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October 2012

President Gene Walker 5531 Lardon Rd NE Salem, OR 97305-3248 (503) 428-6641 (503) 371-4363 Vice President Gary Kelley 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694 (503) 537-0802 (503) 860-6442 Treasurer Tom Ruttan 3761 SW Olson Ct Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (503) 638-1746 Secretary Shannon Kelley 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694 (503) 537-0802 (503) 784-0760

OTC Ride to Lunch

No meeting minutes for September since the September Business Meeting was cancelled. Gene decided in lieu of our usually exciting business meeting, we should ride to the Marquam Inn for lunch. We met at Iggys in Brooks on Saturday morning and spent some time in the parking lot talking about the various road runs attended this summer and enjoying the morning sun. As it came time to leave several members had arrived. Along with Gene were Jim & Rosie Singhose, Don Woodard, Nils Olson, Gary & Shannon Kelley and returning to his chase truck duties and looking as good as new was Pat Smith. We headed east from Brooks to ride a loop that took us through several small towns on our way to the Marquam Inn. Once we arrived, we got down to the business of eating some of the fine food served there. Here we see Pat taking a few pictures of members in attendance.

Gene was busy answering questions about the article in the fall Antique Motorcycle magazine. The article about one of his ancestors travelling across the US on a Flying Merkel drew a host of questions.

Gene Walker answers questions on the article in Antique Motorcycle

Rosie and Jim Singhose joined the fun from Cottage Grove. It was a great way to spend a sunny day in Oregon. Good conversation and food.

Pat taking his best shot.

Rosie and Jim Singhose wait for their meal at the Marquam Inn.

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Oregon Trail Chapter October 2012

A Visit with Dick Mann

By Dave Peterson Dick Mann is a really charming man and a legend in motorcycle racing. Dick is a two-time A.M.A. Grand National Champion and was inducted in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 1993 and Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1998. Dick is also famous for his custom motorcycle frames. Dick now specializes in restoring and selling vintage race motorcycles. The bike pictured below was just completed by Dick and is on its way to Oregon. Dick also continues to participate in AHRMA Vintage Moto-Cross racing.

Sometimes they dont make it to the barn. Dick Manns Shop

Dick said his labor is cheap these days! He told me "I don't have one of those" every time he thinks about getting a pre 16 bike they just keep getting more expensive as Theo and Rick rode away first. That was after I explained I wasn't on one because I can't afford it and was mounted on a BMW. Just before we left, I told Dick I was supposed to take pictures for the club and if he wouldn't mind a pose. Rick tried to escape out the door as I shoved him in the shot!
Dick Mann, Theo Battaglia and Rick McMaken in Dicks Shop

We stopped to visit Dick at his shop during our ride to Nevada. When he stepped out of his shop after hearing the sounds of our bikes arriving, he stood with a smile and one hand on his hip with a slight nod and the other hand up. I instantly remembered Dick from when my dad (Pete Peterson) took me to a Sacramento mile with Bill Brownell when I was about 12 years old. Dick Mann won the race that day. Dick was working in his shop when we arrived. We needed a metric yoke nut for one of the pre16 bikes, but Dick said he usually throws those out since he uses English thread on the bikes he builds. Hes known my dad over the years and I told him they started racing around the same year. I believe it was 1947. We also spoke of Bill Brownell who ran a Honda/Triumph dealership in Chico CA. Dick remembered Bill fondly saying there is nobody like Bill and will never be.

He waved as we rode off on his loose angled and long dirt driveway almost as if the driveway was intended for dirt riding only as my bike slid around in it with the wide slick street tires. It was pretty fun dropping back into those moments of time and memories from childhood and the things and people that meant so much and had an influence on me.

AMCA Presidents Newsletter

By Richard Spagnolli Since my last newsletter relating to Chapter compliance with IRS Rules and Regulations in the USA, I am pleased to report many Chapters have responded to the Board's request to contact Chuck Deluzio, the CPA retained by the Club. Those who responded have agreed to file the appropriate tax returns, where required, through Chuck's office or their own tax advisor. Unfortunately, more than half of Chapters with a potential tax reporting issue did not respond. The Board does not know if these Chapters have filed the required returns through their own tax advisors or didn't address the issue at all.

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Oregon Trail Chapter October 2012 Also of concern to the Board are those Chapters that were advised, based on Chapter financial reports filed with the AMCA Treasurer, that they did not have a potential tax reporting issue, but still had an obligation to file an IRS Form 990N "post card" return online. The Board has heard from only a few of the Chapters in this category. There is no way to know if these Chapters have filed the 990N and didn't advise us, or simply didn't file this form. I can't emphasize enough that all USA-based Chapters must file a form with the IRS as the Board advised through my previous President's Newsletters. If any Chapter needs copies of those Newsletters, e-mail AMCA Operations Manager Bill Wood at If you have made arrangements with own tax advisor, please e-mail or call Chuck to let him know, so the Board has a record of your Chapter's compliance. If any Chapter hasn't contacted Chuck or its own tax advisor about its tax situation, I urge you to do so now so your Chapter will be in compliance with all IRS Rules and Regulations. Contact Chuck at or (724) 8388322. If your Chapter did file a Federal and State tax return and eventually receives a letter from the IRS or the state assessing interest and penalties, it is important that the Chapter appeal the assessment of penalties within the time period allotted. Chuck will file the appeal for any of the Chapters that receive such a letter, or you may have your own tax advisor file the appeal. The important point is that you must file the appeal if your Chapter wants the chance to have the penalties abated. Editors Note: The OTC Treasurer has been in contact with Chuck and completed the necessary IRS filings. At its fall meeting on October 4, in conjunction with the Chesapeake Chapter National Meet in Jefferson, Pennsylvania, the AMCA Board will be discussing ways to help our Chapters formally appeal the assessment of penalties. The Board will also discuss the interest assessment. As I write this Newsletter, a group of dedicated people, many of them AMCA members, are riding their old bikes across the USA in the 2012 Cannonball Motorcycle Endurance Run, organized by Lonnie Isam Jr. Members from our Chapter (Allegheny Mountain) met the Cannonball riders in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, at the first overnight stop of the run. Not only did we see riders having fun (at least at that stage), but we were inspired by their courage and a little envious of their desire to ride nearly 4,000 miles to their final destination in San Francisco. A little crazy? Maybe, but a real tribute to the participants and their support crews, and to the strength of our sport. If you get the chance to see any of the Cannonball Run when it reaches your area, I encourage you to do so. It's a truly marvelous experience. I have attended most of the AMCA National Meets this year. And I am pleased to report, as I did last year, that the National Meet scene is alive, vibrant and growing. Thanks again to all the volunteers, vendors and AMCA members who make our National Meets and Road Runs a success. I truly regret not being able to attend any of the National Road Runs this year. My plans for attendance at the Maggie Valley Road Run have been sidetracked by, yes, AMCA business required before the October 4 Board Meeting. But the reports I have received indicate that this year's AMCA National Road Runs have been well attended. Chapter interest in sponsoring future Road Runs has increased significantly in the last few yearscertainly a healthy sign for the Club. The AMCA Judging Program has remained an important part of our National Meets, with member participation strong. Satisfaction with the system remains in line with the results of the Judging Survey taken over a year ago that reported a majority of the participants pleased with the program. Revitalization of the Judging Committee will take a priority in the coming year, and Judging Seminars, which have been very popular this year, will continue, with the idea of encouraging more members to become involved in the AMCA Judging Program. The Board also has been sponsoring AMCA Town Hall Meetings at National Meets. The meetings have been well attended and will continue to be a part of the National Meet program. Although all Board members do not attend every Meet, at least one Board member will be available for the discussion. Except for one incident at a single Town Hall Meeting, I think that the members who have attended have been appreciative of the opportunity to meet Board members and have a respectful discussion about relevant issues within the Club.

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Oregon Trail Chapter October 2012 The AMCA Youth Program has seen excellent participation at National Meets this year under the guidance of Brittney Olsen (Yes, Brittney Wuertz married Board Member Matt Olsen on August 13 this year). I firmly believe this program is a great way to increase family participation in the Club and inspire our children and grandchildren to become interested in old bikes. After advertising for applicants for open Board positions for almost six months, the Board received applications from six members. For the first time in its history, the entire Board interviewed each applicant during a teleconference. I am pleased to report that all applicants proved well qualified to serve on the Board. Those interviews will provide a basis for discussion when the Board votes for Board membership at its October 4 meeting. I regret to announce that AMCA Treasurer Jim Graulty has submitted his resignation from the Board, citing his business obligations, unexpected family issues and the amount of work involved in maintaining the AMCA's financial accounting system. Jim did an excellent job of setting up that system and creating an AMCA Accounting Handbook for all future Treasurers. Jim also set a new standard for the preparation of Club financial statements, which we all have seen in the Club magazine and website. Jim will be difficult to replace. The Club will need a volunteer with basic accounting and/or bookkeeping experience. A background in handling the books for an organization would be most helpful. The Board is considering retaining an accounting firm to prepare all financial statements, in order to keep up with the standards of reporting set by Jim. Of course, this may not be necessary if someone with Jim's qualifications steps forward. I am requesting your help in the search for a Treasurer. Please advertise this opening in your Chapter newsletter and by word of mouth. I would be glad to answer any questions an applicant may have about the position requirements. I am sure Jim would also. In my Wheels in Motion column in the fall issue of the Club magazine, I made reference to the Virtual Library and Verbal History projects. Before the Board makes a decision on the future of these programs, we need to know the extent of membership interest. The Virtual Library project involves accumulating and copying motorcycle Visit us online at literature for uploading to the Club website. The Verbal History program involves interviewing our Club's senior members for uploading to the Club website. We would like to determine if any members want to volunteer to help with these projects. You can send email to AMCA Operations Manager Bill Wood at Thanks for listening. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call. Richard - 724-861-4681

Oregon Trail Chapter October 2012

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Oregon Trail Chapter October 2012

Once Upon a Time

By Ron Peck, submitted by Dave Peterson Im sitting in the Parts Department office at Bill Brownell Honda Triumph, ordering parts. In walks Evel Knievel! He starts ranting on about how someone has stolen his car and kidnapped his wife! He needs a ride to the Police Station, but first he calls the Enterprise Record to let them know whats happening. I take the CB-750 off the showroom floor, Evel jumps on the back, and off we go to Chico City Hall. He tells the dispatcher that he was visiting his bone specialist and when he came out to leave, his car, along with his wife who was waiting in it, was gone! By then the reporter arrives and asks what all the fuss is about. Evel goes into his diatribe (You see its 1968 and not many people have heard of Evel Knievel.). Here is the real deal. Evel went to the doctor and after the appointment slipped out the back door, called a cab and showed up at Brownells. His car and wife were still parked in front of the doctors office! Evel gets a blurb in the paper (he was jumping 12 cars at the Orland Fair in a couple of days) and bingo a few more folks attend the event. Cool. We get back to the shop, after the police found the car and wife parked at the doctors office, and Evel gets on the phone and calls Merv Griffin! He tells Merv about the kidnapping and wants to get a spot on his show. (Now here is some true hustling.) Anyway, Evel would stop by the shop when he was passing through town and bring his Rolls Royce, 18-wheelers with ramps, bikes and roadies and take over the shop. First it was Triumphs then American Eagles then Harley Davidson motorcycles, always a new sponsor. In fact, when he was at the shop, all those phone calls, working on the bikes, putting up with the roadies and whatever else he could beat out of Brownell, he never mentioned or paid for! Evel was a hustler of the first magnitude. I bet he got someone to sponsor his underwear. This guy truly has an ego the size of Montana, but also the ka-hoons to back it up. Never, that I know of, did he fail to put on a show, even when the conditions were far from perfect.

One of the far from perfect times was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Its storming bad that night. It was an indoor AMA short track race and the pits were full of motorcycle racers. The deal was Evel would go outside to the parking lot, gas it up to speed in the driving rain, enter the arena through the front doors, go down a ramp and onto the main floor then up the jump ramp over some fire trucks, on to a ramp and into the pits and pitch it sideways to stop! Piece of cake. Well there is one more factor. The Hells Angels are there and heckling Evel. They are all sitting right over the entrance where Evel makes his approach. As Evel is doing his pre-jump warm up runs, he and the Angels exchange gestures. When Evel makes his final run through the door, one of the Angels throws a Coke cup at him; he makes the jump and then comes back, jumps off his bike and starts shaking his fist at the Angel crowd to come down and get it on. Well the Angels jump down to the main floor, the pits on the other end of the track empty on to the main floor and its fargin war. There were about 12 Angels and 200 racers/pit crew; it was ugly, took 15 min. to break up. It looked to me like most of the Angels were removed on stretchers, some looked real bad. Anyway, back to the point. This guy (Evel) was doing this back before Super Cross triple jumps, 12 suspension, and technique were in place. Lets see, go x-miles per hour depending on distance, up the center of the ramp and hold on till it lands on the other ramp. Wow! No knowledge of using brake and throttle to control motorcycle attitude. Only 4 suspension on most bikes he rode with no practice or training. Truly amazing. Every time I saw him (4 or 5 trips to Chico) it was always a show. At the time I didnt think much of it, B.F.D. some egomaniac with a stunt. Ive looked through my stuff and I dont even have a picture or an autograph to show you. Oh well. I may be one of the few people on earth who ever gave him a ride on the back of their bike! (Another B.F.D.) I have started working in my shop full time. Anything from oil changes to complete restorations. Contact me to schedule your project. Cheers, Ron Peck

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Oregon Trail Chapter October 2012

Minden Nevada Pre-16 Run

Ever year a group meets in Minden Nevada to share an opportunity to run their really old iron in the surrounding Lake Tahoe. This year one of the OTC Members in attendance sent back pictures to share. These event photos were taken by Pete Petersons son David.

Old Blue.

Quite a good showing of old iron.

Looks pretty fun.

See more Minden Pre-16 Run photos on Facebook.

Rick McMaken on a 1914 Triumph

Theo Battaglia and Rick McMacken heading out to Markleeville

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Theres still a few of these left along the trail.