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Mock Exam In the clip the Monarch of the Glen the representation of age is represented in Levi-Strauss theory of binary

opposites, old vs. young. I am going argue on how they are treated different and how they are treated differently in the way of the camera. I will discuss how youth are represented as vulnerable and the maturity is being presented as unsympathetic and regressive. The director represents Amy as a vulnerable character for when the camera angle is at her eye level with her to show that she is young. When Amy shouts I hate you to Paul the male character it has to effect that she didnt want anyone to find out and when they did she became aggressive towards the father figure Paul. Also when Amy was in her bedroom it shows a variety of mid-close ups. These allowed us to notice the props that lied around the room such as teddy bears, love hearts and images around her bed and mirror you also saw a few keepsakes. This brought are attention to her childhood but it also allowed us to realise that she was an emotional character. Her clothes represent her age as they are very neutral colour which connotes to an innocent child who means no harm to anyone she is just trying to be happy. The music when she is in the bedroom makes you feel sorry for her and what had happened in her childhood to make her feel that way when they found out. When the shot of the room first came into the audiences eyes the music started off slow but as she looking around and walking off the music became quicker which indicated that something bad was going to happen. However in the headmasters office you could tell that the lighting had changed which connoted the mood had changed in the space of the car crash and walking into the office, which was very traditional, compared to Amys room. The camera shots of the older generation was either close ups or mid length shots. They used close ups to show the anger in pauls face when he found out that amy had been lying but it was also looking u at him so that you could see his power from where Amy was looking up at him. It shows that he was angry. However when they use a mid length shot in the headmasters office it shows his class because you get a hole shot of the room whereas when your in Amy bedroom you only get to see certain parts but this shows its not very big and the headmasters office is twice the size of her room. In conclusion of Levi-Strauss binary opposites of age are presented very differently in this clip its a lot about power and vulnerability.