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Parshat Vayelech-Shabbat Shuva

Torah Artscroll, 1094 Hertz, 887

Lessons To Be Learned From The Jealousy Of Moshe Rabbeinu

September 22, 2012 6 Tishrei, 5772

disciple. The Pillar of Cloud descended and spoke to Yehoshua. When the Pillar ascended, Moshe asked Yehoshua "What Word came to you?" Asking such a question for the first time in his life must have been a most humbling experience for Moshe. But even more humbling was the response that the Medrash put into Yehoshua's mouth answering Moshe: "When the Word came to you, did I know what was spoken to you?" This was a very gentle way of telling Moshe "It is none of your business. I am the Rebbe and you are the disciple now." The Medrash concludes that at that moment, Moshe began to scream "Let me die 100 times rather than suffer this one pang of jealousy that I am now feeling." There is no need to

On that last day, Moshe wrote 13 Torah scrolls, one for each tribe plus a Haftorah master copy that would Artscroll, 1204 remain in the Ark. Moshe Hertz, 891 In Parshas VaYeilech, reasoned, "since I am The Almighty informs occupying myself with Moshe of the sad Torah which is the source news that "Behold BAR MITZVAH of life, the day will pass the day of your AARON and the decree (that I am death is SHAVOLIAN to die) will be nullified." approaching" [Devari m 31:14]. I would The Medrash says that Times like to quote a Hashem instructed Moshe Candle Lighting 6:34 pm fascinating Medrash to call Yehoshua. Moshe, [Yalkut Shimoni 941] as it were, offered the Friday Mincha 6:35 pm that carries a Almighty a deal: "Let Hashkama 8:00 am powerful message in Yehoshua take over my and of itself without Parsha Shiur 8:30 am role and lead the Jewish any further people, but allow me to Main Minyan 9:00 am elaboration: live." Hashem responded: Beit Midrash 9:15 am "If so, you will have to Moshe Rabbeinu did Teen Minyan 9:30 am relate to Yehoshua as he not want to die, and related to you. He will be Mincha 6:05 pm the sun did not want the leader and you will be Drasha 6:30 pm to let him die. The his disciple." sun threatened G-d Shabbat Ends 7:41 pm that it would no According to the Medrash, Sunday Sept. 23 7:00/8:00 am longer set or rise and Moshe Rabbeinu agreed to Services begin thus Moshe's this offer. He went to with Selichot appointed time would Yehoshua's house (as Selichot, Sunday 9:00 pm never arrive. If opposed to the former Monday 6:45/7:45 am Moshe was scheduled arrangement that to die the next day Yehoshua came to him). Tuesday and the sun would From there they both (Erev Yom Kippur) never set on the went into the Tent of See page 2 for schedule prior day, Moshe Meeting - Yehoshua the Latest Times for would live forever. Rebbe and Moshe the Shema/ Shmoneh Esrei
September 22 September 29
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elaborate on this Medrash. The above quoted passage, as it stands, is mind-boggling. However, there are two insights that may be pointed out: The first insight is that Moshe Rabbeinu felt jealousy. "I will no longer have the exclusive company of the Almighty that I've enjoyed all these years. Someone else will!" He was envious of Yehoshua. The Chidushei HaRim asks how it is possible that Moshe was jealous of Yehoshua. We are taught that a person is jealous of everyone except for his son and his student [Sanhedrin 105b]. That being the case, what is the Medrash saying? The Chidushei HaRim gives a mind shattering answer. The Chidushei HaRim says that if I am a Rebbe and my son becomes a Rosh Yeshiva I will not be jealous. I will be proud of him. If he becomes far more successful than I ever was, I will take it in stride and with pride. However, not if he takes MY job! Not if I am forced into retirement, and he takes over my congregation or my yeshiva! That is hard to take, even from a disciple and even from a son. The second observation to be made on this Medrash is the following: Moshe Rabbeinu is 120 years old. He is about to die. And yet, he, himself, feels that he was being gripped with envy. He himself admits that the emotion he felt was worse than one hundred deaths. We see from here that if anyone ever claims: "I am too old to be jealous", "I am above that already" - don't believe him. We are never finished with the challenge of being jealous until we are in the grave. At least Moshe Rabbeinu recognized it and admitted it. He was sensitive enough and wise enough to feel it and to declare "I don't want any part of it!"
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That is the difference between Moshe Rabbeinu and us. We don't see it. We don't feel it. We are just overcome and consumed by it. Moshe's words, as quoted by the Medrash should become our philosophy -- death 100 times over is better than succumbing to the feeling of jealousy.


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