of user-bound or concurrent licenses that the installation supports, without the hassle of contacting us, entering complicated license keys or using cumbersome utilities. Administer the system in a centralized or decentralized way, or somewhere in between Both workstation-locked or concurrent licensing [or a combination thereof] available Unlimited user accounts Concurrent and user-bound licenses.

Comparing the software features gives an insight about the competition prevailing in the DMS market space. Here Syntax Soft Product ViewWise is compared with few of its competitors products.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

ViewWise supports 255 file formats where as DocSmart supports only 200 file formats, Omni Doc supports 200 file format & DataScan Supports only 170 file formats. Syntax has a unique compression technology DjVu which has te ability to reduce the file size to a great extent without hampering the image quality. Files can be compressed up to 80% where as compression feature of Datascan CITT GR3 and GR4 can reduce the file size by just 30%. Even Omni Doc and DocSmart does not have a powerful file compression technology like ViewWise

SecureDoc focuses only on there security function however Viewwise also provides
multi-tiered security model along with its other features. Omni Doc does not thumb nail option which ViewWise provides. Split view option is present in ViewWise where in 100 of documents can view a single screen. This kind of feature is not available in OmniDoc & Datascan Multi lingual option is present in Documentum but is not there in ViewWise, OmniDoc Datascan & DocSmart. Doc Smart does not have Batch indexing which ViewWise offeres.

ViewWise can be integrated with thirds like ERP but Omni Doc cannot.

ViewWise has a unique search option which can search from any documents like word, excel, etc. Omni Doc can search only by OCR .

Interpretation of research data

This research was carried out in four different verticals. The companies surveyed included IT companies, ITES companies, Bio tech companies, Non Banking Financial Companies & Manufacturing firms. The following is the list of companies that where covered for the research.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Company Names Active Material Handling Equipments Advanta India Ltd. Agni Sofware Pvt.Ltd Alpha Tech Autoline Axs Online Pvt. Ltd. Bhat Biotech Can Fin Homes Ltd Care Bio Medical Co -ord Tech Tools Compact Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Cross Domain Solution Pvt. Ltd. Cympony Info Pvt.Ltd Cypher Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Ducont Esika Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Essae Technologies Gemplus India Pvt.Ltd. Hedge Street InfoSense Technologies lL & FS Investments LS Software Maini Precision Products Management Strategies Group of Companies Manual Spemach Pvt. Ltd. Mastermind Software Technology Solution Micro Village Communications Muttoottu Mini Nidhi ltd. O.M.Industries Optimus BT Orchid Informatics Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Protekz Raffles Software Pvt.Ltd. Sami Labs Ltd Shriram Investment Ltd Simplex Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Sonic Engineers SQA Technologies Squar One Business Solution Surendra Engg Syntel Limited Sysfore Technologies Pvt.Ltd. T.C.S Business Trasformation Solutions Ltd Tricon Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Tryarc India Pvt. Ltd. Unique Punch System Pvt. Ltd. WiFi Netwaorks Pvt.Ltd. Wipro Finance ltd. World2Web

Understanding how documents are maintained in the companies surveyed

1. To check the type of documents shared within companies.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Type of Documents shared in Co

13% 6% 39% Hard Copy Soft Copy Duplication Email 42%

Basically all the companies deal with either all types of documents like hard copies, soft copies, duplications and e-mail or they deal with either of the documents. This question was asked to check how the documents are shared in the company. From the companies surveyed 39% of the companies use hard copies, 42% use soft copies, 6% use duplications and photocopies & 13 % use email. From the companies surveyed 42% of them still use hard copies in their business, thus document management software could help them to convert themselves into paperless office which would directly bring into all the benefits like reduced inventory cost, retrieval time etc and thus would increase the productivity.

2. To check how documents are stored in the companies.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Documents Stored in the Company

23% 42% Data Servers Record Rooms Optical Media 35%

Companies use Record rooms to store the hard copies and use data servers and optical medium to save the soft copies. Here the research focuses to find out how documents are stored in the company. From the surveyed companies 42% companies have Data servers for storage purpose, 35 % use record rooms & 23% use optical media for storage like CDs and floppies.

3. Few of the companies from the surveyed sample whose annual cost of printing, photocopying & daily data back ups run in lakhs are : LS Software WiFi Networks Pvt.Ltd. Simplex Solutions Pvt.Ltd. Micro Village Communications Advanta India Ltd. Bhat Biotech Unique Punch System Pvt. Ltd. Shriram Investment Ltd 1 Lakh 1.5 Lakhs 6 - 8 Lakhs 2 - 3 Lakhs 3 - 5 Lakhs 1 - 2 Lakhs 2 Lakhs 15 Lakhs

4. To check the use of documents retrieved.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Use of documents retrieved

17% For Reference 8% 11% 18% 46% To Print To Update Template for new Doc To Dist. to third party

The companies may use the stored or saved documents for many reasons as shown in the graph above. Here the study focuses to find out the major use of documents retrieved in the companies. 46% use the documents for references purpose, 18% use for printing purpose, 11% us e them to update information, 8% use them as a template for a new document & 17 % use them to distribute to third parties. 5. To check file format of the documents that are shared and managed.

File Format of Documents Shared & Managed

3% 6% 29%







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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Here we study which firms use which kind of file formats. Word, Excel & PDF file formats are used by almost all the business firms but TIFF is more used by companies who want to market there product to there customers. CAD is used major my manufacturing companies for there designs. From the companies surveyed 6% used TIFF file format, 12% used JPEG file format, 21% used PDF file format, 29% used word file format, 29% used excel & 3% used CAD.

6. To know the size of the files being shared.

File Size Shared

No of Companies 20 15 10 5 0 0 KB - 1 MB 1 MB - 10 10 KB - 50 MB MB 50 MB 100 MB 100 MB - 1 ABOVE 1 GB GB 1 3 4 16

14 6

File Size

From the surveyed companies the file size that is been shared by the companies is found. From the above graph its clear that 16 companies have shared file size from 0KB1MB, 14 companies have the file size from 1MB-10MB, 1 company had the file size of 10KB-50KB, 3 companies have the size 50MB-100MB, 4 companies had there file size from 100MB-1GB and 6 companies specified there shared file size to exceed 1GB.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

To know the awareness about Document Management Software -

Heard About DMS

40 35 No of companies 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No



From the sample surveyed only 15 companies had heard about a Document Management Solution System where as 35 companies were unaware about Document Management System. From the companies which mentioned that they heard about DMS, 2 the few DMS software which they recalled were Documentum which is of EMC , Data Scan Online which is of Stex, Optimus BTs Secure Doc, Humming bird, Cambel and few have internally developed Document Management software.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

To find out companies using any enterprise solution -

Using any other Enterprise Solution

7 ERP 7 0 33 5 CRM SCM Other None

The companies that have implemented ERP software are Pradot Technologies

Pvt. Ltd, Compact Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Cypher Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Syntel Limited, Sami Labs Ltd. & Unique Punch System Pvt. Ltd. The companies that have implemented CRM are SQA Technologies, Hedge

Street, Cross Domain Solution Pvt. Ltd., Compact Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Cypher Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Syntel Limited & Gemplus India Pvt. Ltd. None of the companies covered in this survey have implemented SCM. 5 companies use other enterprise solutions like Agni Software Pvt. Ltd.

use FinAcc an Financial software, WiFi Networks Pvt. Ltd. uses Tally, Micro Village Communications use a Tally package which also offers them with a HR module in it , Shriram Investment Ltd use a software names BOSS Branch Online System & IL & FS use a financial software Match. The remaining 33 companies have no enterprise solutions implemented.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

System -

The Price range companies are willing to invest in Document Management

From the surveyed respondents, LS Software Pvt.Ltd., Orchid Informatics, Essae Technologies, WiFi Networks Pvt.Ltd., Simplex Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Unique Punch System Pvt. Ltd. & Shriram Investment Ltd. would invest 2 5 lakhs for an Document Management Solution Software. Sysfore Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Cross Domain Solution Pvt. Ltd., Gemplus India Pvt.Ltd., Bhat Biotech, Axs Online Pvt. Ltd. are the companies from the sample size who were not in a condition to specify the amount they would invest in the software because it would depend on the functionality provided by the software & to what extend can the software help there business improve in its functioning i.e. by Reducing Storage Costs, Increasing Productivity, Lowering Transaction Time, Reducing Business Operating Costs, Reducing Document Retrieval Time & Faster and easier access to information across the enterprise. Alpha Tech a manufacturing firm and Square One Business Solution an IT company specified that they could only invest 50,000 for these kinds of Document Management Softwares as the document management in these companies is not very complex and even the size of the business is not very big.

The remaining companies surveyed during the research dont feel that Document Management software is not required for their business. .


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Various features of Document Management Solution

There are few important factors of Documents Management software where the

respondents had to rate the importance of each factor on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is low and 10 is high. Each graph represents the importance rated for that particular factor.

Document Sharing
12 No of Respondents 10 8 6 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Importants on 1 - 10 scale 6 7 5 2 4 2 1 4 11 9

Storage & Retrieval

12 No of Respondents 10 8 6 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Importants on 1 - 10 scale 3 3 4 5 2 8 5 3 8 10


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Documents Security
16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 14 10 6 4 4 3 2 5 1 5 6 7 2

No of respondents


Importants on 1 -10 scale

Remote Access of Documents

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 14

No of Respondents

6 3 4 3 3 3 4


Importants on 1 - 10 scale


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Remote Access of Documents

14 No of Respondents 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Importants on 1 - 10 scale 3 3 3 3 1 8 7 13

6 4


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

The Top player in DMS space in Bangalore. A question was asked to all the responds that whether they knew about or hear about any document management software provider & the software name. The respondents mentioned the names of the companies that are top of their mind. From the surveyed sample it was found that Documentum of EMC2 is the most popular and one on the top DMS providers in Bangalore. Few other players that were mentioned were Datascan.online of Stex, SecureDoc of Optimus BT & Hummingbird .This research objective informs SyntaxSoft Tech about the competitors for their ViewWise product in the DMS market space Bangalore. Investment scope and readiness to purchase in the identified verticals. The readiness to purchase is from the IT/ITES vertical. Companies from this vertical have shown interest towards Document Management Software. Essae Technologies plans to invest in Document management software but the investment scope is not determined Top verticals ready to invest in DMS. From the four verticals that were selected IT/ITES is the top vertical that shows interest in Document Management Solution. Even the Non Banking Financial Company vertical has shown interest in Document Management Solution. Potential clients for DMS software. The Potential clients for DMS are Essae Technologies & Shriram Investments which is a NBFC. Simplex Solutions Pvt.Ltd ,Tricon Infotech Pvt. Ltd. & WiFi Networks
Pvt.Ltd. would be a potential client in future as these companies are still small but have

plans to go in for this kind of software when they grow bigger.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

Price range willing to invest in DMS.

LS Software Pvt. Ltd., Orchid Informatics, Essae Technologies, WiFi Networks Pvt. Ltd., Simplex Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Unique Punch System Pvt. Ltd. & Shriram Investment Ltd. would Software. Alpha Tech a manufacturing firm and Square One Business Solution an IT company specified that they could only invest 50,000 for these kinds of Document Management Software as the document management in these companies is not very complex and even the size of the business is not very big. invest 2 5 lakhs for an Document Management Solution


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for ViewWise

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