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Proverbs 20:24 And Free Will

A man's way is of the Lord, not of himself; for man has no understanding outside the will of God; a man does not have freewill to do as he wills, he must walk in the confines of the Lord, for the Lord God Almighty will direct his way. Proverbs 20:24 KJV Man's (geber) goings (mitsad) are of the LORD (min) (yehovah); how (mah) can a man (adam) then understand (biyn - Qal) his own way (derek)? In order to make sure we understand this correctly, let us break this verse down word by word in order to see if man has freewill as the modern preacher preachers, or the word of God stands true by stating man has no will outside the will of God. 1. Man's - geber: A masculine noun meaning man, mighty (virile) man, warrior. It is used of man but often contains more than just a reference to gender by referring to the nature of a man, usually with overtones of spiritual strength (H1396), meaning to be mighty. 2. goings - mitsad: A masculine noun meaning a step, footstep. The word is used of the way a person's life unfolds, picturesquely as one walks along a path by moving his or her feet (Psa. 37:23). The Lord orders peoples' steps (Pro. 20:24) as they go through life. 3. LORD - minney: A preposition used to indicate from, out of, away from; more than: after, since; immediately; because of, since, so that; without; direction as southward, etc.). Its spelling varies according to its location and usage. LORD - yehovah: Jehovah = the existing One; p p f G

4. how - mah: An indefinite interrogative pronoun meaning what? 5. man - adam: A masculine noun meaning a male, any human being, or generically the human race. 6. understand - biyn: A verb meaning to discern, to perceive, to observe, to pay attention to, to be intelligent, to be discreet, to understand; in the causative sense, to give understanding, to teach; in the reflexive sense, to consider diligently. People can perceive by means of their senses: eyes (Pro. 7:7); ears (Pro. 29:19); touch (Psa. 58:9 [10]); taste (Job. 6:30). But actual discerning is not assured. Those who hear do not always understand (Dan. 12:8). In the final analysis, only God gives and conceals understanding (Isa. 29:14). a. (Qal) 1. to perceive, discern


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2. to understand, know (with the mind) 3. to observe, mark, give heed to,distinguish, consider 4. to have discernment, insight, understanding 7. way - derek: A masculine noun meaning path, journey, way f (H1869), meaning to walk or to tread, from which the basic idea of this word comes: the path that is traveled. The word may refer to a physical path or road (Gen. 3:24; Num. 22:23; 1Ki. 13:24) or to a journey along a road (Gen. 30:36; Exo. 5:3; 1Sa. 15:18). However, this word is most often used metaphorically to refer to the pathways of one's life, suggesting the pattern of life (Pro. 3:6); the obedient life (Deu. 8:6); the righteous life (2Sa. 22:22; Jer. 5:4); the wicked life (1Ki. 22:52 [53]). The ways are described as ways of darkness (Pro. 2:13); pleasant ways (Pro. 3:17); and wise ways (Pro. 6:6). Let us rephrase the verse now that we have a full understanding of what each word actually means; Proverbs 20:24 Mans spiritual strength and his own steps, the way his life unfolds, are ordered by God. The way in which a man walks is from the Lord whether it be good or evil (ref. Isaiah 45:7); what then can a man, or the human race for that matter, understand even with their own mind; for the way of their life, the paths in which they take throughout the journey of their lives is already set by God (ref. Ecclesiastes 3:14-15), by His will, not mans. For all things are of God and nothing can be done by man outside the will of God. All things are according to the good pleasure of his will (ref. Ephesians 1:9; Philippians 2:13); God has mercy on whom he has mercy, and destroys whom he destroys (ref. Exodus 3:19; Romans 9:15, 18). Whatever the will of God is, leave it alone and pray that His will be done, not your own. For it is God who will guide your steps through life, not you by your own choice. Some are vessels of wrath fitted for destruction, and others are vessels of mercy to show His glory; for many are called, but few chosen. Repent and seek the things of God, and this you can only do if God grants you repentance to the truth. Amen...


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