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Genre Research Ahmed Khan

The comedy film genre belongs to the groups of films that evoke laughter/humor from the audience. 'Romantic Comedy' is the one of the most important category in cinema, present in every national film culture and preferred by many. Romantic Comedy films fall into two main sub-groupings; the comedian-led film, structured through gags and sketches or the comedy situation film with a more reasoned narrative. Here are some examples of different comedy films: Romantic Comedy'- a popular genre, targeted at women and couples, especially in the 25-35 age group and teenagers age from 13-18. A Romantic comedy is a hybrid genre where a romantic plot emerges and is shown in a comedic way. The film is broken down into three different parts for example: -Boy and Girls meet. -They are torn apart for some reason (depending on the plot). -As the film moves on they will realise they were meant to be together/try and get back together again and resolve there differences.

Most Romantic comedies end with a happy ending. However it is becoming increasingly popular to end on a more real life ending which the audience anticipates because things dont work out the way we want them to. The Theme of a Romantic comedy is based on love or true love and fate and these are the themes that dominate the plot. There are some other surrounding themes like tragedy or loss. The main characters are purposely opposites whether in social class, interest etc; this is what makes their difference one of the obstacles to tackle in the majority of Romantic comedy films. The audience dont take any side of the two main characters, because they are introduced as likeable people we can relate to or people we can sympathise and relate to as the film goes on. Lighting and soundtracks are specifically chosen to help reflect on the meaning of the emotions used in certain parts of the film. We dont find dark lighting in romantic comedy films because it changes the mood of the film making it dull and less cheerful. Songs like pop or hip pop are dominant in romantic comedy as its aimed at audience who would already know the songs. Soundtrack must always relate to whats happening in the film as it assists the storyline.

Here are some other explains beside Romantic comedy: 'Teen comedy' - often set in high school or a house party. Its based around young sexual adventure and conflicts with the law or parents. 'Social comedy' - 'situational comedies' based on the different class conflict. 'Gross-out comedy' one of the most successful which could involve different comedies such as romantic comedy but it involved more outrageous gags.