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9/24/12 you know about the differences betwwen AAC block and CLC block?

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Do you know about the differences betwwen AAC block and CLC block?
As we all know,AAC block [http://www.aacmachine.com.cn/] uses fly ash,sand as main raw material,cement,lime as accessory materials,aluminum powder as forming agent,it refers to foaming through chemical reaction,it is one kind of new type green warm preservation wall material formed through raw materials grinding,batching and mixing,pouring and foaming,quiet stop and cutting,autoclave curing processes. It has light weight,high strength,good durability,heat preservation,sound insulation,fire proofing,impervious,good anchoring etc., properties,they are widely used in buildings as fillings in space enclosing structure and thermal insulation wall material.It was recognized by construction material user and highly developed by many country governments,and the AAC block [http://blockmachine-henan.com/] plant have been widely built by many investors from home and abroad. CLC block which also named foam concrete or non-autoclaved aerated concrete block uses cement,fly ash,cinder,slag,sand,stone wastes etc., as main raw material,adopts forming agent and reinforcer to polymerizing the cement,fly ash,sand etc. aggregates,by foaming through physical method,then formed by special devices and moulds,no need to be autoclaved.Thus the cost of CLC block or foam concrete is lower,the end products could be used in frame structure of tall buildings as non load bearing blocks,it could also be poured in surface of the house,wall,land etc. fields as light weight and warm keeping concrete.Due to adoptation of cement nature curing,it donot need to be autoclaved,so we call it non-autoclaved aerated concrete.

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9/24/12 you know about the differences betwwen AAC block and CLC block? | Dearye brick machine Do

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