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Dasha Systems

There are at least 43 different Dasha systems, some of which are as follows-

Vimshottari dasha Yogini Dasha Panchottari Dasha Shasthiyayni Dasha Shodashottari Dasha Shatabdika Dasha Varnada Dasha Brahma Dasha Chakra Dasha Manduka Dasha Navamsa Dasha

Ashtotari Dasha Kaalchakra Dasha DwisaptatiSama Dasha Dwadashottari Dasha Chara Dasha Sthira Dasha Shoola Dasha Kaal Dasha Karaka Dasha Kendra Dasha Drig Dasha

Dashas provide a system by which we can judge the effects of the planets throughout a person's life,. the indicating how the planets distribute their effects throughout a lifetime. Each Dasha is controlled by a planet, and the quality and relative benevolence of each period is determined by the condition and position of that planet in the natal chart.

There are nine planets or grahas which may rule Dasha: the seven classical planets, plus the north node, Rahu, and south node, Ketu, of the Moon. Each Star lord is allotted fixed number of Solar years. Total life given by Sage Parashara is 120years which is distributed among 9 Planets.

Vimshottari Dasha

Vimshottari Dasha is Based on the Position of the Moon:

The Dasha has a 120 year cycle which includes the entire 9 planet. The starting point is position of Moon at the time of birth. The position of Moon will be in a specific Nakshatra. The lord of the nakshatra where Moon is in position is the 1st Dasha. The Dasha Cycle Starts with: Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Rahu. Jupiter, Saturn & Mercury. The order is from Ketu to Mercury, There is 5 levels in each in the Maha Dasha, starting with the Maha Dasha, Bukthi, Antra, Praty-antara, Prana. The Step is goes as follows Jupiter-Jupiter-Jupiter Jupiter-Jupiter

Next the 5th level will follow the 9 planets Then the 4th level will follow the 9 planets Then the 3rd level will follow the 9 planets Then the 2nd level will follow the 9 planets

Then only will the Maha Dasha will change.

Look at the Dasha chart in the Software of Astrology.

If the Dasha starts form the 2nd or 3rd or 4th planet from Ketu the order is followed.

In the table given below are the Planets along with the nakshatra and duration of each of the Dasha.

Planets Ketu (south node)

Mahadasha 7 Years

Lord of Nakshatras Ashwini Magha

Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu (north node) Jupiter Saturn Mercury

20 Years 6 Years 10 Years 7 Years 18 Years 16 Years 19 Years 17 Years

Bahraini Krittika Rohini Mrigashirsha Ardra Punarvasu Pushya Ashlesha

Purva Phalguni(pubba) Uttara Phalguni(Uttara) Hasta Chitra Swati Vishakha Anuradha Jyestha

Position of the moon

For each individual the order of the maha Dasha depends upon the placement of the moon .i.e. (namely which nakshatra). The nakshatra lord of the moon at the time of birth determines the first maha Dasha

Example: Moon is Gemini in Punarvasu nakshatra. All nakshatra has 4 padas . Punarvasu has 3 padas in Gemini and 1 pada in Cancer.

The Vimshottari Dasha cycle will begin with Jupiter, the lord of Punarvasu And the order that follows will be : 1st Dasha is Jupiter,2nd Satrun.3rd Mercury, 4th Ketu,5th Venus, 6th Sun,7th moon 8th Mars,9th Rahu,

The exact position of the moon in the nakshatra will determine the proportion of the first maha Dasha.

Example: the Nakshatra of Punarvasu is from 20 to 30 in Gemini and from 0 to 3,20 in Cancer . The method of Calculating the Dasha is:

Assuming the Moon is in Gemini at 2530 therefore moon is in Punarvasu Nakshatra and the lord of Punarvasu Nak is Jupiter. Let is calculate the duration of Jupiter Dasha. The total Dasha is 16 years. Each nakshatra is 13.20= 13*60=780+20=800 Therefore 800=16yrs.=800=192months(16*12) Now the Moon has traversed (crossed) 530=5*60=300+30=330

Balance Dasha will be the degrees left to be traversed is 800 330=470 800 =16yrs =800= 192 months 470= -- no of years 470*192months/800=112.8 months=9 years 4 months
There could be a slight difference between our calculation and that of the softwares as they are more accurate..

If the moon is1/4 of the way through the nakshatra Punarvasu, then 1/4 of the time is over from the first maha Dasha, and the giving only 12 years (3/4) left for the Jupiter period . The next maha Dasha is (Saturn) the cycle follows:- Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon Mars,

The mahadashas

Each of the mahadashas will have an effect on the individual's life by highlighting the effects of the planet concerned for its duration, both in terms of its general nature, and by the exact nature of the planet's placement in the person's horoscope (e.g. easy or difficult). Thus the exact effect of each maha Dasha can vary greatly from person to person. In general terms, however, the effects of each maha Dasha can be described as follows:

Ketu(7 Years) In this period life will give the person only what is needed and will take away everything that is not. Also, any success during this Dasha usually ends when the Dasha itself does. When Ketu is strong it indicates sudden bursts of energy, discretion, liberation, universality, idealism, psychic ability, compassion, spirituality and self sacrifice. The effects of Ketu can be harsh and cruel when taking things away - generally it tends to strip away materialism and force a more spiritual perspective and a simpler existence. If Ketu is weakly placed it indicates possible health problems such as wounds, injuries, diseases of the spine and nervous system, ulcers, inflammations, fevers, intestinal diseases, low blood pressure, mental instability and skin diseases.

Venus (20 Years) This is a time when the person seeks worldly happiness, and themes of marriage, love and children are prominent. Wealth, prosperity, luxury, beauty and sensual pleasures are indicated and psychic ability is increased. Success in all these areas depends on how well Venus is placed in the individual horoscope - a badly placed Venus can bring unhappiness to these areas instead. During this maha Dasha friendliness and relations with others are important, and charm, care and courtesy to others and towards the person concerned will be centre stage. If Venus is weakly placed then health problems could include venereal diseases, diabetes, anemia, kidney and bladder stones, weakness of sexual organs and impotence, paralysis, and asthma. Sun (6 Years) This is a time when the urge to be true to him or herself burns more strongly than usual in the individual, and greater energy will be put into the search for the person's real identity. It may be a crisis of confidence which spurs the need to seek inner truth, and purge the self of false influences. Education, spirituality, politics, medicine, business, high office in government and all forms of public success and acclaim are prominent. Astrologically, the sun is the planet of strength and power which can bring success if the person's true nature is expressed and they follow their own path, but this period can also force the person to make sacrifices and separate from those who do not support them in achieving that goal. If the sun is badly placed in the horoscope there may be an

inability to project confidence and charisma. Weak placing of the sun can lead to health problems such as weak eyesight, headaches, erratic blood circulation, blood pressure, bone fractures and cancer, fevers, dental problems and weak immune system. Moon (10 Years) This is the period when the person seeks connection to others through marriage, family and parenthood, which will all be themes of this time. Also indicated are starting a business, buying a home, and otherwise staking a claim in the world - in other words, themes of nurturing, security and putting down roots. It also indicates increased sensitivity, receptivity, imagination, good memory and the development of sound habits. If the moon is weakly placed in the horoscope it may mean that connections to family and children are absent, with feelings of exclusion from 'normal' family life. It is also a time when memories of childhood and upbringing are revisited and old issues faced, perhaps through seeing the evolution of the person's own family. In extreme cases this period may also see episodes of mental illness and instability. Other health problems include sleep disorders, lung problems, mouth problems, digestive complaints, and neurological disorders, enlargement of spleen and frequent coughs and colds. Mars (7 Years) This is a time to pursue goals with energy and passion, and a sense of energy and excitement is present. Courage, a thirst for action and physical strength will be increased. There is a desire in the person to better themselves during this time, and sports and competitions are prominent. Buying a home may also feature during this time as Mars rules property issues in Vedic astrology. If Mars is weakly placed in the horoscope, there may be a lack of courage, strength, inability to improve the life circumstances, and a lack of help and comfort from family. This may bring complacency and stagnation, or else power struggles and arguments with others. Possible health problems include inflammations, wounds, burns, accidents, liver complaints, skin rashes, and cancer in muscular parts of body when in close conjunction with Rahu. Rahu (18 Years) This period brings to the fore the degree of material attachment the person possesses and compels them to develop the qualities that are most lacking in the person's life. This often happens at an unconscious level and can put the person in mysterious and unforeseen circumstances. However, this maha Dasha can bring enormous success as it brings focus and determination to the process, but it can also leave the person feeling out of control and chaotic, as things are accumulated and experienced without a proper sense of wisdom and understanding. Occupations indicated include diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulation of facts, computing, engineering, pilots, and dealing with poison and drugs. When Rahu is weak it indicates health problems with diseases of phlegm, intestines, skin, nervous system, ulcer, blood pressure, mental disturbances and cancer. Jupiter (16 Years)

This is a period that always teaches something to the individual and it usually brings honor and recognition. It is a period of faith, hope and optimism when personal growth and a greater sense of fulfillment occur, including marriage and children. It is a good period for opportunities for growth, and teachers and guides will play a useful role. There is a greater sense of morality, ethics and conscience in this maha Dasha. Top political, business and administrative positions are indicated, such as bankers, presidents/kings, and lawyers. If Jupiter is weak however, there may also be unrealistic, over-optimistic, arrogant attitudes, and a misplaced sense of entitlement. There may be bad teachers and guides who lead the person astray. If Jupiter is badly placed ,then good health and wealth may be withheld, forcing a deeper fulfillment. Some of the health problems could include lymphatic and circulatory congestion, thrombosis, anemia, tumors, jaundice and other liver complaints, asthma, and diabetes. During this period the person may also meet people, or experience some random event that will change their life for the better. Saturn (19 Years) This is a period when the person faces their limitations, and becomes aware of the possibility of their own mortality. Detachment from worldly concerns, spirituality, concentration, dutifulness, honesty, sincerity and constancy will be emphasized. Ill health, death of loved ones and/or the fear of those things will occur. The more attached the person is to material things and pleasures the more difficult the Saturn maha Dasha will be. But great success is also possible as Saturn gives responsibility, ambition, practicality and perseverance. Hospitals, old people, legacies and inheritance, wills and money matters will be prominent. This period can bring pressure and suffering in order for the person to face reality and have compassion for others and spiritual growth. If Saturn is weakly placed then health problems could include chronic and painful diseases, cancer, skin diseases, paralysis, arthritis, gout, emaciation, indigestion, dyspepsia, insanity, impotence in men, asthma, retention of urine and intestinal obstruction. Mercury (17 Years) This Maha Dasha is a time of learning, curiosity, experimentation and the pursuit of the person's own interests. But sometimes this can be excessive. This maha Dasha is a time when the person's career and worldly life could succeed hugely, or else fail totally. Either the person devises an effective and clever plan which allows them to ascend to greater heights, or they become overwhelmed by the many tasks and details of life, leading to mental escapism, indecisiveness, lethargy and fantasy. The position of Mercury in the person's horoscope will show how they go about things - will they say the right things, talk to the right people, get the details right - or not. At its best Mercury allows the person to see all possibilities at once, assess them accurately and discriminate between them? Qualities of good communication, intelligence, rationality, wit, shrewdness, judgment, dexterity and flexibility will also be emphasized if Mercury is well placed. If Mercury is badly placed then health problems could include psychic, insomnia, nervous breakdown, skin diseases, and loss of memory or speech, deafness, asthma, dyspepsia.