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PURPOSE: The purpose of this document to explain methodology for the filling work at canals and wells in the specified area SCOPE: The scope of the work involves clearing and grubbing the area, providing temporary access, back filling by soil including leveling and compaction to the required level at specified area PROCEDURE: A) CLEARING AND GRUBBING: a) This work consist of cutting, removing and disposing of all materials such as trees, bushes, shrubs, stumps, grass, roots and lop organic soil not exceeding 150mm thickness. b) Precautions shall be taken against soil erosion and dewatering shall be carried out if necessary. c) Equipments shall be used as to have the adequate capacity and provisions to remove the thick vegetation, stumps and roots. d) All the disposable material shall be cleared away from the site and disposed in order to avoid mixing of material with usable materials. e) All the work shall be carried out as per MoRTH specification clause 201. B) BACKFILLING: a) Ramp with necessary width shall be provided to access the area by filling the gravel, levelling and compaction as directed. b) To the extent available, selected surpluses soil from the adjacent area within the site shall be used as backfill. Fill material shall be free from clods, salts, sulphates, organic or other foreign materials. All clods of earth shall be broken or removed. Where available material is mostly rock, the boulders shall be broken into pieces not larger than 150 mm size mixed with properly graded fine materials consisting of murrum or earth fill up the voids and the mixture used for filling. c) The material shall be brought from outside source if necessary. d) The material shall not be an organic soil or highly plastic clay having plasticity index and liquid limit more than 20 and 40 respectively. All the physical and organic characteristics shall be according to the MoRTH.

e) Backfilling shall be done for all the down area and the fill material shall be deposited in layers of 150mm loose thickness, watered and compacted as per the standard specification. f) The embankment shall be cut and sectioned for correct profile. The top surface of the embankment shall be cut to 150mm down from the filling top level with 500mm width and filled with backfill material to match the canal filling to provide proper compaction to the edges of filling. g) Wells shall be filled with the murrum and consolidation shall be done by watering to the certain time period to allow the settlement and same filling and consolidation shall be done to fill upto the ground level. h) Necessary equipments are to be used to excavate the material at source, dumpers for transport, dozer, grader and vibratory roller with adequate capacity for compaction.

QUALITY CONTROL: The work shall be carried out to meet the requirement as per the relevant IS codes and MoRTH Specification.

SAFETY: The work shall be carried out by taking all necessary safety measures and maintaining the EHS norms.